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Creative and Creepy Halloween Foods

Creative and Creepy Halloween Foods

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It’s too bad most of us are probably too old to trick-or-treat anymore. There’s nothing we looked forward to more each year than finding ourselves drunk off sugar surrounded by crinkled candy wrappers tossed on the floor. But just because we may look funny walking around the neighborhood in our Batman costumes doesn’t mean we can’t partake in the spooky festivities.

That's why we found some of the most creative, spine-chilling, mummy — er, yummy — Halloweeniest food on the Web. Some are healthy, some are indulgent, and some are just too disgusting to stomach. But they’re all perfect for the festivities come Oct. 31.

— Jaclyn Bertner, HellaWella

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28 Easy Halloween Recipes Guaranteed to Freak Out Your Guests

You've already sent out your haunting Halloween party invites, completed your corpse bride costume, and planned those spooky table settings, but what about the scary food recipes? Bloody meringue bones and witch fingers and dip will get your guests hungrier than a zombie in a morgue. There are a lot of sweets on the menu, but you won't be stuck with just leftover trick-or-treating candy. Get ready for some seriously startling Halloween foods that'll have you and your guests doing a double-take. Keep your defibrillator handy, because these terrifying treats are not for the faint of heart.

White Chocolate Strawberry Lab Mice: October 31 is the only time of year when seeing mice in the kitchen is actually a good thing. After all, they're made from strawberries and white chocolate! (via Brit + Co)

Monster Eye-Scream Cookies: If you like cute more than creepy, these adorable ice cream cookies have your name written all over them. (via Brit + Co)

Witches' Finger Cookies and Red Velvet Hot Chocolate: Name a more iconic duo than witch finger cookies and red velvet hot chocolate — we'll wait. (via Domestic Gothess)

Mummy Pizzas: Trick your kids into eating their veggies by turning zucchini ribbons into tasty mummy bandages atop French bread pizzas. (via Brit + Co)

Spooky Halloween Popsicles: Autumn weather is notoriously unpredictable. Make a batch of spooky frozen pops in case you find yourself sweating through your monster mask. (via Brit + Co)

Slow-Cooker Vampire Punch: Have chills running up and down your spine? Ghouls of all ages can sip on this non-alcoholic crimson punch. For a more potent potion, add rum. (via Boulder Locavore)

Ghoulish Red Velvet Cake: Bloody bones, crumbled red velvet, lots of sugar — this dessert is everything a Halloween treat should be. (via Brit + Co)

Bug Tuxedo Cake: This bug-covered cake is gorgeous, but it will absolutely creep out your friends and loved ones. We imagine this is what they served when Beetlejuice tried to marry Lydia. (via Brit + Co)

Raw Avocado Zombie Bars: Unlike zombies, vegans don't eat brains, or any other food that comes from an animal for that matter. Instead, serve them up some raw, vegan avocado zombie bars for a healthy treat. (via Brit + Co)

Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Ice Cream: Halloween heatwaves don't stand a chance against cones of grinning, grimacing pumpkin ice cream. (via Salty Canary)

Haunted Orchard Cocktails: After tip-toeing through a haunted orchard, who wouldn't crave a cocktail to calm the nerves? (via Half Baked Harvest)

Jack-o-Lantern Personal Pies: Carve pie crust jack-o-lanterns to top these personal pies. (via Domestic Gothess)

Petri Dish Jello Shots: Usually we *avoid* putting germs in our body, but these Jell-O shot petri dishes look so good, we just can't resist having one for dessert. Oh, and they're make-ahead, leaving you more time to work on your costume. (via Brit + Co)

Spider Web Cereal Treats: Jazz up your usual cereal treats with a thick layer of chocolate ganache and a web of icing on top. Simple, spooky, and superb. (via Jelly Toast)

Blood Bones Cocktail: Spike your punch bowl with bones made from Jell-O shot ingredients, including whipped cream vodka. (via Brit + Co)

Halloween Avocado Toast: What's more terrifying than millennials spending all their hard-earned cash on avocados and destroying the real estate industry? Turning those avos into totally freaky breakfast toasts, of course. (via Brit + Co)

Whole Wheat Witch Fingers + Dip: Healthy and Halloween don't have to be mutually exclusive. Serve this on days when you're not feeling the sweet stuff. (via Texanerin Baking)

Halloween Monster Popcorn: When stocking your Halloween pantry, you'd better buy edible googly eyes in bulk. Add them to everything from popcorn to oatmeal to instantly make your meal mortifying. (via Salty Canary)

Midnight Galaxy Donut Holes: Howl at the full moon while snacking on glorious galaxy swirl donut holes. Just make sure you bring enough to share with the werewolves. (via Brit + Co)

Halloween Bark: Dark chocolate and bloody red candy melts combine to make this popcorn bark a spooky treat. (via Curbly)

Halloween Monster Sushi Bites: Get the kids to help decorate these monstrous sushi bites, and they might actually forget about candy for a while. (via Brit + Co)

Eyeball and Mummy Cake Balls: Nothing like popping an eyeball in your mouth for a sweet snack, right? (via Brit + Co)

Blood-Splattered Petit Fours: Pound cake squares and sugar glass sounds totally scrumptious to us. Those who faint at the sight of blood might want to skip this one, though. (via Brit + Co)

Bloody Meringue Bones: You don't need any special ingredients to make realistic edible blood. Frozen blackberries, sugar, and lemon juice do the trick nicely. (via Brit + Co)

Black Martinis: This cocktail is sweeter than it seems. It gets its dark color from blackberries, Chambord, and a drop of food coloring. (via Brit + Co)

Spooky Chocolate Glazed Cannoli Dip: When faced with a vat of chocolate glazed cannoli dip, the only thing we have to fear is our appetite. (via Give it Some Thyme)

Black + Orange Rum Punch: It's the one time of year that a black and orange cocktail won't freak out your guests too badly. (via Brit + Co)

(Gummy) Worm Ice Cubes: For a Halloween cocktail trick and treat, add gummy worms to your guests' ice. (via Brit + Co)

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Follow us on Pinterest for more Halloween hoopla inspiration.

35 Creative And Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is just a month away and it’s high time to think over organizing an amazing party. Whatever theme you choose, there are two main things that should be present at the party: decor and food. There’s no party without delicious treats and cool drinks, and you should choose and cook taking into consideration the guests and whether it’s a kids’ or an adults’ party. Today I’ll inspire you with amazing ideas of food for both kids of parties – most of them can be found on Pinterest with recipes, and part of them can be easily DIYed even without a recipe.

Halloween Adults’ Party Food

If you are planning a stunning adults’ Halloween party, decide on the theme: will it be a bloody theme? Dexter? Vampire, zombies or else? Choose the food and drinks according to your theme to make the party more stylish. If it’s a refined party, create dark romance displays with veggies, cheese, salami and figs. If you are craving for some blood, make bloody cookies, bloody brains, cupcakes and cheesecakes – red tinted sauce is right what you need to create such effects. Different parts of human body are a spooky idea to recreate, and you can make scary finger hot dogs, various displays with skeletons and skulls and put meat and sausage there, so your display will remind of human body parts.

55 Creative Halloween Party Snacks That Are Equally Creepy and Cute

Further proof that you can turn any food into something ghoulish and ghastly.

Planning an extra-spooky Halloween celebration this year? While creative Halloween costumes and festive decorations are essential to any holiday bash, everyone knows that the food is one of the most important (and memorable!) parts of celebrating Halloween. That's why you shouldn't settle for basic dishes and your usual go-to appetizers &mdash and instead fully lean into the holiday's creep factor for the best-ever Halloween party snacks, from tasty Halloween appetizers to seriously creative Halloween desserts. Because when else can you serve up a platter of tongues, eyeballs and intestines without weirding out all your friends and family?

With these genius party food ideas &mdash which range from savory chips and dips to cupcakes, cookies and other sweet treats &mdash you can easily transform your favorite finger foods into terrifying ghosts, skeletons and even creepy-crawly spiders, all of which are perfect for frightening and delighting your guests on the spookiest night of the year. And if you want even more creative Halloween party ideas to make this holiday your greatest yet, be sure to check out our best Halloween games, pumpkin carving ideas and much more!

23. Jack Skellington Cheesecakes

It’s always a good idea to have a variety of sweet treats at a potluck, after all, who can say no to delicious mini cheesecakes? These cheesecakes are decorated to look like Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

These cheesecakes start with a simple chocolate graham crack crust and are topped with a sweet cheesecake filling. Then, to create the Jack Skellington face, you’ll need to prepare a chocolate ganache and decorate the cheesecakes using a piping bag.

25 Ghoulishly Good Halloween Dinner Ideas

These 25 Halloween Dinner Ideas are ghoulishly good! Creep out your friends and family with these fun Halloween-themed meals!

Growing up my mom would make up grilled cheese and tomato soup on Halloween before we went trick-or-treating. I love that tradition and still do it with my kids today, but the days leading up to Halloween are filled with these 25 Halloween Dinner Ideas! Some are a bit creepy with some scare factor and other Halloween main dishes are cute and fun. Great for the whole family! So the only real question is, what are you serving for Halloween dinner?

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These Halloween appetizers are the perfect way to get your meal started! Or make them all and call that dinner!

    – This fun twist on a family-favorite dip will have everyone digging in! – Who knew pumpkin was for more than just pies?! These eggs are crazy good! – I love the sauce on these wings! You can skip the black food coloring if you want, but it’s so fun! – Such a great idea for picky eaters! My family loves everything on these skewers! – Cutest jalapeno poppers ever! They’re crazy easy to make too!

These totally creepy meals are a little scary to dig into, but they taste great!

    – A Halloween classic! Creepy and delicious. I even seen some cheese added for fingernails. – Forget those frozen pizza rolls, these Pizza Skulls put them to shame! – Clowns are creepy, I don’t care who you ask. This pizza will give everyone a fright! – This platter of deliciousness will make you wonder why you don’t eat innards all the time! – Topped with sweet and spicy curry sauce, this brain will turn everyone into a zombie!

Spooky up some fun with your favorite meals turned Halloween dinner!

    – Meatloaf…feet loaf…I love it! Super easy to put together and then you just let it bake! – Spectral ghosts on top of this easy comfort food is a great way to add Halloween flare to your meal! – A great grab and go meal or lunchbox surprise! Serve with some marinara for dipping if you want! – Such an easy way to dress up my family’s favorite dinner for Halloween! – Everyone will be dying to dig into these intestines! They’re surprisingly easy to make too!

Everyone loves pasta and these Halloween recipes will be a hit with all the guys and ghouls!

    – This dinner may look fancy, but it’s perfect for feeding the family before trick -or-treating! – Serve this pasta salad up with your favorite meal for some Halloween fun! – The creepiest spaghetti around! I love the cheese and olive eyeballs! – A little squid ink pasta and you’re in business! Don’t forget to add some garlic to keep the vampires away! – Every kids favorite meal made into a gross Halloween recipe they’ll adore!

Family favorites turned creepy with these fun Halloween side dish ideas!

    – Everyone loves potato casserole and it’s so easy to give it a Halloween twist! – Coolest bread ever! Everyone will want to know how you made it! – Inspired by the Disney ride and perfect for serving up on All Hallow’s Eve! – All that pasta needs some garlic bread and these mummies are happy to help! – Pesto spaghetti squash served in a pumpkin is a great centerpiece for your dinner table!


If you enjoyed these recipes you may also enjoy our collection of

13 Spooky Halloween Food Ideas!

I LOVE hosting a good Halloween Party! Making spooky Halloween food is my favorite part of planning the party.

This week, I&rsquove got another great Halloween Giveaway from Juicy Juice. One lucky winner will receive a fun Halloween Party Kit so they can throw a spooktacular party for their kids!

Juicy Juice asked me to give you tips for making Halloween fun and memorable. So of course I had to share my favorite party foods that I have made over the years!

Besides fun Halloween food, I always have juice boxes for the kids. This year, I&rsquom excited about the new Juicy Juice Fruitfuls which are made with 35% less sugar and a full serving of fruit. With less sugar, it&rsquos a great way to give kids a break from all of the candy they will be eating!

My Favorite 13 Monsterous Halloween Food Ideas

  1. Mummy Wrapped Hot Dogs&ndash Nothing is easier than wrapping crescent rolls around a hot dog to create mummies. &ndash Take a store bought chocolate cake, add a face with candy or icing, then add some pipe cleaners for spider legs.
  2. Caramel Apples &ndash I love drizzling chocolate over mine! &ndash Always a favorite treat at my house. &ndash A few marshmallows and green sprinkles can turn this simple dish into a creepy treat!
  3. Simple Cupcakes with cute toppers. Get my free printable Happy Halloween Spider Tags here. &ndash Always my personal favorite! &ndash Such an easy snack! &ndash Don&rsquot worry, it&rsquos really cake! &ndash Healthy and creepy! &ndash These simple treats will go fast at any party. &ndash Serve up your favorite dip inside a small pumpkin decorated with googly eyes and dracula teeth!

Besides fun food, be sure to have some fun party games for the kids!

We always have a game of &ldquoGuess How Many!&rdquo Fill a jar with candy and give a prize for who guesses the closest amount.

The Juicy Juice Halloween Monster Giveaway comes with some fun blow up games like this spider ring toss. Perfect for all ages.

Halloween is all about the eerie, scary, and downright creepy. When you're hosting (or rather, ghost hosting) a Halloween party, make a variety of sweet and savory finger foods for guests to enjoy&mdashjust be sure to get a little creative with the decorations atop these skull-tacular snacks.

For example, piping meringue in the shape of bones or brains makes for pretty frightening cookies. Going the extra step and drizzling pomegranate glaze on top to mimic blood takes them into fright-astic territory. The combination of sweet fruit with salty cured meat is a classic pairing, but make sure yours gets a hair-raising makeover for Halloween: shape dried figs and prunes into hearts, then stuff them with goat cheese and wrap in prosciutto. Of course, deviled eggs are always a hit at parties but we make the ones seen here even more devilish with black sesame seeds and a spicy addition (we won't say boo!).

Raw bars are always an elegant way to entertain, whether for a cocktail parties or the start of a festive dinner, but their pretty presentation has no place at a sinister gathering like this. So serve the same ingredients&mdashstone-crab claws and poached shrimp&mdashdraped out of a bowl filled with an alarmingly spicy cocktail sauce. It's a hauntingly fun way to make guests think twice before digging into something truly delicious.

Do you dare try the spooky little black-widow spider bites ahead? The savory combination of avocado and black olives is a fun yet frightening snack for adults. For something creepy on the outside but totally sweet on the inside, our brain cupcakes will terrify (and then delight!) your friends.

Since it is Halloween, have fun with the black and orange theme and go all out with the blood-curdling tricks and treats. Beware! Something wicked this way comes.

Halloween Food Ideas That Will Guarantee A Scary-Good Feast

It's Halloween and you're on the lookout for some spook-tacular (but easy) Halloween Food Ideas, that aren't going to require much effort. Lucky for you, we've rounded up a selection of delicious-tasting and ultra-easy Halloween recipes that you're going to love. With everything from Ghost Pizza Bagels (oh yes), Eyeball Pasta (you heard me) to Jack O' Lantern Quesadillas (wot?), there's plenty of fun, easy to make Halloween recipes for you to try this year round.

Dinner on Halloween can be anything but regular&mdashit's gotta be spooky! We're obsessed with turning ordinary meatballs into scary works of art by making them look like monster eyeballs. All you need is some mozzarella (fresh works best since it's thicker) and black olives.

The scariest thing about these pizza bagels is how fast we're going to eat them.

This spooky dish is a trick and a treat.

Halloween cupcakes with a twist - surprise friends and family with a hidden centre. But will they choose a treat filled cupcake, or a gross one?

Halloween Treats

What would we do on October 31st without Halloween party treats? Well, the holiday wouldn't be quite so fun, that's for sure. We know Halloween&rsquos all about sweets, so don&rsquot think we don&rsquot have you covered there! We&rsquove got plenty of recipes for easy Halloween treats, from the adorable Pumpkin Patch Cheesecake (page 25) featured on our cover to super-easy ideas like Pumpkin Parfaits (page 30) and Trick-or-Treat Bars (page 32). Don't forget our spooky-looking Halloween Witch's Cupcakes (page 28), sure to be the hit of your ghostly gathering. These scrumptious Halloween cupcakes that are decorated to look like witches are wickedly good!

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