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Eggplant fans

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We wash the eggplants and then cut them into slices up to the tail. Season with salt and pepper.

Between the eggplant slices we put a slice of tomato, a slice of ham and a slice of mozzarella. Add a few slices of garlic. We tie the eggplants with kitchen twine and place them in the tray greased with olive oil.

Sprinkle the eggplant with a little oil then cover with foil and put in the oven, on the right heat for a while.

10 minutes before it is ready, remove the foil and let it brown a little.

In the meantime we are preparing the sauce. Peel the garlic and grind it, then add the yogurt and a little salt.

Serve hot eggplant with yogurt and garlic sauce.

step 1. Wash the eggplant well (keeping the tail), the tomatoes. Slice the tomatoes, ham, cheese (you can also use mozzarella, I prepared it once but we liked it more with cheese).

step 2. Carefully cut the eggplant into slices up to the tail, obtaining a fan or accordion shape. Salt each slice a little and leave for a few minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the garlic. We put the eggplant in a heat-resistant tray.

step 3. We arrange the slices of tomatoes, ham, cheese among the eggplant slices according to preference.

step 4. Add the mixture of crushed garlic, basil, a little salt and olive oil on top.

step 5. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180-200 C for 35-40 minutes.

step 6. Garnish with chopped parsley and good appetite! Delicious both hot and cold with a special aroma! I recommend you try it if you have not cooked or repeat this easy and consistent recipe when you are out of ideas, it will be appreciated.

step 1. Wash the eggplant well (keeping the tail), the tomatoes. We slice the tomatoes, ham, cheese (you can also use mozzarella, I prepared it once but we liked it more with cheese).

step 2. Carefully cut the eggplant into slices up to the tail, obtaining a fan or accordion shape. Salt each slice a little and leave for a few minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the garlic. We put the eggplant in a heat-resistant tray.

step 3. We arrange the slices of tomatoes, ham, cheese among the eggplant slices according to preference.

step 4. Add the mixture of crushed garlic, basil, a little salt and olive oil on top.

step 5. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180-200 C, for 35-40 minutes.

step 6. Garnish with chopped parsley and good appetite! Delicious both hot and cold with a special aroma! I recommend you try it if you have not cooked or repeat this easy and consistent recipe when you are out of ideas, it will be appreciated.

Eggplant fans

Let's leave aside the classic eggplant salad and make an equally easy, quick and tasty recipe with these wonderful vegetables. Extremely good-looking but made only from simple and healthy ingredients.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Wash and dry the eggplant with a paper towel. Cut the eggplant into equal sized slices. But do not cut to the end, leave the slices attached to the tail. Grease each slice with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Cut the tomatoes into round slices, chop the garlic, parsley and basil and crush the Feta cheese with your fingertips.

Put a baking paper in a tray and put the eggplant. Fill the space between the slices cut with tomatoes, garlic, feta, parsley and basil. Gently pull the eggplant slices to create space between them, forming a fan. Pour, from place to place, a little more olive oil on top.

Bake for about an hour. If after this time there is still liquid in the tray, lower the heat and let the eggplant bake for another 15 minutes / until the liquid evaporates & # 8211 sign that they have penetrated exactly enough.

21 light eggplant recipes that are not just for your vegetarian friends

When it comes to vegetables, autumn varieties such as pumpkin, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower receive all the love. But being a favorite means that they are often over-served and overeat. For something with a little more variety and a lot more flavor (believe us), we say next time you need some vegetables, look for the humble eggplants. The squishy interior is perfect for absorbing all sorts of flavors, so go ahead and get a meal with one of these 21 healthy eggplant recipes.

1. Eggplant parmesan with foil

Eggplant Parmesan is traditionally made by frying eggplant, soaking in tomato sauce and watering in melted cheese. Although it's hard to argue with that, we really like this recipe that makes things easier by opting for baking and dividing eggplants into one-serving portions - making it perfect for dinner or eliminating the temptation to overeat (because, melted cheese and hellip). Serve with a simple side salad or sauteed broccoli.

2. Tomato eggplant Bake the zucchini with garlic and Parmesan

There is a reason why eggplants and pumpkins are often placed next to each other at the grocery store. They simply belong together. The slight crunchiness and bitterness of the pumpkin goes perfectly with squish and eggplant sweetness, which is further enhanced with cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese. grains (such as quinoa) to keep it vegetarian.

3. Baked eggplant french fries with Greek Tzatziki sauce

Could french fries be more brilliant? While we like potatoes, the option for alternatives such as asparagus, zucchini or eggplant means that we can eat them more often. With eggplant covered with breadcrumbs and refreshing tzatziki sauce, these Mediterranean-inspired french fries are one of our favorite pastries. To make them more crunchy, opt for panko instead of the classic breadcrumbs.

4. Dip with Persian eggplant

Hummus (or guac) may be the first dip you think of when you crave something creamy and delicious, but this dip in Persian eggplant will definitely change it. Made with just a handful of ingredients, it's much easier to beat than average hummus and is a great way to shake the dough - not to mention the nutrient intake. Serve with hot pita, lavash, naan or something good ol & rsquo sliced ​​vegetables.

5. Miso eggplant with black garlic

The sauce for these suckers is so good that we could honestly eat this dessert dish. Made by mixing black garlic (which is easily found in specialty stores), miso, sake and mirin, it is as thick as possible and the perfect combination with the light and natural aroma of eggplant. For a little crunchiness, add sliced ​​slices or fried sesame seeds.

6. Light pizza for mini eggplants

First come the french fries, then comes the pizza. Is there anything eggplant that can't turn into? This recipe is an excellent low-carb twist for the comforting classic and can be made in less than 30 minutes. Simply slice the eggplant, cover with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and cover with marinara sauce and toppings, bake for another five minutes and start the pizza celebration.

7. Eggplant cakes

Vegetarian burgers tend to be too dry or too moist - they are never right. Eggplant changes that. Due to the moist nature of the vegetables, the ingredients in the cake hold up perfectly. We are talking about breaking and only the right amount of excess (due to melted cheese). And because there is no egg, it is very easy to make it vegan. Simply vegan cheese!

8. Greek eggplant with pot and rice

We love this big, fat Greek dinner. Made by sautéing eggplant, tomatoes, onions and garlic and layering rice, cheese and spices, this dish is the perfect balance between comfortable and healthy. If Mizithra cheese sounds like something from Lord of the Rings, don't worry. You can provide goat cheese or feta cheese for a similar flavor - and a much simpler shopping experience.

9. Grilled eggplant tacos

Who needs the tortilla, anyway? As much as we like chips, salsa and all tacos, this recipe smears our favorite Mexican flavors - thanks to black beans, avocado, coriander and shredded cheese - without going crazy for carbs. And don't worry, you don't really need a grill to get that delicious charred flavor. Simply boil the eggplant or use a grill pan.

10. Eggplant gratin with feta cheese

We want to immerse ourselves in this eggplant gratin. Made with an unexpected mix of cheeses - feta and Gruyere - and a killer combination of creams (yes, even more cream than just cheese), this recipe is a decadent rotation of eggplant parmesan, which is easy for tomatoes and hard for goodness melted. We like the combination of thyme, chives and basil and that the eggplants are strong enough to carry their load full of dairy.

11. Eggplant, caramelized onions and pasta with tomatoes

While many recipes mask the flavor of eggplant with heavy sauces, this pasta recipe lets the eggplant shine. The tomato sauce bought from the store is made a little more spicy with the addition of sherry, and the eggplants are accompanied by onions and caramelized herbs for a simple but satisfying dinner in the evening. If you are vegan (or do not eat dairy), keep the recipe as it is or feel free to cover with a drop of freshly grated Parm.

12. Eggplant mattress from Sichuan

Sticky, sweet, sour, tasty & hellip what else could you ask for a sauce? This traditional Sichuan dish requires a trip to an Asian supermarket (or specialty store), but it's worth it. You can also make things easier by sticking to simple soy sauce (instead of the two recommended varieties), using dried sherry instead of Shaoxing wine and grabbing any hot peppers that are available (stay away from chipotle). We also like to reduce crushed tofu or ground chicken for pork.

13. Clear eggplant chips with smoked spices

Again, eggplant prevails over the potato. Now we know what you're thinking: how can you create watery eggplants to create crispy chips? The big question. It's actually pretty easy! Super-thin slices mean no risk of pressing - unless the chips are over-greased before baking. To keep the oil light and correct, opt for a spray oil (such as coconut or avocado) and make sure it bakes without overlapping. Sayonara, processed foods. These chips are perfect.

14. Vinete Rollatini

These rollatins are anything but small. The eggplants are cut according to the length, to create a perfect wrap, offering just enough space to squeeze into a strong mixture of cheeses (don't worry, there is also a delicious spill). For extra vegetables, we like to add thawed frozen. spinach or artichoke heart cubes. And, although fresh basil creates a beautiful topping, we actually like it and sprinkled inside.

15. Light dinner with single-pan eggplant chicken

This recipe is one of those simple dishes that requires throwing things in a pot, stirring a little and waiting for the heat to do its magic. Easy is an understatement. We are also huge fans of his skill full of protein, a high dose of vegetables and that he tastes good with all sorts of additions and substitutions. Don't you like chicken? Use sausages or ground turkey. Sick of spinach? Use Swiss cheese or cabbage.

16. Brussels sprouts Vase Eggplant Buddha Bowl

In a bowl of cereal One of our favorite things about light lunch (or dinner!) Is that you can throw almost anything in it, throw in some spices, and find yourself eating something super delicious. But if you need some guidance - we all do it from time to time - try this Buddha-inspired recipe, full of boiled eggs, fried Brussels sprouts and baked eggplant. As with many bowls, the secret lies in the dressing, which in this case is a perfect blend of tart and sweet.

17. Eggplant salad and caramelized onion with wine vinegar

Do I hate boring salads? We are not all. This recipe uses some of our favorite tricks for salads - we’re talking about berries, fresh fruit and creamy sauce - to make all sorts of exciting (and nutritious). We like the crunchy grapes and nuts and the salty aroma of caramelized onions and eggplant. But what we like most is the secret addition of salted feta cheese and the fact that the salad is warm and withered, making it the perfect remedy for autumn or winter salad.

18. Crispy eggplant „Bacon & rdquo

Coconut bacon, tempeh bacon, rice paper bacon & hellip no matter how much we like a good vegetarian substitute, none of the options we tried to put the consistency as goose and crunchy of our favorite bacon (as in real bacon). Eggplants in shell, vegetables that have been thrown away again to save the day. Its fleshy interior means that the texture resembles that of the meat itself, and the spice is smoked and seasoned to perfection. Whether you are vegan or a tried and true bacon lover, this salty spin-off will not disappoint.

19. Eggplant pressed sandwiches

Perfect for a picnic, a light lunch or an afternoon snack (it's a snack if you share, isn't it?), This eggplant sandwich wraps so much freshness in one bite, it's a little ridiculous. Made with pesto, grilled vegetables (also fried), fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and consistent ciabatta bread, it’s all you like to the Italian flavors stuffed into one bite. Feel free to sauté the meat to keep it legume or replace the grilled chicken with a protein boost.

20. Spicy eggplant balls with Minty yogurt foil

Lentil meatballs - and other vegetarian options, by the way - don’t just require ages to make (so many boils and mixes!), But they’re often dry and not strong enough when it comes to flavor. This recipe uses eggplant. as a vegetarian filling and add breadcrumbs, garlic, onions, egg and lots of herbs and spices to make sure they are anything but flavorless. Drizzle it with yogurt sauce, wrap it in warm pita bread, cover it with pomegranates and enjoy the best meatless month (or Tuesday, Wednesday and hellip) ever.

21. Chickpea, tofu and eggplant curry

We talked a lot about the unparalleled ability of eggplants to absorb sauces. But nothing demonstrates this ability as a curry. The rich aromas sink deep into the flesh of the eggplants, making each bite a blast full of curry - and that makes it easy. We like the onion and chickpea crisis, extra tofu protein and the fact that curry sticks to minimal ingredients - which never happens - and minimal cooking time.

Ingredients for eggplant salad without mayonnaise:

  • a big eggplant
  • a big tomato
  • half a medium-sized onion (you can also use green onions)
  • olive oil (2-3 tablespoons)
  • a lemon or vinegar
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • if you like herbs, you can add oregano, parsley, basil or anything else you like.

Method of preparation:

  1. Bake the eggplant until completely softened, then remove the core with a spoon, grind it and put it in a bowl.
  2. Put the tomato in a saucepan with boiling water, leave it for 30 seconds - 1 minute, then take it out and peel it. Cut it into cubes and add it over the eggplant. Tip: the tomato will be easier to clean if before putting it in boiling water you make two notches in x on the opposite side of the place where the tail is caught.
  3. You can leave the diced tomatoes or, for a finer texture, put the eggplant and tomatoes in a blender and mix until you get a homogeneous paste. If you choose to use a blender, at this point you can also add lemon or vinegar (add a little and taste, add more if needed) and salt and pepper.
  4. Cut the onion and herbs very finely and add them over the mixture obtained. Stir well.
  5. At the end, garnish with capers and serve on slices of toast.

Eggplant salad without mayonnaise is a delicious appetizer! Instead of capers you can use green olives, for a little spice add a hot pepper (or just half), instead of bread you can serve a salad on a Lebanese stick fried a little or even with tortillas, and if you want to impress the guests prepare some baskets from pie sheets and put eggplant salad in them. The possibilities are endless! Who else needs mayonnaise?

How to prepare the ingredients for baked eggplant

For starters, cut the ham and cheese into slices. Then slice the tomatoes and sprinkle dried basil on top. If you have fresh basil leaves in the kitchen, you can use them when you assemble the fan eggplants.

The eggplants are washed very well, wiped and then cut in half, lengthwise. Each half of the eggplant will be placed with the cut side on the chopper and split into thin, fan-shaped slices. Cut the eggplant carefully so that the part of the tail remains intact, so that you can then unfold the eggplant in the shape of a fan. Salt the loose eggplant slices well and let them soften for a few minutes.

How to bake fan aubergines in the oven

Choose a heat-resistant tray in which you will want to bake the fan eggplant and assemble this dish directly in the baking tray. Grease the eggplant slices with olive oil first, using a kitchen brush. Once you have greased them well, you can start to intersperse the slices of cheese, tomato and ham between the slices of eggplant. Now it's time to intersperse the fresh basil leaves!

Then press the eggplant slices by hand so that they tilt to one side for even baking. After they have been properly breaded, these eggplants will be sprinkled with olive oil, flavored with dried basil. That's in case you haven't already added dried basil over the tomato slices!

How to bake eggplant fans in the oven

These fan eggplants will be placed in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes in the heat-resistant dish. The aroma they will give off in the kitchen is indescribable! During baking, the cheese melts completely and binds the rest of the ingredients very well, and the eggplant slices will be brown on the edge and creamy on the inside. Not to mention the fantastic taste of browned slices of ham!

Eggplant fans - Recipes

  • 1 medium-sized eggplant, well cooked and healthy
  • 1 packet of HOCHLAND melted cheese (or slices of CEDAR cheese)
  • 1 piece red
  • olive oil,
  • garlic, salt, basil

Once you have prepared all the ingredients, just put a slice of melted cheese, kaizer, tomato and fresh basil leaves.
Finally, tie the eggplant with a kitchen twine for food use, sprinkle with plenty of olive oil and put in the oven for about 1 hour on medium heat.

During baking, the cheese or cheese will melt, so take a spoonful and occasionally sprinkle the sauce on top.
You can place a few whole tomatoes next to it, which you also sprinkle from time to time with the sauce formed.

Eggplants that unite our cultures

You Romanians have had eggplant salad ever since. We in the Mediterranean and the Middle East had baba ganoush and moutabal. The dishes are very similar and appreciated. In fact, eggplant is a widely used vegetable in this part of the world. But beyond mousaka and eggplant salad, be it made with garlic or onions like you or with tahini, like us, eggplants are much more interesting to use in various dishes.

For example, you can make a "steak" of eggplant. Place the eggplant on the grill and when it is baked, remove the peel and serve the whole eggplant on a plate, warm, with goat cheese or feta sprinkled on top. You can also add a little ground cumin or basil for flavor, chopped tomatoes and olive oil. But from the same ripe eggplant you can make carpacio. The eggplant is placed between two strips of kitchen foil and beaten to become a thin layer that is placed on the plate and then can be garnished with various things, from pieces of beef or chicken, to smoked salmon. It is preferable to be grilled, not baked, to take on the aroma of smoke.

Or you can make stuffed baked eggplant. That whole piece of eggplant is cut as if it had a pocket. Put tomato paste in it and close. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake to obtain a delicious crust. It is a kind of excellent vegetarian base! The same option, for carnivores, however, goes stuffed with minced chicken cooked with spices and sauce blush like a ragout.

If you want to make them completely in the oven, then you can cut them in half lengthwise and put the halves with the cut up in the oven. When the core has softened, peel the core and chop it, and then mix it with chopped shrimp or octopus. Put it back in the “boat” shell and sprinkle with a French mustard dressing based on mustard and aromatic herbs. The same can be done with chicken.

Or you can make chicken ostropel with fried eggplant cubes.

For mousaka you can also try the version with eggplant and fish, not only the classic one with meat. They go great together.

And for a unique recipe you can use small eggplants (there is a kind of small eggplant) to make eggplant jam, which you can flavor with bucusioc or other herbs, you can put beet juice inside for color.

Also in the category of more exotic recipes, we have breaded eggplant in coconut. The eggplant slices are cut thin and given through the usual panada, and at the end, instead of the seed, they are given through rooster flakes and fried. They will come out crispy and delicious.

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