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Mini Gingerbread Christmas Houses

Mini Gingerbread Christmas Houses

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A sweet, snowy village of miniature gingerbread houses made from graham crackers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to get you in the holiday spirit!MORE+LESS-


pouch (7 oz) of Betty Crocker™ Decorating Cookie Icing White


box ( 12.2 oz) Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal

Variety of candy and sprinkles

Shredded coconut (optional)

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    With a sharp, unserrated knife cut 2 full graham crackers so they have a point on the top like a roof peak.

  • 2

    Cut 1 full graham cracker in half for 2 squares.

  • 3

    You will need 2 pointed graham crackers and 2 square graham crackers for the base of the house.

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    Pipe a line of cookie icing on the edges of the graham crackers.

  • 5

    Attach graham crackers so they form the base of the house. Let dry for approximately 15 minutes to set.

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    For the roof, cut a full graham cracker in half. Attach to the top of the house with cookie icing. For the roof tiles, attach Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal with cookie icing, overlapping the rows slightly. Or place the cereal on the roof in a diamond pattern with red-hot candies between the shingles for a festive look.

  • 7

    Decorate house with sprinkles, candy and icing!

Expert Tips

  • If you want to add trees to your village, pipe cookie icing on upside down ice cream cones and decorate with crystal sugar sprinkles for a glittery tree. Or attach Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal to an upside down ice cream cone with icing and sprinkle with confectioner's sugar for a snowy tree.
  • Total time varies depending on how many houses you want to make and how much you decorate them.

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More About This Recipe

  • By using graham crackers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal you can easily make an entire village of sweet, festive houses.Decorating gingerbread houses was one of my favorite things to do during the holidays when I was little. It was so much fun!It was also a chore.Baking the gingerbread, making the icing and then holding it together until you thought your arms would fall off before it would set.The worst part was when the roof slid off. Then you knew you were doomed to start all over.Store-bought cookie icing and graham crackers change all that. I found that Betty Crocker’s Cookie Icing pouches are easy to pipe, and the icing sets up fast. I was able to get to the fun decorating part in a matter of minutes! (Not to mention I didn’t have any clean up or prep.)So crank up that Christmas music, and let’s get started!Use your imagination and decorate your houses with sprinkles and candy. You can also use the cookie icing to make cute little icicles on the houses! Place on a bed of coconut for a sweet winter scene.So start your own hassle-free holiday tradition and have some candy-coated fun making a village of Mini Gingerbread Christmas Houses!

Mini Gingerbread Houses Recipe – Christmas DIY

Have you ever seen these cute mini gingerbread houses ? They are so adorable and impressive. They are made to fit right on top of your favorite coffee mug! They look so cozy for the cold seasons and great treats for this coming holiday. Nothing brings the Christmas cheer in the house like the smell of homemade gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate. Impress your family and friends with these cute mini gingerbread house cookies in your holiday party and I am sure everyone will love them, especially kids. You can also use them to decorate your Christmas tree. They will make lovely and delicious ornaments! If you have the time to make these for your Holiday party… they are sure to deliver some major wow factor.

500g flour
200g honey
120g caster sugar
120g margarine or butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 package( 20-25g) of gingerbread spice or 3-4 teaspoons homemade gingerbread spice

Here’s the link to the recipe and even a template for the houses…

CakeTime – Gingerbread Mini Houses Recipe

And here is a video tutorial via Chris LEA that shows you how to make these fun festive mini Gingerbread Houses, enjoy !

Mini Gingerbread Houses

Christopher Simpson for The New York Times. Food Stylist: Simon Andrews.

If you’re looking for the sturdiest of gingerbread houses, this recipe will get you there. (Here's a printable cut-out template.) A high quantity of shortening is the secret to a strong house that will last for weeks (or more). If you like to nibble on your gingerbread house, use unsalted butter in place of shortening for a tastier and more cookie-like flavor. Whichever you choose, be sure to bake the cookies until they’re very crisp doing so will reduce the moisture in the dough, which is important for the house’s stability. This recipe will produce more dough than you need for one large house or three small houses. Re-roll the scraps and make an extra small house, or create decorative elements like a door, window ledges, shutters, a chimney, or gingerbread people to snack on while you decorate.

You Need to Be Adding Mini Gingerbread Houses to Your Hot Chocolate

Just when you thought hot cocoa couldn't get any better.

Since we start searching Pinterest in, oh you know, August for Christmas recipes, it's safe to say that by the time December 25 rolls around we have seen a lot (and we mean a lot) of cute ideas. So now that we're well into December, we thought we had pretty much seen it all. But then we found these mini gingerbread houses and our hearts stopped. Our jaws dropped. Our eyes bulged. Because these, friends, are the cutest Christmas treats we have ever seen. Just look at them:

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We know, we know&mdashyou're already halfway out the door heading to the grocery story to buy the supplies you need to make these adorable houses to add to your next mug of hot chocolate. (Well, either that or you're saying "Who the heck has time time to make little gingerbread houses for their hot cocoa?!) When we started searching the internet, it turns out that quite a few bloggers have already used their talents to create their own versions of these adorable little edible houses. So before you bolt to your nearest Publix, check out some of our favorites below. Happy baking!

Mini Gingerbread Houses

Make a miniature gingerbread village for a quick-and-easy take on the holiday classic.

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Mini Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are as fun to make as they are to eat — but sometimes, assembling cookie castles is as difficult as building their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Assemble this village of houses for a quick-and-easy version of the classic. They are perfect for your holiday party or cookie swap.

Follow this step-by-step to create your own Mini Gingerbread Houses. For the ingredient list, go to the Mini Gingerbread Houses recipe.

Make a Template for Cutting the Houses

Make the Dough + Roll It Out

To make the gingerbread cookie dough:

In a bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, ginger, cinnamon and clove.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream together the butter and brown sugar with the paddle attachment until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes on medium-high speed. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing well between each and scraping the sides of the bowl. Mix in the molasses on low speed until well blended. Add the flour all at once and mix on low speed just until it all comes together. Scrape down the bowl and turn the speed to medium beat for 15 seconds.

Wrap the gingerbread dough in plastic and refrigerate until set up, at least an hour.

Prepare the dough to make the cookie house pieces:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment.

Roll out the chilled dough onto a well-floured surface to 1/8-inch thick.

Make the Cookie House Pieces

Using your templates, cut out two sides and two front-and-back pieces for each house. (You can freeze any remaining dough or use it to make stained-glass-window cookies.) [*Add link to blog post + stained glass cookies.]

You may find a pastry wheel and a brand-new X-acto knife are the best tools for getting a clean edge.

Prep for Baking

10 Minutes in the Oven

To Make the Ganache

Cool Down

Start Assembling the Houses

Once the ganache is set, fill a small parchment pastry bag with a small amount of ganache and cut a tiny hole on the tip.

Line a baking sheet with parchment and use the ganache as glue to hold the house in place as you build it. Start by putting four small dots of ganache 2 by 2 inches apart, which will become the corners of your house.

Make the White Decorating Icing

In a bowl mix together the confectioners' sugar, milk, corn syrup and almond extract until smooth. It should be thin enough to pipe from a parchment piping bag but not so thin that it spreads and doesn't hold its design. If it is too thick, add more milk. If it is too thin, add more confectioners' sugar.

Use the pastry bag to decorate your houses with a simple or ornate pattern. Let the icing set between each side by sticking them in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes.

Watch the video: Χριστουγεννιάτικο Σπίτι - Carouzel Santa goes Round (July 2022).


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