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Chicken breast stuffed with gouda cheese and ham

Chicken breast stuffed with gouda cheese and ham

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The well-cleaned and washed chicken breast is portioned, then the pieces obtained are beaten with a kitchen hammer, proceeding exactly as with the slices.

After beating the chicken breast strips well, season them to taste with salt, pepper, dried oregano or whatever other spices we like, place a slice of ham and a gouda on the chicken breast, then wrap and fix with toothpicks (if it's necessary).

The rolls obtained will be given by: flour, eggs (previously beaten like an omelette and mixed with a drop of flour) and finally breadcrumbs.

At the end, the rolls well dressed in layers of egg and breadcrumbs are fried in a bowl with hot oil. They turn from side to side until well fried, so as not to be surprised to wake up with a chest raw chicken!

That's about the whole philosophy! a delicious food, which goes next to a green lettuce and some baked potatoes!


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