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Grana cheese cannoli

Grana cheese cannoli

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Recipe Cannoli di grana di of 23-09-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

THE parmesan cannoli, as you can imagine, they are cheese wafers rolled up to form small cannoli. You can serve them during an aperitif, a buffet or a dinner, these little ones finger food they will always end in no time I assure you. The recipe, as you will see in the photo, is very simple but it is essential for its success that you are very fast during the rolling phase of the various pods.
The latter must not cool down before giving it the shape of a cannoli, otherwise they will immediately become crunchy and break easily. So my advice, in addition to being super mega fast, is to cook them a little at a time or to get help once they are baked. For the filling I chose one Ricotta Cream flavored with herbs and lemon and paired with chopped pistachios, they were super!
Today I am writing to you from the fantastic Sorrento, where I am spending the weekend with Ami grande and Ami small, we are stealing another couple of days of summer and I must say that, never like in this period, it was necessary! A basin and happy Sunday!


How to make Grana Cannoli

Arrange the parmesan in compact circles and flattened on parchment paper.
Bake in a preheated static oven at 200 ° C for about 6 minutes or in the microwave for 2 minutes.
The cheese should be golden brown.

Quickly place a cannoli torch on the wafer and roll the wafer on itself.
Seal the two ends and let cool.

Meanwhile, sift the ricotta with a colander.
Add it to the grated lemon zest, salt and pepper.
Then also add oil, chives and chopped pistachios.
Mix until you get a homogeneous cream.

Put the cream obtained in a pastry bag and use it to stuff the cannoli.
Finally, sprinkle with more chopped pistachios.

Your parmesan cannoli are ready to be enjoyed.

Grana cheese gondolas with rocket cream

Divide the parmesan into 8 piles and arrange them well separated from each other on a plate lined with parchment paper, flatten each pile.

Bake in a hot oven at 220 ° C for about 5 minutes, until they are a little golden at the edges.

Just out of the oven wait a few seconds then take the molds and put them on a rolling pin to give them the shape, be very careful because they burn.

Wait for them to cool on the rolling pin and set them aside.

Put the rocket, garlic, pine nuts, pecorino, parmesan and oil in the blender.

The recipes of the Chef's Test and It's always noon

Bring the cream to a boil in a saucepan and melt the grated parmesan. Add the egg yolks and let the cream thicken, stirring gently.

Soften the isinglass in a bowl with cold water then dissolve it in the hot mousse and then put the mixture in a pastry bag.

Let it cool for two hours. Roll out the bread for sandwiches with the help of a dough sheeter, cut into small rectangles and then wrap them around a cannoli mold.

Bake at 160 & # 176 for 10 & # 8217, turn out and stuff with the parmesan mousse. Brush the serving dish with a cream of beetroot obtained by blending the turnips by immersion with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Crumble a part of the feta and place the cannoli filled with parmesan mousse. Decorate with diced feta and beetroot, baby spinach and black olives


In a bowl, mix the parmesan, flour, eggs, chopped thyme, melted but not hot butter, a pinch of salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Pour the mixture into a pastry bag and distribute it in the shape of sticks on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Or make piles of them with a spoon.
Bake in a hot oven at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes.


Grate the Grana Padano PDO and put it in a bowl.
Line a baking sheet with a sheet of parchment paper, distribute about 20 grams from Grana Padano and spread it out with the back of a spoon.

Bake the wafers in a static oven a 180 ° for about 7/8 minutes.

Remove the waffles from the oven, and while they are still hot, place the torch on each and roll them up with the help of parchment paper and let them cool well.


In a bowl mix the ricotta with the Grana Padano PDO, a pinch of salt, and the chopped aromatic herbs, transfer the ricotta into a pastry bag.

Gently detach the cannoli from the torches and fill them with the ricotta cream.

THE CANNOLI DI GRANA PADANO PDO WITH RICOTTA CREAM they are ready to be tasted, they are really appetizing! Word of your Vale!

WORTH RECOMMEND You can vary the filling by adding vegetables to the ricotta or cooked ham, I recommend that you stuff the cannoli just before serving them so as not to risk losing their crunchiness.

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Grana cheese cannoli with cooked salami, orange and walnuts.

The salamecotto (in Piedmontese salam cheuit) is a sausage recognized as a traditional Italian food product (P.A.T.), typical of Piedmont. A similar recognition was obtained from Ligurian cooked salami (where the production of the municipality of Sassello is particularly known) and from that produced in Tuscia, in Lazio (called Tuscia cooked salami).

Cooked salami has a red color that tends to pink in its lean parts.
Its shape is generally cylindrical but can sometimes also be bean-shaped.
The size of the salami can also vary but generally, depending on the type of casing used, it belongs either to the small type (from 2 to 5 hg) or to the large one (from 1.5 to 5 kg).
The recipes locally used for the preparation of the salami have generally been handed down orally from generation to generation. Once the cooked salami was prepared with scraps and trimmings of the pig, while the best parts of the animal were used for raw salami.
The sausage is prepared using different lean parts of the pig, in particular the shoulder and trimmings resulting from other processes, which are ground more or less finely. To these are added fatty parts of the animal such as lard and bacon, and the whole is then salted and flavored with mixtures of spices that change depending on the production area and the recipes used. In the Biella area, for example, a little mint is traditionally added, while in other areas the mixture is also tanned with wine. This is followed by introduction into the gut and boiling, which can sometimes be replaced by steaming. The cooking time varies according to the size of the salami and can be up to 5 hours.
Often the cooked salami is vacuum-packed in view of commercialization in organized distribution.

The cooked salami produced in the province of Cuneo is protected by the Salumeria Tipica Consortium (Con.Sa.Ti.), which is based at the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce. The meat used must necessarily be fresh and it is therefore not possible to use frozen meat. The pigs used must also have been slaughtered at an age of not less than 9 months. In the dough it is prescribed that the lean part must represent 80% of the total and the fatty part 20%.
In addition to being an appetizer or a filling for stuffed sandwiches, cooked salami is used in the preparation of various traditional Piedmontese dishes. Among these we can remember the mango omelette or the Russian salad.

Serving a single cannolo with a tuft of salad, such as songino or spinach, it can be a tasty appetizer while serving 2 or 3, we get an excellent second dish.

Ingrediants (for 4 cannoli).
150 g of cooked salami (cut into thick slices, about 0.5 cm.)
1 Untreated orange
8-10 nuts
6-8 tablespoons of grated parmesan (Parmesan, parmesan, Trentino parmesan, etc.)
1 pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper
EVO oil q.s.

1 & # 8211 Preparation.
We prepare the parmesan cheese waffles.
Put a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray.
Place a pasta cup ring on the sheet of paper: I used a 10 cm ring. in diameter.
Put, inside the ring, a couple of tablespoons of grated cheese (1) then, with the back of the spoon, level the cheese by pressing lightly (2) remove the ring and, in the same way, prepare the other discs ( 3).

Mix everything and set aside until it's time to stuff your cheese cannoli by putting the stuffing inside too soon, the moisture released by the stuffing itself would make the cannoli lose the crunchiness.

2 - Presentation.
You can serve alone or placed on a tuft of fresh salad (valerian, songino, baby spinach, etc.) seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper and the juice obtained by squeezing with your hand what you remains of the stripped orange.

The recipes of the Chef's Test and It's always noon

If you are interested in the recipe for this delicious dish entitled "Cannoli dell & # 8217orto con ricotta", below you will find the list of ingredients and an exhaustive description of the procedure for cooking this delicious recipe.

  • One large eggplant
  • 150 g of cottage cheese
  • 50 g of grated parmesan
  • 150 g of cherry tomatoes
  • A clove of garlic
  • Basil
  • Marjoram
  • Extra virgin olive oil

For the dressing, in a pan with oil and garlic, let the whole tomatoes dry. When cooked, add the basil.

Cut the aubergine first in half and then into slices, then place them on a baking tray and season with marjoram and a drizzle of oil. Bake at 180 & # 176 for 15 minutes.

For the filling, mix the ricotta with the parmesan and marjoram. Stuff the baked aubergines with this mixture and form the rolls. Finish cooking in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Serve with the cherry tomatoes.

Cut the cheese grana (or Parmesan) and with the help of the mixer finely chop it, pour in the Flour and mix the two ingredients together.

On a sheet of baking paper the size of a flat saucer, it doesn't matter if you cut it out giving it a square or round shape, place a generous handful of grain (the quantity must fill the inner circle of the saucer itself, about 10 cm in diameter ) and with the help of the back of a spoon smoothes out the entire surface and try to give a circular shape and as regular as possible.

Place the saucer in the oven as it is in the microwave at maximum power for about 10 seconds, then still hot, wrap the cheese in a cylindrical or conical container (a small rolling pin or cannoli mold or whatever else you have at home that can withstand the heat discreetly) ccompacting and closing the cannoli with baking paper. As soon as it is warm, place it on a serving dish, remove the parchment paper and repeat the operation until the grain runs out.

As an alternative to the microwave you can use a non-stick pan or even the traditional oven, in the latter case I do not recommend baking the grit discs all together because you would not have the technical time to shape them while still hot.

Once you have prepared all the cones or salty cannoli, go to preparation of the mousse, even faster and easier to do.

In the mixer (and you can also avoid washing it if there is only a few pieces of cheese left!) Pour the ricotta, the rocket and the mortadella into large pieces and mince everything for about thirty seconds: at this point the cream to fill is ready, you won't even need the salt because the ingredients and the cannolo itself are already very tasty.

With the help of a sac-a-poche (if you don't have it on the internet there are a thousand versions on how to make it easily at home) or possibly with a teaspoon fill the cannoli with parmesan being careful to handle them because they are quite fragile. Once filled, place them on a bed of rocket and decorate with some cherry tomato.

Your appetizer is ready: Bon appetit & # 8211 Buen provecho!

An advice: if you have to prepare these snacks for Christmas, New Year or an important event where you have a thousand other things to do, you can play in advance and make them the day before, having the only care to leave them empty and then stuff them at the last moment.

Source: for these stuffed parmesan cannoli I was inspired by the magazine Cucina Moderna, nº 12/2002.

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Grated grain disc

To start preparing the stuffed parmesan cannoli you have to start from real making of cannoli. To do this you will need the Grana, which you will place on a sheet of parchment paper a few spoonfuls at a time to form a disc and put to heat in a pan or in the microwave for a few seconds.

Making of grana cannoli

When the cheese has overheated you can roll it around a aluminum torch, typically used for cannoli, so as to obtain the typical shape of Sicilian cannoli.

This operation must be done very quickly because it is important that the waffle is very hot and therefore malleable so that it does not break and then maintains its shape.

Then put the parmesan cannoli on a tray to rest and cool well. Only later will you proceed to extract the aluminum torch.

Ingredients for the filling

While you wait for the parmesan cannoli to cool you can proceed with the realization of the stuffed. Take a pan and first toast the pine nuts, which you will then set aside, since you will need them later. Therefore, dedicate yourself to the carrots, which will be peeled and then reduced in small cubes. Shell the peas, if you use them fresh, and boil them in plenty of salted water for a few minutes so that they cook but also remain crisp and compact. Now dedicate yourself to the potatoes, which you have boiled in abundant salted water for about 40 minutes and then mashed with a special potato masher.

Filling of cannoli

At this point everything is ready and you can move on to composition real stuffed parmesan cannoli. In a bowl, add the ricotta, deprived of all excess water, and also add the vegetables, potatoes and pine nuts. Mix everything well and insert the mixture obtained inside a sac & agrave poche.

Once this is done, take the parmesan cannoli, carefully remove the aluminum torch and fill them with the filling using the sac & agrave poche. Continue in this way until you have made all the stuffed parmesan cannoli you want. All that remains is to serve them to your guests, who will certainly be very impressed.

Crispy parmesan cannoli

Spread the grated Parmesan cheese into half spoonfuls on the microwave tray forming discs.

Cook them in the microwave for a minute and a half, taking them out of the oven when they are still malleable.

Roll them into a cone or cylinder and, once cold, serve with a few drops of heather honey as you like. Excellent as a snack with an aperitif.

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