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Cheese appetizer

Cheese appetizer

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The recipe is perfect and you will not fail ... I guarantee it! :)

Beat eggs and salt powder with a whisk and add sour cream, mix well.

Grate the cheeses, except the creamy telemeau. If you use a harder cheese, grate it.

Melt the butter in a bowl, then add it over the cheeses. Put the cheese composition over the egg and sour cream and mix well. Add flour and baking powder quenched with lemon juice.

Grease the molds with butter and pour the composition, leveling gently. Sprinkle with plenty of cheese and then cumin to taste.

In the tart form, add the donut strips.

I suggest you put the muffins in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

The tart appetizer will stay in the oven for about 40-45 minutes) do not be fooled by the reddish color on the edge, it can remain raw in the middle. It can be eaten both hot and cold ... it is especially tasty! And don't forget ... cold beer! :)


Appetizer check with cheese and yogurt is an appetizer cake easy to prepare, tasty, a kind of bread with yogurt, cheese and baking powder. It has the texture of a fluffy bread with potatoes, but the consistency and taste are more delicate and lighter, and yogurt is to blame for this. It brings a slightly moist and fluffy texture at the same time, and the cheese is responsible for an extra flavor. I used both salted cheese and a sweeter cheese (mozzarella or cheese), which melts.

I have prepared many times appetizer cake with cheese and yogurt to use it as bread for breakfast or on the days when children from school gathered to play in the yard, but also at various events where many children were present.

To make appetizer cake with cheese and yogurt you don't need experience in the kitchen. You just have to mix the ingredients as I left details in the explanations. Even if you think you haven't beaten the egg whites enough, or mixed them too finely, don't worry, the result will definitely be tasty. Of course, it is important to come out fluffy, so when you incorporate the egg whites, make it easy, with a spatula, from the bottom up, until the composition is homogenous.

If you want to prepare other recipes for salted cake, I invite you to click here for the collection of appetizer cake recipes. The most appreciated of all the recipes is the recipe of pizza appetizer.


120 g telemea rasa
100 g mozzarella
200 g Greek yogurt
3 eggs
200 g flour
1 sachet of baking powder
1 freshly ground pepper powder
1 pinch of salt.

In a bowl I mixed the flour with the baking powder, the ground pepper and salt. In another bowl I mixed the grated cheese with the yolks and yogurt.

I put flour on them, I mixed until the composition is homogenous, then I incorporated the beaten egg whites.

I mixed lightly, from the bottom in the juice, then I poured it into a cake tray lined with baking paper or with oil and flour.

I baked the appetizer cake with cheese and yogurt in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 30-35 minutes. When it was ready, I took it out of the tray and let it cool on a grill.

Cheese ball & ndash appetizer with urda, greens and spices

This appetizer with urda, greens and spices is a lacto-vegetarian recipe that goes wonderfully served at parties, along with crackers, toast or breadsticks.

What ingredients do we need for the recipe for butter and cheese biscuits?

  • 100 grams of fresh cheese
  • 100 grams of soft butter
  • 100 grams of flour
  • an egg
  • 50 grams of grated cheese, cheese, parmesan or very dry telemea

You can watch the video recipe for biscuits with butter and cheese or you can read the recipe below:

How to prepare appetizer biscuits with butter and cheese?

For the beginning, we put the soft butter in a bowl, and over it we pour the fresh cheese and mix everything well, until we obtain a cream of uniform consistency. It can be mixed with the mixer or the robot, but also with a target, as you prefer.

Add the egg and dry cheese with it and mix again, very well, everything. If you want, now you can add salt, pepper, paprika or sweet pepper, to taste.

Now mix the dough very well and add more flour, if necessary.

Biscuits with butter and cheese: a delicious appetizer

The dough should be left in the fridge for at least 2 hours, the butter will harden. The dough will be harder and easier to shape.

After taking it out of the fridge, sprinkle the flour very well and spread a sheet. From this we will cut either using a shape or a glass. Then, using a straw, we will make four holes in each shape of the cut dough.

Place the cut pieces of dough in the oven tray lined with baking paper and put it in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes. They ripen very quickly, when they are golden on the edge, they come out, they are ready & # 128578

Turn over slightly and leave to cool. If you want them to be crispier, you can bake them for 7-8 minutes, maximum 10, at a temperature of 180 degrees, to dry.

They can be stored for a long time, 2-3 weeks, in glass or porcelain containers, hermetically sealed. And they are only good for nibbling, in any circumstance: on TV, on a package at school or in the office, for a beer or simply as an aperitif at a festive meal & # 128578

They can also be used as a base for other appetizers, they can be decorated with hazelnuts from roe , cheese paste, liver pate etc & hellip. & # 128578

Appetizer check with cheese, ham and olives

A mosaic appetizer, tasty, colorful and appetizing. It steals everyone's heart & # 8230I know, being so easy to make, most housewives use this dish when we have something "surplus" in the fridge, or when we want something quick, pleasant in taste and appearance, to impress our family and / or guests . Being so colorful it can cheer up any festive meal, why not, maybe even the Easter meal. The variants of this cake are multiple & # 8230I have done it so many times, but never the same. That depended on the momentary inspiration suggested by the fridge's offer & # 8230I didn't think to post this recipe yet, but now I took advantage of the challenge Exquisite bialetti - Episode 2 and I said to test the cake tray. I told when I used the round flower tray, more about this challenge. I only greased it with very little oil, this cake came out of the pan immediately, it didn't stick at all at all, it baked about 10 minutes faster than in the tray I usually used, and to clean it almost no. was the case & # 8230if you are not too demanding with degreasing, the tray can be wiped quickly with a napkin. What a wonderful tray this is! Thank you Bialetti, for the beautiful, useful and quality gift!

I think I'll buy another set and take advantage of their promotion these days, I just have to get ready for the Easter meal and I need two wonderful cake trays, right?

This recipe is just a suggestion, I'm waiting for you to show me your appetizer options. See you!


  • 4 eggs
  • 150 & # 8211 200 gr Telemea cheese
  • 75 gr grated cheese or parmesan (approx. 3 tablespoons)
  • 100 gr. ham (or fillet muscles)
  • 8 - 10 olives
  • 100 gr. yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 125 ml oil
  • 220 gr. flour
  • Gras red bell peppers
  • 4-5 green onions
  • 1/2 bunch green parsley
  • ½ envelope baking powder
  • optional: 7-8 cherry tomatoes for decoration
  • salt, pepper (to taste)

Method of preparation

-Clean, wash the green onions, peppers, parsley and cut all into small pieces.

-Mix the yogurt with the cream, grate the cheese, finely chop the ham, olives, and cut the cheese into larger cubes (I would use a very tasty but fat sheep's telemea and it wasn't very evenly cut and it was a bit broken).

-After all the ingredients are ready, beat the eggs very well with a little salt, until they double in volume.

-Over the egg foam add the oil, mix well, then add the yogurt mixture with cream and mix well.

-Then sprinkle the sifted flour and homogenize the composition.

-Add all the prepared ingredients and mix gently into the cake composition until they are incorporated.

-At the end, add the grated cheese (or Parmesan), season (with salt and pepper) to taste and mix.

-Pour the resulting composition into a cake pan lined with baking paper (or classic with fat / oil and flour), level and put the tray in the preheated oven at 175 ° C, for approx. 40-45 minutes, or until lightly browned on top and detached from the edges. For extra color and appearance, I placed a few cherry tomatoes on top. For baking, I used the 27 x 13 cm Bialetti cake tray from the Bialetti Exquisite set only greased with a little oil, and the baking time decreased and was only 30 minutes at the same temperature.

-After it is ready, let the cake cool in the pan, turn it over on the plate and serve cold, as desired.

-It is served cold, being an excellent and filling appetizer, a snack or an equally tasty breakfast with a glass of sweet or whipped milk, as you wish.

-For the same color you can replace the red bell pepper with 2-3 dried tomatoes, and the cake will be much tastier.

-Yogurt and cream can be replaced with 125 ml of milk. If you use milk, you can add it, alternating with the flour.

Festive cheese appetizer

Festive cheese appetizer

Another recipe for festive aperitif from cow's cheese. Easy to prepare is a appetizer handsome that delights both the eye and the taste buds. At least we love these cheese appetizers.

We recommend that you also browse the section with Recipe Appetizers where you will find many ideas for appetizers, more festive, easier to prepare, more complicated, & # 8230.

Ingredients Festive cheese appetizer :

500 g of cottage cheese
250 g smoked cheese
4-5 tablespoons sour cream
150 g roasted walnuts
1 sachet of gelatin (10 g)
1 link green parsley
salt, white pepper to taste

Other ingredients :
sweet Boya,
fried sesame,
poppy seeds,

Preparation Festive cheese appetizer :
We pass the cheese through a sieve. Add the grated smoked cheese on the grater with small holes, roasted walnuts and cut smaller with a knife, chopped green parsley, salt, pepper to taste and finally add the gelatin that was soaked in 100 ml of cold water, then slightly heated. Mix everything, add salt and pepper again if necessary, then form cheese balls that will be rolled some by paprika, coconut, poppy seeds or fried sesame seeds.
You will get a delicious and good-looking appetizer!

Appetizer with sweet cheese

The recipe is from Practic magazine, I made it several times for the holidays, this year I improved it a little.

  • 200 g of cottage cheese
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 clove of crushed garlic
  • salt
  • 100 g small grated cheese

Mix the cheese with mayonnaise, garlic, salt and then form balls that are given through the grated cheese.

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Carnation - Cheese Appetizer with Tomatoes

I put the cream cheese in the bowl and on top I grated the beef tenderloin (on the fine side of the grater), I put the soft butter, the finely chopped onion and the finely chopped dill, as well as the garlic. I mixed everything until the cheese paste was made.

I had two more tomatoes in the fridge, I cut them into slices, and with the help of the decorating spirit I made the carnations on the tomato slices. I garnished it with half olives stuffed with hot peppers and the appetizer was ready.

It all lasted 15 minutes.
Another 15 minutes of green bean salad and when our friends came to us, the appetizers were ready. Luckily, I baked the morning bread. And like any ad-hoc party, something unforgettable came out.

Cheese appetizer

Cheese cream:
Mix sweet cheese, melted cheese and half of the cheese on a small grater. Add salt and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

For mice:
Make cream cheese balls about 2cm in diameter. Roll them in grated cheese on a small grater and then put them in the ears of radish or cucumber slices. Then from the olives, cut the thin strips, which you stick in the place where the eyes and the bottle should be.

For rolls:
Cut the cucumbers into thin strips, lengthwise. Grease each strip with cream cheese, then roll them and tie with green onion leaves.

For pretzels:
Glue three pretzels with cream cheese.
The onion with which you tie the cucumber rolls must be bought the day before, if the leaf disappears, it must be a little softer. If the leaf is crispy (very fresh) it will break when you make the knot.

If you like crispier pretzels then fill them right before serving.
If you want them softer, then fill them a few hours before.

It is preferable to make cream cheese in the evening and prepare the dish on the day you serve it. The vegetables being cut, they oxidize and lose their appearance and organoleptic qualities.