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10 Ways to Drink Your Vegetables (Slideshow)

10 Ways to Drink Your Vegetables (Slideshow)

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Maybe beets aren’t necessarily your thing when you pass them in the grocery store, but in Odwalla’s vegetable-packed drink, they’re essential to its great flavor. This little bottle holds only organic beet, carrot, and ginger juices and has 370 percent of your daily value of vitamin A. If you aren’t a fan of beets, Odwalla also offers organic carrot juice, as well as carrot apple berry and carrot apple mango blends.

Odwalla Carrot Beet Ginger

Maybe beets aren’t necessarily your thing when you pass them in the grocery store, but in Odwalla’s vegetable-packed drink, they’re essential to its great flavor. If you aren’t a fan of beets, Odwalla also offers organic carrot juice, as well as carrot apple berry and carrot apple mango blends.

Naked Berry Veggie

If the idea of drinking only vegetables grosses you out, then Naked has Berry Veggie for you. In one bottle Naked has packed 15 sweet cherries, 6 1/2 strawberries, 1 1/2 purple carrots, 1/3 red beet, 1/8 sweet potato, 91 kernels of sweet corn, 18 chickpeas, 1/4 plum, and 1/5 apple. This drink is full of beta carotene, which is essential for healthy vision. There’s also vitamin A, C, E, B3, B6, B12, and B5, all of which are needed to create a healthy diet.

Jamba Juice Apple 'n Greens Smoothie

This Jamba Juice smoothie is absolutely delicious and has bananas, apples, carrots, spinach, bell pepper, kale, spirulina, lettuce, and that’s only some of the ingredients! The drink is non-gluten, non-dairy, and vegan. A 16-ounce portion of the drink has 5 grams of protein and 90 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. The smoothie is drinkable and while the color might be a little intimidating, it’s packed with so many vegetables, you’ll be happy you’re not standing over boiling cabbage to get your daily dose.

V8 Original Vegetable Juice

V8 has been a staple in the vegetable drinking world for years, and the original flavor has tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, and spinach. The drink is also high in lycopene — the antioxidant found in tomatoes that gives the vegetable its red color. There have been many health benefits associated with a diet that is high in lycopene and V8 juice contains "7 milligrams of lycopene per 8-ounce serving, which is four times the amount found in a medium-sized tomato."

Bolthouse Farms Daily Greens

Bolthouse Farms is a newer player in the vegetable juice trend but their drinks are unbelievably good. Kale, spinach, cucumbers, and romaine lettuce are all in the 15.2-ounce bottle. The drink is high in vitamin A and C as well as calcium. The drink is only 90 calories per serving, which is lower than most other drinks on our list, but it’s also not as high in protein — weighing in with only 1 gram. The color of the drink might be a little intimidating, but if you can swig back some of this drink, then you'll save yourself having to eat an entire salad!

Columbia Gorge Organic Celery Kale Coconut Water

Kale and coconut water are two trends that have become national crazes in recent years, and it looks like Columbia Gorge Organics caught onto the trend. Their Celery Kale Coconut Water is 100 percent organic and even uses the leftover pulp to feed farm animals or add to compost that renews their fruit orchards. This drink is only 40 calories per serving and is high in calcium and iron. You might not think that coconut would go well with celery, but the flavors actually blend quite well together — and it saves you from chopping up kale and celery for hours!

BluePrint Juice Up Beet

BluePrint Juice comes in chic bottles that make you feel like you’re drinking the best of the best. And you probably are. They have two flavors that stood out to us, Up Beet and Kale University. We chose to focus on Up Beet because it uses lemon and ginger, which are both antioxidants. In addition to getting your vegetables from the beets and carrots, you have the added benefits of the vitamin A in the drink, which contributes to strong bones and enhanced vision. And you won’t have stained hands from handling beets for your evening meal.

Evolution Fresh Essential Vegetable

Evolution Fresh came out with their Essential Vegetable juice and we are so glad that they did. They use carrots, beets, ginger, apple, spinach, celery, lime, lemon, and parsley to get their unbelievable drink to taste as good as it does. There are 70 calories in a serving and the concoction is extremely high in vitamin A. You can’t go wrong with this bottle of vegetables, which is 100 percent juice and all natural.

Lakewood Organic Super Veggie

Lakewood Organic is just that — organic. This vegetable drink uses 14 vegetables in its blend and is reported to "help restore vital body electrolytes and maintain normal cholesterol levels." Every eight-ounce serving of this drink consumed is the equivalent of two full servings of vegetables. That’s a lot of vegetables for not a lot of drink! And if you weren’t curious enough about this super drink, it also has organic watercress in it. That’s something that isn't found in many other drinks!

Real Juicing

If you’re the daring type that wants to steer clear of bottled products (no matter how organic and natural they are), then you might be up for some real juicing. This process came into effect in recent years with the demand for healthier juices. You may not know that you can actually juice your vegetables, too. Start out simple if you’re new to the juicing craze — carrots, apples, and citrus go well together and taste great when they’re paired up. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then get your hands on some celery, kale, and spinach to create a green drink. Be careful what you juice with, though — you might need some fruits in there to break down the drink and give it a more "juicy" consistency.


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