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Media Mix: Jack Sparrow's Cupcakes in Japan; Jay-Z's C-Grade Club; and Bruni on Deen

Media Mix: Jack Sparrow's Cupcakes in Japan; Jay-Z's C-Grade Club; and Bruni on Deen

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We've rounded up the biggest news you may have missed

Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Captain Jack Sparrow Selling Cupcakes?: A Japanese pastry shop proprietor dresses up as Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow, only to hawk his cupcakes in a "pink and princessy shop." [Japan Today]

Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Shut Down, Reopens: One day after a grand reopening with champagne and a VIP guest list (including Diddy, Alicia Keys, and A-Rod), the Department of Health shut down Jay-Z's 40/40 club. The inspector found perishable food left at room temperature and a worker mixing salsa with his bare hands. The club reopened Friday night with a C grade. [BlackBook]

FDA Clears More Orange Juice: After halting all orange juice imports due to trace levels of an unapproved fungicide, the FDA has cleared imports from Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Belize. [USA Today]

Chinese Food Goes Local: Apparently, younger Asian restaurants are shying away from the MSG-laden reputation and going fancy with local ingredients from farmers markets and eco-friendly meat. [WSJ]

Frank Bruni on Skinny Chefs: The Times writer opines about how chefs stay skinny (eating small portions, tasting only a little of what they cook, exercise), while hoping Paula Deen learns "valuable truths about food and consequences, belated as they are." [NYT]

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