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Homemade sausages

Homemade sausages

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First of all, I want to specify that I did not exceed the quantities, because I have been preparing these sausages (for several years) and everything is in sight.

After chopping the meat, I started to add salt, pepper, paprika, ground hot pepper, thyme, pressed garlic (not all at once, mix, taste) and depending on the taste of each you get the much-dreamed homemade sausages 1 year . It mixes very well (I always use disposable gloves). Leave this mixture to cool for at least 5 hours. Then I set up the sausage machine, prepared the mats and set to work. From my large quantity I "made" 12 sausages. I spread them on a "ridge" in the warehouse to drain very well, and in about 2 days we would smoke them ... pure madness!

I hope you have!