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Mushroom salad

Mushroom salad

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It is a very tasty salad that can be served cold or hot on toast with garlic.

  • -0.5kg fresh mushrooms
  • -50 ml oil
  • -1 gogosar
  • -1 red onion
  • -1 clove of garlic
  • -a green parsley tie
  • -salt
  • -pepper

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


We clean the mushrooms well from the ground and leaves under a stream of cold water. Let it drain well and slice them thinly.

We cut the red onion into scales, and we slice the donut or cut it into cubes, the garlic cut into slices or crushed.

Heat the oil in a pan. When it is hot, add the mushrooms and let them cook until the water they leave disappears and they brown a little. Season with salt and pepper and add chopped onion, garlic and donut.

Stir a few times, turn off the heat and add the chopped green parsley.

Chicken Salad With Mushrooms

Chicken salad with mayonnaise and mushrooms is very tasty and easy to prepare. it helps us recycle a cold steak or chicken from soup. people do it with chicken breast but I prefer boned and skinless thighs. Preparation recipe chicken salad with mushrooms: for starters, we prepare mayonnaise: with a wooden spoon mix the egg yolk of the raw egg with the yolk of the boiled egg, add a little salt and then add a little oil, mixing continuously (I use a wooden spoon, but it is also very good with. cut the mushrooms and pickles, let them drain and then remove the water surprise recipe main course: chicken salad with sabina mushrooms How to prepare chicken salad with mushrooms and pickles detailed recipe ♨ chicken salad with mushrooms and pickles.

Culinary Recipe Chicken Salad With Mushrooms And Mayonnaise Cooks

Ingredients: 1 lettuce 4 small tomatoes 1 teaspoon garlic cloves half a chicken breast 1 can of mushrooms 1 green pepper and one red 3 radishes and my mushroom salad with mayonnaise (20 votes), (1), (10) . Ingredients chicken salad with mushrooms: chicken breast, mushrooms, egg, lemon, oil, salt, pepper. order chicken salad with mushrooms with free delivery in Bucharest and Ilfov and see the whole menu with freshly cooked food in a pot with all kinds of Romanian goodies! food catering for home prepared during the day. Chicken salad recipe with mushrooms and cook mayonnaise. Ingredients: 1 lettuce 4 small tomatoes 1 teaspoon garlic cloves half a chicken breast 1 box of mushrooms 1 green pepper and one red 3 radishes and my mushroom salad with mayonnaise (20 votes), (1), (10) .

Chicken Breast Salad With Mushrooms And Corn Photo Gallery 1

Reasons why mushrooms are worth eating more often

These edible forest mushrooms are distinguished by the high concentration of water in their content. Mushrooms offer an intense taste, no matter how you choose to prepare them (see how chicken stew with mushrooms and sour cream is prepared). They are generous in size, which is why they are preferred for mushroom-based dishes and preserves compared to other types.

They are harvested exclusively by hand, from areas such as mountains or hills & # 8211 coniferous forests & # 8211 throughout the summer and even in the first part of autumn. It offers a specific smell, similar to autumn fruits picked and stored well in places away from moisture. They are considered high quality mushrooms, the mushrooms offering an important intake of minerals and vitamins, nutrients that the body needs every day and which it assimilates very easily.

Over time, the mushrooms take on an earthy color, and preserved properly, their taste acquires a much more penetrating intensity. So, we invite you to talk about how these edible mushrooms can be put in a jar, for the delicious lunches from the cold days that will follow in the winter months!

9 salad recipes

9 salad recipes! Why? Because summer means salad and besides the classic recipes, which we know from our mothers and grandmothers: tomato salad, onion and cucumber, cabbage salad, lettuce salad with vinegar and sugar, it's great to try new recipes , salads that are not necessarily served with meat and rice / potatoes, but are a meal in themselves. There are recipes that I love and recommend with all my heart and in which I encourage you to use an ingredient that may not normally make room in your shopping cart: avocado, wild rice, shrimp or chickpeas. In addition, I propose recipes with an oriental flavor - Ezme and Tabbouleh, so that, until we go on vacation, we can travel at least from the soul and from a culinary point of view to other lands. I hope you try the 9 salad recipes and enjoy the summer!

AVOCADO SALAD WITH CHICKEN & # 8211 a super fast food, which you can prepare even when you have guests and serve it like this, more fancy, on sandwiches or croutons, but also as a healthy lunch for the whole family. In addition, it is the perfect way to "recycle" the chicken breast grill left over from going out to the green grass.

WILD RICE SALAD - a very filling salad, which can be served as such, for a summer lunch or dinner, but also works perfectly as a side dish next to a chicken breast grill, for example. It is the perfect salad for grilling or going out on the green grass, you can prepare all the ingredients the night before and before serving add the dressing, which you keep in an airtight jar and shake before pouring over the salad.

EZME - TURKEY TOMATO SALAD & # 8211 is considered an appetizer in Turkish cuisine and is served with kebabs. Ezme, the word itself means puree / minced, hence the special preparation of the salad - each ingredient is finely chopped. In terms of spices, there are hot pepper flakes, which make Ezme Turkish tomato salad spicy, the sumac, which you can find in our spice stores, gives the sour taste specific to ezme salad, especially in combination with a drop of lemon juice and pomegranate molasses.

CORN SALAD & # 8211 It is the best corn salad I have ever eaten, perfect for dinner alone, perfect for lunch from the casserole at the office but also as a side dish with a barbecue of any kind of meat. It is a recipe inspired by corn salads served as street food in Mexico and Latin countries and is suitable for parties or barbecues with many guests, because it is made quickly, with ingredients at hand and the quantities can be doubled / tripled very easily.

COLESLAW SALAD & # 8211 fits perfectly with chicken and any kind of grilled meat in general and is one of my favorites in summer, because it is super cool and is made very quickly. Of course, in the summer I completely replace mayonnaise with Greek yogurt. It is the closest recipe to the famous Coleslaw Salad served at KFC.

EGGPLANT SALAD WITH MUSHROOMS AND KAPIA PEPPERS - an alternative to the classic eggplant salad, you must try this salad this summer! If you use wild mushrooms - mushrooms, ghebe, yellows, the taste will be even more special!

TABBOULEH - BULGARIAN SALAD - a summer salad, with oriental flavor, very full and full of flavors, especially if you use very well cooked and flavored vegetables! Bulgur is very easy to prepare, you can find it in DM stores or at Plafar and it is very versatile, you can even use it for sarmale!

CAESAR SALAD WITH SHRIMPS & # 8211 It is one of my favorite salads, very easy to make and very tasty. One of the reasons I like it so much is that it is very versatile - you can use chicken, shrimp, smoked salmon or it can be eaten plain. From my point of view, the sauce makes all the salad and is the "secret" of a good Caesar.

CHICKPEAS SALAD - a main course in itself, a filling salad, full of protein and vitamins! Canned chickpeas are very affordable and are the perfect kind of salad for casserole or picnic lunch.

Cream of mushroom soup or other mushrooms with garlic, white wine and cream

Cream of mushroom soup or other mushrooms with garlic, white wine and cream. How to make mushroom cream soup? Forest mushroom cappuccino with white wine. Cream soup of forest or cultivated mushrooms (champignon). Recipes with mushrooms, pickles or pythons.

I am a big fan of mushrooms and I cook them very often. This time I made a cream of mushroom soup that came out extremely fine, velvety, airy and tasty. Mushrooms have an intense, specific, unmistakable aroma.

Arad Square is very well stocked with wild mushrooms. During the long summer you can buy yolks, mushrooms, ears, dew sponges or parasols (those with a big hat, as much as a plate). Mushrooms are fleshy, extremely fragrant mushrooms. About Boletus edulis you can read more here. They are sold at the market for 35 lei / kg - very little compared to Bucharest or imported mushrooms.

In the Arad and Bihor area, mushrooms (porcini mushrooms) are called pitoance or pitarce. They grow in the surrounding forests and are harvested and brought to market. Many mushroom pickers have contracts with collection centers that send them for export (to Italy). I'm happy every time I see these nice mushrooms on the market tables!

The easiest way to cook is to sauté them in a pan with oil and / or butter and garlic and serve them with polenta & # 8211 see the recipe here.

Because they are very fragrant, mushrooms can be combined in recipes with cultivated mushrooms (white or brown mushrooms), giving them their intense flavor.

And in this cream of mushroom soup you can add (as a complement) a few greenhouse mushrooms. This is for economic reasons & # 8230

This mushroom cream soup recipe is a classic French one. It is called "mushroom cappuccino" because it has a frothy and light consistency.

Usually vegetable cream soups contain a thickening agent: potatoes or rice. The starch in them "binds" the soup and makes it creamy. But look, you can get the same effect without these elements, preparing the soup only with mushrooms, onions and garlic. They are sauteed with butter and emulsified with an acidic (sour) element: white wine. The result is great! The soup is prepared very quickly, in just 30 minutes.

This recipe appeared in the book "Arena de acasă" & # 8211 a cookbook published by Selgros that brings together menus prepared by famous chefs and fellow culinary bloggers. Each of us chose a complete menu consisting of 4 items: appetizer, soup, main course and dessert. I chose to prepare a complete menu related to the Arad area through local ingredients (meats, vegetables, fruits), especially to the Arad Vineyard area. Cadarca de Miniș (dry red wine) was the leitmotif of the whole concept, it being present in all 4 ways. Details here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 6 servings of mushroom cream soup.

Mushrooms in a jar for the winter & # 8211 seedlings or pythons in garlic oil

Mushrooms in a jar for the winter & # 8211 seedlings or pythons in garlic oil. Pork mushrooms or canned mushrooms preserved for the winter. Bucovina recipe for mushrooms marinated with garlic and lemon. Pitoance or pitarce in a jar. How are mushrooms preserved?

I am a big fan of mushrooms, especially forest mushrooms. Arad Square is very well supplied from this point of view. During the long summer you can buy yolks, mushrooms, ears, dew sponges or parasols (those with a big hat, as much as a plate).

In the Arad and Bihor area, mushrooms (porcini mushrooms) are called pitoance or pitarce. They grow in the surrounding forests and are harvested and brought to market. Many mushroom pickers have contracts with collection centers that send them for export (to Italy). Mushrooms are fleshy, extremely fragrant mushrooms. About Boletus edulis you can read more here. At the market they sell for 35 lei / kg & # 8211 very little compared to Bucharest or imported mushrooms.

I usually make a cream of mushroom soup but also pasta (homemade tagliatelle) with mushroom sauces with butter and garlic & # 8211 see the recipe here.

Or the traditional polenta with fried mushrooms with garlic & # 8211 see here.

Mushrooms are best stored by dehydration (drying). This concentrates their aroma and lasts well over time. This time I decided to keep them in a jar. I certainly wouldn't make mushrooms with vinegar because I would simply make fun of them. Their intense aroma should not be covered with vinegar. In Bucovina (at Gura Humorului) I ate some great mushrooms in garlic oil and a little thyme. Exactly to my taste! They also had a very faint sour hue from a slice of lemon. Excellent combination!

Lemon keeps them light and beautiful, preventing oxidation (blackening).

I wrote down Mrs. Hilda's recipe and decided to put it into practice sometime. About 5 years have passed since then & # 8230 You can also use other simple or combined mushrooms but mushrooms have a special aroma.

From the quantities below result 2 small jars of 320 g with mushrooms in garlic oil. They are a delicacy, so they are not put in huge jars.

Ciulama de Hribi

Today was Sunday. And I apologize for not making the pancakes with tone because I had another wish of Silvius on the list. And how whoever craves, cooks, he made the mush mushroom like at my mother's house: d

We had mushrooms picked and put in brine, sent from home. I desalted them in the evening and today they were cooked.
How? I cooked 2 finely chopped onions, then I put the salted mushrooms and a small carrot.

After a minute or two I put water up to a finger above them and left them on high heat until the first boil. When it first boiled, I reduced the heat by half and left it for a while. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of flour in water carefully, so as not to remain lumpy and when the mushrooms are cooked add them to the pot.

Chew from time to time, not to stick or to become lumpy if you think you have put too much flour and it gets too thick, add a little more water. When the flour has boiled, turn off the heat and add about 2.3 tablespoons of sour cream and chew. Serve with hot polenta.
I didn't add salt because they were made of brine. I put the carrot as an option. If you are fasting, do not add cream.

Why mushroom pate?

Mushrooms are among the most fragrant and tasty wild mushrooms. In addition, they have a considerable amount of protein, namely 25g per 100g, only 5g less than turkey and 1 g MORE than chicken, beef and salmon. You heard right, and the protein in forest mushrooms is intermediate between animal and vegetable.

Forest mushrooms and mushrooms in particular also have many vitamins and minerals, among which it is worth mentioning Vitamin D, iron, copper, antioxidants (lupaglin) and have anti-cancer properties. Basically, the mushroom pate recipe here is not just a fasting recipe, it is a healing recipe.

Last but not least, mushroom pate is much easier and faster to make than a pork or chicken pate and is an appetizer that will impress you.

Now that we have aroused your interest in this seemingly fasting mushroom recipe, we invite you to try it too! Let's get to work!

  • carrots - 300 g
  • apple cider vinegar (6%) - 2 tbsp. it.
  • Sugar - 1.5 hours. it.
  • salt - about 1 hour. it.
  • sunflower oil - 20 ml
  • Coriander - 1 hour. it.
  • black pepper - a knife tip
  • Garlic - 3 puppies.

1. We arm float in Korean and shinkuem carrots. As a result, we get a kind of orange vegetable spaghetti.

2. Now add the spices and crushed garlic.

3. The pan is heated oil, pour garlic and spices. Because of their taste and flavor will be revealed, and a beneficial effect on the taste of salad. Then add vinegar. Stir and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

4. After a short marinate Korean carrots prepared.

Korean carrot gets richer, more standing in the refrigerator. But, of course, the storage schedule should also not be forgotten - do not store more than a week. Although it is unlikely that in the salad the house is delayed more than a day.

Mushroom and asparagus salad

Once you have blanched the green beans and asparagus, you can boil them both in salted water for up to 2 minutes. Then take them out in a cold water bath. Mix them with a little olive oil and set aside. Add the corn kernels.

Heat 2 tablespoons of clarified butter in a pan over high heat. Fry the zucchini slices in it until golden brown on the edges. Take them out and season them with salt. Then add them over the rest of the vegetables.

Add the remaining clarified butter to the pan and cook the mushroom slices in it for 5 minutes. Add the white parts of the onion to the same pan to cook.

Remove the mushrooms and onion over the rest of the vegetables, add the finely chopped green onions. Season with salt and pepper.

You can add a drop of lemon juice if you want.

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