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Zucchini salad

Zucchini salad

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Choose small, raw pumpkins that have few seeds. Peel a squash, cut it into cubes and boil it in salted water for 10 minutes.

Then drain and put in a bowl. Strain and gradually incorporate the oil. Add the oil drop by drop just like mayonnaise.

Peel the onions, then wash and put them on the small grater. Rub them with a little pepper and incorporate them into the pumpkin paste. Add salt if necessary, decorate with cherry tomatoes and parsley leaves.

source: practical card

Raw pumpkin salad recipe worth trying

If for pumpkin bread or for vegetable soups and stews that contain pumpkin, an exception can be made regarding the freshness and tenderness of the zucchini, for a raw pumpkin salad you will have to choose only the young, smaller pumpkins.

Ingredients for raw pumpkin salad:

- 1 kilogram of zucchini (a mixture of white zucchini and zucchini)

- half a cup / a cup of crushed feta cheese

- a quarter cup of almonds or sunflower seeds.

Ingredients for citronette sauce - a delicious sour dressing

- half a teaspoon of grated lemon peel

- 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

- 1 teaspoon of chopped thyme

- 1 teaspoon chopped mint

- 1 teaspoon chopped parsley

- 3 tablespoons olive oil.

How to prepare raw pumpkin salad

Start by peeling the zucchini, then cut them lengthwise into thin strips (you can use a peeling tool to get thin slices). To get rid of excess water from the pumpkin, you will spread the slices on a plate with a little salt on top and leave them for 20 minutes. If time does not allow you, you can skip this step.

In a separate bowl, prepare the citronette sauce. Mix lemon juice with lemon peel, crushed or chopped garlic, thyme, horseradish and parsley, then pour the olive oil, incorporating it into the mixture. Leave it to cool until you prepare the zucchini.

Wash the zucchini slices to get rid of excess salt and place them on a paper napkin. In a large bowl, mix the zucchini slices with the shredded feta cheese and the sunflower seeds or chopped almonds. Finally, add the lemon and garlic sauce raw pumpkin salad is ready! You can also add cherry tomatoes for color and extra flavor. The salad is light, filling due to the pumpkins and the combination of flavors in the citronette sauce blends perfectly with these seasonal vegetables.

We are waiting for you to tell us if you tried the recipe raw pumpkin salad! Good appetite!

1 young zucchini
a few dill threads
1 string green onion
50 gr feta cheese
a few olives for decoration
salt pepper

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (good quality)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 clove garlic
1 good teaspoon tip of anchovy paste

Preparation Pumpkin salad

  1. Put the zucchini on the large grater and place it in a strainer. Sprinkle salt on it, mix lightly by hand or with 2 forks and let it simmer for at least 30 minutes. At the end, press it a little so that all the water comes out of it.
  2. Move the grated zucchini in a bowl and season with pepper. Add the chopped dill and onion and the crushed feta.
  3. In a cup, crush the garlic with a little salt, add the oil slowly, like mayonnaise until the pasta is done. Add the lemon juice and anchovy paste and beat well until it becomes like a homogeneous emulsion.
  4. Pour the marinade over the zucchini and mix well. Refrigerate for a few hours to cool (even overnight), mix to taste and marinate the zucchini. When serving, decorate with olives and a little more crushed feta.

CABBAGE SALAD, ZUCCHINI and SEEDS, with anti-inflammatory effects

In this article we share with you a very good and tasty salad, which can be prepared especially during fasting years.

The author, Elena Pride, is famous for her quick, simple and very healthy recipes.

This salad contains vegetables and seeds. Everything is raw and nutritious. You can give up oil if you are fasting with dry food or you are on a diet.

The two basic ingredients are cabbage and zucchini, two low-calorie but nutrient-rich vegetables that can be bought throughout the year.

Cabbage contains many compounds anticancer, especially glucosinolates. It also has properties Antioxidants, detoxifying and inflammatory. It is rich in vitamin K, vitamin B6, manganese, fiber and minerals (potassium, selenium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium).

Consumption of cabbage supports digestive tract health and cardiovascular system.

zucchiniis a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and vitamin K. It is a vegetable recommended for people who want to lose weight, due to very low glycemic and caloric index.

Cabbage and zucchini salad - recipe

• ¼ white cabbage
• 1 small zucchini
• 1-2 tomatoes
• 1 small onion
• 1 clove of garlic
• 1 tablespoon of seeds (any kind)
• ¼ teaspoon of salt
• 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Wash the zucchini, and if it is not from a safe source, peel it. Then put it on the grater with big holes. Finely chop the cabbage.

Wash the tomatoes and cut into thin slices or cubes, as desired. Crush the garlic or finely chop it with a knife. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Add salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice and massage the salad by hand (covered with a plastic glove). The seeds can be left whole or ground by an electric coffee grinder.

You can also decorate the salad with a little parsley or finely chopped green dill.

1. Elena Pride, Raw Recipes, For Health, For Life, Zucchini salad with cabbage, Sian Books Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015, p. 55

2. Dr. Ax, Zucchini Nutrition - Low in Calories & Loaded with Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

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* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.


Pumpkin salad with yogurt and garlic,a recipe simple and tasty, summer. It is a delicious combination, pumpkins fit perfectly with the aromatic sauce of yogurt we believe cu garlic and dill It is served cold, from the fridge and is perfect in hot periods, so I warmly invite you to try it.

  • 400 g zucchini (I used two zucchini)
  • 200 g creamy yogurt (Greek type)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons chopped dill
  • salt to taste

How to prepare pumpkin salad with yogurt and garlic

Wash, dry and cut half the zucchini, then slice them. Heat the two tablespoons of olive oil in a non-stick pan and heat the zucchini with a pinch of salt until they begin to brown and soften. Do not overdo it. to remain crispy.

Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool.

Meanwhile, mash the garlic cloves and mix with a teaspoon of salt, chopped marjoram and yogurt.

Put the yogurt sauce in the bowl over the cooled zucchini and mix gently to blend.

Leave the salad for at least half an hour in the fridge and then you can serve it. Enjoy!

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1. Cut the zucchini into slices, lengthwise or widthwise, as we like. I didn't peel the zucchini because the unclean slices are better fried, in a pan or on the grill, without crumbling. Place the slices evenly on a flat plate or on a tilting shredder and give them a pinch of salt to extract the water. Let them drain for 20 minutes.

2. Fry the pumpkin slices in oil, in a hot pan, browning both sides. Another option would be, if you want to avoid oil, to bake on the grill. Of course, the taste of pumpkins differs depending on the method of preparation chosen, grilled or fried, because the taste is less altered in the grilled version and is more pronounced.

3. Peel the garlic and grind it well to extract its juice and make better use of its taste. Arrange the slices of fried zucchini on a plate, sprinkle with pepper powder, spread the crushed garlic over them, sprinkle with vinegar and garnish with a little chopped parsley. I also baked a few slices of tomatoes with which I garnished and completed the salad, the taste of zucchini complementing very well with that of ripe tomatoes. Also, tomato slices can be fried in a pan or grilled.

Liking my well-garliced ​​food and considering that the zucchini taste is a little tasteless and odorless, I used a little more garlic. You can use as much as your heart allows. Of course we can use lemon instead of vinegar, but for me, for this salad, vinegar is more compatible. Grilled zucchini can be sprinkled with a little olive oil. The salad of baked peppers is also registered in the same register, as well as the one of baked tomatoes with peppers.

Zucchini Salad - Recipes

These days I didn't feel like eating anything, which is why I didn't cook almost anything. But tonight I missed a salad. But a salad so simple and good that I didn't even know what ingredients to make it from & # 8222fabric & # 8221. Luck came over me when Remi came home with some small, small and thin pumpkins. That's how this chickpea salad plate was born. Just a few ingredients, especially vegetables and a piece of salted cheese. A light and fragrant dressing perfectly completed the little feast. Please, if the feast can be called a small plate of salad.

Ingredients for the recipe for Pumpkin Salad with Chickpeas

  • 1 thin zucchini
  • 2 large carrots
  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • 50 gr salted cheese

Preparation for the recipe Pumpkin salad with chickpeas

Unwrap the canned chickpeas and wash the chickpeas under a stream of cold water. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it with a knife. Do the same with the zucchini. Mix the vegetables with the chickpeas and the pieces of salted cheese. Sprinkle with the dressing prepared instantly from a little olive oil, a pinch of salt, balsamic vinegar and a little dried oregano.

Simple, relaxed and extremely delicious. In a maximum of 15 minutes you have a healthy, simple and effective lunch or dinner.

I don't know how, but lately I like simple, very simple recipes that can be prepared relatively quickly and easily. Without many ingredients, without much hassle. Simple.

What kind of salads do you like? Simpler or so & # 8222copious & # 8221?

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Zucchini salad

Today we will do Zucchini salad. This salad is very similar to eggplant or mushrooms, it is very easy to make and is absolutely delicious. In the spring, when the first pumpkins appear in my garden, the first recipe I make is this one.

1 larger zucchini that I peeled and removed the seeds
2 larger cloves of finely chopped garlic
1 teaspoon salt

Put the zucchini, water and salt in a pot. Let the zucchini boil. While it is boiling, we can take care of the mayonnaise.

Ingredients for mayonnaise:
300 ml of oil
1 yolk
1 teaspoon mustard
salt to taste

In a bowl put the yolk, mustard, salt and oil, which we gradually add, in a thin thread, so as not to cut the mayonnaise.

The zucchini is boiled when the fork enters it easily. Strain it and press it well with the fork, until it is passed and let it drain well from the liquid.

When the zucchini is cooled and drained, put it over the mayonnaise. Add the garlic and salt to taste. Mix everything well and the salad is ready.

Look how creamy it is! Lying on bread, with tomatoes or plain, it is so delicious. As you can see, my slice of bread disappeared from the table very quickly!

1 kg of zucchini
750 ml vegetable or chicken soup (ready made)
185 ml sm & acircnt & acircnă
250 ml of water
250 ml milk (low fat)
1 large onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil / butter
optional (for serving): croutons, greens and sm & acircnt & acircnă
Preparation time: 30 minutes

Step 1: You will chop the garlic and onion
Step 2: You will put the onion and garlic to harden, & icircn the olive oil
Step 3: After they soften, you will add diced zucchini, soup, water. You will let them cook until they are almost boiling, then you will light the fire more slowly. You will leave them on the fire for about 15-20 minutes
Step 4: You will put the vegetables in the blender
Step 5: You will also add sm & acircnt & acircna, milk, but also salt
Step 6: You will put the soup to cool and you will serve it next to croutons, with a little sm & acircnt & acircnă and with greens



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