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Honest Tea's Seth Goldman on Their 30-Foot Recycling Bin

Honest Tea's Seth Goldman on Their 30-Foot Recycling Bin

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As mentioned before, Honest Tea is erecting a 30-foot recycling bin in Times Square come April 30, and while the event may just be a one-time thing, CEO Seth Goldman obviously hopes it will leave an impression on consumers.

"It should be part of your consumption experience," Goldman told us over the phone. "When you’re buying something, you need to think about what happens afterward. Not just, 'Once I finish the drink I’ve done my job.'"

So what can you bring to drop into the enormous recycling bin come Monday? Water bottles and soda cans, definitely, but also beer cans, laundry detergent bottles, and anything else that is recyclable. "It’s to show how easy recycling is," Goldman said. "Some people think soda cans are recyclable, but they don’t think about beer cans. And it's not just beverages, either. The sorting systems are really enhanced these days."

He would like to remind everyone that coffee cups, however, are not recyclable.

At the grand event on Monday, there will also be several prizes to give out, depending on a complex point system. Points are accrued through bringing recyclable materials and liking Honest Tea on Facebook.

Some of the bigger items include organic jeans (250 points), Patagonia bags (100 points), a Citizen bike (1,000 points), $50 gift certificates to Momofuku or Shake Shack (125 points), signed sports memorabilia from the Knicks and Rangers (300 points), and something called a Jason Mraz Prize Pack (1,500 points).

Stragglers can get bottles of Honest Tea (2 points), stickers (1 point), or a bracelet (1 point). Of course all this stuff is only available while supplies last, so you might want to cart over your load early for a Playstation Vita prize pack (1,500 points).

Honest Tea will set up camp from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Times Square, and they hope to get up to 47,000 bottles by the end of the day. Check out for more details, and if the event does well, Goldman says they may hit up other cities.

Watch the video: Seth Goldman, President and TeaEO at Honest Tea, speaks at Duke University (May 2022).