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Bread rolls with nutella

Bread rolls with nutella

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Recipe Bread rolls with nutella di of 23-09-2014 [Updated on 23-09-2014]

The Nutella bread rolls conquered me too, after having seen and reviewed them in all the sauces, I decided that I had to try them too. Made, fried, tasted and super promoted. If you want a very fast greedy sweet try making these rolls and you'll love them, I promise;)


How to make Nutella bread rolls

With the help of a rolling pin, thin the slices of bread

Cover with a generous layer of Nutella

Then roll the slices of bread on themselves forming rolls.

Wrap in plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for half an hour.
Now divide each roll in half

Pass each roll in a bowl with the beaten egg

Fry the rolls in abundant boiling oil, making them brown

Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve

Fried bread rolls

These fried bread rolls I have seen them everywhere and in all sauces, both sweet and savory and I had been planning them for some time. In truth, the recipe I had in mind was that of the rolls of pancarr & egrave with nutella but, since it was lunchtime, I opted for the salty version with ham and mozzarella & hellip and I didn't regret it at all because they are delicious, beyond above all my expectations & # 128512 As for the pancarr & egrave, I used the one for the sandwiches (the snacks, to be precise) much softer and more elastic and, to fill, some good sliced ​​cooked ham and a piece of mozzarella fior of milk. If you want to make your children happy, and not only that, you should definitely try these fried pancarr & egrave rolls, they are too good! & # 128512 I really know that I will try other versions! & # 128521

Roll out the sandwich bread with a rolling pin, pressing well. Repeat the operation 2-3 times:

Spread the Nutella along the entire length of the bread, without overdoing the doses!

A generous veil will be enough, otherwise, when you go to roll the chocolate it will come out!

Roll the stuffed bread tightly:

As you can see from the photos, you will get cylinders. From each cylinder you will obtain on average 3 swivels of about 3 cm

How to cut the perfect swivels

Divide the cylinder into 3 equal parts and slice with a knife with a sharp and smooth blade.

Proceed with a clean cut: zac! You will see that the swivel will squeeze a little. No fear! Spread the crushed piece in your hands and it will return beautifully swollen.

As you make the swivels, set aside.

Melt the chocolate you have chosen in a double boiler.

Dip the bottom of each swivel for about 1 cm and a half.

Let the excess chocolate drain.

Let it dry on the contrary

To speed up drying, you can store a few minutes in the fridge!

Your Nutella bread rolls they are ready to be served!

How to keep them?

In forecasts of guests you can seal your cylinders. Slice at the moment then glaze them!

Once glazed, the rolls can be kept for 1 day. Better if sealed in cling film! As you know, toast and sandwich pan dry easily in the air!

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Nutella bread rolls - Recipes

A quick and excellent antipastino or to accompany a fruity aperitif.
Very simple to prepare and everyone always likes them. The ingredients are the same as in the "dome of wonders" but they are quicker to prepare.

Ingredients for 4/5 people:
2 slices of milk bread without crust and rectangular in shape
50 gr. of philadelphia
2 slices of cooked ham
2 large leaves of tender lettuce
a little butter melted in the microwave with the defrost function

Brush the melted butter on the slices of bread and cover them with plastic wrap.
Take the rolling pin and flatten the slices a little bit lengthwise, being careful not to break them.
With a spoon soften the philadelphia and spread it on the slices until the entire surface is covered, then place the cooked ham on top first and then the salad leaves (1 slice and 1 leaf, even cut into several parts, for each slice of bread) .
Roll everything up and wrap well with plastic wrap, then refrigerate for at least 5 hours, after which you will slice the roll (after removing the film of course) with a hacksaw knife and keeping at least 1 cm thick.
Serve the rolls on a bed of salad or rocket.

How to make Pancarre rolls

Sandwich recipes

Arrange the slices of bread on a surface and thin them with a rolling pin, I used the long type bread but you can also use the classic slices for toast without a rim

Add the slices of cooked ham over the entire surface

the slices of smoked cheese, you can also cut them into small pieces

at this point create your rolls

Wrap them in aluminum foil or film so that they compact, if you want them smaller, you can also cut them in half

beat an egg and add a pinch of salt, take the rolls that you have previously freed from the aluminum and immerse them in the egg

pass them in breadcrumbs on both sides and edges

fry in boiling seed oil for a few minutes, just long enough to brown them

Raise the Fried Pancarré Rolls and let them dry on absorbent paper, here the detail of the interior

Nutella bread rolls

The bread rolls are a delicious and inviting idea to use when you have little time and want to prepare something delicious. In fact, in a very short time you can prepare a much appreciated and successful snack.


The procedure to prepare these delicious bread rolls is really simple and within everyone's reach.
Roll out each slice of bread with a rolling pin to make it compact.
The bread used for the preparation of these swivels is the long and white one indicated for sandwiches.

Spread a layer of Nutella on each slice.

Roll each slice starting from the short side until you get a roll.

Wrap each roll in plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

After resting in the refrigerator, remove the rolls from the film and cut them into slices of the thickness you prefer, I got 5 swivels with each slice.
Arrange the Nutella bread rolls on a serving plate and serve.

Variant: A very popular variant are the bread rolls with jam.

How to make Nutella rolls

1. With a knife cut the cord of the slices of bread or use the slices to make sandwiches

2. On a clean surface, roll out the slices with a rolling pin

3. Spread a teaspoon of Nutella on each slice of bread

4. Then roll up the bread and nutella on itself forming rolls

5. Wrap the Nutella bread rolls in cling film, place them on a plate and let them rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

6. Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the egg

7. Take the Nutella rolls and divide them into two parts then pass them in the egg

8. Fry the Nutella rolls in plenty of seed oil until golden brown

9. As soon as the bread rolls are cooked, let them dry on absorbent paper

10. Arrange the Nutella rolls on a serving dish and decorate them by sprinkling some icing sugar or adding a few strawberries on the edge.

Ideal season


Frying cannot be resisted, Nutella not even then & # 8230 preserving Nutella rolls is impossible! Best to eat them as soon as possible.

The extra advice

Do not abound too much with Nutella otherwise during frying it will melt and come out of the rolls.

In a few steps you will prepare the Nutella bread rolls

Oh oh I thought I saw Nutella! It's true it's true .. it's Nutella. But what will they ever be? Nutella rolls! Who didn't eat bread and nutella when they were little? Everyone was greedy! Now try replacing the bread with the bread and making the Nutella bread rolls and you will see that it will be a sweet one after another. But let's see together what we need to prepare them!

  • A package of pancarrà without a crust
  • Nutella to taste
  • Milk chocolate 300 gr

Read also the recipes of: Sicilian sweet peaches

How do you prepare these fabulous Nutella rolls? Let's see it together.

Start preparing the swivels by placing one slice of bread at a time on a work surface. (I used a cutting board). With the help of a rolling pin, flatten the bread (1.) lay the Nutella on top with the help of a spatula (2.). Gently wrap the bread roll inwards (3.) creating the bread rolls.

Wrap the roll on a sheet of cling film and roll it up (4.). Let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour in order to firm up the rolls and have an excellent cut of the same. Carry out the same operation until the bread is used up or until you do not want it. It takes a little coffee break until the rolls are ready. After the rest time, place the rolls again on your work surface and with a sharp knife (do not use knives with teeth as your swivels will look bad) cut the rolls (5.) obtaining so many swivels the thickness you want (6.).

In a saucepan placing the chocolate in a bain-marie, as soon as it is ready, transfer it to a rather high bowl and dip the swivels (7.) only halfway (8.). Decorate to your liking if you like it and let it rest in the fridge again for 1 hour (9.).

Cannoncini of bread with bacon

These gluttons cannoncini of bread with bacon they are composed of a soft and creamy filling based on fresh cheese flavored with chives and a crispy wrapper based on slices of toasted bread and smoked bacon. A simple recipe, rapid and greedy perfect for an aperitif. A finger food tantalizing, to try!

  • 12 slices of bread
  • 150 g of smoked bacon
  • 300 g of fresh cheese
  • chives

The cannoncini of bread with pancetta they are small finger food original and greedy that are prepared quickly and easily.

A savory recipe which in the presentation winks at the traditional sweet cannoncini filled with custard, while in the composition it refers in part to the classic ingredients used in the preparation of the toast: cheese and bread, accompanied in this case by smoked bacon instead of cooked ham.

The outer shell of these cannocini will be nice crunchy after being baked, while the cream cheese filling will perfectly balance the textures and flavors, giving the recipe softness and sweetness.

If you are looking for other finger food recipes to propose a tasty and creative home made aperitif, consult the many recipes available, there is something for everyone! For example, the avocado and bacon recipe or the delicious pizzas in a pan can be perfect for you.

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