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Parisians with cheese and stik sausage

Parisians with cheese and stik sausage

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I sifted the 500 g of flour into a bowl. I added the yeast and mixed. Gradually I put the beaten milk, egg and salt. I started kneading, adding the oil, gradually. I kneaded the dough for about 10 minutes, until it becomes elastic. I left it to rise for about 45 minutes, in a place without electricity, in a bowl, covered with food foil, and on top with a towel.

On the floured table I turned the dough upside down, divided it into 10 balls, which I left to rise for another 10 minutes. I stretched each piece with the twister, giving it an oval shape, with a thickness of about 0.5 cm. I fryed with a knife about half of the dough, and on the unfragged portion I put about 1 tablespoon of grated cheese and slices of sausage. I closed the dough in the area with the filling, lightly pressing the edges, then I rolled. I did the same for all 10 balls.

I put the croissants in a tray lined with baking paper and greased with oil, I greased them with egg yolk mixed with milk, and I put the tray in the preheated oven, over medium-low heat, for 30 minutes.

As you can see in the picture, I didn't tighten the edges well, and in some of them a little cheese came out ... But there were no bathrooms, they were all eaten, and there were more requests! We served the Parisians with a cup of goat yogurt. A good combination !!!

I invite you to some filling and delicious croissants !!!

How to prepare fasting croissants with shit

Yeast dough for fasting croissants with shit

For the dough, mix the warm water with the sugar and the yeast. Let it rest for 10 minutes and then add the other ingredients and knead until you get a compact dough. Leave to rise for about 30-40 minutes, until it doubles in volume.

Modeling and filling fasting horns with shit

The leavened dough is divided into 2. Each portion is spread in a round sheet, so that it has a diameter of about 30 cm and a thickness of about 0.5 & # 8211 0.7 cm.

Cut in half, then into quarters, then each quarter into 2 pieces. Place a piece or two of shit on each piece, depending on how much filling you want to have. The edges rise over the pieces of shit.

Roll out the dough carefully and place it in the tray lined with baking paper so that the top of the rolled triangle is underneath. Leave it in the pan for another 10 minutes, until it leavens a little more, then it can be baked. Being fasting, it is no longer greased with beaten egg. They will get a nice shine from the vanilla syrup.

Romanian food

Culinary recipes from various parts of the country. How to cook in Muntenia, Moldova, Oltenia, Ardeal, Bucovina, Dobrogea, Banat and what ingredients are used Romanian food to order, cooked or raw from local producers, with delivery (catering) in Bucharest Learn to cook according to traditional Romanian recipes : small, sarmale, meatballs, soups, steaks or cozonac and many others. Romanian cooking Traditional Romanian cuisine is the name given to the result of synthesizing, over time, the tastes and gastronomic habits specific to the Romanian people. It is diverse, includes countless customs and culinary traditions, specific dishes, along with customs from the intersection of gastronomic culture with traditions of other peoples, with which.

Romanian recipes: Chicken stewed with garlic Baked polenta Lamb soup with larch Peas with pea Food recipes in pictures, various food recipes, steaks, stews, meat food, vegetable food, Romanian food recipes, recipes Italian food, Serbian food recipes, Hungarian food recipes. Adana Kebab - Turkish recipe presented in detail

Romanian, traditional and tasty recipes

  1. Food Recipes from Romanian cuisine, steaks, stews, meat dishes, vegetable food, Romanian food recipes, Hungarian food recipes, and the articles presented on this site and their copyrights belong to the owner of Any multiplication, copying or publication of.
  2. 8197 recipes with Romania specific: Belly soup, Fluffy donuts, Cherry cake, Biscuit cake with banana cream and caramel, Belly soup, restaurant recipe
  3. Order food online through foodpanda! It's raining? Are you tired or don't feel like cooking? Order through foodpanda and you have the most appreciated restaurants and the best delivery in Bucharest. We have over 400 restaurants available and a team of deliverers ready to bring you hot food in no time.
  4. Order Romanian food anywhere in Bucharest, from the best restaurants that have a menu prepared from local cuisine. Your day will immediately get a much more authentic air, and your guests will fully enjoy the surprise you made. Street and number
  5. Recipes with traditional Romanian food - Laura Adamache Recipes for food, cakes, appetizers, dough, ice cream, simple, fast, explained step by step, with picture

Romanian food to order, with delivery

  • Blid is an inn that offers you to discover endangered Romanian dishes, cooked traditionally or modernly
  • Pasta RECIPES Food recipes Vegetarian recipes Pasta with cheese and pumpkin. author Elena Yvette January 7, 2020. January 7, 2020. Delicious pasta with ricotta and pumpkin is a hearty recipe, which is easy and quick to prepare, being the ideal snack for lunch at the office
  • Romanian food (14) Chinese food (32) Menus (22) Type I + Type II Simple portions Pasta (9) Salads (13) Soups (6) Dessert (12) Drinks (21) Fasting products (7) Hot food trays (8) News. Ursus beer 0.33 l. 5.00 lei Peach fuzetea 1.5 l. 7.00 lei.
  • Traditional recipes from Romania. Our chefs have gathered all their culinary experience and have brought you the most special Romanian recipes: recipes with duck, liver, turkey or sheep, vegetable garnishes, quick sweets and many other goodies.
  • We invite you to our specifically Romanian cuisine, where you can find the most famous traditional recipes, along with the most important secrets that the Romanian people have acquired throughout history in terms of gastronomic culture.
  • Traditional Romanian cuisine. It hurts my soul to see that the tradition of home cooking is lost, that more and more housewives cook only with instant ingredients, bought from stores or even worse, many young women do not want to cook and consider this degrading and a waste of time.
  • Food 1005 recipes: Cabbage Food with Pork, Quince Food, Spinach Food, Cauliflower Food, Lentil Food, Baked Chicken Potato Food, Chicken Breast with Pumpkin and Tomatoes, Indian Food lentils with vegetables.

So, according to some (ie according to the makers of encyclopedias mentioned in the article), porodic food is not a Romanian specialty, even if it is Romanian food. I don't know if I made myself understood, I hope so. Finally, to calm you down, I affirm once again: all the respect for Transylvania and its regional food Order cooked food in a pot with home or office delivery in Bucharest. Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Cooked Food, Steaks, Desserts and Fasting. Food

Come to the Caru 'cu beer restaurant in Bucharest and enjoy traditional Romanian food like you can't find anywhere else. Caru 'cu bere has received in each of the last 9 years the title of. The basic dishes of this shop were (special) horseradish sausages (for which many tears were shed when it was passed through. Soup, this traditional Romanian food, is today recommended by nutritionists for its special nutritional qualities. And cooked with these recipes Soup recipes: Soup is a healthy food, which contains few calories but will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals daily .. Fasting food cooked at home, to your order, from fresh and healthy ingredients after traditional or modern recipes according to your taste We can adapt the dishes to your favorite taste and eating habits More salty or less salty, with or without greens, fatter or fat-free Recipes food. Sometimes you are not in the mood to cook, and if you still have to do it, you would like a recipe that you have as little to do as possible. The dishes below are nutritious, tasty and especially easy and quick to cook. Romanian Food-Pope Good-Romanian Food. Fast Food Restaurant. Food from Bucovina. Food & Beverage Company. Recipes. Kitchen / Cooking

Romanian gastronomy, as well as culture, mirrors, through each dish, the fascinating history of the country. Since ancient times, the Romanians have been engaged in hunting, agriculture and animal husbandry. This is how, in the traditional cuisine of these places, we find products in a wide range, from vegetables and dairy, to meat. The website is owned by MCA LOGISTIC SRL, CUI: RO15274535, Nr. Reg. Com .: J32 / 308/2003. Address: Bucharest, str Oteteleșeanu 3 Even though they pass as a traditional Romanian food, sarmales were invented by the Turks and became a popular dish in several countries that were conquered during the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, especially in the Balkans, Europe. 1 comments Food recipes in pictures, various food recipes, steaks, stews, meat food, vegetable food, Romanian food recipes, Italian food recipes, Serbian food recipes, Hungarian food recipes. Pork neck with cabbage die, slow cooker

20.02.2020 - Explore gheorghe madalina's board mancare romaneasca, followed by 495 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food, Culinary Recipes, Recipes Food Recipes - Cuisine Recipe: Romanian Traditional Romanian Cuisine, Traditional Recipes, Traditional Cuisine Order Romanian food with home delivery. Deliver Romanian food to the office or home through Order now your favorite Romanian food, whether we are talking about sarmalute in beef sheets, pork neck, smoked ciolan, or mutton pastrami with polenta and sour cream

The traditional meal for Easter is made up of Romanian Christians from: lamb stew, lamb soup, lamb steak, as sweets the cake is eaten with various fillings and Easter with cheese. Along with these dishes, red eggs are prepared. Popular tradition says that, at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God brought a basket of eggs that she wanted to give. . Bucharest - October 26, 2012 Press release by NET SEO MEDIA SRL. offers you a rich and delicious menu that you can enjoy both at home and at the office .. Healthy food recipes: Smoked bean food, slow cooker Crock-Pot, Baked vegetables, Duck with cabbage and much pra

Chicken Food 123 recipes: Baked Chicken Potato Food, Chicken Food with Green Beans, Chicken Food with Leeks and Olives, Chicken Pea Food with Chicken, Leek Food with Chicken Wings, Lentil Food with Sausages smoked chicken, Food .. Vegetarian Recipes Step by step vegetarian recipes In this category you will find vegetarian recipes both sweet and salty. There are people who have opted for this diet, turning it into a lifestyle. It is about vegetarians, people who have completely removed meat, milk and eggs from their diet. There is a category of people who include in their diet. Food of yellow pods with sausages. Grandma's cake. Spinach cream soup with bacon and quail eggs. Seasonal recipes. Sausage biscuits. Asian eggplant salad. Fine-textured tofu pudding. Horns with orange juice filled with shit or jam (fasting) Cheese pies. Grilled mackerel with polenta

Meat recipes: culinary feast. responds to the challenges launched by consumers and offers a diverse range of recipes for meat dishes, appetizers, soups and soups or salads. Create a fairytale atmosphere around the holidays with delicious combinations of meat dishes: Moldovan tochitura, steak chicken or pork chops Jan 4, 2020 - Meat pie. See more ideas about Romanian food, Recipes, Food

Romanian traditional culinary recipes - Culinary recipes

  • Sep 1, 2020 - Explore Corina B's board Mancaruri romanesti / Romanian food, followed by 184 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Romanian food, Food, Recipes
  • Romanian food The traditional Romanian cuisine has a long history and includes some of the most delicious dishes, known throughout the world. Not only foreigners appreciate our dishes, a study conducted by Exact Research and Consulting showing that Romanians prefer home-cooked food
  • Romanian, International, Asian - Chinese Food Bucharest, sector 2 3 4, Berceni NoName Restaurant Menu. The culinary specialties of Romanian, International, Asian - Chinese Food Bucharest, sector 2 3 4, Berceni with which we are at your disposal, thank you even the most refined tastes

Romanian cuisine - Wikipedia

In: Romanian Cuisine, Cooked Food, Recommendations, Poultry Meat Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Soups and Soups February 23, 2018 Beef Belly Stew Traditional Romanian food. Cheap and Tasty! Breaded cheese with french fries and garlic sauce. Cheese, egg, flour, breadcrumbs, potatoes, garlic, sour cream - 370g. 11.39 lei Closed. Restaurant RUSTIKA Baia Mare Aleea Școlii 1/7, Baia Mare, Romania 11. Platou Mici Romanian & international cooked food menu FOODA We deliver in Bucharest, at home or at the office, entrees, soups and broths, main courses, salads, desserts and menus. Discover in turn the dishes cooked with imagination on FOODA.RO Recipe Video Potato Food Details Recipe Video: http: // For more Video Recipes watched .. Are you thinking of a traditional Romanian food? Do you want to eat like at home, but you don't know where to order? We warmly recommend Casa Romaneasca, a delivery service for traditional dishes Constanta that is at your disposal every day with the best dishes from all over the country. Moldovan parjoale, Dobrogean tochitura, sheep pastrami, bean stew with.

Again about the traditional Romanian food. May 9, 2011 | News I did a small survey on Restograf (on the Restograf's facebook page, more precisely) and the results were as expected. Ask what kind of food (what type of cuisine) they prefer, most (21%) answered that the Romanian cuisine, then, in order, the Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, French, and then yes. The food of baked donuts is a delicacy of the Romanian cuisine, being one of the favorite dishes of childhood. With its delicious sweet and sour sauce and the bouquet of enticing scents, it is a refined food that delights our taste buds. It is called derelye or barátfüle. Some say it is food of Turkish origin, I also read of Russian origin. In Transylvania there are 300-year-old recipe books in which meat, cheese, etc. appear with different fillings. Fortunately, my wife also does it sometimes, only with plum jam. :) ↩ Answer Romanian food. Kitchen / Cooking. Community See All. 26,567 people like this. 28,514 people follow this. About See All. Contact Romanian food on Messenger. Kitchen / Cooking. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by. Romanian food freshly prepared, for those who want a relaxing day, full of flavor, without mess, delivered directly to your home

Romanian recipes

Order online or book an instant meal! At Capra Neagra Restaurant in Curtea de Arges we pamper you with Traditional Romanian food, Pizza, Coffee - try it now! We are waiting for you with selected delicacies, prepared from fresh ingredients! At Restaurant Capra Neagra, the recipe for success is simple - good food and care make our guests loyal customers Order Romanian Cuisine Pitesti, we deliver Romanian Cuisine for home or office in Pitesti and surroundings. We guarantee the freshness and quality of the dishes

Photo: Missing, Shutterstock. Cut the peeled pumpkin into pieces and pips, then put it in a pan with the potatoes and finely chopped carrots, letting the vegetables cook. Let the water boil in a pot, to which you add after it has boiled the pieces of vegetables, salt and pepper. The composition should be left on the fire. Romanian food This weekend you can go with the little ones to the fairs of traditional products, to try a fried trout, a homemade jam, a beaten bean and to listen to Aschiuta's stories. If you prefer a weekend with a European air, try the Parisian sweets from Bucharest in art, [.. We have carefully assembled a project team comprised of the nation's top laboratory design and building professionals and are delighted to have BestBuild execute our vision for this unprecendented facility

Laura Laurenți food recipes

In: Romanian Cuisine, Cooked Food, Recommendations, Poultry Meat Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Soups and Soups April 21, 2018 Chicken Liver in Tomato Sauce Romanian Recipes: Grandma's Chips Potato Stew with Pork Papricas pork with pods Steak of Zala hot food typical for the mountainous area of ​​Abruzzo. Traditionally, delicious meat with polenta (the famous Romanian polenta) should be used. Preparation time: 15 minutes. THE ROMANIAN GUIDE is a project destined for the Romanian community in the UK. Contains the announcement section for Romanians, the list of Romanian shops, businesses, churches and institutions

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We eat military food from the Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) army or food ready to be served on Romanian, it is a Russian military military ration for 24 hours. (Det .. Romanian and international cooked food with fast delivery or personal pick-up Traditional menu varied with carefully selected dishes from Romanian cuisine. Free delivery for orders over 50 lei. We quickly deliver our delicious dishes, within a radius of 2 km If you don't know what to eat at the office, here's a healthy, easy-to-pack recipe. You can buy hummus from the store, but it is healthier to prepare it yourself at home.

Today is December 1, Romania's national day. How could I celebrate than at home with my family cooking and eating a traditional Romanian food. Bean soup with smoked ciolan, in bread with onions made with a little oil, salt and vinegar. You can find the recipe (HERE) Happy birthday Romania, happy birthday to all Romanians !! Romanian food UK - London ads Romanian food at home Romanian restaurants and delivery Romanian food England Most likely you haven't noticed the Zestrea restaurant yet, although it's right in the heart of the fair, in the Great Square. Until a few years ago, there was a tobacco shop there, you wouldn't even say it has a generous space for a restaurant. But, with a considerable effort that lasted more than a year, we have a new restaurant in the central area and, dare I say, one of the best in town Culinary recipes in Romania, culinary site with traditional Romanian homemade food, ideas home cooking, gastronomy, cooking, dishes, food, meat, vegetables.

Romanian food recipes: Bean plate, Carp boyar brine, Oltenian recipe: Pandurilo food About Casa Romaneasca Giurgiu Restaurant. All the mentioned products are distinguished by a special quality, being obtained by applying traditional technologies with the help of modern equipment, only from natural ingredients. CASA ROMANESCA restaurant currently has a diverse range of tasty and healthy dishes polenta. This is a stew of corn flour with salt. Romanian food recipes Before Christmas, on December 20 (Ignat's Day), a pig is traditionally slaughtered by every rural family Romanian food: we have 4 news about Romanian food. Read now all articles about Romanian food on Digi24.r Photos tagged food by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images with food and other labels associated with them

Recipe of food The yellow bean is one that I have many memories of. It's my grandmother's summer food. Grandma grows beans every spring and we had shea beans every summer. He was making it food and soup every week. We liked it very much even though it never had meat borscht soup Romanian food rate recipes soup recipes Romanian sour cream. October 17, 2018. 1 comment. Leek dish with olives. This leek dish with olives is a vegetarian recipe that you can quickly incorporate for lunch or dinner. I haven't had the urge to eat meat lately, so by the way. Romanian food and food distribution for stores in Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium and England Romanian food distribution in Spain Portugal France and England Transylvanian food. Transylvanian recipes. Transylvanian recipes. traditional recipe. The latest videos - Neculai Onţanu, interview with DC News. Video provided by - All materials. Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, ALDE leader, LIVE on DC News! Pre - election interview Romanian Food Article, Useful Comments Closed. 100 YEAR OLD RECIPES: Artichokes stuffed with chicken shreds and Strawberries. October 15th, 2015 | In this section we present you old culinary recipes, taken from various specialized treatises, specifying, each time, the source

Traditional recipes from Romania

Call us (Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00) or write to us at 0772.264.642 or at the e-mail address [email protected] and ask questions about coronavirus, social situations, medical, psychological support. Report special situations At Casa Romaneasca restaurant you can choose from predefined menus or we can customize the wedding menus according to the preferences of each client! WEDDING MENU 135 LEI Cold snack Goose liver pates, tomato water lily stuffed with eggplant saladS Homemade caviar salad sandwiches, cheese roll with ham, sausage fans Wedding menus Read More

Omelette with vegetables and sausages

Cut the sausages into slices and fry in a little oil. beat eggs, salt, pepper and add cheese. Pour eggs over sausages and fry the omelette on both sides. Serve on a plate heated with green onions Baked omelet with cheese, sausages, vegetables and potatoes - Spanish tortilla recipe al horno. How to make Spanish baked omelette with vegetables, cheeses and potatoes? Baked potato tortilla recipe. A very tasty hot or cold appetizer. Omelette recipes. Recipes with baked potatoes. Spanish recipes Fluffy omelet with dill, simple recipe, no secrets. Omelettes, like pilaf, pasta and pizza, can be made in all kinds of combinations, one tastier than the other. An omelette for breakfast is very good, or we can make sandwiches with omelette, or minibriose, only good to take in the package. con queso y salchicha vegetal, Provencal omelette, Rolled omelette with peppers, Omelette with leurda, Omelette with top of .. Vegetable omelette, simple, light and nutritious recipe. Egg and vegetables, cooked in the pan, a snack ready in 10 minutes. How to make vegetable omelette. Omelet is one of the most popular breakfast dishes and more. It is understandable, it is nutritious, it is made quickly and it is extremely versatile

Add the sausage and bacon slices and leave for another 2 minutes. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper to taste, add over the toppings in the pan, add the grated cheese on top and cook the omelette for 3 minutes on each side, depending on how much you like the omelette. Serve with toast and salad to your liking. Great appetite Omelette with sausages and bellows cheese (37 votes), (3), (43) Starters Very easy 5 min 10 min. Vegetable omelette (27 votes), (5), (31) Main course Very easy 15 min 25 min Meanwhile, heat the dish and chop the vegetables. Add a tablespoon of oil to the pot, onion and carrot with a little salt. After 5 -10 min. to harden the vegetables (with the lid on) put the bell pepper, rice and a cup of water. Keep it on the fire for another 10 minutes, during which time the sausage slices are cut and fried in a little oil

The main ingredients for the Spanish omelet are eggs and potatoes. Some add onions, chorizo, tuna or vegetables. Her beauty in this is that she is versatile! You make it fast, with a minimum of effort, from cheap ingredients. You can serve it hot or cold. As an appetizer, breakfast or even a quick lunch at the office. A delicious simplicity on Omelette is portioned and served according to everyone's taste, with / without bread and seasonal vegetables. Good luck and good luck! If you liked our recipe Omelette with chicken, sausages and green onions, don't forget to review it

. Other traditional recipes, omelet recipes here or other snack recipes here as well, how to make homemade sausages here How to make a simple and fluffy omelette, recipe and secrets for a guaranteed success. Simple omelette with butter or oil, to taste. Recipe video. How to make a simple and fluffy omelet, recipe and secrets. What could be better for breakfast than some eggs? Eggs prepared in the form of an omelet, plain eggs or laid eggs

Finely chop the onion and lightly fry in hot oil. Add the thinly sliced ​​sausages and continue frying with onions. After 4-5 minutes add the cheese and eggs, which were beaten like an omelette. Serve with hot polenta. - 300 g sheep cheese, 300 g smoked sausages, 6 eggs, 50 g oil, 3 suitable onions, salt, pepper Beat eggs well with 1 tablespoon of water, a little salt and pepper and tune them in the pan. Stir briefly, just enough to distribute the potatoes evenly in the pan. Leave the pan on the fire until you see that it closes on the edges (about 1 minute). Transfer the pan to the oven at 190C for 13 minutes. Move the omelette on a wooden bottom and cut it into 8. Put the core of the pumpkin on the robot, add the garlic cloves, the onion cut in four and mix until completely crushed.. Put eggs in a bowl, salt, ground pepper, herbs and mix the composition, then pour over the beaten eggs the composition of chopped pumpkin, add the grated cheese, mix lightly and pour into a greased pan , settles down.

Omelette recipe with sausages - Tasty

  • Make this sausage omelette in the oven the night before and enjoy a super hearty and nutritious breakfast meal just heat it up a bit in the oven or microwave. This delicious casserole is rich in egg, sweet cheese, vegetables, bread and sausages
  • my tea is to keep an elementary limit of common sense, offensive and bad taste comments I reserve the right not to publish them
  • Culinary recipe Omelette with zucchini and raw house sausages from the categories Appetizers, Appetizers with meat, Appetizers with eggs, Meat dishes, Meals with vegetables and greens. With Romanian specifics. How to make Omelette with pumpkin and homemade sausages
  • Chicken soup with vegetables. Spicy lamb chops with potatoes and cabbage. Vegetable salad with sauce. Pasta with fresh tomatoes. Avocado salad with smoked salmon. Omelet with sausages and potatoes. Exotic fruit salad. Lemon pudding. Chicken with mustard sauce and leek. Butterflies with bacon and peas. Stuffed Friganele recipe
  • Omelette with vegetables and smoked meat. Omelet with sausages. Cut the pre-prepared sausages into slices and spread the slices on the entire surface of a non-stick pan, without greasing the pan with fat. Put the pan on medium heat until the sausages start to crumble. In a bowl, mix eggs and
  • The recipe is especially delicious with smoked meat and smoked sausages, taken out of the jar with lard. Cut some larger pieces of meat, which you fry in oil. Cut some onion scales (go with green onions, cut not too small). Cut some white mushrooms, still scales (but not too fine)

Baked omelette with cheese, sausages, vegetables and potatoes

  1. Omelette with vegetables and sausages from: thyme, lemon juice, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas, cabbage, brussels sprouts, sausages, paprika, chilli, olive oil.
  2. Baked omelette with vegetables from: oil, garlic, onion, spinach, eggs, cheese, parmesan, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon oil 1 teaspoon chopped garlic 1 chopped onion 300gr frozen chopped spinach 5 eggs, beaten 2-½ cups shredded cheese ¼ cups grated Parmesan ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon pepper 1 cayenne pepper powder [
  3. Omelettewith sweet potatoes. Prepare the sweet potatoes for the first time. It cleans up with cleaning device vegetablesand then cut the thick circles out of a finger. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper and then add the oil. Interfere. Put the potatoes in a heat-resistant tray that can fit next to each other, and can be easily overlapped. Bake at 180C time.

Fluffy omelet with dill, simple recipe, no secret

  1. Allow another 30 seconds for the egg to set well and stick to the sausages. Using the spatula, turn the omelette to the other side. Do the same with the other omelet. You can place them both on a plate or on separate plates. Decorate with thin strips of donut, slices of fresh or pickled cucumbers, olives.
  2. The omelet is the most suitable preparation for breakfast, in the opinion of my boys. Especially because it can be combined with many ingredients: meat, potatoes, sausages, onions, greens, cheeses, etc. This time, my husband made an omelet with grated potatoes, dill and a little mozzarella.
  3. Omelet with baked potatoes and sausages or winter omelette. Este intr-adevar o omleta satioasa si bogata in calorii, dar eu cred ca se potriveste perfect cu gerul de afara. Am asociat intotdeana iarna cu produsele preparate din carne de porc, precum sunca, carnea afumata sau carnatii afumati

Omleta poate sa fie o mancare foarte satioasa, depinde de ingredientele pe care le pui in ea. Si vreau sa va propun o omleta cu cartofi si carnati, cu un gust inconfundabil. Ingrediente pentru omleta cu cartofi si carnati 3 cartofi mai mari, masline 50 g, un ardei rosu mare, 50 g cascaval, 3 oua, [ Omleta cu legume este una dintre cele mai sănătoase opțiuni pe care le poți avea pentru micul dejun. Cu siguranță nu lipsește din meniul tău! Îți furnizează o cantitate foarte mare de proteine, vitamine, minerale și nutrienți de care organismul are nevoie pentru a funcționa la capacitate maximă cel puțin până la orele prânzului Incearca aceasta reteta de cartofi la cuptor cu carnati si oua ochiuri, o masa completa pentru intreaga familie. Ingrediente 800 g cartofi 1 carnat taranesc 2 fire ceapa verde 80 ml ulei de masline 2 catei usturoi 4 oua 1/2 lingurita boia dulce/iute, dupa gust 1/2 lingurita pudra de usturoi sare pipe Supa nemteasca de cartofi cu carnati poate fi intalnita si sub numele de supa Frankfurter - fiind pregatita cu carnati/ crenvursti ce poarta acest nume. Va las ingredientele si modul de preparare descris pas cu pas pentru supa nemteasca de cartofi cu carnati. INGREDIENTE: 1 kg de cartofi 1 ceapa mare 1 morcov mediu 1.2 l supa legume

Nu e chiar un mic dejun sanatos, dar este tare gustos si satios!Este prima data cand prepar aceasta varianta de omleta, iar ca sursa de inspiratie am avut reteta Andreei_Caroline, drept pentru care ii multumesc pe aceasta cale! Lista celor mai bune 235 rețete, inclusiv Rulada Aperitiv cu Omleta si Aluat cu Cartofi si Branza, Tortilla de Luni Sau Omleta cu Cartofi, Omleta cu Legume, Omleta cu Piept de Pui si Cartofi, Omleta cu Cartofi si Carnati, la Cuptor, Omleta la Cuptor in Vas de Ceramica . Rețete delicioase și simple Preparare Omleta cu carnati si broccoli: Se toaca ceapa marunt si se lasa pe o farfurie impreuna cu carnatii taiati feliute subtiri. Separat, bati ouale bine si adaugi rosia tocata marunt, ardeiul maruntit, broccoli taiat in 2-3 bucati, fara cotor

Citeste cele mai noi articole despre omleta carnati si omleta publicate pe! Vezi comentarii si poze despre omleta carnati si omleta, pe Omleta cu branza, carnati si ceapa verde Din nou va prezint o varianta de omleta, simplu de facut si mai ales foarte gustoasa. Este numai buna ptr o dimineata de weekend, dar nu numai! 1. Se pregăteşte omleta după reţeta tradiţională. Se pun ouăle într-un bol şi se bat bine, se pune caşcavalul ras şi se dă la păjit într-o tigaie cu puţin unt sau ulei. Omleta trebuie să arate ca o clătită după ce s-a prăjit şi să nu se rupă. 2. Cârnaţii se prăjesc puţin în tigaie,

Omleta cu rosii. coacaze rosii Omleta este poate fi considerata mic dejunul campionilor, iar daca aceasta este combinata cu rosii pline de vitamine atat de necesare, cu atat mai mult . Mancaruri cu carne, Mancaruri cu legume si zarzavaturi 500 g pulpa de porc 500 g carnati de casa 5 cartofi 1 pahar cu vin alb 2-3 pahare de apa 1 pahar ulei condimente: sare piper cimbru foi de dafin boia de ardei dulce oregano 100 g cascaval ra Se caleste in ulei ceapa taiata finut, slaninuta afumata si carnati taiati rondele, Ouale se amesteca cu condimentele, Se bat bine pana devin spuma, Dupa ce sau calit carnati se toarna compozitia de ou peste ei, Se prajeste bine pe ambele parti, Se serveste cu maioneza, este foarte buna dimineata inainte de a pleca la serviciu. Pofta buna

Omleta cu cascaval - 25 rețete - Petitche

Omleta cu legume, branza si sunca. ardei Omleta cu legume, branza si sunca este un fel de mancare satios, care iti asigura energia necesara pentru un inceput de zi. [..] Alte informatii despre:. Omletă cu carnati şi ciuperci. Ingrediente pentru omletă. 250 g cârnați, ușor afumați 22 fire praz 2200 g ciuperci 21 lingură unt 210 ouă 250 ml lapte 21 praf de sare 2piper. Cum se prepară omleta. Dai drumul la cuptor. Cureți firele de praz, apoi le toci omleta cu cartofi si carnati Obisnuiesc ca in wekeend sa fac la micul dejun omleta, profitand de faptul ca suntem toti 3 acasa, iar andutu e innebunut dupa omleta. si doru, dar dupa carnati :)):)) Ingrediente: 4 oua. 4 carnati ( de care aveti, eu am avut facuti in casa de socrul meu) 1 cartofi. 2-3 masline O reteta foarte simpla si usor de preparat pentru un mic dejun delicios, sau chiar si pentru o masa de pranz, este omleta cu carnati. Pe langa oua si carnati se mai pot adauga dupa gust: branza, cascaval, cartofi, ceapa verde sau uscata, rosii, ardei, etc. Omleta se serveste calda si proaspata, asezonata cu sare si piper dupa gust, alaturi de o salata de sezon sau chiar si muraturi, gogosari. Reteta de omleta cu carnati si cascaval. Condimente asiatice Aromele asiatice sunt puternice, unice si exotice, multe ierburi si condimente sunt foarte diferite de. Tonul si calitatile sale Tonul a fost apreciat inca din antichitate, cand era consumat fie in saramura sau afumat, peste mare, Cele mai bune sucuri naturale Sucurile de fructe si legume proaspete, preparate in casa sunt.

Omleta cu cartofi si carnati. 08:19 by Liviu No comments. INGREDIENTE - 4 OUA - 2 CARTOFI - 1 CEAPA - ULEI DE MASLINE - CÂRNATI - SARE SI PIPER MOD DE PREPARARE Lasi sa se închege pe o parte,întorci omleta pe partea cealaltă si condimentezi cu sare si piper. Servesti omleta cu muraturi sau o salata de sezon Pe principiul nimic nu se pierde totul se transforma am pregatit o omleta cu. ce a ramas de la o cina delicioasa, si anume de la pulpa d..

Omletă cu legume, rețeta simplă, gata în 10 minut

Omleta cu carnati Ingrediente: 8 oua rosii cherry 1ceapa mica 1 carnat putina sunca sare piper ulei de masline Mod de preparare: Se taie carnatul felii subtiri, se toaca ceapa, sunca si se calesc in ulei. Rosiile cherry se taie in doua si se aduga peste. Intre timp se bat bine ouale cu sare si piper. Ouale batute se toarna in tigaie. Se. omleta cu sunca(3oua)-9.9lei. omleta cu cascaval(3oua)-9.9lei. omleta cu carnati(3oua)-9.9lei. omleta cu rosii si marar(3oua)-9.9lei. pulpa de pui la tava+piure-12.9 lei. tochitura cu mamaliga,branza si ou-14.9 lei. saramura de pui cu mamaliga-12.9 lei. escalop de porc + piure-13.9 lei. pui diavolo + piure-12.9 lei. tocanita de cartofi cu pui. sare si piper dupa gust. Mod de preparare Omleta cu ceapa si carnati. Se caleste ceapa taiata marunt in ulei, dupa care se pun carnatii taiati in cubulete. Se lasa pana se prajesc uniform. Se pun ouale care se bat in prealabil. Se condimenteaza cu sare si piper Se toarna omleta cu legume si carnati intr-un vas termorezistent si se coace in cuptorul preincalzit la 200° C. Timp de coacere 30-40 minute, in functie de inaltimea vasului de copt. Frittata sa fie coapta, fara apect buretos si usor elastica la apasare

QUESADILLA CU LEGUME. OMLETA CU CARNATI SI CASCAVAL. January 22, 2014 | CATEGORIA . Omleta la micul dejun nu inseamna ceva banal aruncat in tigaie. Este doar ceva simplu, bun, gustos, iar carnatii dau savoare in acest sezon unei omlete de nerefuzat. Parerea mea este ca ingredientele de mai jos ajung chiar si pentru 2 persoane, insa fiecare. OMLETA CU CARNATI SI BRANZA Nu ar trebui sa existe niciun pretext sa sarim peste micul dejun. Va propun o reteta simpla si rapida, ideala pentru a incepe ziua. Se serveste calda, simpla sau combinatie cu legume dupa pofta inimii. Good appetite! cemaigatescfetele! Publicat de Unknown la 14:57 Paste Cu Ragu De Carnati Si Cimbru Omleta Cu Rosii Si Patrunjel Prepara aceasta reteta de omleta sanatoasa pentru micul dejun - este plina de proteine si te va ajuta sa te simti satul pentru mai mult timp Si voua va raman 3-4 carnati prajiti pe care nu-i mai mancati? Ei bine, noua da! Asa ca i-am transformat intr-un chec aperitiv extra-mega gustos la care am adaugat si cateva legume. Minunat! Ingrediente: 3 oua 100 g smantana 100 ml ulei 100 ml lapte 200 g faina 1 plic de praf de copt 2 Apoi se pun ouale batute si amestecate cu sare, piper (boia, daca se foloseste), patrunjel tocat. Se lasa omleta in tigaie la foc mic, se mai scutura din cand in cand omelat si se ridica cu o paleta ca sa se scurga dedesubt oul de deasupra care este inca necopt (omleta nu se intoarce)

Omleta taraneasca GatesteUsor

Astazi ti-am pregatit o omleta cu spanac si carnati de pui, o omleta savuroasa care iti va reinvia apetitul pentru omlete. Noua ne plac toate preparatele care au la baza oua, insa omletele preparate cu diverse adausuri si ingrediente, se afla in topul preferintelor noastre. Vezi si omleta cu sparanghel la cuptor Omleta cu ceapa si carnati Publicat: Sâmbătă, 29 Iunie 2019 06:19 // Actualizat: Sâmbătă, 29 Iunie 2019 06:19 // Sursa: Iata o reteta excelenta pentru micul dejun: Omleta cu ceapa si carnati. Comenteaza Mod de preparare Omleta cu ceapa si carnati. Se caleste ceapa taiata marunt in ulei, dupa care se pun carnatii taiati in. Intr-o oala, se pune uleiul la incins si calim 1-2 minute, ceapa, morcovul si carnatii. Adaugam apoi si celelalte radacinoase impreuna cu ardeiul. Amestecam si turnam peste legume apa fierbinte. Pentru ca le aveam la indemana, am pus si cateva felii de kaizer. Cand legumele sunt fierte, se adauga cartofii si rosiile taiate cubulete Mod de preparare : fasole verde cu omleta la cuptor. 1. Curatam fasolea si o punem la fiert 10-15 minute. 2. O scurgem si o asezam intr-un vas yena, uns cu unt. 3. Separat batem ouale, ca pentru omleta, cu faina si smantana. 4. Potrivim de sare si piper. 5. Se toarna compozitia peste fasole si dam la cuptor pana se rumeneste Omleta umpluta. Ingrediente 2 oua 100 gr amestec mexican de legume congelate un carnat marar sare piper ulei de masline Mod de preparare Se bat ouale cu sare,piper si mararul tocat.Punem in tigaie o lingura de ulei de masline turnam ouale batute in cratita si lasam focul la mic.Omleta rezultata o umplem cu felii de carnati prajite [

Omleta cu sunca si cascaval si lipie Ochiuri de ou carnati, masline,branza. Carnati proaspeti lapte cu cacao, ceai, cafea Muraturi . 12h00 - 20h00 Felul I Ciorba de vacuta Ciorba de perisoare Ciorba de cartofi cu legume si carnati afumati. Sarmale porc cu varza acra Snițele de pui Snitel porc in pesmet Chiftelute de porc cu sos Salata Ceza Intr-un castron se amesteca ouale impreuna cu parmezanul ras. Se sareaza si se pipereaza dupa gust. Se adauga ¾ din cantitatea de legume inabusite in aceasta omleta. Se amesteca bine dupa care se pune in forma de silicon. Se da la cuptor pentru 15-18 min. Se acopera forma cu o farfurie si se intoarce rapid desprinzandu-se fara probleme Omleta umpluta pe placul celor mari si mici ! Se bat ouale cu sare,piper si mararul tocat.Punem in tigaie o lingura de ulei de masline turnam ouale batute in cratita si lasam focul la mic.Omleta rezultata o umplem cu felii de carnati prajite si legumele fierte si sotate in unt

Omleta - 87 rețete - Petitche

Dupa aceea, taie carnaciorii bucati mici. Bate ouale lejer, ca pentru omleta, adauga sare si piper si amesteca-le cu legumele si carnatii. Intr-un vas larg si neaderent, incinge uleiul si prajeste omleta la foc mic pana cand incepe sa se coaguleze pe margini, dar este inca lichida in mijloc (circa 8 minute) Se taie cateva feli de salam si se prajesc putin in tigaie cu un strop de ulei.Se bat ouale cu sarea si pe rastuarna peste salam. Se pune un capac si se lasa sa se coaca. Dupa aceea se introarce si pe partea cealalta. Se poate servi si cu rosii, salata. Pofta buna Citeste cele mai noi articole despre omleta carnati si oua publicate pe! Vezi comentarii si poze despre omleta carnati si oua, pe

Acum cateva zile am postat cateva story-uri cu omleta asta pufoasa si am primit o multime de mesaje in ceea ce priveste retata, asadar, here it is! FIND ME ON INSTAGRAM: ← carnati with vegetables la tigaie. - am turnat oul peste carnat and am prajit omleta and pe o parte and pe alta. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Like this Cum apar rosiile romanesti pe piata, imi amintesc ca in ultimul borcan cu porcarele (carnati si carne afumata, puse in untura de porc, la Craciun) au mai ramas cateva bucati de carnat si de carne afumata, suficiente pentru o omleta

Reteta Pilaf cu carnati - Bucataras

Dovlecei umpluti cu legume si carnati Carnatii se taie feliute si se lasa la prajit intr-o tigaie fara ulei. Se adauga ceapa si ardeiul tocate, apoi ciupercile si cubul Knorr. Se lasa putin la calit, apoi se adauga orezul, condimentele si patrunjelul verde tocat. Se lasa la racit, apoi. Omleta cu sunca si cascaval. 15.0 lei. 240 gr (3 oua) faina telina, sare, piper, fructe de mare, carne, peste, unele fructe si legume, branzeturi, bauturi fermentate, varza murata, carnati, conserve, crustacee, nuci, arahide, capsuni, rosii, ciocolata, alcool. Livrare gratuita! Ofertele nu se cumuleaza! Meniurile speciale si office nu intra. Buna dimineata! Omleta cu dovlecei si carnati de casa Mod de preparare - Omleta cu branza si carnaciori afumati Incălzim o tigaie mică, antiaderentă, cu diametrul de cca 16 cm. Intr-un castron batem ouăle până se omogenizează. Punem în tigaie uleiul de masline, apoi adăugăm untul și îl lăsăm să se topească — turnăm ouăle bătute, apoi amestecăm cu o spatulă de lemn.

Omletă spaniolă cu cartofi - Tortilla Espanola - Retete

Cum se prepara varza umpluta cu orez, legume si carnati Pune varza intr-un vas rezistent la cuptorul cu microunde, impreuna cu doua linguri de apa. Las-o in cuptor 5 minute, apoi scoate de pe ea frunzele si inlatura partea tare. Amesteca intr-un castron carnatii, orezul, ardeiul gras, ceapa si praful de chilly. Foloseste umplutura pentru a face. O mancare satioasa si sanatoasa, perfecta pentru orice masa a zilei - la micul dejun bineinteles, la pranz sau cina puteti s-o combinati cu salata de legume. La gust ar fi ca un fel de dovlecel pane mai mare, dar in varianta mult mai sanatoasa si cu mult mai putin ulei. In poza vedeti omleta facuta din 2 oua+1 dovlecel mic, in tigaie de 24cm, in aceeasi tigaie puteti sa faceti si o omleta din.

Omleta cu friptura de pui, carnati si ceapa verd

Reteta culinara Omleta cu cartofi si carnati, la cuptor din categoria Aperitive / Garnituri. Cum sa faci Omleta cu cartofi si carnati, la cuptor, de ce ai nevoie 2 cartofi medii, 3 carnati de casa, rosii cherry, 3 oua, 2 linguri lapte, 1 lingura gis, putin unt pentru prepararea cartofilor, patrunjel | Craftlo Omleta umpluta cu orez. Ingrediente: 100 g de orez, 3 oua, 1 lingura de bulion, 1 varf de cutit de curry, 1 lingura de ulei de masline, sare si piper dupa gust Fierbe orezul cu putin curry si sare. Bate bine ouale, adauga lingura de bulion, sare si piper dupa gust. Incinge uleiul intr-o tigaie si prepara omleta Omleta cu legume si branza Aceasta omleta este un mic dejun consistent , dar se poate servi si ca pranz alaturi de o salata . Unde lucrez eu am vazut ca omleta este servita mai mult ca si cina , dar eu o prefer mai mult dimineata L-am vazut acu' ceva pe Anthony Bourdain ca manca cu mare dezgust omleta cu creier de porc. si mi-am spus ca trebuie sa incerc. De remarcat totusi ca imi place foarte mult creierul de porc. deci nu avea cum sa fie dezgustator, cel putin asa cred

Top 10 echipamente frigorifice care nu pot lipsi din cadrul unei bucătării profesionale!

Indiferent daca este vorba de restaurante, cantine, baruri, pizzerii sau de orice alta unitate de alimentatie publica, echipamentele frigorifice sunt, fara indoiala, un element esential. Datorita acestora, ingredientele si preparatele sunt mentinute la temperatura scazuta in mod constant, aspect care contribuie la pastrarea prospetimii acestora si la prelungirea termenului de valabilitate.

Pentru a beneficia de echipamente HoReCa performante, care contribuie la productivitatea si succesul afacerii dumneavoastra, apelati cu incredere la Fresco, o companie care sustine performanta in bucatariile profesionale din Romania inca din anul 1992. Aici veti descoperi o gama variata de echipamente destinate afacerii dumneavoastra, de la branduri renumite la nivel international.

In momentul in care alegeti sa investiti intr-un echipament profesional, aveti garantia calitatii, a fiabilitatii, dar si a duratei de viata indelungate si a consumului de energie redus. In plus, cei care colaboreaza cu Fresco Expert se bucura de multe alte servicii de calitate, toate menite sa creeze o experienta unica.

Asadar, iata ce tipuri de echipamente frigorifice nu pot lipsi din cadrul unei bucatarii profesionale!

1. Dulapuri frigorifice. Confectionate din otel inox, dulapurile frigorifice pentru bucatarii profesionale au functie de refrigerare si congelare. In plus, asigura un control deosebit de precis asupra temperaturii si umiditatii.

2. Mese de lucru refrigerate. In cazul in care aveti nevoie de mese reci sau mese de congelare, explorati oferta Fresco pentru a descoperi cele mai bune oferte! Modelele puse la dispozitie dispun de 1 pana la 4 usi si sunt destinate utilizarii multiple, precum depozitarea sau prelucrarea alimentelor.

3. Abatitoare. Cel mai sigur sistem de racire in bucatarii profesionale este reprezentat de abatitoare, cunoscute si drept blast chiller. Astfel de echipamente pot raci instantaneu si eficient orice tip de preparat.

4. Masini de cuburi de gheata. Un astfel de echipament nu poate lipsi dintr-un bar, mai ales in aceasta perioada, cand incepe sezonul cald. Acestea functioneaza cu apa sau aer, au randament ridicat si pot produce chiar si fulgi de gheata.

5. Lazi frigorifice. Alege lazi frigorifice din catalogul Fresco Expert si vei avea parte de un echipament cu volum de pana la 1.200 de litri, care poate genera temperaturi de congelare de pana la -24 de grade Celsius.

6. Saladete. Saladetele au un dublu rol in bucatarii profesionale. Pe de o parte, sunt utilizate pentru a pastra prospetimea ingredientelor destinate salatelor. Pe de alta parte, au o functie estetica din moment ce prezinta ingredientele intr-o maniera extrem de atractiva.

7. Frigidere de bauturi. Cu o capacitate crescuta de stocare, design elegant si dotate cu lumina in interior, astfel de echipamente nu ar trebui sa lipseasca din bucataria unei afaceri de succes.

8. Vitrine de vinuri. Cand doriti sa achizitionati vitrine de vinuri, optati pentru un produs cu una sau mai multe zone de reglare a temperaturii, cu usi din sticla si termostat electronic, asa cum sunt modelele din oferta Fresco Expert.

9. Vitrine de tapas/sushi. Din bucatariile cu specific spaniol sau japonez, astfel de echipamente sunt esentiale, din moment ce intregesc experienta pe care vreti sa o puneti la dispozitie clientilor dumneavoastra.

10. Camere de frig si accesorii. Nelipsite din dotarea unei bucatarii profesionale, camerele de frig pot pastra fructele, legumele si carnea proaspete, totul intr-o atmosfera controlata.

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Exista mai multe varianta de ciupercute umplute la cuptor.. Eu am ales o varianta mai simpla, dar foarte gustoasa!

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Si mie imi plac ciupercile! Sper ca mai ai! Sunt delicioase pregatite asa!

Arata grozav, vreau si eu o portie :)

Foarte bine arata ciupercile.

Simo, sunt dementiale! ador ciupercile!
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Imi plac la nebunnie ciupercile pe gratar! Cu toate ingredientele pe care le-ai pus tu. omor nu alata :)

Mod de preparare Cozonac cu fructe deshidratate, uscate, confiate

Din ingredientele indicate la aluat se face o coca asa cum este descris aici (vezi reteta de cozonac simplu). Se lasa dospit 30 de minute pana isi dubleaza volumul.

Mic Dejun

Sunt irezistibile aceste pachețele din foietaj cu telemea și ceapă verde. Sunt foarte gustoase și tot îți vine să mai iei câte o bucată. Dispar într-o clipă.

Quiche cu bacon si cascaval afumat

A trecut ceva vreme de când n-am mai făcut o tartă sărată, așa că am pus la cale un quiche cu bacon și cașcaval afumat tare delicios. Vă las pe voi să descoperiți.

Mini droburi in forme de briose

Voi ce preparate puneți pe masă de Paște? Mă gândeam că ar merge bine și niște mini droburi în forme de brioșe, care pot puse pe platouri alături de alte delicii.

Clatite cu branza pufoasa si stafide la cuptor

Știu că o să vă placă ce am pregătit aici: clătite umplute cu brânză pufoasă și stafide la cuptor. Sunt perfecte pentru orice ocazie și ori de câte ori vă este.

Sandwich cu omleta si cascaval

Am făcut de nenumărate ori acest sandwich cu omletă și cașcaval pe Instagram și pentru că am avut un feedback atât de bun, m-am gândit să pun rețeta și pe blog.

Shakshuka cu fasole si carnat

După două rețete de shakshuka, una simplă și una cu năut și telemea, am zis să fac încă una, la fel de gustoasă: shakshuka cu fasole roșie și cârnaț de casă.

Paine cu cheddar, unt si usturoi

Am făcut recent pâine cu cheddar, unt și usturoi și mi-a plăcut atât de mult, încât m-am gândit să vă arăt și vouă cât de ușor se face. Practic ai nevoie de o.

Mini-pancakes cu branza alba calcica

Iubite de cei mici și de cei mari, clătitele sunt mereu o alegere bună pentru un început de zi sau ori de câte ori ni se face poftă de ceva bun. Astăzi vă arăt cum fac.

Spirale cu sunca si cascaval

Dacă ești în căutarea unei gustări delicioase și simplu de pregătit, am găsit eu o variantă perfectă: spirale din foietaj cu șuncă și cașcaval. Sunt gustoase și.

Briose aperitiv cu cascaval afumat

Brioșe aperitiv cu legume și cașcaval afumat este o rețetă salvatoare pentru momentele când pur și simplu deschizi frigiderul și folosești ceea ce ai la îndemână.

Despre mine

Salutare, eu sunt Nicoleta! Acest blog este despre mâncare simplă, despre o stare de bine și despre un stil de viață echilibrat.

Copyright 2016 – 2021. Toate drepturile rezervate. Este interzisă copierea, reproducerea integrală sau parțială a conținutul de pe acest site ( imagini, text, rețete culinare etc.), fără acordul proprietarului.

Rulada cu Cascaval si Carnati

Framantati un aluat din faina, ou, sare si la nevoie putina apa, ca pentru taitei.
Separat, caliti ceapa in uleiul incins pana se inmoaie, adaugati carnea, cateva linguri de supa si caliti in continuare, acoperit, circa 10 min, amestecand ocazional.

Puneti pasta de rosii, cimbrul si lasati pe foc inca 1- 2 min, apoi condimentati cu sare, piper, dupa gust si lasati la racit.
Intindeti o foaie subtire de aluat pe masa de lucru infainata.

Repartizati uniform si unele langa altele, feliile de cascaval, puneti peste ele umplutura de carne racita, carnatul la un capat si rulati cu atentie sub forma de sul.
Transferati in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt, ungeti cu ou si dati la cuptorul incins pentru circa 30- 35 min, la 180 grade sau pana ce este coapta si frumos rumenita.

Cu 10 min inainte de a fi gata, ungeti din nou rulada cu putin galbenus, presarati cu cascaval ras si oregano si dati din nou la cuptor.
Lasati la racit pe un gratar.

Serviti feliata, ca aperitiv, dar poate fi si un fel principal de mancare, insotita de o garnitura din legume.

Pizza cu carnati

Exact pe principiu retetei de Pizza cu salam am facut acesta reteta cu carnati.

Method of preparation:
Pentru aluat se pune drojdia cu zaharul, putina faina, in putina apa calduta. Se lasa la dospit. Cand a crescut se amesteca cu restul de faina, sarea, uleiul si apa calduta.

La inceput aluatul este umed si foarte lipicios, dar pe masura ce se continua framantatul si se incorporeaza toate faina, va deveni mai consistent si se va desprinde de pe marginile castronului.

Cantitatea de faina trebuie pusa in asa fel incat aluatul sa aiba o elasticitate si sa se simta putin lipicios, nu ca la aluatul de paine. Odata toate amestecate, se acopera vasul cu un prosop, si se lasa la temperatura camerei.

Video: How to cut the cheese and other French fromage rules (May 2022).