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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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Tell them you love them with easy, food-inspired gifts

Get inspired by these delicious gifts!

Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be hard this Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Harry and David, there are tons of sweet, savory, and delicious ways to tell the people in your life how much you care about them in the most appropriate ways! For instance the kids will crack up at this adorable sweet treat. After all, fun gingerbread houses are not just for Christmas! Frosted pink with candy accents, this adorable sweet is perfect for the little ones to eat. ($49.95) Check out these other delicious ideas:

For Your Friends:

Caramels with pecan pieces and coated in chocolate, these Praline Pops are a great way to tell friends you "luv" them. The caramel of each pop is coated with white chocolate and decorated with milk chocolate letters. Each one is then individually wrapped and tied with a red bow, so you can take care of a few friends with one simple purchase!


For a Couple:

Start the day off right with a breakfast that will make your sweetie melt. With an old-fashioned buttermilk pancake mix, Oregon strawberry rhubarb premium preserves, cherry vanilla coffee, this Valentine's Day breakfast gift also includes a new heart-shaped pancake-shaper for festive breakfast fun. With all the right tools for a super special DIY breakfast, we think we know what will be for dessert later on...


For Mom:
Give her something for her heart and her stomach! This adorable gift set comes with

an exclusively designed coffee mug and heart-shaped shortbread cookies. With miniature red roses (that are perfect for planting), you will make her Valentine’s Day complete!


For Grandma:

The basket is filled with traditional and classic gifts grandma will love! This Valentine’s gift basket includes Royal Riviera® Pears wrapped in festive pink foil, and dark chocolate Moose Munch® Popcorn. There's also a heart-shaped box of chocolates and truffles and a decadent raspberry galette completely covered in rich dark chocolate.


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