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How to Win a Krispy Kreme Pop-Up Shop for Your Hometown

How to Win a Krispy Kreme Pop-Up Shop for Your Hometown

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Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 78th birthday by offering fans the chance to win their own pop-up shop

Tag your Twitter entry with #WinKrispyKreme.

This month, Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 78th birthday with a generous offer for doughnut lovers everywhere: the chance to win a Krispy Kreme “pop-up experience” in the form of a 20-foot pop-up shop, free Original Glazed doughnuts, paper hats, and other festive items.

To enter the content, Krispy Kreme asks you to “tweet a creative, imaginative, or compelling photo, video or shout-out depicting why your city, state, or hometown should #WinKrispyKreme.” The company’s “doughnut ambassadors” will then review all entries and choose the most original tweet.

The contest runs now through June 29, so you have just under three weeks to craft the best submission. Unfortunately for residents of Hawaii and Alaska, the contest is only open to residents of the 48 contiguous states.

Finally, even if you don’t win, you can also celebrate on Friday, July 10 by visiting your local Krispy Kreme, where you’ll get a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for 78 cents with the purchase of any first dozen doughnuts.

Doughnuts or Donuts? Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’? All of the Above?

There is a famous deleted scene that didn’t make it into Pulp Fiction where Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) interviews Vincent Vega (John Travolta) with a video camera while he waits to take her to dinner at Jack Rabbit Slims.

Mia says that on important topics there are only two ways a person can answer, and how they answer tells you who they are. “For instance, there are only two kinds of people in the world,” she says, “Beatles people and Elvis people. Now Beatles people can like Elvis, and Elvis people can like the Beatles, but nobody likes them both equally. Somewhere, you have to make a choice, and that choice tells you who you are.”

What Mia is saying—or rather, what Quentin Tarantino is saying through her—is that for all the shades of gray in the world, when it comes right down to it, the important stuff is black and white. You see it in politics—Left vs. Right—you see it in music—Beatles vs. Elvis—you see it in religion—Catholic vs. Protestant, Shiite vs. Sunni—and you see it in . . . doughnuts?! Or is it donuts?

See there, it starts right out of the gate with this, what is perhaps the greatest tasty sweet treat. From the spelling, to how they’re made, to the variety of flavors, to the best brand, do(ugh)nuts are a study in duality.

Dough has been fried in oil and sprinkled with sweet, sugary goodness by countless cultures since at least the time of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, if not even earlier with prehistoric Native American societies. But the first appearance of the term “doughnut” doesn’t occur until the turn of the 19th century—and it appears as doughnut, not donut—in the appendix of an 1803 English cookbook that featured American recipes.

It then appears in a satirical novel by Washington Irving in 1809, called A History of New York, in which his description of early life under Dutch control includes the description of “balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog’s fat, called doughnuts or olykoeks.”

Most early doughnuts were just strips or balls of dough, but in the mid-19th century a New England ship captain named Hanson Gregory came up with the idea of putting holes in the middle of them. His mother Elizabeth had been in the habit of making doughnuts with lemon rind and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg that she would liberate from her son’s cargo. She would put hazelnuts and walnuts in the center, where the dough was least likely to cook all the way through—making them very literal “dough nuts”—and give them to her son and his crew for their long stretches at sea.

Eventually, Hanson one-upped his mother’s culinary inventiveness and started punching holes in the center of the doughnuts with the round top of a tin pepper box, creating their now-traditional ring shape for the first time.

What inspired Hanson to do this? Was he just bored? Some say he was being frugal with ingredients, which honestly doesn’t make much sense. Others say getting rid of the undercooked center made them easier to eat and digest. Maybe he didn’t like nuts? Then there is the legend that one day he stabbed a doughnut onto the spoked handle of his ship’s wheel,either because he needed both hands to control the ship during a storm or he wanted his snack easily accessible while standing at the bridge.

Being a sailor, the ability to tell tall tales is as important as reading nautical charts, so it’s likely that both versions of that story are apocryphal. Nonetheless! In 1947, on the 100th anniversary of his “discovery,” Hanson’s hometown of Rockport, Maine, put up a plaque honoring him as the man who “first invented the hole in the donut.”

Notice the spelling. “Donut” originally began appearing in the late 1800s as a contraction of the longer, traditional spelling, and became more widespread in the 1920s, especially with bakeries—presumably because three extra letters can take up a lot of space on small storefront windows. “Donut” would pick up real steam only a few years after Captain Gregory’s confectionary contribution was memorialized, with the founding of Dunkin’ Donuts in 1950 by a 34-year-old Boston man named William Rosenberg.

Doughnuts are indeed made of dough and not do, though different doughnuts have different doughs that do different things, about that we do not doubt.

Rosenberg had built a sizable mobile catering business after World War II to serve local factory workers and had come to realize that the bulk of his sales came from two items: doughnuts and coffee. So he opened a shop, originally called “Open Kettle,” that was dedicated to selling those two wonderful things. Rosenberg eventually renamed it and the business became a quick success. Over the next few decades Dunkin’ Donuts would expand rapidly across the Eastern Seaboard, and the spelling of “donuts” along with it.

Mostly though, “donut” is a great example of the American preference for simplifying the spelling of commonly used words. It’s a longstanding cause that has been taken up throughout American history by luminaries like Benjamin Franklin, Noah Webster (the Daryl Hall of Merriam-Webster), Melvil Dewey (of the Dewey Decimal System), President Teddy Roosevelt (of the Presidents), and the robber baron Andrew Carnegie (of the Mind-Bogglingly Wealthy Strike-Breakers),who went so far as to co-found and fund the Simplified Spelling Board in 1906, which counted among its earliest membership ranks people like Dewey, Mark Twain, and the publisher Henry Holt.

Still, “doughnut” remains the preferred spelling. It’s used in print nearly two-to-one, even in American publications. Why that is the case isn’t entirely clear, since most dictionaries allow for “donut” as an acceptable alternative spelling.

It’s possible that many people view “donut” as more of a trademark name, with a capital D, a la Dunkin’ Donuts, though your guess is as good as ours. As the great William Safire put it in one of his classic New York Times “On Language” columns: “those of us among the elderly . . . spell the circular pastries doughnuts because they are made of dough, not do.

Doughnuts are indeed made of dough and not do, though different doughnuts have different doughs that do different things, about that we do not doubt. The main difference is between yeast doughnuts and cake doughnuts. Yeasties, as no one else has ever called them ever, use yeast to make the dough rise, whereas cake doughnuts use chemical leaveners like baking powder and baking soda.

As a result, yeast doughnuts are light and pillowy. They are typically bigger than cake doughnuts and have a smoother, satiny surface, which allows them to take glazing and chocolate coating much better. The honeycomb structure of their insides—created by air bubbles from the proofing yeast—also makes them ideal for filling. If you’re eating a jelly- or a cream-filled doughnut, you are eating a yeast doughnut. Of course, the pinnacle of the yeast doughnut variety is the Original Glazed made by Krispy Kreme (more below).

Cake doughnuts, on the other hand, are denser—dare we say, cakier—and better for dunking in your coffee. This dunking method was immortalized by Clark Cable’s journalist character in the 1934 romantic comedy It Happened One Night, when he taught the high society object of his affection, played by Claudette Colbert, how to dunk her doughnut just like working-class folk.

The biggest advantages with cake doughnuts are twofold. First, they can come in a variety of flavors, running through the doughnut itself in wondrous veins of precious gems of taste—like cherry and blueberry and oh! apple cider.

Second, once the dough is combined and formed, they’re ready for the fryer. Yeast doughnuts really only come in one flavor (yeast?) and need time to proof before they get dropped into the oil.

All the earliest doughnuts and doughnut ancestors were yeast doughnuts, for the simple reason that baking with yeast goes back 5,000 years and baking powder wasn’t developed until the 1840s—well after the Dutch came over with their oily cakes and unwittingly began the American doughnut revolution.

It was baking powder that turned the revolution into an evolution, however, accelerating the doughnut’s ascent to the summit of Americansnack food. There is nothing more American, after all, than being able to make a lot of something faster and cheaper, and that’s precisely what chemical leaveners like baking powder did with the cake doughnut.

The ease with which doughnuts could now be made increased their popularity over the course of the 19th century, but they grew into a signature American staple during World War I—in France, of all places—when the Salvation Army set up camp wherever American troops were stationed. The camps were staffed with female volunteers who made cake doughnuts by the bushel and often delivered them directly to the front lines, hot out of the frying oil, in an effort to give soldiers a taste of home.

The women came to be known as “doughnut lassies” and the campaign they led was such an overwhelming success that other aid organizations like the Red Cross and the Y(!)M(!)C(!)A(!) followed their lead, further imprinting doughnuts on the memories of America’s fighting men.

When American troops returned stateside after the war ended, they brought their taste for doughnuts with them. Demand was so high that doughnuts were regularly being served in places like theaters, but things really took off after an entrepreneurially-minded Russian refugee named Adolph Levitt invented the first doughnut machine.

He called it the “Wonderful Almost Human Automatic Doughnut Machine” (for real) and put the first one in the window of his Harlem bakery. Lickety split, doughnuts began popping up in bakeries and delis, at festivals and county fairs all over the country. Levitt was even able to wholesale his doughnuts alongside sales of his machine, building a business worth over $25 million in the middle of the Great Depression.

Doughnuts’ rise continued through the 1930s. In 1934, the same year Clark Gable started dunkin’ up a storm on the silver screen, they were named the “Hit Food of the Century of Progress” at the World’s Fair in Chicago. Even more monumentally, that year 19-year-old Vernon Rudolph opened the very first Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company store in Nashville, Tennessee, with his uncle Ishmael, who’d purchased a yeast doughnut recipe from a New Orleans chef with the whimsical name of Joe LeBeau.

A couple years later, Rudolph would move to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and open his own solo Krispy Kreme shop, establishing it as the official founding headquarters of the doughnut business. By the end of the decade, Rudolph would be wholesaling to grocery stores and bakeries all over North Carolina, and within 20 years Krispy Kreme would be a veritable empire, with 29 factories spread across 12 states, setting up the Doughnut vs Donut battle that Dunkin’ Donuts would eventually win.

Today, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts have grown to several thousand locations, not just across the United States but around the world—Dunkin’ Donuts alone has over 5,000 locations and sells donuts in 37 different countries. In just the United States, over ten billion donuts are made each year, which comes to about thirty donuts per American citizen—more than that if you leave out babies and the gluten intolerant.

With each donut averaging around 300 calories, that’s threetrillion donut calories a year! Or 1.2 billion days’ worth of the recommended daily allowance for calories. It’s simple math: America loves doughnuts. We rest our case.

To some, what makes doughnuts quintessentially American is the fact that they are deep-fried hunks of dough with little to no nutritional value that get scarfed down by the dozen, which is true. But they’re also descended from a long historical lineage that crosses cultural lines and includes not just ancient Romans and Greeks, not just prehistoric Native Americans and colonial Dutch (olykoek), but also ancient Chinese (youtiao), medieval Arab and 12th-century Jewish societies (sufganiyot), along with German (cruller), French (beignet), Polish (paczki), and Okinawan (andagi) cooks from across the centuries.

Whether you’re a doughnut lover or a donut lover, a yeastie or a cakey, a Krispy Kremer for life or you ride or die for the Dunk, doughnuts are one of the few things in life where neither side is wrong and both sides win—a kind of duality that is as unique to doughnuts as doughnuts are to America.

Excerpted from Stuff You Should Know. Copyright © by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. Excerpted by permission of Flatiron Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Come To India

Citymax Hotels India Pvt. Ltd., the hospitality division of the Dubai based retail giant Landmark Group, announced a franchise agreement with Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation to develop 80 Krispy Kreme stores in South and the West India over the next 5 years in Bangalore today. The 1st Krispy Kreme store is scheduled to open in Bangalore at Puravankara Pavilion on Church street before the year end.

Krispy Kreme, a retailer of premium quality doughnuts and beverages, is best known for its Hot Original Glazed doughnuts - made from the same secret recipe used for 75 years. Krispy Kreme products are widely loved around the world because the doughnuts are made fresh daily and throughout the day using their own proprietary doughnut mix to ensure quality and consistency. The doughnut, a popular snack in the US and 21 other markets is becoming a new indulgence for Indians who are looking for convenience and are fond of experimenting with new sweet treats.

Addressing the press conference,Mr. Peter King, Vice President, International Development, Krispy Kreme Corporationsaid, "We have found a strong local partner in Citymax who share our passion and commitment in serving the highest quality products and providing excellent customer service. We believe that their unique and sound understanding of the Indian consumer, combined with their years of successful business experience across a variety of premium concepts, is a strong asset for them as they establish the Krispy Kreme brand in South and West India."

The Indian Touch:
Apart from presenting its most popular and freshly prepared recipes from across the world including the Hot Original Glazed doughnuts,Citymax Hotels and Krispy Kreme will work together to make some local adaptations to suit the Indian palate as the brand reaches out to a wide consumer base.

Doughnut Theatre:
The Krispy Kreme store in Bangalore will feature the 'Doughnut Theatre' for customers to watch the doughnut-making process from beginning to end. Each section of the Doughnut Theatre has a glass viewing area where customers will see legions of doughnuts marching along the conveyer belt from one process to the next, finally flipping over and passing through a waterfall of glaze. The store's doughnut-making machine can produce and glaze nearly 12,000 to 24,000 doughnuts a day!

Woman bites into Krispy Kreme doughnut, gets nasty surprise

A woman who went to get a Krispy Kreme doughnut got a little more than she paid for.

When an expectant mother, Ria Findlay, bit into her caramel doughnut she also took a bite of a latex glove, according to The Mirror.

Findlay told The Mirror this was her first doughnut with filling inside.

“As it was my first, I was discussing flavours of the filling with my colleague next to me,” she told The Mirror. “It was like: ‘Oooh there’s caramel, and cream and oh what’s this blue stuff?’”

She and her friend eventually realised the “blue stuff” was actually a prep glove.

“Being 7 months pregnant, my gag reflex was in overload,” Findlay told The Mirror.

A Krispy Kreme spokeswoman released the following statement:

“We are extremely sorry to hear about this incident. We take our food hygiene very seriously and are currently conducting a full investigation into the matter.

Krispy Kreme has an exemplary food safety record and we endeavour to take care at all stages of our food production process to ensure that products are produced in a hygienic and safe manner.

Once our investigations are complete, we will write to the customer to advise her of our findings.”

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Krispy Kreme Has A New Hot Light Deal That Will Get You A Dozen Donuts For $5

Every Krispy Kreme fan knows what the chain's famous Hot Light means. OK, maybe you don't! No worries! When this famous red light is on, it means the chain is rolling hot and fresh donuts right off the line, AKA the best time to enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut. Now, Krispy Kreme is making this time even sweeter by rolling out a $5 dozen deal during all Hot Light hours.

Starting this week, you can get a dozen Original Glazed Krispy Kreme donuts when the Hot Light is on for just $5. It doesn't matter if it's first thing in the morning or after work, if you see the Hot Light on, you can pull into your local participating Krispy Kreme and get this deal! And if you're not exactly eagle-eyed, Krispy Kreme has got you. Sure, you can pull in when you see the glowing neon red sign displayed in the window or on the sign outside shops, but you can also check if the Hot Light is on by going to the Krispy Kreme website or app.

Speaking of the app and website, you can't use them for anything else pertaining to this deal. That is, you can only redeem this $5 Original Glazed Dozens deal for in-shop purchases through this week. So you'll need to show up and ask in person (nicely!) for this extraordinary deal. You can even redeem it four different times. And in case you're worried they won't be hot and fresh by the time they make it home to your fam, don't worry! The chain assures you that you can also put one in the microwave for eight seconds and recreate the Hot Light experience at home. You're welcome!

Krispy Kreme Is Selling A Candy Apple Donut That's Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Update, August 26, 2020: Krispy Kreme's Times Square flagship store is set to open in less than a month. We got a chance to preview some of the wild features that will be there including, yes, a glazed waterfall, which is all very cool, but we also got our first glimpse at the already iconic Big Apple donut that will be served exclusively there.

The donut was inspired by the candy apples served at Coney Island and once you get a look at them, that's so clearly the case. The donut features a shiny candy apple glaze, is filled with a Red Delicious-flavored Kreme and even includes a pretzel "stem." It's perfect for taking an Insta. and then using it for a sugar-fueled rest of your day in New York City.

You can scoop this up (as well as peep all the other amazing sights) when the Flagship opens on September 15.

Update, August 20, 2020: News of a flagship Krispy Kreme store coming to New York City was first announced in June of 2019. It's an understatement to say that a lot has changed since then, but one thing is for certain: The store is officially opening next month.

The flagship had initially planned to open in May of 2020, but the grand opening was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, though, Krispy Kreme is confirming that the store will be opening in Times Square on September 15. Get your countdowns ready, people!

Of course, like most restaurants and stores in Times Square, this Krispy Kreme is going to be totally over the top. The store will include the world's largest hot light (which signals that fresh donuts are being produced 24/7), a donut-making theater, a glazed waterfall, and stadium-style seating inside a giant Krispy Kreme dozens box. This means there will be plenty of photo opps as well as a 24-hour street-side pickup window, NYC specific merch, and an exclusive "Big Apple" donut.

Krispy Kreme is also adjusting their grand opening to follow CDC recommended guidelines for COVID-19, so fans can celebrate the opening safely. This includes employee health screenings before shifts, social distancing guides in the store, and the ability to reserve a time to visit the store online to control the number of people inside at any given time.

Update, January 29, 2020 2:23 p.m.: I love New York City, but it does have one big problem. No, it's not the subway rats. No, it's not the subway in general. It's the fact that we only have ONE KRISPY KREME SHOP. Yes, in this whole city, there is only one. But all that's about to change because Krispy Kreme updated us all on its plans to open a giant shop in Times Square and also announced that it's opening five other shops, bringing the city's Krispy Kreme count to seven shops!

Krispy Kreme announced that its massive Times Square location will open in May, while it will be re-opening its Penn Station location TOMORROW. It will also be hiring over 400 people to staff its seven locations in NYC, which will be located in midtown, the Financial District, the Bronx/East Fordham, Harlem, and the Upper West Side.

TLDR: It's about to get a lot easier to get hot and fresh Krispy Kreme donuts in New York.

Original, June 10, 2019 2:25 p.m.: Where does the Krispy Kreme with the largest hot light in the world go? A place that's lit up all night long, naturally. The North Carolina-based donut chain announced today its first-ever flagship store opening in New York City's Times Square in early 2020—and there's no way visitors can miss it.

Renderings show a massive wraparound Krispy Kreme LED screen covering the building in the day, it looks like the white top of a donut box. At night, it turns black with a neon New York City skyline filling the space. As mentioned, this store will be home to the LARGEST hot and ready light in the world, AND it will be open 24/7. They're not playing around here.

Inside the 4,500-square-foot store, visitors will be able to watch the donut-making process from start to finish. "Stadium style seating" overlooks bakers mixing ingredients and placing donuts on the delivery line to pass under the glaze waterfall, which sounds heavenly to say the least.

There will be plenty of donuts, obviously, plus New York-themed merchandise and Krispy Kreme swag like coffee mugs, hats, tote bags, and t-shirts.

The store is set to open at 48th and Broadway in early 2020 and will be steps from Times Square's M&Ms World, the giant Olive Garden, and the TKTS Times Square ticket booth. It's expected to be the busiest Krispy Kreme in the world, the company says. It will also be the only standalone Krispy Kreme in Manhattan currently, the only shop is inside Penn Station.

To keep things moving, there will be a grab-and-go counter inside with pre-packed dozens of Original Glazed Doughnuts, select assortments, and merchandise, plus an outside walk-up window for Original Glazed Doughnut dozens, pre-packed assorted dozens, and coffee. Excuse us while we plan our 2020 orders!!

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Chelsea were European champions when defender Cesar Azpilicueta joined them as a 22-year-old and nine years later he is hoping to captain the club back to that status with victory over Manchester City in Saturday's Champions League final. The Spaniard was a relatively low-key signing when he joined for just under seven million pounds ($9.93 million) from Olympique de Marseille in August 2012, weeks after Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on penalties in the final.

Alexander Volkanovski deems Brian Ortega ‘fake’ and ‘awkward’ after ‘Ultimate Fighter’ filming

Alexander Volkanovski entered "The Ultimate Fighter" with the intention of stirring the pot and it looks like he achieved his goal.

The Daily DoGood: Los Angeles

Amidst the chaos, Angelenos are persisting by helping their community. Daily, we will celebrate altruistic heroes from around our communities who have gone out of their way to help others. Do you know any heroes in the City of Angels? Send it our way: [email protected]

Tuesday, June 16th

Stayin’ Home Cooking was created to bring food, fun and philanthropy together during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Two high school friends, actress Romy Rosemont from the television series “Glee” and entertainment manager/producer Gina Rugolo Judd, have joined together to create an online culinary community dedicated to nourishing the heart and soul of all of us during this unprecedented time.

With the help of their celebrity friends and colleagues, they have collected delicious recipes and crafted them into an online resource. The recipes are free for all, but donations are gratefully accepted. One hundred percent of the donations received will benefit reputable charities that are leading the way in assisting those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, the charities that are featured are Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Covid-19 Emergency Fund and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.

Visit their website to find out more!

Friday, May 29th

Founded by Shruthi Aravindan, Vitality Volunteers' mission is to help connect volunteers from all over the world to health and wellness-oriented organizations to improve the health of the community and increase awareness of diseases. To help their partnering organizations by promoting them, Vitality Volunteers allows these groups to make more of an impact and ensure that their message is heard. During the pandemic, they are helping communities that have been affected by connecting them to resources, sending cards to healthcare workers, and check-in calls with seniors, as well as continuing work with their other organizations.

Do you want to get involved? Check out their website for more information on how you can join.

Thursday, May 28th

Since the pandemic, celebrities and politicians have been collaborating to find ways to help at-risk communities. Janelle Monáe is adding her influence to the mix with #WondaLunch. On Friday, May 29, from 12-3 pm, Monáe will be handing out free lunches this Friday in Inglewood, California, alongside rapper and actor Jidenna, attorney and political commentator Angela Rye, and congresswoman Maxine Waters. Tomorrow, only, the Atlanta-based program is making its way to Inglewood to help families that have been impacted by COVID-19. Other event partners include KJLH Radio, Project Isaiah, the Billups Foundation, and the Social Justice Learning Institute. All residents are welcome to come, and social distancing practices will still be enforced. Register for the program here.

Wednesday, May 27th

While many businesses continue to keep their doors open during the pandemic, the Anaheim White House restaurant is using its resources to help the community. Fifteen years ago, Chef Bruno Serato founded the nonprofit Caterina’s Club to provide at-risk kids with quality dinners. Amidst the pandemic, Serato has served more than 545,000 meals in the last 7 weeks. Click here to donate to Caterina's Club.


Long Beach mom and Broadway star Sarah Uriarte Berry is putting on weekly concerts for her neighbors from her porch amid stay-at-home orders. No stranger to the stage, Berry starred in Beauty and the Beast, Les Misérables, and many more musicals. Berry has been performing from her porch since April 3 and, her neighbors look forward to it every week. Find out more here.

Thursday, May 21st

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson is offering $100 million to help fund federal loans for minority and women business owners whose businesses have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Through his Equitrust Life Insurance Company, Johnson will provide capital for loans through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). EquiTrust will partner with MBE Capital Partners to offer the loans to those hurt by COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. The loans are aimed at supporting people of color and women who operate businesses in underserved communities.

Wednesday, May 20th

NOOR, Pasadena’s premier event space and wedding venue, have transformed their kitchen into a soup kitchen to help address the food crisis in their local community. Since late March, Noor's catering team have prepared and donated soups to the community every week. So far NOOR has donated over 8,000 servings of soup to the Pasadena Senior Center, Walter Hove, Hathaway-Sycamores, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, and more. Each bag contains a 32 oz container of soup (up to 4 servings), an apple, a protein bar, crackers and plastic-wrapped utensils, which they are all funding by themselves.

To continue its Community Soup To-Go donation program, the event venue launched a GoFundMe. The funds raised will cover the cost to prepare 1,200 servings per week for the next 14 weeks to the community, which is when they should reach Stage 3 of the California Resilience Roadmap that allows them to re-open their business.

Tuesday, May 19th

With the long lines, empty shelves, and shortages of items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, going grocery shopping has been a pain. To help, two University of Texas students, Rithwik Pattikonda and Darshan Bhatta, launched The website was designed by the duo to check inventories of big stores and tell users where they can find the items they need. You can enter your zip code on the site and it'll help you find specific items like toilet paper. The students don't make any money off their website, but there is a button where you can buy them coffee or donate toward their service fees.

Monday, May 18th

To do their part in assisting the elderly during this time, Enas Salem and Thabisile Griffin created People for the People. Similar to other shopping assistance programs featured on our site, the goal of this group is to provide free of charge grocery deliveries to elders/seniors and immunocompromised individuals. However, this program primarily focuses on giving back to black elders, the working class, and other people of color communities. Their trusted volunteers will pick up and deliver your groceries, medical supplies, or other products that you need, all for free! The organization has been assisting the community for nearly a month, and they are currently looking for more volunteers within the South Central area. Volunteers can sign up here! They are also accepting donations via Venmo @PeopleForThePeople or CashApp $People4PeopleLA.

Friday, May 15th

The 2020 Graduate Dozen includes an assortment of classic varieties: Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled, Strawberry Iced Kreme Filled, Cake Batter Filled, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles, and Yellow Iced Original Glazed Doughnuts.

Are you a 2020 high school or college senior? Get a FREE 2020 Graduate Dozen on 5/19/20 by visiting a Krispy Kreme shop and wearing or bringing something from the list below!

  • Cap and gown with 2020 tassel
  • Class of 2020 apparel (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.)
  • 2020 letterman jacket featuring senior status
  • 2020 class ring
  • Graduation announcement featuring name with matching ID
  • Student photo ID featuring senior status
  • Other Class of 2020 senior swag
  • The 2020 Graduate Dozen is available at participating Krispy Kreme shop locations only while supplies last. Products may vary by market. 2020 high school or college senior must be physically present to redeem free 2020 Graduate Dozen on 5/19/20. Participating locations may require ID. Offer not valid for online ordering.

Thursday, May 14th

Returning back from college due to the coronavirus shutdown, two sisters decided to use their free time for a good cause! To help those most at risk, the sisters and a few friends started a group called Shopping Helpers LA. With over 300 people interested in volunteering for the service, the sisters, Leatt and Kayla, had to create a website to keep track. Volunteers can sign up for the program, get paired with a senior or someone incapable of leaving their home, and then go grocery shopping for them. The best part is that service is completely free of charge! If you need help with your groceries or would like to volunteer here is the contact information: or [email protected] .

Wednesday, May 13th

Every night, since the pandemic began, a Santa Monica bagpiper has been playing “Amazing Grace” to honor all those who’ve died from coronavirus. In his kilt and tartan mask, Andrew McGregor walks from his Santa Monica apartment to a private location, and play his music for the fallen victims of the pandemic. This practice comes from McGregor's Scottish roots and has since been a nightly ritual for neighbors to go out onto their balconies and listen. Read more about McGregor here.

Tuesday, May 12th

SoLa Impact, a real estate fund aiming to create social impact in South Los Angeles, collaborated with former NBA player turned investor, Baron Davis, to provide new technology in the community. With schools officially shutting down, SoLA learned that many parents and students are suffering because they do not have access to computers and the Internet. To solve this problem, SoLA partnered with many community leaders, including former NBA player Baron Davis, to raise enough money to buy at least 100 Chromebooks. __________________________________________________________________________________

Monday, May 11th

A Los Angeles resident frequently throws on his Batman suit to bring joy to kids within his community. During the pandemic, the SoCal Batman, along with Wonder Woman, drove by more than 40 addresses in the Batmobile to wave to families who are practicing social distancing. Originally the non-profit "SoCal Superheroes" would visit children who need it, but those visits stopped during the outbreak. SoCal Batman made it a point to set up ways to visit the children in his community and still bring a smile to their faces during this difficult time. Find out more about the non-profit organization here.

Friday, May 8th

To help the city of Los Angeles during the pandemic, Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith has paid rent for over 300 LA residents. Tiffith will contribute $86,000 to cover one month’s rent for seniors residing in the community’s housing developments.Born and raised in Watts, Tiffith has been working hard to improve the living conditions of his community with the help of fellow TDE members. TDE houses many of the music industry's top artists including Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Schoolboy Q and many more.

Thursday, May 7th

Founded by John Jones III, the East Side Riders Bike Club has been a helping hand in the Watts community for years. Since the pandemic hit, the ESRBC has been providing free hot meals for Watts residents. Every weekday, on the corner of 103rd and Compton, the South LA Bike club has been giving out 700 pancakes a day! The organization’s mission is “to improve Watts through community service, charity work, and bike programs aimed at keeping local youth out of gang activity,” according to their website. The South LA bike club is now accepting donations and volunteers. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Wednesday, May 6th

During the pandemic, several fashion designers have turned their creative efforts into making masks for the community. One of these designers includes Los Angeles' own Michael Costello! Costello, who has created gowns for music's top artists like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and more, is now aiming to make 1 million masks for frontline workers. You can buy a mask for $15 or donate online at the Michael Costello website.

Tuesday, May 5th

The National Independent Venue Association needs our help to save the live music industry! NIVA is asking every live music fan to help #saveourstages by contacting our local legislators and asking them to support NIVA's proposal. They're making it easier than ever for you to send those letters, here.

Monday, May 4th

If you're curious about volunteering in your community right now but aren't sure how, one easy way to do so is by working with SELAH and Resisterhood to build hygiene kits for the homeless right from your own home. Two LA-area non-profits are hoping to provide the homeless with 2,000 kits per month. Want to get involved? You can pick up supplies to build the kits from SELAH and Resisterhood, and donate money to go toward more supplies and resources.


Music legends Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine are giving back to the Compton community during the pandemic. The duo made a donation that will fund 145,000 meals, Coronavirus tests, medical supplies, and more to residents affected by COVID-19. Dr. Dre has always been a hometown hero to the city of Compton and has continuously donated to small businesses, schools, and programs within the city.

Thursday, April 30th

As the mandatory mask order continues, many people are struggling to adapt to the new normal, especially those who are hard of hearing. Seventeen-year-old Isabella Appell created the non-profit, "Talking Masks," where she creates masks with a clear vinyl center to allow people to read the lips of the person speaking. "At this time, it is so important that the Deaf Community is given the same opportunity to communicate in our world as everyone else," Appell wrote on her site. There is no charge for the masks, only a shipping cost. Donations will go to the Hearing Aid Project, which provides resources for hearing professionals, manufacturers, and individuals with hearing issues in the communities we serve.

Wednesday, April 29th

As finances continue to become an issue during this pandemic, many people aren't able to provide food for their families and their pets. To help, The Dog Bakery at the Original Farmers Market is delivering free dog food to pet owners in need. Founder of The Dog Bakery and pet rescue advocate, Rocky Kanaka has been offering free pet food to owners in the Los Angeles area. To sign up to receive free dog or cat food, click here.

Tuesday, April 28th

The local start-up SRVE employed local chefs who’ve recently been laid off to prepare over 1,500 meals for healthcare workers in Los Angeles, including LAC + USC, and Kaiser. SRVE’s first meal drive on Friday, April 24, served over 500 meals with the help of local chefs Chef Robert Sandberg, the Food Network's Grill Dads, and many more. They are currently raising $10,000 to fund upcoming meal drives, $10=1 meal to a healthcare worker in need. 100% of the proceeds go toward producing and delivering meals. The next meal drive is slated for May 8, and they are currently accepting donations here.

Monday, April 27th

After losing their hotel positions at the Nomad and Pilot Restaurant, Ramzi Budayr and Tyler Curtis decided to use their free time and resources to help feed the community. Both of their hotels closed during the pandemic, and they wanted to help hospitality workers and those in need. The duo started 'Few For All,' which stands for flour, eggs, water for all. They used their cooking knowledge and connections in the food industry to hand-make fresh pasta. For every amount of pasta they sell, they donate an equal amount to the Los Angeles Food Bank and to hospitality workers struggling during this time. If you know anyone in need of food, or who would like to donate, contact them here.


During this time, the one thing that is bringing everyone together is music. From Instagram concerts to Twitch festivals, people are finding new ways to enjoy live concerts from their homes. To help their Madison Heights neighbors cope with the pandemic, Beong-Soo Kim and his wife, Bonnie Wongtakool has been putting on concerts from their porch. Though they are not professionals, they have been playing their instruments since the age of 5. The couple plays the cello and piano every weekend for their neighbors to enjoy. Read more on this amazing couple on this LA Times article.

Thursday, April 23rd

The Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy, LA Kings, LA Sparks, and Rank and Rally have come together to launch the TEAMS FOR LA ONLINE SUPERSALE. Fans of Los Angeles’ most popular professional sports franchises will now have the chance to purchase logoed merchandise from their favorite teams. Proceeds from the website will go towards Mayor Eric Garcetti's Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund. The fund will support critical needs as they arise in the city – such as providing childcare, meals, relief, and counseling for frontline healthcare workers.

The site, which will be updated regularly, will offer jerseys, hats, t-shirts, warm-ups, scarfs, bobbleheads, and other specialty items bearing the current and classic logos of these teams. Fans can also purchase merchandise from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the GRAMMY Awards. In addition to the 30,000+ items offered at discounted prices, fans who visit the site will have the opportunity to donate cash to the Mayor’s Fund. Check out the website here. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Wednesday, April 22nd

With several students missing out on milestone moments like graduation and prom, high school seniors are feeling disappointed and forgotten. LAUSD educator Daphne Bradford is working to help ease the disappointment with a prom party in a box. The non-profit organization Mother of Many is creating gift baskets with graduation caps, cups, plates, sparkling apple cider, and even a roll of toilet paper. The non-profit is partnering with LAPD’s Southwest Division to deliver the boxes to Dorsey High School and King Drew Magnate High School. To donate, go to

Tuesday, April 21st

Actor and Los Angeles Native Danny Trejos is doing his part in helping the community during this outbreak. Last Wednesday, the action star spent his time donating food from his Trejo's Tacos restaurants to USC Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale. He joined forces with five other Colony restaurants to serve hundreds of meals to SoCal healthcare workers. Trejo has also recently delivered meals to the full staff at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.


While other services are being forced to cut back, Midnight Mission has been working tirelessly to provide ways to make their emergency services (hot meals, showers, a safe place to sleep, etc.) available for the Skid Row community. This pandemic has made the non-profit innovative in fulfilling its mission. To continue helping the homeless, Midnight Mission has changed their sit down service to a take-out service, serving between 1600-2000 individuals daily. During this pandemic, donations at the Midnight Mission have been declining. They are also accepting physical and financial donations.

They desperately need the following supplies to keep their facility clean and safe:

  • EPA approved Antibacterial disinfecting cleaners
  • Antibacterial disinfecting wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Surgical masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Infra-red no-touch thermometers

Make a financial donation here.

Friday, April 17th

As Los Angeles deals with the effects of the pandemic, City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson becomes a stand-out hero for his city with his new program. Harris Dawson partnered with the ridesharing company, Lyft, to provide free healthy meals to thousands of local seniors during this time. The partnership also supports local businesses, as he recruits 23 South Los Angeles restaurants to prepare and deliver more than 8,500 fresh meals to seniors at assisted living facilities and single-family residences. ___________________________________________________________________________________


Times are tough right now, and finding the information you need is hard and time-consuming. Luckily, a group of friends decided to come together and create "UNITED IN QUARANTINE," a website connecting people to help people in need during this pandemic. On the site, you can ask for help as an individual, as a small business, and even offer help to others.

Wednesday, April 15th

To aid the Los Angeles Skid Row homeless community, Humanity Heroes has donated a total of 17,000 face masks to homeless shelters in Los Angeles. The non-profit delivered masks to organizations like the Hollywood Food Coalition and the Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles. Humanity Heroes is a non-profit located in West Hollywood and was founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael 'BigMike' Straumietis.

"My belief is that if a company is successful they have an obligation to give back. And that is what Humanity Heroes is about," Straumietis said.

"We started Humanity Heroes ten years ago. We started handing out backpacks that were full of the essential things that the homeless need down in Skid Row."

If you would like to help the cause, please contact [email protected]

TUESDAY, April 14th

As everyone deals with this recent hardship, many communities are supporting the homeless. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles homeless community is one of the largest and not all individuals can be reached. Luckily, Emma Marie Jenkinson is working diligently to help the homeless population during this time of need. Jenkinson reached out on Instagram for help with her program "People Helping People," a direct connection to Los Angeles' Homeless community. She is currently doing drop-offs and pick-ups, as well as accepting cash and other donations. Donation items include bread, deli meats, clothing, sanitary items, and quarantine supplies like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. To Donate or help shoot her an email at [email protected]

Monday, April 13th

As a former Los Angeles Laker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is perhaps one of the most recognized athletes of the past. What many don't know is that Abdul-Jabbar got his start as a center for the UCLA Bruins. While the world deals with the pandemic, the UCLA Health network is one of the many medical leaders at the frontline of this battle. Last week, the Hall of Famer announced that he will be donating 900 pairs of safety goggles to his alma mater.

Abdul-Jabbar tweeted: "I'm a Bruin through and through and I'm glad to lend any help that I can to the medical community who is doing everything they can to save lives ― we appreciate you & we are with you . "


After seeing others struggle during the pandemic, local high schooler Daniel Goldberg and Mira Kwon launched a website called Zoomers to Boomers. Their site allows high schoolers to assist seniors who need their groceries delivered to their homes. Originally starting in Los Angeles, the service has spread to 11 other cities including, Denver, Honolulu, and Miami. They are currently accepting volunteers, apply here. ___________________________________________________________________________________


Yuri Williams originally traveled across the country in superhero costumes for his non-profit, A Future Superhero And Friends. He came up with an idea to feed the elderly, children, veterans, and the homeless, and also visit ill children dressed as Spider-Man. During this time, Williams continued his services by delivering groceries to the elderly and disabled, helping homeless vets, and even purchasing toys for ill children that can’t get visits. Now and then, he steps back into his Spider-Man suit and Facetimes up to 1000 kids a day. To find out more about William's non-profit, check his site here.


Sew It Online, a family-owned and operated sewing & craft shop, is the epitome of the American spirit during this pandemic. In March, the University Hospital in Cleveland reached out to the local company that provides education, supplies, and machines to the sewing community about filling in the gap with their lack of masks. Sew It Online created a medically approved mask, then began creating masks and shared this video on how to make your own. The video gained so much popularity that they created the #MillionMaskChallenge, a global sew-a-thon aimed at supporting healthcare workers and others in need.

To join the challenge:

Step 1): Watch the instructional video here.

Step 2) Download the pattern here.

Step 4) Donate the masks and post photo on social media using #millionmaskchallenge

Tuesday, April 7th

The Y has established several different avenues to get food during this pandemic. They have established a Grab & Go breakfast and lunch program for those in need. The group provides roughly 4,000 grab-and-go meals a day and delivers groceries to residents who are homebound because they are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

The Y is providing breakfast and lunch at the following sites:

11am-3pm Wednesday & Thursday

3820 Santa Rosalia Drive Los Angeles, CA 90008

401 S Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Mid Valley Family YMCA

11am-12:30pm Monday & Wednesday

6901 Lennox Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91405

San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA

9am-11am Tuesday & Thursday

301 S Bandini Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

Southeast-Rio Vista YMCA

11am-2pm Monday & Wednesday

4801 E 58th Street, Maywood, CA 90270

Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA

11am-2pm Monday & Wednesday

2900 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90023

9am-11am Monday & Wednesday

1127 N Avalon Boulevard, Wilmington, CA 90744

Monday, April 6th

For over three years, Shirley Raines, founder of Beauty2TheStreetz, had been providing beauty care to people living on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. With the city currently on lockdown during the pandemic, the homeless community needs the city's help now more than ever. Even though Raines had to discontinue doing hair and makeup for the homeless community like she usually does, she still is stepping up to the plate by spending Saturdays handing out supplies. Using money donated through social media, Raines purchased 600 hamburgers to-go and placed them in bags with oranges, bottles of water, face masks sewn by a local designer, and tubes of hand sanitizers.

To learn more about Raines’ nonprofit or if you want to donate, click here.


Billings Hardware has been the go-to spot for Long Beach's district residents looking for hardware help. However, in the last couple of weeks, the hardware haven has transformed into a have-it-all shop in response to the city's grocery shortage. Doug Billings has turned into a local hero for providing toilet paper, sanitary items, water, and more for his community.

Thursday, April 2nd

Electronic Creatives is a music production agency involved in the live touring world, and virtually all of our network is being affected by the crisis, with all work cancelled for the foreseeable future. The team created a fund to give back to the LA music community – from artists and musicians to the behind the scenes folks, engineers, managers, techs, etc. Laura Escude is heading the initiative. Aside from being one of the few female CEOs/Founders of a music production business, she is a massive advocate for female representation in the entertainment industry and for creating collective power among music professionals who are often freelancers or self-employed.

If you are a patron of live music events with the ability to give, or a member of the music community with the ability to give, help us make this fund as impactful as possible for as many qualified individuals affected by this crisis as possible. Donate today or share with your community or someone in need.

Wednesday, April 1st

After a conversation with her 83-year old neighbor about the difficulty of grocery shopping for seniors, Santa Monica resident Lorena Camarena founded a grassroots grocery delivery service in her community. Santa Monica Community Helpers volunteers buy and deliver groceries for their elderly neighbors. To get involved, visit their site here.

Tuesday, March 31st

Elizabeth Karatz, the founder of La LOOP, is utilizing her consumers, vendors, retailers, family, and friends to help provide digital devices for kids who need them for distant learning. Partnering up with Hop Skip Jump and Green Dot Public Schools, the program needs an additional 4,200 computers and 1,000 wireless hot spots to ensure students can continue learning while schools are closed. Check out below how you can help this local program.



3. BACK IT UP AND CLEAR THE CONTENTS. YOU CAN DIY CLEAR CONTENT (for apple products click here: apple for android products click here: android)






Monday, March 30th

Nurse Jill Brubaker Creates Facial Shields for Medical Workers on Front Lines of COVID-19 Battle.

After seeing first hand the shortage of supplies of protective gear for medical workers, nurse Jill Brubaker created the group "Protect Our Providers." The group's mission is to create facial shields for medical works to safely do their jobs. After working with her brother, who is a construction worker, Brubaker designed and created over 2,300 masks for those in the medical field.

Get a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $3.99 on Monday because the Panthers won

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $3.99 on Monday in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Winston-Salem-based doughnut company posted on social media that if the Panthers won on Saturday they would offer the deal.

The original glazed doughnuts will be on sale all day Monday for $3.99, according to the company.

The Carolina Panthers defeated the Miami Dolphins in a 31-30 victory Saturday night in Charlotte.

The regular price of a dozen original glazed donuts at Krispy Kreme is about $8, but could vary based on location.

If the @Panthers win tonight, NC/SC fans get a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for $3.99 all-day on Monday 8/24.

&mdash Krispy Kreme (@krispykreme) August 22, 2015

Win a year’s supply of glazed happiness from Krispy Kreme’s new Surfers Paradise store

Do you remember back in the day when people would board planes gingerly cradling gigantic boxes from Krispy Kreme? Thankfully these days us Gold Coasters needn’t travel far to get our hands on the bounty of baked goods because Krispy Kreme is opening another Gold Coast location this Thursday June 18! Joining Pacific Fair’s popular doughnut dispensary will be Krispy Kreme Surfers Paradise – a brand new concept store that will offer the entire mouth-watering array of sweet and savoury treats including its decadent doughnuts, freshly toasted bagels slathered with jam, peanut butter, honey, Vegemite or Nutella, milkshakes and barista-crafted coffee. Visually, the store will be as eye-catching as the desserts with neon signs and a 2-metre pink doughnut fondly known as ‘Pinkie’.

In anticipation of the grand opening, Krispy Kreme is giving you the chance to win a coveted golden ticket, which will bestow one lucky winner with an entire year’s supply of Original Glazed doughnuts … let that sink in for a moment. Also up for grabs is a silver and bronze ticket, which yields a six and three-month supply of the glazed goods. To enter, simply jump over here and tell them in 25 words or less why you love Krispy Kreme. The most creative answer will win the top prize so get those creative juices flowing. Here’s a fun fact to get you started, did you know that Krispy Kreme originated in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is where the Original Glazed doughnut recipe was created? The brand was officially launched in Australia in 2003 and since then has expanded to include 30-stores across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

Krispy Kreme Surfers Paradise is set to open this week! Scoot to the Stumble Guide listing for its address, opening hours and contact details.

Image credit: Krispy Kreme

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