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Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

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As we are still in the fruit season, we used peaches, apricots, lemon and melon. I cut the peaches and apricots into slices, and the melons into cubes. I mixed them all in a bowl. For an extra flavor and to prevent the oxidation of the fruit I used the juice from a lemon. It can be used if you want and as a topping. You can't imagine the aroma it gave to the fruits and due to the fact that the tastes mixed with each other, a sensational dessert came out.

Advice for ladies who want to lose weight and more, it's a bomb of energy and vitamins. Plus it cooks right away, so you don't need too much time to make a salad and enjoy a cool and nutritious dessert.

And now you tell him, who wants a portion of a cool and healthy fruit salad ?! I am waiting for you on

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