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Rhubarb compote

Rhubarb compote

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Peel a squash, grate it and boil it with water and sugar until it softens. And that's it! Serve cold, with lemon decoration and ice cubes (optional)


Rhubarb compote - Recipes

I made rhubarb compote over the weekend, but I couldn't imagine how good and refreshing it can be. The sour taste is energizing and the aroma is special, similar to apple compote. I invite you to look for rhubarb while it is still in stores, because it has a lot of properties and can be a very good fruit substitute.

Cruise Phase (PL), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization


-5 cups of rhubarb (cleaned stem, use especially the red part and cut into rounds of about 1-1.5 cm)

- 1 l of water (about 200 ml of water in a cup of rhubarb)

- 10 lg powder sweetener (or to taste)

- 1 piece of about 4-5 cm ginger

- 1 lgt grated lemon peel


Boil the water together with the sweetener. When it starts to boil, turn down the heat and add the rhubarb, the sliced ​​ginger and the lemon peel. Let it boil for about 6-7 minutes (it boils quite quickly). Turn off the heat and add the mint leaves.

After cooling, store in the refrigerator until done.

I recommend you eat it cold!

9 Responses to Refreshing compote with rhubarb

where do you find rhubarb, I've been looking for it for a few weeks, without success (((

I wrote above (or below). Kaufland, lidl or cora.

where did you get the rhubarb. thanks

Kaufland, lidl and the last time in the choir.

I finally found it in the subway, big and beautiful. checked rhubarb jam - excellent & # 8230. I changed your recipe a bit.
I put: a cinnamon powder, the core of a vanilla pod, and a lime peel during boiling for flavor, plus a few drops of strawberry essence & # 8230. mmmmmm delight

Make a big mistake. Sly Powder Sweetener is not indicated! It has 240 kcal per 100g, and as the 10 tablespoons are even more than 100g, they are almost 300 calories absolutely in vain! Let us not take into account the fact that the permissible daily dose of sorbitol is up to 15 mg / kg body weight. I find it very wrong to recommend such a large amount of "poison." Not to mention if you combine it with some other sweet full of sorbitol. There should be at least one warning about this!

Honey, I don't see anyone writing Sly Powder somewhere. I did not write which sweetener to use. You can put xylitol or stevia which are natural, so I don't see where so much bitterness comes from. Thanks anyway for your message.

hello i have a question too i actually think it's a proposal & # 8230 is not related at all to this recipe only i didn't know where to put it so & # 8230 first of all i want to thank you for the wonderful recipes that make our diet much more easy and for the patience with which you answer all our questions (I think we often get on your nerves) good and now at my request & # 8230 you could not somehow in the recipe categories for example sweets to set to be alphabetical .. as many times I see something fleeting and when I can make that food or I can not find it or I have to wait a long time to look for it .. and I thought that maybe you have in the web program this option to give it would be great. and one more thing & # 8230 I don & # 8230; t know I think I 'm a little too bold, you could somehow specify in the recipes a PP or PL category so that I don't have to open them every time if I'm looking for only PP. thank you very much and once again I want to tell you that I really appreciate what you do. you are an expensive pa

Esther recipes are divided into cruise dejain PP and PL. With the alphabetical arrangement I don't think I can, because it automatically places them from the most recent to the oldest. I will still ask the specialist.

Rhubarb and clafoutis compote with strawberries

Rhubarb and clafoutis compote with strawberries. With chocolate! Rhubarb and strawberries = match made in heaven. Strawberries I just like it raw or sweet. Not to mention strawberries cooked in cakes. They become completely dull and unsightly. Too bad for them! Instead, raw, as a topping, I can elevate any cake, pudding or cream no matter how bitter. What about ice cream? How good is the strawberry parfait! Only strawberries, vanilla powdered sugar and whipped cream. I have to do it these days.

Clafoutis & # 8211 a classic in French cuisine that I have loved since I know myself. Grandmother Buia made it with cherries and sour cherries. I make it with cherries and almonds (and marzipan pieces). I also tried it with apricots, peaches, plums or even compote fruits (winter). It comes out perfect every time! If I still bought rhubarb from the market, I said to use it in a clafoutis and in a compote.

Yes, rhubarb compote! Memories from childhood, from the holidays spent with the grandparents from Sibiu. In their garden grew rhubarb (there it is called & # 8222rabarber & # 8221 & # 8211 from the Saxons) with maaaari leaves and reddish stems. During the long summer, her great-grandmother made fresh compote from these stalks and kept it in the refrigerator. How fragrant and refreshing it was! Lemon slices and vanilla sticks floated in her compote. Sometimes he did it with cinnamon. Madness! He would put rhubarb compote with polonium in soup bowls and always warn me: make sure it's cold! Eat it slowly! It was like a lemonade. What can I say about how well this compote works with cheese and bread or with some steaks (in this case, vanilla is replaced with 1-2 cinnamon sticks). Traznet! In Transylvania and Banat, rhubarb has always been found in markets (and in gardens). I saw that they now brought through supermarkets. What else can be done with it? Strudele! Also in combination with lemon (grated peel) and vanilla. Or simple cakes like pandispan with fruit (as is made with cherries).

Clafoutisul is one of the fastest and simplest cakes. It is basically a thicker pancake batter that is poured over fresh fruit and baked for 40-50 minutes. Simple. The ingredients of this dough count: eggs, milk, natural cream, vanilla sugar and butter (for greased form). I saw in the last months that there is a so-called recipe circulating on the internet & # 8222smart cake & # 8221 & # 8211 fix this is clafoutis! Romanians like to change their name in movies and cakes. From now on, you should know that you made clafoutis! (although it should bear fruit).

What is used from rhubarb?

For dishes, only the rods are used, which must be firm, heavy and shiny. They have a color that can vary from light pink to reddish-purple. This thin and colored skin is cleaned with a knife, before preparation. From rhubarb stalks are prepared compotes, jam, juice, jam, jellies, sherbets, jams.

Rhubarb is used in cakes, pies, ice cream, but can also be used to prepare appetizers, fresh, or as a side dish, in the form of sauces for vegetable or meat dishes. Its sour taste makes it suitable for souring soups.

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