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Osso bucco with cushion lining

Osso bucco with cushion lining

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Wipe the slices of meat with a clean towel, season them, add them to the flour and fry them in oil over high heat on both sides. This way the juice will stay inside during cooking.

The vegetables are cut and fried in the oil in which I fried the meat.

I transferred everything to a clay pot and simmered.

When they have softened, add a little paprika, meat, wine and soup from the Knorr cube or any soup you have.

Season and let it boil on a very low heat. Therefore, the cooking time will reach about two and a half hours.

If you boil in a normal pot, not a clay one, the duration will probably be shorter.

Boil until the meat comes off the bone.

I made a couscous garnish with it.

For this, fry the pasta a little with oil, then add water and a little salt.

Let it boil.

We stop the fire and let them "swell" in the water for a while.

I strained them, leaving them under a stream of cold water.

In a saucepan fry the carrot fidelita in a little oil. Add the couscous and mix with a fork so that the grains do not stick.

I say it goes great with a cabbage salad or pickles and a good wine.

Good appetite !!!!

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