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In Living Color at Live Sushi Bar

In Living Color at Live Sushi Bar

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Live Sushi Bar is a hidden spot located in a residential neighborhood of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill. Live Sushi Bar is known for its extravagant live uni special and also for their dynamic hand rolls, so be sure to try out one or both.

If your dining companion is into uni (sea urchin), you can wow them by ordering the live special. This dish comes out on a plate in the uni shell, with smoking special effects supplied by pieces of dry ice. If you aren't into the show, you can opt for the uni nigiri or sashimi. The #1 Hand Roll (seared salmon skin, uni, avocado, and shiso with ikura and quail egg) and the live uni hand roll (uni and shiso with ikura and quail egg) are also great picks if you like uni.

Live Sushi Bar also has a great selection of rolls for people who like nontraditional Japanese fare. The 49er Roll (shiso, avocado, and tobiko topped with salmon and lemon outside) is a favorite of mine. The Agedashi Tofu was a little dry, but was accompanied by a great dashi broth. I ordered the amberjack, yellow jack, and wild yellowtail, which were all very fresh. There is a great selection to choose for every type of sushi eater.

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