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Pliny the Elder, Russian River Brewing Company

Named after the Roman naturalist and philosopher, Pliny the Elder is a piney tour de force. Despite its 100 IBUs, golden-orange Pliny still drinks crisp and bright, with the spicy-sweet bitterness bathing your tongue.

Tricerahops Double IPA, Ninkasi Brewing Compan

Tricerahops tips the scales at an even-steven 100 IBUs, offering a heavy load of citrus and floral aromatics. The bitterness hangs on your tongue, helped out by a smidgen of rich malt.

Ruination IPA, Stone Brewing Co.

The Californian beer makers call this turbocharged IPA a liquid poem to the glory of the hop, owing to its double-barreled blast of pine and grapefruit. Though at 100-plus IBUs Ruination will instantly shock your tongue, its surprisingly easy to drink too easy.

Hopsickle Imperial IPA, Moylan's Brewing Co.

Checking in somewhere north of 100 IBUs, the seriously bitter Hopsickle has a multifaceted floral profile and a bitterness that lingers like teenagers at a 7-Eleven. Though you might like to have two, be careful: Hopsickle has heavyweight strength.

Hop 15, Port Brewing Company

Bitterness junkies will jones for this San Diego outfits jewel, which is constructed with 15 distinct, hush-hush varieties of hops and clocks in at 100-plus IBUs. From first sip to last, its a sticky, resinous symphony.

Imperial IPA, Green Flash Brewing Company

Based in San Diego, the brewerys pungent masterpiece offers an intensely aromatic assault (those 101 IBUs arent messing around) that calls to mind a more illicit kind of funky green herb delicious.

Hop Stoopid Ale, Laguintas Brewing Company

Tipping the scales at 102 IBUs, Hop Stoopid hailing from Petaluma, California offers a mouthwatering aroma of fresh-sliced pineapples, mangoes and peaches. In the best way possible, Stoopid recalls pine resin rolled in sugar.

Maharaja, Avery Brewing Co.

aking its name for the Sanskrit words for great king, the Boulder brewerys summer seasonal presents an intense scent of grapefruit and molasses. It slides down sweet and creamy, with 102 IBUs of tongue-coating bitterness.


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