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The Western Bacon Blue Ring Burger

The Western Bacon Blue Ring Burger

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At Gott's (formerly Taylor's), the patty is topped with an onion ring, its center filled with crumbled blue cheese that softens from the heat. It's wrapped in paper and pressed lightly in a machine, which employees said steams the bun, but the underside was still toasted-crunchy. And for those reasons, it made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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Carl's Jr.

Good job. You just found recipes for all your favorite famous foods! Bestselling author and TV Host Todd Wilbur shows you how to easily duplicate the taste of iconic dishes and treats at home for less money than eating out. Todd’s recipes are easy to follow and fun to make! Find your favorite copycat recipes from Carl's Jr. here. New recipes added every week.

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For decades, Carl’s Jr. has effectively cornered the market on fried zucchini at major fast food chains by serving a great crispy breaded version that’s flavorful all the way through. Now you can make zucchini that tastes just as good, as long as you know the secret step that other fried zucchini recipes miss. It makes all the difference.

The secret is a brine. I found that this fried zucchini tastes best when it takes a salted water bath before breading. In 60 minutes, the salt in the brine is absorbed by the zucchini, spreading good flavor all the way through. After the brine, the zucchini is rinsed, coated twice with flour and once with seasoned breadcrumbs, and fried to a beautiful golden brown.

I’m giving you a couple choices here. You can make the recipe all the way through and serve it immediately, or if you want to serve it later, you can par-fry the zucchini and freeze it for several days. After that, when an occasion arises, a couple minutes is all it takes to finish off the dish and serve it. This recipe makes enough for a small gathering, but you can easily cut it in half for a more intimate hang.

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In 2001 this West Coast chain came up with a great idea: clone the type of burger you'd get at a casual restaurant chain such as Chili's or T.G.I. Friday's for around six bucks, but sell it for just $3.95. It's 1/3 pound of ground beef stacked on top of plenty of fixings, including red onion and those sweet-tasting bread-and-butter pickle slices. And the cost of a Six Dollar Burger gets even lower when you make your own version at home. How does less than two bucks grab ya?

Craving more famous sandwiches from Carl's Jr? Find your favorites here.

In the last few years, Carl's Jr. has become one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the country. In 1997, the burger joint grew from 930 restaurants in nine states to nearly 3,900 in forty-four states with its purchase of Hardee's hamburger outlets. This makes Carl's Jr. the fourth-largest burger chain in the country, behind McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's.

One of the unique sandwiches that makes Carl's a popular stop for the lunch crowd is this Charbroiled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich with the delicious spicy sauce. It's that tasty sauce that give the real thing much of its fat, so by cloning it with nonfat ingredients, we can cut the grease on this sandwich to one-fifth of the original, while keeping all of the flavor.

Nutrition Facts
Serving size–1 sandwich
Total servings–4
Calories per serving–305 (Original–530)
Fat per serving–5.5g (Original–29g)

The first days receipts at Carl Karcher's just-purchased hot-dog cart in 1941 totaled $14.75. Peanuts, right? But Karcher was determined to make it big. So during the next two years he purchased several more stands throughout the Los Angeles area, later expanding into restaurants and diversifying the menu. In 1993, what had once been a business of one tiny hot-dog cart had become a multi-million-dollar company with 642 outlets. From $14.75 on the first day to today's $1.6 million in daily receipts, old Carl was on the right track.

In 1989, Carl's Jr. became the first fast-food chain to allow customers to use their ATM cards to make purchases. Not only can customers buy a Western Bacon Cheeseburger and fries to go without using cash, they can get cash back out of their account.

Onion rings, bacon, American cheese and tasty barbecue sauce combine to make a manly gut-grinder that can be thoroughly enjoyed during the grilling season, or any time of the year if you use an indoor grill. The sandwich was introduced in 1983, and has since become so successful that it has spawned variations, from a junior version to the monstrous double, both of which are included here. While any barbecue sauce you use for this recipe will work just fine, track down some Bulls-Eye Hickory Smoke flavor barbecue sauce if you want the closest cloned results. This recipe makes one sandwich. Double, triple, and quadruple it as needed based on current hunger requirements.

This recipe also includes clones for the Junior Western Bacon Cheeseburger and the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

It was in Los Angeles in 1941 that Carl Karcher and his wife, Margaret, found a hotdog cart on Florence and Central for sale for $326. They borrowed $311 on their Plymouth, added $15 of their own, and bought the brightly colored stand. Although the sign on this first stand read "Hugo's Hot Dogs," Karcher began purchasing more carts, painting on them "Carl's Hot Dog's." In 1945 Karcher opened his first drive-thru restaurant, which he named "Carl's Drive-In Barbecue." In 1956 he opened two smaller restaurants in Anaheim and Brea, California, and used the Carl's Jr. name for the first time.

With 630 units as of 1991, the chain's trademark smiling star can be seen throughout the West and Southwestern United States, as well as in Mexico, Japan, and Malaysia. The chain has come a long way from the days when Karcher used to mix the secret sauce in twenty-gallon batches on his back porch. Carl's Jr. takes credit for introducing salad bars to fast-food restaurants back in 1977. Today, salads are regular fare at most of the major chains.

Carl's top-of-the-line hamburger is still the flame-broiled Famous Star, one of several products that has made Carl's Jr. famous.

If you love crispy chicken sandwiches—and especially if you don't live in the West where this chain is located—you'll want to try out this clone of the tasty Carl's Jr. creation. The recipe makes four of the addicting chicken sandwiches from the California-based fast-food chain, but will also come in handy for making a delicious homemade ranch dressing. Try using some lean turkey bacon, fat-free Swiss cheese, and fat-free mayonnaise if you feel like cutting back on the fat.

Find more of my copycat Carl's Jr. recipes here.

This fried chicken breast sandwich includes lettuce and tomato, and is slathered with a clone of Carl's tasty ranch dressing. We'll use elements of the Carl's Jr. Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich clone recipe to whip up this variation of the Carl's Jr. crispy chicken sandwiches. Use both of these sandwich hacks to serve up two different sandwich clones for different tastes, with little extra effort.

This is a simple fast food sandwich to clone, and it's one of my favorites to make at home. This sandwich has been around since March of 1991, and has been a popular choice at Carl's Jr. outlets dotting the western United States. Chicken fillets are marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled. The chicken is then stacked on a whole wheat bun along with American cheese, lettuce, mild green chili peppers and a spicy southwestern-style spread. If you're looking to fire up the barbecue for a little chicken grilling, give this sandwich a go and bring a surprise to the table.

Eight weeks after the board of directors locked seventy-six-year old Carl Karcher out of his office in 1993, he was engineering a takeover of the "Happy Star" company that he had built over five decades. Crafty Carl found financier William P. Foley to assume his debts in exchange for stock and take control of the company as the new chairman of the board. Carl was named chairman emeritus and finally got his desk back. His plan to sell Mexican food at Carl's Jr. restaurants was later adopted and became a huge success for the chain, and almost all of the executives who had fired him have since left the company.

Here's one of Carl's delicious sandwiches that we can clone with much fewer fat grams by using turkey bacon, fat-free mayonnaise, and fat-free Swiss cheese. These substitutions for full-fat ingredients can bring the fat down from twenty-nine grams to just over ten without compromising that distinctive Carl's Jr. taste.

Nutrition Facts
Serving size–1 sandwich
Total servings–4
Calories per serving–366 (Original–570)
Fat per serving–10.5g (Original–29g)

Vegan Western Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

I'm not sure if my favorite fast food burger is the Big Mac or the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, but it's definitely one of them! And I did consider making some Lil' Big Macs, and I'm sure I will at some point, but I really just wanted some Baby Western Bacon Cheeseburgers and so, I made some!

These really are the most perfect little burgers. You got the smokey, spicy BBQ sauce, the salty veggie bacon, melted cheese, a Baby Beyond Burger and of course the onion ring to add some crunch and ZAP!

I couldn't find any sesame seed slider buns, so I got some regular ones, then brushed them with a bit of melted vegan butter and sprinkled some sesame seeds on ɾm. For the onion rings, you can either make some at home, or if you buy some from the store, you'll just have to use the smaller onion rings in the bag. The bacon I used is by All Vegetarian , it's quite large, so I used 4 slices, I cut them in half lengthwise, and then I cut those strips into thirds. If you get a different vegan bacon, you might need more than 4 slices, just FYI! And for the cheese, you just need to cut 3 vegan cheese slices into quarters to get 12 mini-slices.

These are pretty easy, and great for a potluck or Super Bowl Party, so have at em!

If you are interested in recommendations for Kitchen Gear, Spices & Pantry Items, or what I use for my Photos and Videos, please click HERE!

This post contains affiliate links, at no additional cost to you! Anything I earn will be put back into making recipes and videos for yɺll. Thanks buds!

16 oz plant based meat (Beyond Meat, Lightlife)

4 - 8 slices vegan bacon (cut into thirds)

3 slices vegan cheese (cut into quarters)

1/4 cup melted vegan butter


⁣Cook the onion rings according to package instructions. While onion rings are cooking, prepare the rest of the burgers.

Cut your bacon and cheese and set aside.

Melt your butter and brush the slider buns with it. Place them on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired. Once onion rings are done cooking, put the slider buns in the oven and turn it off. The residual heat will keep the onion rings warm and will warm up the buns as well. I timed this so that the buns were in the oven right when I flipped my burger patties (around step 9)

Roll your plant based meat into 12 equal meatballs. I cut my block of Beyond Meat one way in third, then the other way in 4ths to get 12 equal sized cubes. Then just roll each cube into a ball.

If you have a double burner griddle, this is a good time to use it. Otherwise use 2 pans or do things in batches. First cook your bacon in a bit of oil over medium heat.

Once bacon is cooked, set aside on a paper towel lined plate.

Add all your meatballs to the griddle over medium heat.

Smash each meatball with a spatula to form a patty. You can use some cooking spray or a piece of parchment / wax paper on your spatula to keep it from sticking. ⁣

Flip your burgers after about 3-4 minutes.

Hopefully the onion rings are done cooking around now, if so add the buns to the oven and turn off the heat.

After flipping your burger patties, add a slice of cheese to each and cover to melt the cheese. Before covering, add a bit of water to the pan. The steam will help melt the cheese.

Once cheese is melted, turn off heat. Take onion rings and buns out of the oven and assemble sliders as follows from bottom to top: BBQ sauce, onion ring, burger patty with cheese, bacon, more BBQ sauce.

Bacon Burgers with Bourbon Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese

These over the top Bacon Burgers with Bourbon Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese are perfect for grilling season! Juicy beef burgers, sweet caramelized onions, tangy goat cheese and peppery arugula. It’s the perfect combo!

Thanks to SABER Grills for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own.

There are 3 B’s in this recipe title that I’m pretty sure caught your eye, bacon, burgers, and bourbon. Seriously guys it doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to summer grilling and Father’s Day.

Making an all out burger like this isn’t something you normally see me do, but with Father’s Day only a couple weeks away I knew I had to make a burger that my dad would be proud to say his daughter came up with!

I have a confession to make. The men in my life (my husband and my dad) don’t exactly have the same ideas as me in terms of what makes a great meal. I think a good meal is one that is full of fresh vegetables, good quality meat, and a beautiful presentation. It doesn’t leave me sitting around the rest of the night with a stomach ache, but satisfied and energized.

My husband and dad on the other hand prefer a more over the top meal full of meat, carbs, cheese, and the more it’s slopping out all over their hands and the more napkins they need, the better!

I’m sure my dad isn’t the only one who would prefer to eat these bacon burgers over a kale salad for Father’s Day or any day for that matter! You know what else dad would like, a SABER Grill to cook these tasty burgers on! The SABER line features 8 infrared grills, cooking tools and accessories, and just about anything dad will need to create his outdoor dream kitchen.

SABER’s infrared heating system not only uses 30% less gas than a traditional grill, but it keeps the meat you’re grilling juicier. No more dried out burgers and steaks!

Another bonus is that SABER grills are incredibly easy to assemble, and have a rapid pre-heat cycle that goes from 0 to 700 degrees in less than 10 minutes, which of course means you get to eat sooner rather than later.

To find out more information about SABER grills or if you find yourself wanting to purchase your own, check out their website.

Western Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders Recipe

When it comes to finger food, it’s hard to beat the slider. A tiny, perfect version of the sandwich you’d eat as a full meal is just about the best culinary blank canvas we can imagine, so naturally, we’re snacking our way through photographer and recipe developer Jonathan Melendez’s new cookbook. Grab The Slider Effect and a pack of Hawaiian sweet rolls — it’s party time.

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Western Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders Recipe

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy
  • Serving Size: 12 sliders


Crispy Onion Rings
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour, divided
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika or cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 cup milk or water
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 large Vidalia onion, thinly sliced into rings
  • canola or vegetable oil, for frying
  • 2 pounds ground beef (80 percent fat and 20 percent lean)
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable or canola oil
  • 6 4-by-4-inch slices sharp cheddar cheese, cut in half crosswise
  • 12 slices bacon, cut in half and cooked until crispy
  • 12 pretzel buns or store-bought slider buns
  • 3/4 cup store-bought barbecue sauce
  • 6 green lettuce leaves, cut in half


For the sliders

Heat about 2 inches of oil in a large, heavy-duty pot until a deep-fry thermometer reaches 360°F.

To make the onion rings, in a large bowl, whisk together ½ cup of the flour, 1 teaspoon of the salt, the black pepper, granulated garlic, paprika, baking powder, milk, and egg until smooth. Pour the remaining ½ cup flour into a shallow dish. Separate the onion slices into rings. Working with a handful of onion rings at a time, dredge in the flour, shaking off any excess, and then dip into the batter.

Set a wire rack over a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 250°F.

Carefully place the battered onions in the hot oil, being careful not to overcrowd the pot, and fry until golden brown and crispy, about 3 minutes total. Flip over halfway through frying. Drain and transfer to a paper towel–lined baking sheet. Season with a bit of salt to taste. Transfer to the wire rack and keep warm in the oven while you prepare everything else.

To make the sliders, preheat an outdoor grill or stovetop grill pan to medium heat. In a large bowl, mix together the ground beef, salt, pepper, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce. Shape into 12 even 2-inch-wide patties and place on a plate or tray.

Brush each side with oil, and place patties on the hot grill. Cook for about 4 minutes, turn over, and continue to cook for another 4 to 6 minutes, for medium rare, or 2 to 4 minutes longer if you want them well done.

Place 2 pieces of cheese on each, along with 2 half pieces of bacon, and cook for a minute or two, so that the cheese melts. Close the grill or turn off the heat and transfer the sliders to a platter or tray.

To assemble the sliders, split the buns in half and spread each half with barbecue sauce. Place a bacon cheese slider on each bottom half, and top with a handful of the crispy onion rings, and a piece of lettuce. Replace the top half of the buns, and skewer with a long toothpick. Serve immediately.

The Western Bacon Blue Ring Burger - Recipes

Our Niman Ranch beef patties are cooked medium well (a little pink inside when served).

Substitute a veggie patty (contains dairy) or a Diestel Ranch turkey patty for 1.00, or an Impossible™ Burger patty (vegan & gluten-free) for 4.00.

Request any burger or sandwich with a lettuce wrap for 1.00, or swap our egg bun or bread for a gluten-free bun for 1.00.

California Burger

Fried egg, Cowgirl Creamery’s Wagon Wheel cheese, Zoe’s bacon, arugula, balsamic onions & mayo on a toasted sesame brioche bun. 14.99

Double Cheeseburger

American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. 13.99

Kimchi Burger

Fried egg, kimchi, American cheese, Zoe's bacon & spicy gochujang mayo on a toasted egg bun. 13.99

Impossible™ Cheeseburger (vegetarian)

The Impossible Burger patty made entirely from plants, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. 12.99

Wisconsin Burger

Griddled mushrooms, Zoe's bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo & BBQ sauce on a toasted country roll. 11.99

Western Bacon Blue Ring

Beer-battered onion ring, Point Reyes crumbled blue cheese, bacon, pickles, red onion & BBQ sauce on a toasted egg bun. 12.99

Texas Avocado Burger

Jack cheese, sliced avocado, salsa, mayo & pickled jalapeño on a toasted egg bun. 11.99

Bacon Cheeseburger

American cheese, Zoe's bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. 10.99

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Grilled Anaheim chile, Jack cheese, lettuce, red onion, salsa verde & charred jalapeño mayo on a toasted egg bun. 10.99


American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. 8.99


Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. 7.99

Fries & more


Fried crisp & lightly salted. 3.99

Garlic Fries

Tossed in garlic butter & parsley. 3.99

Sweet Potato Fries

Chili spice-dusted & served with house-made ranch. 3.99

Onion Rings

Thick & beer-battered. Lightly salted. 3.99

Cheese Fries

Topped with a creamy cheese sauce made with jalapeños & green onions. 5.49

Fried Brussels Sprouts

With lime and charred jalapño mayo. 6.99

Fresh Veggies & Hummus

Fresh, raw carrots, cucumber & bell pepper served with organic hummus. 5.99

Chicken Tenders

Chicken, buttermilk-dipped, breaded, fried crisp & served with house-made ranch & an order of fries. 8.99

Chili Cheese Fries

Topped with house-made chili, cheddar cheese & green onions. 7.99

Add: Side of cheese sauce made with jalapeños 1.50


Chicken Schnitzel

Crispy fried chicken breast topped with arugula herb salad, cucumber & pickled turnips on a toasted sesame brioche bun with harissa & turmeric spiced mayos. 13.99

California Chicken

Chicken, grilled & served with sliced avocado, jack cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion & lemon mayo on a toasted country roll. 12.99

Crispy Teriyaki Chicken

Crispy fried chicken breast tossed in house-made teriyaki sauce & served with romaine lettuce, pickled carrots & daikon radishes, jalapeños, cilantro, green onions, toasted sesame seeds & spicy mayo on a toasted egg bun. 12.99

Ahi Burger

Sushi grade Ahi tuna seared rare with ginger wasabi mayo, Asian slaw & cilantro on a toasted egg bun. 16.99


Falafel Salad

Arugula, romaine, red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber & quinoa tossed with lemon tahini dressing & topped with spiced, fried chickpeas, avocado, feta, pickled beets, hummus & falafel. 11.99

Citrus & Avocado Chop

Romaine & red leaf lettuce tossed with Asado spice-rubbed chicken, cilantro-pumpkin seed dressing, oranges, tomatoes, black beans, pickled red onions & quinoa, topped with avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds & cotija cheese. 12.99

Seasonal lettuce tossed with lemon-Dijon vinaigrette & topped with chicken, Zoe's bacon, tomatoes, organic cage-free hard-boiled egg, Point Reyes blue cheese & avocado. 14.99

Chicken Kale Caesar

Kale & romaine lettuce tossed with chicken, parmesan cheese, focaccia croutons, parmesan crisps & Caesar dressing. 12.99

Vietnamese Chicken

Romaine lettuce, kale & shredded cabbage tossed with cucumbers, carrots, mung bean sprouts, peanuts, cilantro, mint & peanut lime vinaigrette & topped with crispy fried chicken breast, pickled red Fresno chiles & green onions. 13.99

Kale & romaine lettuce tossed with parmesan cheese, focaccia croutons & lemon-Dijon vinaigrette. 7.99

Add: chicken 5.00

Soup & Chili

Spicy Tomato Soup

House-made with chipotle peppers.
Bowl 7.99 Cup 4.99


House-made beef & bean chili made with Anchor Steam & topped with cheddar cheese & green onions.
Bowl 8.99 Cup 5.99


Avocado Tacos

Crispy fried avocados served in soft, blue corn tortillas with green cabbage & cilantro slaw, queso fresco, salsa verde, cilantro, red onions, lime & chipotle mayo. 3 tacos per order. 11.99

Mahi Mahi Tacos

Fresh mahi mahi with spicy Asado seasoning, griddled & served in soft, organic corn tortillas with green cabbage & cilantro slaw, jalapeño, oranges & crema. 2 tacos per order. 13.99

Baja Fish Tacos

Fresh mahi mahi, beer-battered & fried crisp, served in soft, organic corn tortillas with green cabbage & cilantro slaw, salsa verde, lime & spicy mayo. 2 tacos per order. 13.99

Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos

Ahi poke (Hawaiian-style, raw , marinated, sushi grade Ahi tuna), sliced avocado, green cabbage & cilantro slaw, green onions, toasted sesame seeds & spicy mayo in crispy taco shells. 3 tacos per order. 15.99

Hot Dogs

Niman Ranch Fearless Frank

100% beef hot dog. 6.99

Works Dog

With ketchup, mustard, mayo, diced red onions, sweet relish, dill pickles, sauerkraut & tomatoes. 8.99

Chili Cheese Dog

With Cheddar cheese & house-made chili. 10.99

Wines By The Glass & Draft Beer

Whites & Rosé

Rosé Bieler Père et Fils (Provence, France) 8.00

Pinot Grigio Seaglass (Santa Barbara County)

Sauvignon Blanc Daisy (California) 8.00

Chardonnay Napa Cellars (Napa Valley) 9.00

Pinot Noir The Pinot Project (California) 9.00

Cabernet Blend Charles & Charles (Washington) 8.00

Cabernet Sauvignon Raymond Vineyard (Napa Valley) 12.00

Recipe Summary

  • 1 pound sliced bacon, diced
  • 5 pounds ground beef chuck
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • ¼ cup steak sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 pound American cheese slices

Preheat a grill for high heat.

Place bacon in a large skillet over medium heat. Fry, stirring occasionally. When the bacon is almost done, add the onion. Cook until the bacon is crisp, and the onion is tender. Remove onion and bacon from the pan with a slotted spoon, and transfer to a food processor. Pulse a couple of times to chop finely. Do not puree. Pour into a large bowl, and mix with steak sauce and ground chuck using your hands. Form into 16 patties.

Place patties on the grill, and cook for 5 minutes per side, or until well done. Place a slice of cheese on top of each one during the last minute.

History of Carl's Jr.

Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret invest their entire savings to buy a hot dog cart. Within five years, the Karchers open their first restaurant.

Business blossoms and Carl opens the first two Carl’s Jr.® restaurants in Anaheim, opening two more locations within the decade, and introducing the bright yellow star sign.

The 60s brought vast expansion for the Karchers, who operated 24 Carl's Jr.'s and became Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc., as they rennovated all dining rooms and streamlined menus.

By 1977, more than 200 locations served California, and Carl's Jr. became the first quick-serve restaurant to offer salad bars at all 200 locations. In 1979, the company opened its first out-of-state location in Las Vegas.

The 80s saw more expasion for Carl's Jr., as well as the introduction of the iconic Western Bacon Cheeseburger in 1988. By the end of the decade, there were more than 534 restaurants, and Carl's Jr. opened it's first international location in Mexico.

Now operating under Carl Karcher Enterprises (CKE), Carl's Jr. continued burger domination as it opened more locations throughout the states and internationally. In 1997, CKE acquired Hardee's restaurants, expanding business by nearly 2,500 lcoations.

In the 2000s, Carl's Jr. introduced some of its most iconic menu items, including the Six Dollar Burger, Hand-Scooped Milkshakes, and Charbroiled Turkey Burgers -- An industry first.

Over the last decade, Carl's Jr. has continued to push boundaries -- From being the first QSR to have a plant-based burger at all restaurants to the introduction of the first-ever CBD infused burger.

Strawberry & Cream Croissant French Toast For Your Weekend Brunch

Those with a creative eye know firsthand that inspiration is all around us. Whether you're energized by the earth tones of nature, a color-filled walk through a local farmer's market, or even by a quick scroll through Instagram, you never know what might spark a new creative project.

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Onion rings, bacon, American cheese and tasty barbecue sauce combine to make a manly gut-grinder that can be thoroughly enjoyed during the grilling season, or any time of the year if you use an indoor grill. The sandwich was introduced in 1983, and has since become so successful that it has spawned variations, from a junior version to the monstrous double, both of which are included here. While any barbecue sauce you use for this recipe will work just fine, track down some Bull's-Eye Hickory Smoke flavor barbecue sauce if you want the closest cloned results. This recipe makes one sandwich. Double, triple, and quadruple it as needed based on current hunger requirements.

2 frozen onion rings
1/4 pound ground beef
1 sesame-seed hamburger bun
2 slices bacon
salt to taste
1 slice American cheese
2 tablespoons Bull's-Eye Hickory Smoke barbecue sauce

1. Preheat a clean barbecue to medium grilling heat.

2. Bake the onion rings in the oven according to the directions on the package.

3. Form the ground beef into a flat burger the same diameter as the bun. It's best to pre-form your patty and store it in the freezer, then cook it frozen.

4. Grill the faces of the top and bottom bun in a frying pan on the stove over medium heat. Keep the pan hot.

5. Cook the bacon slices in the pan.

6. Grill the burger for 3 to 4 minutes per side, or until done. Lightly salt each side.

7. Spread 1 tablespoon of the barbecue sauce on the faces of each bun, top and bottom.

8. Place both onion rings on the sauce on the bottom bun. Next stack on the burger, then the cheese and the 2 bacon slices, crossed over each other.

9. Top off the sandwich with the top bun.

Carl's Jr. Junior Western Bacon Cheeseburger
For about a buck, Carl's Jr. sells this smaller version of the preceding sandwich. It's made with a slightly smaller bun, a smaller portion of beef, half the bacon, and half the onion rings. Here's what you do: Pat out 1/8 pound of ground beef to the same diameter as the bun. Use only one slice of bacon, broken in two, with the pieces crossed over each other. Use only one big onion ring, and build the burger in the same stacking order as the larger, original version.

Carl's Jr. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
For real cholesterol fans, Carl's Jr. has designed a supersize version of this very popular burger. It is essentially the same as the original, with an additional 1/4-pound patty of beef and an additional slice of American cheese stacked on top of the other cheese and beef. Everything else is made the same as in the original. If you try it you'll like it. Just remember to jog an extra mile or two.

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