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Chicken food with dumplings in vegetable sauce

Chicken food with dumplings in vegetable sauce

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Peel an onion, wash it and finely chop it.

We cut the washed pepper into strips, and we peel the tomatoes and cut them into cubes.

Put the onion to harden in 3 tablespoons of oil.

Then add the pepper, let it harden together, then add the cleaned and seasoned sticks with a little salt and pepper.

Leave until the hammers are done, then add the diced tomatoes, water and simmer.

Until the sauce drops, prepare the dumplings.

In a pot put boiling water with salt.

In a bowl beat eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper and gradually add flour and water.

When the water starts to boil, take a teaspoon of the previous composition and form the dumplings.

I passed the teaspoon each time through the boiled water from the pot.

Let it boil for 10 minutes (check with a fork if they have boiled).

Take them with a spatula and add them over the sauce, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with fresh parsley and serve.

Good appetite!

Chinese food with chicken and vegetables

Chinese food with chicken and vegetables, super easy to prepare at home. And I'm not just saying it for the sake of being told, it's really a simple recipe for which you can find ingredients everywhere, maybe you even have them at home.

We've talked about this food before HERE. It's one of the 9 packaged food ideas I proposed the other day. But since I like it so much, I wanted it to have a separate article.

Andreea, thank you for the inspiration.

Ingredients Chinese food with chicken and vegetables

  • 500 g chicken breast
  • 1 teaspoon wine vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons soy sauce
  • a little salt
  • 2 teaspoons starch
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2-3 tablespoons cooking oil

Preparation Chinese food with chicken and vegetables

I cut the chicken breast into strips. I put the strips in a saucepan and added wine vinegar, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, salt and starch. I mixed and left the meat to marinate, cold, for 20 minutes, during which time I took care of the vegetables.

Carrots and peppers are cut into thin sticks. That they are shorter or longer, you see depending on the vegetables.

I cut the onion into scales, and I finely chopped the garlic.

In a wok I heated a few tablespoons of oil and fried the chicken strips until they were slightly browned. I took them out on a plate and added the vegetables to the pan. I hardened them for 1-2 minutes, so that they soften a little, but keep their shape. I added the chicken over the vegetables together with 4 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.

I left the food on the fire for another 2 minutes, then I stopped the fire. Chinese food with chicken and vegetables is ready!

Method of preparation

-Clean, wash the meat well (I deboned the breast and removed the skin), cut it into suitable pieces, as preferred, and dab / wipe well with a paper towel to absorb water.

-Clean, wash the vegetables, cut the onions into very small cubes, cut the bell pepper, cut the garlic into small pieces and chop the parsley.

-Put the oil in a frying pan and lightly fry the chicken pieces on both sides.

-When they are slightly browned on both sides, remove the pieces of meat from the pan, put them in the pan where we will prepare the cooking and leave them aside.

- Add the chopped onion to the oil in which the meat is fried, mix and let it simmer for a few minutes.

-When the onion becomes glassy, ​​add the chopped pepper, mix and leave it on the fire for another 2-3 minutes to soften it.

-Then add the paprika, mix quickly and leave it on the fire for about 1 minute (you have to be careful because the paprika caramelizes quickly and you have to move faster), then put the chopped garlic, mix and pour 1 glass of water leave it hot on the fire until the sauce starts to boil.

- At this point, pour the sauce from the pan over the frying pan over the fried meat, put the bay leaves and the rest of the spices (salt, pepper, thyme), pour hot water to cover the meat, then let it boil covered with capacity) approx. 25-30 minutes (depending on the meat used) or rather, until the meat is cooked. If necessary, add a little more boiled water.

- Meanwhile, we prepare the dumplings: with the help of a fork or fork, beat the eggs well with a little salt, add the flour and mix well, avoiding the formation of lumps. The resulting dough should flow, be thinner, like a thick smear (or a little thicker than pancake batter).

-When the meat is cooked and there is enough sauce in the pan, the dumplings are formed, they are put with the help of a spoon soaked in the sauce with a little dough in the pan, until the whole thing is finished. The dumplings are left to simmer for 2-3 minutes, or until they rise to the surface.

- To thicken the sauce a little, mix the sm & acircnt & acircna with 2 tablespoons of flour, add 2-3 tablespoons of sauce, mix, pour over the mixture and let it boil for a few minutes, let it boil for a few minutes and add the paprika. little bit.

-At the end of the season, add salt and pepper, mix, turn off the heat, add the chopped parsley and leave covered for about 10 minutes.

-It is served according to preference. We served it as such, with green onions and pickles, you will serve it only with pleasure and as you like.

Chicken meatballs with Bavarian dumplings and game sauce

Even if it is a more complex recipe and requires more time, the final result was worth all the effort and I wholeheartedly recommend the recipe Chicken meatballs with Bavarian dumplings and game sauce!

I don't know how well I tasted it the recipe I was inspired by, but we really liked what came out. I missed the chicken soup, but I added instead, the soup in which I boiled the dumplings and vegetables.

  • For the steak:
  • 1 kg chicken legs
  • 1 tablespoon lard
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • paprika
  • For Bavarian dumplings:
  • 4 buns of 1 day
  • 50 g breadcrumbs
  • 2 eggs
  • 75 g butter
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 gogosar
  • 1/2 bunch of green parsley
  • 150 ml of milk
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 500 ml of water, for boiling dumplings
  • For the sauce:
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 small celery
  • 1 parsley root
  • 1 red onion
  • 50 g butter
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste with baked peppers
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 500 ml of soup (the one in which we boil the dumplings and later, the vegetables)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 50 ml white wine
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • nutmeg

[/ ingredients]
[preparation title = & # 8221Preparation & # 8221]

We prepare the steak for the recipe Chicken meatballs with Bavarian dumplings and game sauce.

Wash the chicken legs, drain them well and season them with salt, pepper and paprika.
In a large frying pan, heat and grease the oil and fry the thighs, turning them on all sides, until they are well browned, then drain the fat and put them in a bowl with a lid, in a warm place until cooked. and the other ingredients.

For the dumplings, cut the buns into cubes and place them in a large bowl.
Chop the donut into cubes and add it over the buns.
Heat the oil and butter and heat the onion until it becomes translucent, then add it over the ingredients in the bowl, with all the fat.
Beat eggs well with a pinch of salt, add milk and chopped parsley and pour over the other ingredients.

Mix everything well, by hand, to crush the pieces of buns well, then add pepper, nutmeg and salt then gradually the breadcrumbs, until you get a homogeneous paste.
We wet our hands and form dumplings, about the size of a walnut.

Put 500 ml of water in a bowl on the fire, add a little salt, and when it reaches boiling point, dip the dumplings and let them boil over medium heat for 15-20 minutes, until they begin to rise to the surface.
Then we take them out with a foamer, in a bowl, cover them and keep them in a warm place.

We prepare the sauce for the recipe Chicken meatballs with Bavarian dumplings and game sauce.

We clean the vegetables, wash them and chop them smaller, then we put them to boil in the water in which we boiled the dumplings.
Let them boil until they penetrate well, then we pass them through the blender together with the soup in which they boiled, and we put the puree formed on the fire again.

In a bowl, mix a tablespoon of mustard with 1 tablespoon of flour and 3 tablespoons of cold water, then add this mixture over the vegetable puree on the fire.
Add a bay leaf and let it simmer, stirring occasionally.
Caramelize 1 tablespoon of sugar then add 50 gr butter and mix until the sugar melts.
Then add the tomato paste with baked peppers, lemon juice and wine, and after a few minutes, mix the two sauces, season to taste with salt, pepper and optionally, nutmeg and let the sauce boil for another 5 minutes, to blend the flavors. .

Place the steak and dumplings on a plate and sprinkle with this sauce.
The more I worked on these dishes, the better they seemed to me when I served them.

I hope you find my recipe for chicken meatballs with Bavarian dumplings and game sauce useful!

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paula 9 years ago - 10 October 2008 19:35

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I have never cooked but I know how good it is! plus it reminds me of a funny childhood incident!

angela 9 years ago - 10 October 2008 20:10

Re: Chicken with dumplings

paula-now you have to tell us, especially if it's funny!

Ioana 9 years ago - 10 October 2008 20:11

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Yes, tell me! I'm curious too

adriana 9 years ago - 18 November 2008 14:11

Re: Chicken with dumplings

and I cook something like that. I'm also from Transylvania. they are delicious. try with confidence. congratulations Ioana. it's an honorable recipe!

Ioana 9 years ago - November 18, 2008 14:30

Re: Chicken with dumplings

tatiana 9 years ago - 11 December 2008 14:18

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I think it's good
I'll try too

Ioana 9 years ago - 11 December 2008 17:22

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Maricela 8 years ago - January 10, 2009 11:37

Re: Chicken with dumplings

it must be a delight. I will try it today.

Ioana 8 years ago - 10 January 2009 12:08

Re: Chicken with dumplings

maricella, to use parsley and fresh dill if you have it, you can feel the difference.

cori 8 years ago - 21 January 2009 14:17

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I'll try too. I'm looking for new recipes, especially now that I'm going to move in with my fiancé, alone.

Ioana 8 years ago - January 21, 2009 15:10

Re: Chicken with dumplings

that's right you got it right, here you will always find interesting and new recipes

marcela 8 years ago - 2 February 2009 15:04

Re: Chicken with dumplings

it's super good food but I also use onions and garlic because it's sweeter and goes great with greens. try the recipe. enjoy!

georgiana 8 years ago - 25 February 2009 17:34

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Right now I cook and it smells so good
I hope it will be very good

anonymous 8 years ago - 14 April 2009 10:10

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Ionut 8 years ago - 3 May 2009 14:22

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I confess that I am a man, first of all (I'm not ashamed to say it) and I cooked this delicious dish. respecting the recipe, even the dumplings came out. note 10 for the recipe and more.

Ioana 8 years ago - 3 May 2009 15:18

Re: Chicken with dumplings

stay calm, here even men are welcome. especially if I cook

gabi 8 years ago - 13 May 2009 14:22

Re: Chicken with dumplings

the food of my childhood was very good I cooked many times but as my mother drowned never so good I am from Cluj and I was overwhelmed by memories reading this

Ioana 8 years ago - 13 May 2009 16:37

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I do it exactly as my mother used to do, now she's tricked, she has a small and perfect dumpling machine and she doesn't make them with a teaspoon anymore

alina 8 years ago - 16 August 2009 13:53

Re: Chicken with dumplings


ovidiu 8 years ago - 2 October 2009 21:20

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I want dumplings too. How do I get it and where?
Who can help me write to [email protected]

anitutzascumpik 8 years ago - 5 December 2009 20:31

Re: Chicken with dumplings

It smells really good and I hope it tastes good

violeta 7 years ago - 27 January 2010 23:16

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I know that dumplings are made from semolina, not normal flour. can I apply this rule to these dumplings like I like semolina very much

sabrina 7 years ago - 21 December 2010 17:59

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Now my husband does. it starts to smell good

Mirella 6 years ago - January 26, 2011 15:35

Re: Chicken with dumplings

It looks very good and I think the taste is right! I'm a beginner in cooking (I consider cooking to be an art that doesn't characterize me), but when I see such goodies here it's easy to prepare. I will try many of your recipes and I am sure I will be happy with what you found!
A good day!

Ioana 6 years ago - January 26, 2011 16:00

Re: Chicken with dumplings

cook with confidence Mirella, in a short time you will be surprised by what you will achieve in the kitchen. it is enough to find pleasure in eating, in actually cooking or in enjoying others with what you prepare. the rest comes naturally.

chupacabra 6 years ago - 17 March 2011 18:52

Re: Chicken with dumplings

The dumplings according to your recipe turned out crazy. Only the rest of the recipe I transformed quite a lot: I boiled the legs, deboned them, then I fried them. I chopped an onion and 4 cloves of garlic, I added them over the meat, then the dumplings followed. I poured some tomato sauce to color everything a bit. Salt, pepper and oregano. Excellent recipe anyway, and it was the first time I did something like that. The culmination is that my friend also ate, who doesn't kill for chicken with dumplings, but these are fluffy. Excellent recipes with Serbian burger, ajvar, buns.

anca 6 years ago - 4 August 2011 15:17

Re: Chicken with dumplings

today I will try and I look fffff good

Natasha 2 years ago - 9 December 2015 13:12

Re: Chicken with dumplings

yes how exactly to make dumplings if we don't have a device? I didn't quite understand, with the teaspoon. Something new to me, but I want to try.
Thanks for all the recipes. For me it is one of my favorite blogs)) Love it very much)))

Natasha 2 years ago - 9 December 2015 13:13

Re: Chicken with dumplings

in fact, I read more carefully and I understood)) thank you

Ioana 2 years ago - 9 December 2015 13:52

Re: Chicken with dumplings

yes, it's simple, until I had the device I made them with a teaspoon. depending on how much patience you have you can make them bigger or smaller. just take the dough with a teaspoon and immerse it in water. until you finish the dough. if you make them bigger they may boil longer, but you test one and when you feel it is made up to the center you take them out.

Maria 2 years ago - 11 December 2015 12:48

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I became nostalgic. childhood.

popica 2 years ago - 11 December 2015 13:46

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I haven't seen where the dumpling can be found.

Ioana 2 years ago - 11 December 2015 13:51

Re: Chicken with dumplings

I took it in 2008-2009 from Selgros.

popica 2 years ago - 11 December 2015 13:55

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Nica Bianca 2 years ago - 13 December 2015 06:59

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Wonderful food, I've done it before, but such perfect dumplings never came out

Ioana 2 years ago - 14 December 2015 09:54

Re: Chicken with dumplings

Mona 2 years ago - 14 December 2015 23:34

Re: Chicken with dumplings

In point 5 it says: "Beat the eggs well with 1/2 teaspoon and add the flour. Mix with a whisk until you have a homogeneous dough."
Please tell me with 1/2 teaspoon of. what? If it were salt, isn't it too much?

Ioana 2 years ago - December 15, 2015 10:32

Re: Chicken with dumplings

and salt. I didn't get salty, in the end there are 200 gr of flour and 4 eggs. a lot of dumplings come out. but quietly you can put less salt if you try to reduce it.

How do we prepare the recipe for chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce?

You can read the recipe written below or find below the video recipe, where you can watch closely how I prepare everything.

Over the sweet and sour sauce add the sliced ​​garlic and soy sauce. Mix everything very well until you get a homogeneous consistency.

After cleaning and washing the wings, placing them in the tray, I tried to place them in an even layer, so that the cooking time is uniform.

We poured the sauce we prepared over the wings. You can see in the video recipe how I spread the sauce over the wings. You do not have to worry if it will be just above them, because during cooking the sauce will penetrate the wings everywhere.

Put the tray in the oven, at maximum heat in the gas ovens, fire up and down in the electric ovens.

Cover the tray with aluminum foil for 30 minutes, then remove the foil, check if the fins have softened. If they have not softened, put the foil and leave them for another 10-20 minutes, until they are well penetrated.

After this time, remove the foil from the top and leave them in the oven for a while, until they brown.

We serve the wings with a garnish according to preference, I recommend you serve them with rice or with a mashed potato. Surely, you can opt for any other side dish you want: sauteed vegetables or french fries, according to your tastes and preferences.

We have to put a sauce next to it. I even used the sauce that remained in the oven tray, which I took out separately. If you want you can also add sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce or garlic. You can prepare other sauces: with mayonnaise, garlic, tomatoes, whatever you like.

Below you can watch the video recipe of chicken wings in sweet and sour sauce

That's all, as simple as this dish is delicious. It is one of the favorite dishes of the family, but also of mine, especially because it is very easy to prepare. I highly recommend you try this recipe.


Chicken broth or whatever poultry broth (chicken, rooster, turkey, goose, bibilica) is a traditional recipe, tasty, easy to prepare, a simple and tasty food. It is generally eaten with polenta, garlic sauce, but it also goes with horseradish and bread. Found especially in Moldova, bird broth is accompanied by vegetables that have been cooked with it.

The brine recipe is just boiled meat with different ingredients, so it depends on what you boil next to the meat to get a simple but spectacularly tasty dish at the same time.

If you are wondering what vegetables go next to boiled meat and how to make a perfect brush, to the taste of those who will eat it, well you will find the answers in this post.

The secret of its good taste chicken broth with vegetables it is in the flesh of a bird raised in corn, but if you do not have the opportunity to buy one from farmers, then look for birds raised without hormones.

Also very important are the spices put in the soup, the vegetables, and the final sauce that necessarily contains garlic and the soup in which the bird boiled is exactly what the food needs to be enjoyed with great appetite.

The extraordinarily good part of this food is that the juice in which the bird is boiled is actually clear soup used for dumpling soup or noodle soup. There is a recipe that puts boiled potatoes in the same juice. I put them at the end, in the last 3-4 minutes, after I boiled them whole in their shell. I put them peeled, but whole, in the soup to get into them and the aroma and taste of the bird soup. You can boil them with the rest of the vegetables, along with the meat, as many other people recommend, but you will not be able to get a clear soup at the end, so more than half of the amount of juice in which the bird boils is thrown away. For this reason I urge you to go on my hand and you will have two recipes in one, and in the end you will be delighted by the taste and, in addition, you will save money and time, having two dishes cooked at the same time.

You will be able to see all the chicken recipes prepared by me click here. I managed to prepare over 150 recipes with chicken from all categories: appetizers, salads, steaks, stews or dishes with sauce, soups and broths.

Returning to the chicken broth recipe, I invite you to prepare it too and tell me if you don't think it is very tasty. I sincerely hope that you will also find a chicken or other country bird, with yellow skin, with fat under the skin that will give it color and good taste.

there it is how to make a tasty chicken broth and what ingredients do you need:


1 whole bird (approx. 2 kg)

2 parsnips or parsley roots

1/2 teaspoon peppercorns

optional: smoked / spicy paprika

I boiled the chicken, cleaned very well beforehand. The water should cover the meat and be 2-3 fingers above it. I didn't put salt in the water.

I took the foam for as long as it took until it formed. I cooked over low to very low heat.

In another pot I boiled some very well washed peeled potatoes.

When the meat showed signs of starting to boil, I added the carrots, parsnips, whole onion pricked with toothpicks to stay whole, bay leaf, a whole clove of garlic and peppercorns.

I boiled until all the ingredients in the soup were well cooked and the meat was removed from the bone. 5 minutes before turning off the heat, I added the whole potatoes and 1 teaspoon of salt.

I stopped the fire and strained the soup.

I took 2 large tablespoons of soup, put the crushed garlic in it and simmered for another 4-5 minutes (2-3 boils).

I divided the meat and vegetables into plates, I poured the sauce formed with garlic soup over the meat and a little olive oil. If you want the broth with more juice, put for each portion a polonium of boiled soup with crushed garlic / given through the press.

We had at the table clear chicken soup with noodles (soup in which we did not put garlic), but also chicken broth with vegetables.

Chicken broth with dill sauce

Chicken broth with dill sauce a Sunday meal in the Banat area, where a Sunday meal without soup (soup) is not conceived, usually from chicken / chicken but also beef.
Chicken or chicken is boiled with many root vegetables, then removed on a plate and served with a sauce: tomatoes, horseradish, cherries, dill & # 8230, etc.
The resulting soup is served with noodles or semolina dumplings. In some areas the chicken is portioned and the pieces are fried or made into panes.

1 chick of 1-1.2 kg
2 medium onions
10-15 cm leek
3-4 carrots
2-3 parsley roots
1 parsnip
2 large potatoes
1 celery
1 small gulie
2-3 bunches of cauliflower, broccoli (optional)
2 bay leaves
2-3 cloves of garlic

Dill sauce:
30 g butter
1 tablespoon flour
2 cloves of garlic
soup or water
1-2 dill ties
1-2 tablespoons sour cream
lemon juice

Preparation Chicken broth with dill sauce:
Clean the chicken, strain it over the flame from the stove, then wash, drain and boil in water with a little salt. After the first boil, take the foam, repeating the operation as many times as needed.

Video: : Η Αργυρώ φτιάχνει πένες με σάλτσα λαχανικών (May 2022).