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Pie with sweet cheese and sheep cheese

Pie with sweet cheese and sheep cheese

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Every month there is a goodies fair in Campina, so I bought some sweet cheese that I paired with some sheep's cheese and made a pie ....

  • 1 packet puff pastry Bella 2 pcs at 400 g
  • 6 eggs
  • 400 g sweet case
  • 250 g of cheese and older
  • for anointed
  • 1 or
  • 2 tablespoons milk

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pie with sweet cheese and sheep cheese:

I grated the cottage cheese and sheep cheese, I added eggs and I mixed well. I put baking paper in the tray, I placed the sheet of dough over which I poured the cheese composition. The second sheet I struggled to make a grill out of it. , something came out, something .... I put the grill on top, beat the egg with the milk and greased the pie ....

Bake with it, preheated oven, about 50-60 min.

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I put a pan of water under the pie tray, so that the dough doesn't burn ...

1. I used sheep's cheese, peasant, but you can also opt for other kinds of cheese, including sweet. Put the cheese on the grater, add the cream and 3 eggs. Stir to mix well. I did not use, but if you want to enrich it, the possibilities are many, with lemon peel or cinnamon, or you can add raisins or candied fruit.

2. Grease the pan well with butter. Unwrap the thin sheets of pie and put 3-4 sheets (one third of the package) in the tray, well stretched. You can moisten your hand to place the sheets more easily. If they are bigger than the tray, we cut them with scissors and use what is left for the next layer of sheets, the middle one. Half of the composition with cheese, spread it with a spoon, evenly, over the sheets.

3. Add another layer of 3-4 sheets over the layer of cheese (layer to which we use any excess sheets, cut with scissors). Add the other half of the cheese, spreading it evenly over the entire surface of the pie sheets.

4. Put the last layer of sheets (last third of the package). Pour the liter of milk over the pie, shake the tray lightly so that the milk penetrates on all sides and under the last layer of sheets. Don't worry even if you find that the pie, somehow, floats in milk. The final appearance and shape of the pie will not be affected.

5. Put the tray in the oven for 30-45 minutes, until, checking, we find that the pie has browned and the milk has been absorbed. When it is browned, take out the tray and cover it with a clean towel for 5-10 minutes. The cheese pie is very good, both hot and cold.

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Spread half of the puff pastry in a large, tall tray. Place the cottage cheese on the sheet, sprinkle the sheep cheese, place the remaining puff pastry sheet.

(This is the traditional recipe that my grandmother used to make my pie for - I called them "chalk pies" because my grandmother used to make them very,

Dough: Put in a bowl all the ingredients, starting with flour, sugar, egg, baking powder quenched with vinegar, vanilla sugar

The spinach is chosen, washed and boiled in water with a little salt. When it is cooked, drain it and let it cool. Pie sheet

Cheese filling: Grate the cheese on a large grater, mix with 2 whole eggs and an egg white (a yolk is kept for greasing

Mix the yolks very well with the package of butter, add the sugar, cottage cheese, vanilla and flour. Mix well then

The first time we prepare the apples: we peel them and put them on the large grater. Put 50 g butter in a pan and heat the apples in it. add

Grease each sheet of pie with oil and roll it, then place them in a heat-resistant dish. Sprinkle the raisins over them. a

Dough: Put in a bowl all the ingredients, starting with flour, sugar, egg, baking powder quenched with vinegar, vanilla sugar

Mix the flour together with the salt and warm water to make it a soft crust. Knead very well while stirring

1. To make the dough, mix the flour with the sugar and salt, then add the butter (as cold as possible) and gradually mix with

From the dough ingredients, knead a suitable hard dough that is left to rise for about 30 minutes. The cheese is mixed

Mix bellows cheese with buttermilk, yogurt cream, sour cream and 2 eggs. Spread a sheet of pie, put the cheese filling in the middle, add

For the base, heat the oven to 180 ° C. Grease a 23 cm diameter round pan with grease. In a saucepan, over medium heat, melt.

Stuffing: Heat the onion, add the spinach, which has been boiled, drained and chopped, add about a cup of water and add the rice. Let it boil, after

From flour, yeast, water, oil, salt and sugar, knead a firm dough that is left to rise for about 30 minutes. Covered, warm. Cheese

Sift the flour into a bowl, make a hole in the middle in which we put the yeast, sprinkle the sugar over it and pour the warm liquid, mix

For the dough, sift the flour in a bowl. We put the yeast with salt and sugar to hydrate it in a little water. Let it activate, then

I peeled the plums and broke them in 2. The truth is, I didn't weigh them! Turn on the oven after opening the plums. I have

Put the cheese in a bowl and grind it further if it is lumpy. Break the eggs and separate the yolks from the egg whites. beat

Peel the pears (the pears do not have to be very ripe), cut them into thin slices and mix them with a spoonful of sugar, cinnamon

I named it that because it's yellow. You can also make the fast version with soy tofu cheese, and the egg on top can be taken out.

Prepare the composition for the sheets, mixing the milk + cream + lard / butter and sugar. Add the grated lemon peel and start kneading.

Grate the telemeau on a grater, or mix it well. In a large bowl, mix the sweet cheese, the grated telemeau, the eggs, the sour cream, the powder.

Top: Rub the yolks with salt, sugar, oil, milk, baking soda and flour. Whisk the egg whites and add over the other ingredients. Optional

Yufka pie sheets can be found at shops with a Turkish profile (eg: Golden Box, Rhythm area) and there are 5 pieces of large round sheets

Mix the flour, yeast and sugar well in a work bowl, add warm water little by little and knead them until smooth.

In a bowl, beat the cheese with the eggs until they become a homogeneous paste. Add the rum essence. Grease a pan with margarine or butter.

We knead the dough first, mixing all the ingredients very well. Put the resulting crust in cling film and leave it in the fridge


The puff pastry pie is prepared very easily and in a short time (approx. 30 min), provided you have a grandfather oven that heats well and evenly.

Ingredients: 1 Morarita double puff pastry (commercially available, frozen), 500 gr. Sweet or salty cheese (preferably) cow, 75 gr. Raisins, 2 eggs, vanilla essence, 3 sachets of vanilla sugar (preferably) but maybe be used and normal sugar.

How to make Cheesecake in puff pastry?

1. Remove the puff pastry from the freezer in time to thaw at will (do not try to force it to heat sources).

2. In a large enough bowl, grate the cheese, then add the other ingredients and mix well with the glove.

3. Line the baking tray with flour, then add the first sheet of puff pastry if you find it necessary, you can easily spread the sheet with the foil.

4. Add the composition (step 2) over the sheet in the tray, then, using the second sheet of puff pastry, cover the tray.

5. It is advisable to cut the pie before putting it in the oven.

6. In the well-heated oven (over 200 gr.C.), insert the tray and let it bake until the pie is browned.

Ingredients Simple Cheese Recipe:

Preparation Simple recipe cow's cheese (video recipe):

Preparation & # 8211 text version:

1. In a saucepan with a thicker bottom, boil the milk over low heat.

2. As soon as the milk starts to boil, add the lemon juice in two slices, stirring quickly until you notice that the whey starts to clear and the solids gather together in the form of lumps.

3. Remove from the heat immediately, because the cottage cheese will be harder and chewy the longer we expose it to high temperature. Put a special cloth for straining the cheese (or a gauze folded in two or three layers) in a strainer placed on top of a large saucepan (in which the whey will be collected) and pour the entire contents of the saucepan in which I boiled the milk.

4. If a drier cheese is desired, after it has cooled, the cheese can be tightly wrapped in cloth and squeezed, possibly pressed by placing a weight on top of it.

5. Store the cottage cheese in the refrigerator for 1 week, tightly wrapped and sealed in an airtight container. Whey can successfully replace the liquid used to knead bread.

Peasant pie with sheep cheese

Coca :, Maya: a cube of yeast, half a teaspoon of sugar, a little warm milk, 1 kg of flour, 200 ml of milk, salt, 3 tablespoons of oil,, For the cheese filling :, 500 g of sheep cheese, 250 g bellows cheese, 2 eggs, a little oil for frying

Difficulty: low | Time: 2h

Make a mayonnaise after which knead the dough well from flour, warm milk and salt. The dough is also good for bread. It is left to grow.

I used fresh sheep's cheese, which I grated, salted well and mixed with dill put in a jar of salt in autumn.

I took a spoonful of leavened dough. I stretched it as thin as possible.

I put a spoonful of cottage cheese (cheese). I grabbed the dough from a corner and spread it out. I put it over the house. I continued modeling.

Oil in the hot pan and put the pie face down.

While filling other pies, pay attention to the one in the pan. I only return it when it's golden.
Good appetite!

Ingredients Cheesecake and cream

250 gr white flour (BL55)
150 ml of warm milk
25 gr butter (at room temperature)
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon sugar
10 gr of fresh yeast
1/4 teaspoon salt

Cheese filling

350 gr fresh cow's cheese (well drained whey)
150 gr sour cream (15% fat)
2 eggs
75 gr sugar
grated peel of 1/2 lemon
1 knife tip ground nutmeg

Sour cream filling

200 gr sour cream (15%)
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 or

Preparation Cheesecake and cream

  1. Dissolve the yeast in 50 ml of warm milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Leave in a warm place until the mixture becomes frothy.
  2. Put the ingredients in the bread machine in the following order: milk, butter, remaining sugar, egg yolk, mixture with yeast, flour and salt. Set the machine on the kneading + raising program. The dough can be kneaded by hand, at least 15 minutes, then left to rise covered in a warm place for 1 hour.
  3. The cheese is rubbed well with a fork to crush the Bulgarians. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  4. For the second filling, just mix the ingredients well.
  5. Put the dough on the work table lightly floured. Spread a thin sheet of about 3-4 mm. Cut a circle about 8-10 cm larger than the tray used. I used a round tray 26 cm in diameter.
  6. Roll the cut dough on a rolling pin and place it in the tray, the edges to be raised on the walls of the tray. Pour and level the first filling. Pour the second filling over the entire surface. The edges of the dough are folded over the filling.
  7. Bake the pie at 180C for 40 minutes, until the edges are brown and the filling moves like a meatball if you shake the tray.
  8. Allow to cool then powder the edges with vanilla powdered sugar.

1. Pie with cheese and sour cream

2. Pie with cheese and sour cream

3. Pie with cheese and sour cream

4. Cheesecake and cream

5. Cheesecake and cream

6. Cheesecake and cream

7. Cheesecake and cream

8. Cheesecake and cream

How to prepare pie with sweet cheese and leavened dough with lard or butter

For the dough, knead the dough from the ingredients shown, just like at cherry pie.

How to make sweet cottage cheese filling with raisins for pie?

For the filling, mix the cheese with the sugar, add the eggs and finally the semolina, vanilla and lemon peel. When the composition is homogenized, the raisins are added.

How to make leavened dough rolled with cream cheese and raisins?

The dough for the sweet cheese pie sat long enough until I prepared the filling. It is divided in two because two pies will result. Each lies on a floured countertop. Lightly flour on top.

Roll the two longer sides inwards.

Then it folds from side to side.

It stretches again so that it has a thickness of about 5-6 mm.

Cut strips on one side (most practically with a pizza cutter) exactly as in the picture.


Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

Put half of the filling in the middle.

Cover with strips of dough.

Grease the sweet cheese pie with beaten egg.


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