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McDonald’s Customer’s Shocking Discovery Gets a Worker Fired

McDonald’s Customer’s Shocking Discovery Gets a Worker Fired

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Modern-Day Nazi supporters are apparently working in your local McDonald’s.

When you go to McDonald’s, you expect to get a healthy dosage of fat and carbs, not a mouthful of fascism. A McDonald’s worker in North Carolina was fired recently when a customer found a swastika symbol drawn in butter on her chicken sandwich. McDonald’s immediately fired the worker, and gave the woman her money back, but Charleigh Matice, who was the victim of this very crude “prank,” said that it wasn’t even remotely funny, and that the incident should be part of McDonald’s employee sensitivity training programs.

“We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald's, and it's not what we stand for personally as owners,” said Dulcy Purcell, the owner of the North Carolina McDonald’s in question. “It is about providing the best level of service and care to our customers, and anything less than that is unacceptable to us.”

Despite her outrage, Matice said that she plans to continue eating at McDonald’s.

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McDonald's employee filmed choking, punching customer over alleged complaint about cold fries

Here are 10 facts about the fast-food chain giant that you probably did not know.

A McDonald’s employee has been terminated for getting fired up over some fries.

The worker, who was employed at a location in New Orleans, was recently filmed choking and punching a customer who was allegedly trying to complain about his french fries being cold, and requesting a new order.

“The behavior seen in this video is not what I expect from my employees,” said Chris Bardell, the owner and operator of the location, in a statement McDonald’s gave to Fox News. “The crew member involved in this incident is no longer employed by my organization.”

Footage of the incident, taken Saturday, shows the worker telling the customer to “get out” before another employee leads him away from the confrontation. The customer, however, is seen following behind, presumably to continue complaining about his order, at which point the worker turns around, places his hands around the man’s neck, and punches him in the head.

The customer, who was visiting New Orleans with his wife at the time of the incident, admitted that he did have an “attitude” when he complained, but he didn’t feel it warranted violence, WWL-TV reported.

“The customer is always right, even if he's wrong,” the unidentified man told the outlet. He added that he didn’t fight back even though he knew he would be able to take out his attacker, because he “didn’t want to leave my wife alone in New Orleans if I went to jail.”

Following the incident, officers arrived on the scene, but no charges were filed, according to

The customer, meanwhile, claims he still wants to see the employee “in jail.”

Burger King builds on chicken craze with new hand-breaded Ch'King sandwich

A McDonald’s worker picked up the bill when some first responders came in after fighting a fire in freezing temperatures. But when she came into work the next day she was fired.

Heather Levia, 23, from Olean, New York, has worked at McDonald’s for eight years, has twins at home and is putting herself through nursing school.

She says she knows what it is like to work hard. So when the firefighters came in and ordered 25 breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, Levia paid the $92 bill herself.

When a second department ordered $70 of food, Levia texted her boss to see if the company would pay the tab. But when her boss said no, Levia and other workers again picked up the bill.

“Just because I appreciate everything they do,” she told WIVB.

After the firefighters found out that Levia had paid for the food herself, some firefighters called her boss and complained.

“You opened a whole bee’s nest,” she was told.

At her next shift she was fired. She says the reason given was she swore at a superior — something she denies.

“I did say this is ‘freaking’ ridiculous. But it was not implied to anybody,” she said.

Allegany firefighters say they don’t expect free food and were grateful for the gesture.

“We certainly regret the fact she lost her job. We can’t speak on corporate policy because we don’t know the background of it,” said Allegany Fire Media Officer Gordon Scott. “It was a sad affair because a gentleman lost a home. And it’s even worse because we know now that this gal apparently lost her job because of it.”

Levia, who has already been offered two other jobs in the community, said she felt sad that people can’t help each other out.

“It’s just wrong. I wish the communities would change and help each other out. I wish that things didn’t have to be the way they are. And if losing my job is going to speak out to the community, then that’s what it’s going to do.”

Tom Meyers, the owner of the Olean McDonald’s, released a statement saying Levia’s termination had nothing to do with her gesture of goodwill.

“The Meyers Organization has always valued the employees who serve our customers every day. We likewise continue to be an ardent supporter of our police and fire departments, along with other first responders. They are always welcome in our restaurants, and we will continue to support them in the future,” he said. “We are aware that certain allegations have been made concerning the reasons for Heather Levia’s termination. Out of respect for Ms. Levia and her privacy, it would not be appropriate to comment in detail on the reasons she is no longer employed by our organization. Still, it should be pointed out that the allegations are absolutely not true. We would never penalize an employee for showing appropriate gratitude for the work of our firefighters.”

McDonald's Customer Gets Blender to the Face After Throwing Food at Worker

When you work in an industry where you have to regularly deal with customers, it&aposs easy to get frustrated. I get it. But it&aposs never OK to physically assault your customers with a blender. Unfortunately, that is an incident that happened at an Ohio McDonald&aposs on September 22.

Britany Price used the drive-thru at the McDonald&aposs in Colerain Township to order food for her and her children. Unfortunately, her order was all wrong. That&aposs where everything started to go downhill. 

Price parked her car and went into the restaurant to complain that her order was wrong. You can see her in this surveillance footage waiting patiently to be helped. She&aposs the one in the white tank top and yoga pants. Eventually, though, she lost whatever patience she had. 

Britany wasn&apost helped for 23 minutes. 23 minutes! That&aposs a long time. Clearly, this McDonald&aposs location was having a tough day, but waiting 23 minutes for your order to be corrected is the opposite of "fast food." So she very understandably got upset that she had to wait so long. 

In the surveillance video, you can see Britany refilling her drinks, waiting, trying to get their attention, and getting more and more frustrated. Eventually, she leaves the McDonald&aposs and heads to to her car to get the rest of the bags in her order. She brings them in to demonstrate how wrong her order is and she gets into it with someone behind the counter.

As their conversation escalates, Britany gets more and more frustrated. Pretty soon after, about 25 minutes from the time she entered the restaurant, she starts hurling her bags of food at the McDonald&aposs worker. It might not have been her finest moment, but it&aposs what happened next that made headlines.

After Britany threw the soft, paper bags full of soft hamburgers, the McDonald&aposs employee responded by throwing a blender at her. The blender hit her face so hard that she was knocked to the ground. Later, she found out that the blender broke her nose and her cheekbone, injuries that required surgery to correct.

Britany told WDTN News, "I wasn&apost the only one that got frustrated, you know, watching the video we see a lot of people that see me and her talking, trying to resolve the issue and they&aposre like, &aposI&aposm not dealing with this,&apos you know, they just left, they didn&apost even place their order."

When asked if she regretted throwing the food, Britany said, "I mean, I definitely don&apost feel like there would have been a different result. I feel like even if we would have just went verbal back and forth that it still would&aposve escalated to something else."

It seems like it was a bad day for everyone involved. And it has got to suck when a customer gets so frustrated that she throws food at you. But that&aposs never an excuse to respond by breaking her face!

Britany&aposs lawyer has filed a civil lawsuit against McDonald&aposs," according to Metro. In a statement responding to the incident, McDonald&aposs wrote, "The safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to us. We are looking into this matter and will take the appropriate steps once our investigation is complete."

It&aposs an unfortunate incident for everyone involved. But I&aposm going to go out on a limb and say it was more unfortunate for Britany, whose face was broken in multiple places because someone threw a blender at her face. 

McDonald’s Customer’s Shocking Discovery Gets a Worker Fired - Recipes

Charleigh Matice made a shocking discovery after picking up her meal from a McDonald's drive-thru.

She went back to the restaurant and confronted employees about the Nazi symbol. They offered to get her a new meal free of charge, but she had already lost her appetite. Instead, she got her money back.

McDonald's corporate office released a statement saying it does not tolerate that kind of behavior, and the employee behind the act has since been fired. WCTI published the entire statement, which read:

"We are very sorry for the service that our customers received, and to be clear we have terminated the employee who was involved. We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald's, and it's not what we stand for personally as owners. It is about providing the best level of service and care to our customers, and anything less than that is unacceptable to us."
- Dulcy Purcell, local McDonald's Owner/Operator in Morehead City, NC

Customers of popular chains have fallen victim to less than stellar food art before. Earlier this year, a Louisiana woman posted a picture to Starbucks' Facebook page, displaying her coffees with a "666" and a pentagram drawn with caramel.

She wrote about the barista, "I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others."

Here's some coffee art that's a lot less controversial:

McDonald's fires manager seen on video slapping customer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The manager of a Jacksonville McDonald's who was seen in a viral cellphone video slapping a customer found out Tuesday she was fired, News4Jax has learned.

"I can't believe this," an emotional Ciarrea Williams told News4Jax in a phone interview during which she acknowledged her termination.

McDonald's terminated her nearly eight years of employment with the fast-food chain following a company investigation into the video. Williams said she was not given an exact reason for her firing.

"Not really," she said. "It was more so, 'The customer is always right.'"

But soon after losing her job, Williams said, she started receiving job offers from employers who felt sympathetic when they heard why she went after the customer.

"Maybe God let this happen to say, 'Ciarrea, this is enough of you being at McDonald's. All the hours you worked and days you put in, all the time you missed with your kids and family,'" Williams said. "Maybe today was it for me."

The violent confrontation between Williams and a customer unfolded April 12 at the McDonald's location on Beach Boulevard near St. Johns Bluff Road, according to a police incident report.

A second customer filmed the encounter and uploaded the video to social media. The video shows Williams walk out from behind the counter and slap the first customer twice across the face.

She contends that the video does not tell the entire story. She told police she was provoked by an unruly customer, who grew upset and began hurling racial slurs while she waited for her order. According to the police report, Williams also told officers the customer "stated, 'I can't wait for Donald Trump to be president so I can own one of you!'"

"It's very shocking and sickening to me," Williams said Tuesday.

Williams said things escalated when the woman threw a drink at her, according to the report. She said the video begins with her retaliation to that provocation.

Williams opened up to News4Jax about the incident the next day. During that interview, she said she was ashamed of her behavior, and she issued a public apology to her employer and family.

“It’s embarrassing," Williams said. “I would like to apologize to my head boss, which is my store owner, my co-workers, my team, my family and my kids."

That apology is what Williams led to her receiving six different job offers from employers. She said Tuesday that she believes her on-camera interview allowed people to see the real her, and impressed at least one potential employer who was impressed at how she was able to publicly apologize for her actions in a very sincere way.

"If you see me in the first video, you're thinking, 'Who is that? She's a caged animal,'" Williams said. "Then in the second video, if you know me, then you know that was genuine. That was me."

Three hours after Williams was fired, she was already interviewing with one of the employers who reached out to her.

News4Jax has not been able to identify the customer, but sources said she is employed by a very reputable company in Jacksonville. So far, she has not come forward with any comments.

Black Woman On Paid Leave After Defending Herself From Attack By A White Man At McDonald’s [VIDEO]

A McDonald’s employee in St. Petersburg, Florida defended herself when a man physically assaulted her.

The video, shot by patron TJ Biandudi went viral on social media this weekend when 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor, allegedly upset because he wanted a straw, grabbed McDonald’s employee Yasmine James, yanking her over the counter according to a police report.

James began punching the man in defense before the two are separated. “I want her ass fired right now,” Taylor said.

“No, you’re finna go to jail,” James yelled back. “You put your hands on me first!”

Taylor responded, “I couldn’t control you. I was just asking you a question, b*tch!”

It’s unconfirmed whether or not James was fired.

Taylor asked for a refund according to the police report but was later arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery. A witness says Taylor kicked another female employee as he was leaving.

“The victim was kicked in the stomach by the defendant and was complaining of pain,” the police report stated. “The defendant was a customer at McDonald’s, and the victim is an employee. The defendant was being escorted out of the business by management due to him battering another employee, and causing a disturbance.”

“Our highest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants,” McDonald’s spokesman Khim Aday said in an email. “We have been in contact with the police department and are fully cooperating with their investigation.”

James was placed on paid leave. Taylor is still currently in jail according to Atlanta Black Star with bond set at $500 for each battery count.

McDonald’s manager caught on video bashing upset customer’s face with a blender

An order for a Happy Meal turned into a very unhappy experience for a Cincinnati woman whose squabble with a manager over a bad order escalated to the point the employee being caught on newly released video throwing a blender at a customer’s face.

According to local station WLWT, surveillance footage of the Sept. 22 incident shows customer Brittany Price waiting patiently for assistance after complaining about her order. A mistake was made at the drive thru so she entered the restaurant while her four children stayed in the car.

“I wasn’t the only one that got frustrated,” recalled Price. “You know, watching the video we see a lot of people that see me and her [the manager] talking, trying to resolve the issue and they’re like, ‘I’m not dealing with this.’ They just left, they didn’t even place their order.”

Price waited more than 20 minutes before losing hope and returning to her vehicle to retrieve her food and ask for a refund.

“So what choice do I have? I don’t have to put up with this. So I went and got the food. I want my money back.”

That’s when she says the McDonald’s staff began “directly ignoring” her and in a fit of frustration she throw the bags of food towards the unidentified manager. While this action was ill advised, in retaliation the manager upped the ante and suddenly a blender from off-screen flies at Price, striking her point blank in the face, knocking her to the ground.

“I wanted to get some Happy Meals and some cheeseburgers and that was a very unhappy day for me,” said Price who suffered a broken cheekbone and broken nose as a result of the incident.

Price said that even if she had not tossed the food back at the manager, the result would have still been the same. “I definitely don’t feel like there would have been a different result. I feel like even if we would have just went verbal back and forth that it still would’ve escalated to something else,” she said.

“The safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to us,” a spokesperson for McDonald’s clarified. “We are looking into this matter and will take the appropriate steps once our investigation is complete.”

In a follow-up statement from McDonald’s management later confirmed that the individual who threw the blender is no longer employed by the chain.

A lawyer for Price said she is taking legal action against the company. There have been no criminal charges filed against the manager and the station reporte it has not been able to contact her to explain her side.

JANUARY 2--The customer seen in a viral video accosting a female McDonald’s employee allegedly kicked a second worker in the stomach as he was being escorted out of the Florida restaurant on New Year’s Eve, according to police who arrested him on a pair of battery charges.

Daniel Taylor, 40, was in the St. Petersburg restaurant around 7 PM Monday when he reached across the front counter and grabbed worker Yasmine James by the collar and “jerked her forward.”

A video of the incident, seen above, shows James punching Taylor in an attempt to loosen his grip. After letting go of James, Taylor snaps his fingers at a McDonald’s manager and says, “Excuse me, sir. Gimme a refund.”

When James later reappears at the counter, Taylor says, “And I want her ass fired right now.”

As alleged in court filings, as Taylor was being escorted out of the restaurant by McDonald’s management, he kicked worker Tateona Bell in the stomach as she was standing near the exit door. The confrontation, cops says, “was captured on video.”

Seen above, Taylor was arrested on two misdemeanor battery counts and booked into the Pinellas County jail (where he remains locked up in lieu of $1000 bond). A judge has ordered him to stay away from McDonald’s and have no contact with James or Bell.

Taylor, listed as a transient in arrest affidavits, may have been under the influence of alcohol during his McDonald’s meltdown, cops reported. Taylor’s rap sheet includes convictions for lewd and lascivious behavior, passing bad checks, driving without a license, and failure to appear in court. (2 pages)


PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — A judge sentenced a 24-year-old woman to 90 days in jail after she climbed through a McDonald’s drive thru window and attacked three employees because she did not get a cookie.

“It’s truly shocking,” said Parma Municipal Judge Timothy Gilligan Wednesday during Daja Tucker’s sentencing hearing. “You spit on one employee during this pandemic. And what’s the reason for the attack? You didn’t get your cookie?”

As part of a plea deal, the judge found her guilty of attempted assault and criminal damage. She will also be placed on probation when she finishes her jail sentence and was ordered to complete an anger management class.

The incident happened April 9 at the McDonald’s on Snow Road in Parma.

The judge said the three victims had minor injuries.

“These are kids just trying to get through a night of work in the heat of the pandemic when everyone was scared to death for their lives,” the judge said.

Tucker told the judge she was remorseful.

“Again I am greatly remorseful and I feel terrible how it has impacted their life and what that did to them,” she said.

The judge said when the incident happened, McDonald’s was open and giving free meals to first responders.

“McDonald’s was contributing to the community and these kids were working and doing that,” the judge said. “And because you didn’t get a cookie you come through the window and do this, absolutely inexcusable, saying I am drunk doesn’t excuse this.”

Watch the video: Emrahlı Mcdonalds Reklamı (July 2022).


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