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New York’s Treat House to Start Shipping Gourmet Rice Krispy Treats

New York’s Treat House to Start Shipping Gourmet Rice Krispy Treats

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Try these marshmallow bars with a twist without leaving home

Treat House will introduce shipping on their website this September.

You don’t need to be in New York to try gourmet Rice Krispy treats because soon enough, they can be shipped straight to your door.

Treat House, the Upper West Side dessert shop that specializes in gourmet versions of the popular treat, announced back in August on their Facebook page that they will begin shipping sometime mid-September. It is now confirmed on Twitter that shipping is planned to begin on Sept. 16.

If that weren’t exciting enough, Treat House owners Jennifer and Chris Russell are looking to open another shop in the Upper East Side, according to the New York Post. Their flagship opened last month in the Upper West Side.

There is also word by the Post that the Russells may expand outside of New York City and into Long Island and Westchester.

Some of Treat House’s Rice Krispy treat flavors include Bubble Gum, which has a bubble gum-flavored marshmallow topped with a piece of Dubble Bubble gum, and Chocolate Mint, which has a mint-flavored marshmallow with dark chocolate chips, topped with a dark chocolate ganache and a piece of Peppermint Pattie.

Does the internet really need another Rice Krispy bar recipe? The answer is yes. This recipe is slightly different in that I make my own marshmallow instead of using store-bought, but also in the ratios. I add fewer Rice Krispies than the usual recipe so that there is a LOT of marshmallow. This is just my preference when making the perfect rice crispy bar, feel free to change things up to make this recipe fit your preferences!

Boarding Pass

New York is a foodie’s paradise. A spin around the city can be a gastronomic overload, from world class-restaurants to mom and pop shops, ethnic dives, specialty food stores and cozy cafes. While I make sure to get my fill of bagels and pizza, it’s also no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth and New York is the perfect place to indulge. Here are a few treats that are too good to pass up.

Whenever we visited my grandparents, they always had fresh cannoli on hand for dessert or an afternoon snack with espresso. Packaged in a white box tied with red and white twine, I came to associate this Sicilian pastry with visits to New York at an early age.

It’s hard to find good cannoli where I live, so when I’m in the city I always seek them out. For novelty, I go to Caffé Palermo on Mulberry Street in Little Italy. Self-proclaimed Cannoli King “Baby John” DeLutro has been running the café since 1973, specializing in Italian cakes, pastries, cookies and of course, creamy ricotta-filled cannoli. And a quick Google search for the “best cannoli in NYC” proves that he is living up to his name.

When in Rome or New York, there’s nothing like a cup of cold gelato on a hot summer day. While there are many tasty gelato places in the city, such as M’o Gelato and Florence-import Vivoli Il Gelato, I recently got a delicious coppa at Italian food mecca Eataly. Located across from the Flat Iron building on 5 th Avenue, Eataly is more than just a gourmet Italian food store. Rather, it infuses a modern-day grocery store, cafeteria and cooking school with the vibrancy of a bustling European market.

Eataly’s NYC partners (including beloved Italian chef Lidia Bastianich) know a thing or two about good food, which is apparent through the bountiful selection of fresh and Italian-sourced products – pesto, pasta and prosciutto, oh my! The housemade gelato was no exception, and my only disappointment about the pistacchio and nocciola double scoop (with nuts sourced from Sicily and Piedmont, respectively) was that it was gone too soon.

Eataly, 200 th 5 th Avenue, (212) 229-2560,

From Italy to France, one of my favorite treats to indulge in is macarons. Not to be confused with their double-o coconut cousin macaroons, these delicate meringue cookies are distinguished by an artist’s palate of pastel-colored shells that sandwich a buttercream, ganache or jam filling. They are almost too pretty to eat, but let’s not be foolish. )

And when it comes to the real thing, Ladurée is the crème de la crème, having first opened its doors in Paris more than 150 years ago on Rue Royale. Luckily, New Yorkers only have to travel as far as the Upper East Side for authentic French macarons ever since Ladurée’s first-ever U.S. location opened in 2011. A second location with a tea room in SoHo opened earlier this year, making it even easier to get your macaron fix in the city.

Ladurée, 864 Madison Avenue, (646) 558-3157,

In 1996 there was Magnolia Bakery, a humble spot in the West Village serving up old-fashioned American baked goods. Enter Sex in the City, a scene in which Carrie and Miranda devour a Magnolia cupcake, and so the craze begins.

It’s amazing how a simple cupcake could reach mainstream status seemingly overnight – inspiring countless boutique shops and even entire TV shows dedicated to cupcakes – and today, Magnolia continues to be a draw for locals and tourists alike. Topped with a fluffy mound of buttercream icing, the cupcakes are indeed delicious, but don’t overlook other treats like ice box cakes, fresh-fruit pies and other classic American sweets. (Check out the beautiful cake from Magnolia that my colleagues surprised me with for my birthday.)

Rice Crispy Treats
After cupcakes there were cake pops and now cronuts. Could the next craze in specialty desserts be gourmet rice crispy treats?

Taking the bake sale concept to the next level, the Treat House specializes in gourmet marshmallow and crisped rice squares in 25+ flavors like chocolate raspberry and caramel sea salt. This new kid on the block, or should I say tree house (yes, they even have a tree house-inspired eating area), is great for special events, party favors, an unexpected gift or quick afternoon pick-me up. A portion of your purchase is also donated to the Food Bank of New York City. What could be sweeter?

Treat House, 452 Amsterdam Avenue, (212) 799-7779,

What is your favorite sweet treat in New York? Share it below!

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How to Make Rice Crispy Treats with Marshmallow Creme

Start with melting butter in a large six-quart dutch oven. Add the marshmallow creme to the butter and stir to combine. I do this over low heat. When the butter and creme begin to combine, I add half the bag of marshmallows. Continue to stir to combine. Don't let the marshmallows melt completely before adding the cereal.

Now, start pouring the cereal in two to three cups at a time. When the box is almost empty, go ahead and add the remainder of the marshmallows and stir to combine. Go ahead and finish off the cereal box. Stir to combine

Pour into a large pan. We are talking a lasagna pan deep. Press down the gooey sticky goodness with the butter paper. Let cool before cutting.

Once the rice crispy treats are cooled, go ahead and dig into these treats.

Thick and chewy rice crispy treats all thanks to the great combination of marshmallow creme and mini marshmallows.

Go ahead and make a batch. Your kids will hug you in happiness.

5. Cut into squares

Cut into squares using a lightly greased knife or use your favorite cookie cutter! Garnish and embellish as desired.

Now that you've mastered the treat, here are some tasty twists on it:

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Some teenagers and young adults who received Covid vaccines experienced heart inflammation, a US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention advisory group said, recommending further study of the rare condition. The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunisation Practices in a statement dated May 17 said it had looked into reports that a few young vaccine recipients - predominantly male, adolescents and young adults - developed myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. The condition often goes away without complications and can be caused by a variety of viruses, the CDC group said. CDC monitoring systems had not found more cases than would be expected in the population, but members of the committee on vaccinations felt that healthcare providers should be made aware of the reports of the "potential adverse event", the committee said. It did not say how many people had been affected and recommended further investigation. Dr Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, said vaccines are known to cause myocarditis and it would be important to monitor to see if it is causally related to the vaccine. It is important to look at the risk-benefit ratio, he said: "Vaccines are going to unequivocally be much more beneficial outweighing this very low, if conclusively established, risk." The CDC said the cases typically occurred within four days after receiving the mRNA vaccines. It did not specify which vaccines. The United States has given emergency authorisation to two mRNA vaccines, from Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. Israel's Health Ministry in April said it was examining a small number of cases of heart inflammation in people who had received Pfizer's vaccine, although it had not yet drawn any conclusions. Most of the cases in Israel were reported among people up to age 30. Pfizer at the time said it had not observed a higher rate of the condition than would normally be the case in the general population and that a causal link to the vaccine had not been established. Pfizer and Moderna did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Saturday. The CDC in late April, after news of the Israeli investigation, said it did not see a link between the two. Earlier this month US regulators expanded authorisation of Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine to children aged 12 to 15.

Simone Biles nailed a vault so dangerous that no woman had ever tried it in competition before her

Simone Biles became the first woman to attempt - or complete - a Yurchenko double pike during competition at the US Classic Saturday night.

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Dua Lipa blasts group that condemned her for Mideast stance

Singer Dua Lipa is blasting an organization that paid for a full-page ad in The New York Times that called her antisemitic for her support of Palestinians, saying it used her name “shamelessly” to “advance their ugly campaign with falsehoods and blatant misrepresentations.” In the rambling ad which appeared in Saturday's newspaper in the main section, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the head of the World Values Network, named Lipa, and the models Bella and Gigi Hadid as three “mega-influencers” who have “accused Israel of ethnic cleansing” and “vilified the Jewish State.” Lipa took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to “reject the false and appalling allegations” and said the World Values Network twisted what she stands for.

Latest Manhattan Pastry Shop Looks To Launch Newest Dessert Craze

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Cupcakes are so last year.

At least, that’s what the folks at New York’s newest niche sweet purveyor are saying.

The latest specialty dessert shop to hit the Big Apple is Treat House, a so-called “crisped rice treat emporium,” devoted to selling creative versions of a childhood favorite, the Rice Krispy Treat.

Opening Tuesday on the Upper West Side, Treat House is the brainchild of a former city restaurant hotshot and his preschool teacher wife.

While Manhattan is no stranger to trendy desserts and food fads, the team at Treat House is ready to compete with likes of frozen yogurt, craft cookies, doughnuts and of course, cupcakes.

“The cupcake market is obviously well-developed and overly saturated,” said Chris Russell, who formerly founded swanky NYC spot Moomba. “This is a new twist on a classic dessert treat, and it’s a huge market that really no one’s ever done.”

Treat House (credit: Noah Fecks)

It all started with a bake sale.

A few years ago, the Russell’s two children needed to raise money for a school project, and the family launched a simple curbside sweets stand.

The couple whipped up crisped rice treats in flavors like dark chocolate chili and bubble gum. When customers continued to come back for more, they realized they just might be on to something.

Russell and his wife Jen went to pastry chef Wendy Israel, formerly of New York’s W Hotel. Together, the crew came up with over 30 flavor combinations.

“We spent two years developing the flavors to make sure every single treat is balanced, that the texture is right, that it&rsquos not too sweet, sour or bitter,” Russell said.

Customers at Treat House will choose from crisped rice treat flavors like birthday cake, s’mores, red velvet, lemon and caramel fleur de sel.

Promising feedback at pre-launch tastings have given the Treat House team seemingly unshakable faith in the gourmet treats. Russell added that in the days leading up to the shop’s opening, folks have been banging on the doors looking for samples.

“The product is beautiful, and it tastes better than it looks,” he said.

In a city where folks wake up before dawn to line up for the newest pastry concoction, the Russells know the competition is stiff — but the couple is confident.

“We&rsquore either the first people who have thought of this or are crazy enough to try it,” Russell said. “But if the initial feedback that we&rsquove gotten is any indicator, we might be able to give cupcakes and Cronuts a run for their money.”

Try This Secret Ingredient for Flawless Rice Krispie Treats Every Time

I’ve been a huge Rice Krispie treats fan since back in the day. It was hands down my favorite sweet as a kid—I memorized the recipe from the back of the cereal box and made them regularly. Post-college I discovered a bakery near my first NYC apartment that sold them in massive blocks, and I purchased one a day for about a year. In 2007, the New York Times published a recipe for caramelized brown butter ones , and that has been my go-to recipe for over a decade—until now.

Last spring, at a food event I was working, I tasted the best Rice Krispie treat ever . It hailed from the geniuses at Brooklyn’s Meme’s Diner : Each one was gooey, buttery, soft, and chewy—a winning combination. Though I did not inquire at the time as to what it was that made the wildly addictive treats so spectacular (perhaps because I was focused on eating as many as I could without drawing too much attention to myself), I stumbled upon the reason here several months later: sweetened condensed milk.

Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, $2.87 on Amazon Fresh

For the uninitiated, sweetened condensed milk is evaporated milk with added sugar—which gives the product a longer shelf life. Miraculously, sweetened condensed milk is the magic that sends Rice Krispie treats over the top texturally (without making them too sweet), producing a wonderfully gooey and chewy dessert.

My treats recipe calls for half a cup of sweetened condensed milk, but I’ve made some additional tweaks, like an extra cup of mini marshmallows for folding in at the last minute (because aren’t we all in it for the intense pockets of goo—or is that just me?), a generous teaspoon of fine sea salt, plus some of the flaky variety for sprinkling, and a tablespoon of vanilla (the vanilla works wonders with the melted, buttery marshmallows). In short, sweetened condensed milk, some extra marshmallows, salt, and vanilla is all that stands between you and the Rice Krispie treats of your dreams.

Rice Krispie Treats with Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe

For those who are convinced Rice Krispie treats are reserved for bake sales, I have to disagree: They’re perfect for holiday potlucks, a stellar addition to your cookie box, and a great gift (though if you are sending them through the mail, wrap them in plastic wrap first so they don’t dry out). Or simply enjoy them the way I do: standing at my kitchen counter, uninhibitedly slicing slivers from the pan (when they are just this side of room temp) and not doing a very good job of sharing.

Recipe Summary

  • cooking spray
  • 9 ounces crispy rice cereal
  • 1 (11 ounce) package caramel bits (such as Kraft®)
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 (16 ounce) package marshmallows

Prepare a baking dish and a large mixing bowl with non-stick cooking spray. Pour cereal into a large mixing bowl and set next to your stove.

Heat caramel bits and butter together in a large saucepan over low heat until both are melted and the mixture is smooth, about 5 minutes add marshmallows. Continue to cook the mixture, stirring regularly, until the marshmallows are melted and the mixture is smooth, about 5 minutes pour immediately into the middle of the cereal in the bowl and quickly stir to coat cereal completely.

Spread the coated cereal into the prepared baking dish. Spray the back of a spoon with cooking spray and use it to press the cereal into an even layer. Let cereal cool completely before cutting into squares.

What a LOVEly gift

Well, everyone’s favorite holiday is just around the corner… Valentine’s day *hold the groans*. So, while many people do hate this holiday, some genuinely like it. I mean it’s just another excuse to get and give gifts, right? In fact, Americans go crazy when buying gifts for this holiday. According to CNN, people collectively spend about $1.6 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day candy and $1.9 million on flowers each year. So, it can be assumed that Americans do indeed find this holiday important. However, there are so many better gifts to give than boring flowers or cheap drugstore candy. I have some ideas that will help spunk up your Valentine’s Day! Show the people in your life, no matter who they are, that you love them with these awesome gift ideas!

For your friends:

Friends are the people who are always there for you when you’re sad. When you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to have a good time with, they are there. So, treat them… literally! Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than candy. Dylan’s Candy Bar has the perfect ideas. There are many different price ranges and types of candy. There’s something sweet for all the sweethearts in your life! One of my favorite items on the lower budget end is the three pack of chocolate bars. There are many different exotic flavors to choose from, and they look delicious! They go for $12.99. If you are willing to go a little higher in the price range, I would recommend getting the cupcake filled with white chocolate pretzel balls. It’s unique, cute, and yummy. It definitely says I love you!

For your parents:

While we may be bitter about not having special plans for V Day that doesn’t mean your parents can’t enjoy a great night! Show them how much you appreciate them and send them on a hot date in town. Whether it is the local Italian restaurant or a romantic, expensive restaurant, your parents will just be happy you thought of them. My suggestion is to get your siblings involved too so you have extra dough to spend on them. Find out their favorite restaurant. I would recommend sending them to any Steven Starr restaurant. It’s an upscale restaurant chain in Philly, New York, Florida, Atlantic City, and Washington DC that caters to all types of tastes. There’s Asian Fusion Food at both Pod and Buddakan. These are funky restaurants with even funkier food and drinks. Pod is Zagat rated, and they say it is an “‘interesting menu’ of ‘modern’ nibbles, including ‘excellent’ sushi from a conveyor belt.” If your parents are into steak houses they can try Steak 954 or Butcher and Singer. There’s such a large range of options that there is definitely something your parents will like! Best part of going with a Starr Restaurant is that you can buy the gift card online.

Pod Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

For your significant other:

And for those of you who do have big plans for Valentine’s day this holiday is your time to shine! This is the holiday to be mushy and cheesy. What better place to look for ideas than pinterest? I personally like this idea to write 12 letters and label them for each month of the year. It’s the gift that just keeps giving! There are so many different options, but this one should be personal. Don’t be afraid to get mushy.

For yourself:

There’s no harm in showing yourself some love, and Cosmopolitan magazine agrees! They have compiled a list of 19 Valentine’s day gifts to give to yourself. They suggested everything from workout apparel to bubble bath! My favorite was the “Cute and comfy loungewear” because as they said, it’s perfect when you don’t feel like wearing real clothes (which may be all the time…).

Regardless if you are a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, have fun with it! Give gifts that will make your friends and family smile and that will let them know that you love them!

The Best Sweet Treats For Summer

Donut ice cream sandwiches are back at Peter Pan Donuts! It&rsquos definitely worth the trip to Greenpoint for this combination of unglazed donuts and smashed ice cream. May we suggest the rich red velvet donut with strawberry or vanilla ice cream? Or try a classic chocolate donut with vanilla ice cream to satisfy your &ldquooreo&rdquo craving. It can get messy but isn&rsquot that part of the fun?

If you like rice krispy treats then you&rsquoll love the ice cream bars at Treat House. The rice krispy-based shop is putting their famous sticky dessert on a stick, slapping vanilla Ronnybrook ice cream on top, and dipping them in chocolate. This $5 treat gets better as it melts and with combinations like bake sale, chocolate raspberry, chocolate mint, and chocolate peanut butter how can you walk down Amsterdam Avenue without stopping in?

Those looking for an alternative to ice cream should definitely check out Popbar in the West Village. Create your own personal Popbar starting with your choice of popGelato, popSorbetto, or YogurtPop before moving onto the &ldquopoppings&rdquo (aka toppings). From crushed waffle cone and caramel corn to coconut and pistachios, there&rsquos something for everyone to enjoy. Finally, dip your bar in either traditional milk or dark chocolate or try something different like white or mint dark chocolate. They&rsquove also got plenty of treats you can sip with a straw like frozen hot chocolates and Popaccinos to help you cool down during the hot summer months.

Stop into Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain and you&rsquoll feel like sharing an ice cream float with your date (okay, you might want it all for yourself). Try fun flavors like the Pink Poodle &ndash hibiscus soda and vanilla ice cream &ndash or the Morning in Maine &ndash maple soda with coffee ice cream. This place is also know for its rich egg creams. The original flavor (chocolate or vanilla) is made with Fox&rsquos U-Bet, whole milk, and sparkling soda. Those who are lactose intolerant should know there is also a non-dairy egg cream on the menu that is made with almond or soy milk and maple syrup. But if you&rsquore celebrating a special occasion you must get the Butterbeer egg cream. Let&rsquos just say it&rsquos comprised of hot caramel, fresh whipped cream, frothed milk, and a bit of sparkling seltzer. Did we mention there&rsquos an entire page dedicated to ice cream sundaes? Um, yeah.

Most Baked customers know about the Brooksters (a brownie based tart filled with chocolate chunk cookie batter) but did you know that they also have some pretty delicious pies? Snag a slice of sweet Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie or traditional Apple Pie. Those with a big sweet tooth can probably tackle the Candy Bar Tart &ndash chocolate cookie crust with caramel walnut filling, topped with rich chocolate ganache. The Tribeca bakery is serving up individual Caramel Apple Tarts as well as Citron Tarts that are the perfect blend of both sweet and sour. Don&rsquot forget to check out the refrigerated area to see what other goodies you can take home.

Somewhere between shaved ice and ice cream lies shaved cream, the revolutionary new frozen dessert that is an evolution of the Taiwanese and Korean treat. The folks at Snowdays have brought the texture of a snow cone with the taste and creaminess of ice cream to the east coast. Choose from fun flavors like Roasted Black Sesame, Green Tea Matcha, or Sweet Milk and add toppings that range from Pocky Sticks and Red Beans to Nilla Waffers and Fruity Pebbles. Finally drizzle your creation with one of their signature sauces like condensed milk, strawberry puree, salted caramel, or peanut butter sauce. A regular will cost you $5 and if you&rsquore really hungry, you can buy a Yeti-sized cup for $10.

For the latest on all of the Tri-State’s events and happenings, follow us on Twitter!

Watch the video: Christmas Rice Krispie Treats: Snowy House (May 2022).