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Vanilla cake with cherries

Vanilla cake with cherries

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For the countertop:

Beat the egg whites with the sugar and the sachet of vanilla sugar. Mix the yolks well with the whisk. Pour over the egg whites, stirring slowly, add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Mix well.

Grease a round shape on the edges with oil, and put baking paper on the bottom.

Pour the composition and put in the oven for 30 minutes. Test with a toothpick.

Allow to cool, remove from the pan and slice lengthwise. 3 sheets of countertop come out.

For the cream:

Put the cream envelopes in a bowl, add the powdered sugar and cold milk from the fridge. Mix for a few minutes, add the essences and leave in the fridge for about 1 hour.

In a bowl put limoncello and a little water, mix well.

Cut the cherries into slices.

Top the syrup with limoncello, add the vanilla cream, pieces of cherries, top, and syrup again and put with a layer of cream and cherries and the last top with the same procedure except for the cherries. Grease the edges with vanilla cream.

Put in the fridge until the sugar paste is prepared.

For sugar paste:

Powdered sugar about 500 gr is put in a bowl, make a hole in the middle.

Put the gelatin sheets in cold water for 10 minutes. Squeeze and put in a saucepan, along with honey, butter and milk. Put on the fire, stirring constantly until it becomes syrup.

Pour powdered sugar over the mixture, stirring constantly, slowly hardening. Leave to rest for 5 minutes. Put powdered sugar on the table and start kneading, always adding powdered sugar.

It stops a bit for the shapes of hearts and stars.

The other piece is mixed with the red dye and kneaded very well.

Spread with a rolling pin and place on top of the cake, which is first greased with butter to hold the sugar paste well.

Stretch the remaining piece and make shapes.

Arrange the cake with the shapes made and leave it to cool for 2 hours.

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