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Olga-Virginia salad

Olga-Virginia salad

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Wash and cut the salad, clean the mushrooms, sprinkle with lemon juice and then cut into very thin slices, cut the julienned onion, diced peppers, round cucumbers and place over the salad. Fry the slices of ham on the grill (on both sides) for about 5-7 minutes, then cut into suitable pieces and add to the salad. Add the persimmon fruit, this is a fruit from Spain, very tasty and cool, it has a special taste and has an orange color. Near the end, fry the pine buds (without oil) in the pan. Add salt and pepper and add the dressing.

Good appetite.

Classification of old rom & acircnești names

The following classification is made according to the frequency of their use at national level and their documentary attestation.

12th century
Names of boys: Ioan
13th century
Names of boys: Călin, Dan, Dumitru, Gavril, Gavrilă, Mircea, Radu, Stan, Vlad
Names of girls: Daisy
14th century
Names of boys: Alexandru, Andrei, Anghel, Anton, Bogdan, Constantin, Daniel, Dragoș, Gheorghe, Grigore / Grigorie, Iosif, Marin, Mihai, Mihail, Pavel, Petre, Petru, Simion, Ștefan, Toma, Tudor, Toader
Names of girls: Anca, Catalina, Elena, Elisabeta, Ioana, Magdalena, Maria, Marina, Marta, Nastasia, Oana, Olga, Paraschiva, Rada, Sofia, Stana, Stanca, Teodora
15th century
Names of boys: Ilie, Vasile
Names of girls: Alexandra, Ana, Dumitra, Ecaterina, Floarea, Florica, Irina, Lenuța, Petra, Roxana, Sanda, Ștefana, Ștefania, Tatiana, Tudora, Vasilica
16th century
Names of boys: Cosmin, Dănuț, Gelu, Gheorghiță, Lucian, Maricel, Răzvan, Teodor
Names of girls: Ancuța, Andreea, Anica, Dana, Ileana, Ilinca, Ilona, ​​Mădălina, Maricica
17th century
Names of boys: Toader
Names of girls: Anuța, Eugenia, Petruța, Raluca
18th century
Names of boys: Arpad, Aurel, Carol, Cătălin, Ciprian, Istvan, Petrică, Vasilică
Names of girls: Doina
19th century
Names of boys: Adrian, Alin, Augustin, Aurelian, Claudiu, Cornel, Corneliu, Costel, Costică, Cristian, Cristinel, Dorel, Dorin, Doru, Eduard, Emil, Emilian, Eugen, Florian, Florin, Gabriel, George, Ionel, Ionuț, Iulian , Iuliu, Laurențiu, Levente, Liviu, Ludovic, Marcel, Marian, Marius, Mihăiță, Neculai, Nelu, Nicolae / Nicolaie, Nicu, Niculae / Niculaie, Nicușor, Octavian, Ovidiu, Paul, Remus, Robert, Romeo, Sandu, Sebastian , Sergiu, Silviu, Sorin, Ștefan, Stelian, Tiberiu, Traian, Valentin, Valeriu, Victor, Viorel, Virgil
Names of girls: Adela, Adina, Adriana, Alexandrina, Alina, Anamaria, Aneta, Angela, Angelica, Anișoara, Aurelia, Aurica, Aurelia, Bianca, Camelia, Carmen, Catinca, Cecilia, Claudia, Constanța, Constantina, Corina, Cornelia, Cristina, Daniela, Delia, Diana, Domnica, Dorina, Eleonora, Elvira, Emilia, Erika, Eva, Felicia, Filofteia, Florentina, Florina, Gabriela, Georgeta, Giorgiana, Geta, Gheorghița, Gherghina, Gina, Ionela, Ionica, Irma, Iulia, Iuliana, Lăcrămioara, Laura, Lavinia, Leontina, Lidia, Liliana, Lina, Livia, Loredana, Lucia, Lucica, Lucreția, Luminița, Marcela, Mariana, Marilena, Marinela, Marioara, Mihaela, Mioara, Mirela, Monica, Natalia, Nicoleta, Niculina, Olimpia, Otilia, Paula, Paulina, Petronela, Ramona, Rodica, Rozalia, Sabina, Silvia, Simona, Sorina, Stela, Steliana, Steluța, Susana, Terezia, Tinca, Valentina, Valeria, Valerica, Veronica, Victoria, Violeta, Viorica, Virginia.

MANGALIA 20 - A TOP of local personalities, episode 8 & # 8211 EDUCATION, EDUCATION

On this occasion, the editorial staff of the online newspaper launched Top local personalities "MANGALIA TOP 20". So, 20 years have passed since Mangalia is a municipality, we chose to point out this event 20 areas in which our fellow citizens have asserted themselves, over time, while trying to “Update"Monograph"Mangalia in the pages of the weather ", written in 2007 by Aurelia and Alexandru Lăpușan.

Previous article encompassed the domains CINEMATOGRAPHY, THEATER, ACTORS, ACTRESSES.

We continue today with Episode 8:


From the monograph "Mangalia in the pages of time",authors Aurelia and Ștefan Lăpușan:

The school reopens its gates(ed .: after the First World War)

City life returns to normal, with the reopening of schools. The school year begins in December 1918, in bombed-out buildings, without firewood, without textbooks. The teachers, who have just returned from the front, set the tone for rebuilding the city. Mangalia's dowry was limited to a kindergarten run by the educator Istodorescu and a mixed primary school served by teachers Petra Stegaru, Ion Teodorescu, Adela Brătianu, Ecaterina Dabija. Teachers Vasile Stegaru, Gheorghe Ionescu and Margareta Pandelescu also worked at the Mangalia Urban School.

How to prepare bulgur and quinoa salad

Boil the bread in a bowl. When it boils, add a little salt and the mixture of bulgur and quinoa. Boil for 10 minutes, then drain in a sieve.

Meanwhile, wash the salad and dry it in a centrifuge. Peel an onion and chop it according to your preference. Slice the tomatoes and cucumbers.

In a large bowl put the mixture of bulgur and quinoa, then add the other ingredients. Salt to taste, add lemon juice and olive oil.

Mix gently and the salad is ready to eat. Good appetite!

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Published by Ligia Pop

Ligia Pop is an author, nutrition consultant and raw chef. He has written 9 books so far, four of which are about a healthy diet, three about the birth and upbringing of a child, one about the practical living of a healthy life and another is a child-friendly piano method. Ligia is the host of the web shows "Ligia's Kitchen" and "De Vorbă cu Ligia" and the co-organizer of the Raw Generation conferences. See all Ligia Pop's articles

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WTT is back in the spotlight

World TeamTennis will be the first tennis competition with spectators during the coronavirus pandemic and will be attended by three Grand Slam tournament winners, Sofia Kenin, Sloane Stephens and Kim Clijsters. The tournament will take place between July 12 and August 2 in the mountain resort of Greenbrier, West Virginia, USA, with the participation of nine teams, each consisting of five players and representing a city.

There will be at least three matches a day, on a 2,500-seat arena, and 500 spectators will be able to enter the stands. In total, 66 matches are scheduled, 63 in the championship system, two semifinals and the final, and the total prizes amount to five million dollars. In the WTT, the matches are played in a different system than in the circuits. There are five or six sets per match, women's singles, men's singles, women's doubles, men's doubles, one or two mixed doubles sets. The game is won by the player who obtains four points, and the set, the player who reaches six games with a tie-break of nine points & icircn case of 5-5.

Among the participants will be well-known names from the ATP circuit, such as Grigor Dimitrov, brothers Bob and Mike Bryan, Horia Tecău's partner, Jean Julien Rojer, Sam Querrey, Tennys Sandgren, but also from the WTA, such as Taylor Townsend, Danielle Collins, Kristyna Pliskova, Christina McHale, Olga Govorţova.

WTT introduced professional team tennis in 1974, with Billie Jean King as co-founder. WTT is one of five professional sports leagues in the United States that have been operating for over 40 years, along with the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. & quotWe at World TeamTennis are extremely grateful for the opportunity to play the 45th season of World TeamTennis and to present professional tennis to our hungry sports and tennis audience. The overwhelming response of our players is that they want to play WTT. and feel comfortable in this regard, in a safe environment, which is our number 1 priority. West Virginia has among the fewest cases of Covid-19 in the country and is grateful to local officials for being so welcoming and allowing World Team to run the & icircn 2020 & quot; said WTT director Carlos Silva.

All ATP and WTA competitions are suspended for at least July 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Memories from Eminescu's Botosani (1850-1889). Ana-Elisabeta Florescu Coșereanu PHOTO / VIDEO

Undoubtedly, the Botoşani of yesterday and today have been a vast and interesting research topic, materialized in numerous studies and articles, in book chapters, in illustrated albums.

Each author tried to capture important aspects of the life of the Botosani fair, be they in the historical, economic, social, cultural, religious, political or other field, for a certain historical period or from the moment of documentary attestation until today.

At the same time, over time, studies have appeared on the life and work of some outstanding personalities of the national culture, who have linked their existence to that of the people of Botosani: George Enescu, Nicolae Iorga, Grigore Antipa, Ştefan Luchian, Octav Onicescu, Păstorel Teodoreanu, Mihai Eminescu etc.

In writing these lines we started from the idea of ​​presenting the aspects of Mihai Eminescu's life related to his presence in the city of Botosani, for a strictly determined period: 1850 - 1889, ie that time from birth to the physical disappearance of the one who gave a new meaning for the Romanian language, the brilliant Eminescu.

Image Chopin, recital given by pianist Sînziana Mircea and her guests

One of the most beloved Romanian pianists of the young generation, pianist Sînziana Mircea, performs on November 14, at the Radio Hall, the recital Picture Chopin: a unique concept that intertwines works by the well-known Polish composer with transcriptions for piano, guitar and soprano made by the concert soloists themselves, along with video projections and videomapping.

Along with Sînziana Mircea, guitarist Raisa Mihai and soprano Amalia Lazarciuc will appear on the stage of the Radio Hall. The three young musicians are teachers at MuseArt Academy, the MuseArt association being the organizer of the entire “Imagine Chopin” project October in London, Bistrița, Târgu-Mureș and Sfântu Gheorghe.

recital Picture Chopin from Bucharest, from November 14, at 19.00, Radio Hall, is organized under the sign of the project "Heirs of Musical Romania" together with Radio Romania Musical and Rotary Club Pipera.

On the occasion of this recital, for the first time a new album was presented to the public by Casa Radio Publishing House, published under the sign of the project "Heirs of Musical Romania": it is a double CD with selections from the recitals of pianists Florian Mitrea, Adela Liculescu and Axia Marinescu, supported in October 2018 and June 2019 within the project “Heirs of Musical Romania”. The album is part of the Radio Romania Muzical collection from Casa Radio Publishing House, in which the albums “Magic Winter” and “Magic Summer” appeared in 2019, and in the following period the album “Listen to 5 minutes of classical music” will be available. .

The project “Heirs of Musical Romania” organized by Radio Romania Musical and Rotary Club Pipera, aims to bring on one of the most prestigious stages in Romania, that of the Radio Hall, the young and exceptional musicians of Romania. The recitals in this project are addressed to a wide audience, with an accessible repertoire and lasting one hour, without a break.


Pianist Sînziana Mircea pursues her solo career on some of the most important stages in the world. At just 20, he made his debut at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater and St Martin-in-the-Fields in London. Her debut recital at Carnegie Hall in New York took place at just 24 years old with the house closed, being rewarded by the American audience with standing ovations for minutes on end. This solo career began, in fact, very early. The first public appearance on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum took place at only seven years old, followed by numerous concerts in Romania and Europe and even in America - where he debuted at the age of 11. Then followed the first tournaments in the USA (14 years old), Japan (20 years old) and China (24 years old).

In 2019, the Romanian musician debuted as a soloist of the Radio Chamber Orchestra on the stage of the Bucharest Radio Hall in a "sold out" concert and held an extensive tour of 9 concerts in Japan, greeted with enthusiasm by the public and the press . Thus, the Tokachi-Mainichi newspaper noted on June 18, 2019: "Sînziana Mircea enchanted the audience with her wonderful piano art", Obihiro, Japan.

The year 2019 brought Sînziana the First Prize at the "Golden Classical Music Awards" International Competition, which will bring the Romanian pianist back on the prestigious American stage at Carnegie Hall in November 2019. Also in the same year she won two First Prizes - " Salzburg ”and“ Amsterdam ”at the Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition.

These awards complement the portfolio of awards won from an early age. In 2017, Sînziana was awarded the title of Young Steinway Artist as a result of an extremely rigorous selection worldwide in which the most promising young pianists in the world are elected. In 2016 he won the award of the International Piano Academy in Miami, and in 2014 he became the first Romanian pianist to obtain a scholarship from the Van Cliburn Foundation and TCU School of Music at the PianoTexas Festival & Academy.

Sînziana Mircea's career is marked by appearances with Romanian philharmonic orchestras (Arad, Piteşti, Craiova), as well as in prestigious festivals including the George Enescu Festival, with Alexandru Tomescu and Omar Massa, "Palermo Classica" Festival, "MusicaRiva Festival As a soloist with the Washington DC Youth Orchestra. In solo terms, he collaborated with conductors such as Mitsuyoshi Oikawa, Mikhail Jurowski, Gianluigi Zampieri, Cristian Neagu, Walter Attanasi, Amaury du Closel. In chamber music, the pianist constantly performs with Alexandru Tomescu, the most important Romanian violinist, in numerous tours, including the "Stradivarius Tour" and "West meets East".

His recording activity includes two CDs: the album “Nihil Sine Deo” (Casa Radio Publishing House), ranked third at the national competition for the best classical music CD in Romania in 2016, organized by Radio Romania Muzical, as well as the second CD released by the Italian house Sheva Collection, in 2017, “Unending Love”, a CD distributed worldwide by NAXOS. Recordings of his concerts have been broadcast by BBC Radio 3, RAI 3 Italy, Music3 Belgium, Radio Romania Musical and other major radio channels for classical music throughout Europe (such as Sweden, Norway, Poland).

Sînziana Mircea was formed under the guidance of great personalities of the music world, such as Aldo Ciccolini, Ronan O’Hora, Pascal Roge, Boris Petrushansky, Verona Maier. The Romanian pianist began her studies in Bucharest under the guidance of teachers Elena Dumitrescu, Olga Szel, Stela Drăgulin. He subsequently received a bachelor's degree from Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Koln (Germany) and a master's degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama London (UK), with a generous scholarship from Steinway & Sons UK. He also studied at the Accademia Pianistica Imola (Italy).

In addition to music studies, in December 2018 Sînziana obtained a master's degree in Arts Management at the Bocconi University of Economics in Milan. In the same year he founded in Bucharest MuseArt Academy, a music school where he collaborates with other young Romanian musicians. The MuseArt Academy team holds courses, concerts and educational events for children and adults with a passion for music.


Raisa Mihai is a third year student at the National University of Music in Bucharest. He has won numerous awards at national and international guitar competitions, including the Second Prize at the Transylvania International Guitar Festival, the First Prize at the Montenegro International Guitar Competition, Duo category and the Second Prize at the Eduard Pamfil Competition, solo category. He has given numerous concerts in Romania, Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria, Great Britain.


Soprano Amalia Lazarciuc is a master student at the National University of Music in Bucharest. Over the years, she has performed as a soloist on stages such as the Romanian Athenaeum, the Sibiu Philharmonic or the Stara Zagora State Opera in Bulgaria. She has also given numerous concerts as a member of the Bucharest Canticum Choir. Amalia Lazarciuc participated in masterclasses with great personalities such as Sylvia Greenberg, David Malis or Kristen Buhl Moller.

Names of girls & # 8211 which are the most beautiful names for girls

Once you find out you are pregnant, get through the first trimester and find out the sex of the baby, one of the most important things to think about is what name the new family member will have. Because it is often a difficult choice for future parents, we have made a list of the most beautiful girls' names. You can be inspired by the material below and you can choose the perfect name for the little girl of the family.

If you found out the sex of the baby and are preparing to be the mother of the girl, we have prepared a list of the most special names of girls. Popular names of girls, rare names of girls, but also a list of names for children from which to choose your favorite.

Find out which is the list of the most beautiful names of boys

Gorgeous names of girls You can find the right inspiration for us!

Will a princess be born in your family? Congratulations! Let it grow big! It is a time full of joy and decisions. And one of the first decisions you have to make is how to baptize your little one. Here are 5 criteria to keep in mind when choosing the name that your little girl will wear all her life.

You can start by looking for girl names in your families

Baptizing your child with the name of an ancestor or ancestor is not a shame. On the contrary, when she is older, she will gladly listen to the story that inspired you in choosing her name. Maybe it's a beautiful story, full of lessons, maybe the person who gives her name was a strong, beautiful, good woman. It's an honor for your daughter to carry the name of such a relative.

Maybe you are the first in your family's family tree to name your child after someone in the family. Talk to your parents and ask them to tell you the names of their longtime relatives. Maybe one of them resonates with what you want for your little girl.

Names of old-fashioned girls that sound good today: Dina, Cezara, Marta, Marina, Elvira, Emilia, Mia, Nina, Stana, Valeria, Virginia, Olga, Smaranda, Sabina, Victoria, Agata. See here more ideas for girls' names and the meaning of the name.

Choose the names of girls from your favorite characters

When looking for a name to name your daughter, you want to find one that inspires strength, femininity and, why not, altruism. Most of the time, the characters from movies, literary works or plays are real landmarks.

Remember Vitoria Lipan, the strong woman from Mihail Sadoveanu's "Baltagul". Or the angelic devil, Olguța, at the same time pure but also with inclinations towards small evils, of Ionel Teodoreanu from the novel "La Medeleni".

Why not George Călinescu's secretive Otilia or Slavici's Mara, a complex and strong woman. What about Zoe, the immortal lady who loses her letter in Caragiale's work? She seems to reflect a beautiful, playful woman who has everyone at her feet.

Names of girls inspired by Romanian actresses: Tora (Vasilescu), Viviana (Alivizache), Gina (Patrichi), Draga (Olteanu Matei), Rodica (Popescu Bitănescu), Stela (Popescu), Florina (Cercel), Maria (Ploaie), Ecaterina (Nazare).

Take the last name into account

The chosen first name must go well, to match the last name he already has. If the latter has Russian influences (Popov, Mikhailov, Ivanov), the first name next to this name should be Alexandrina, Olga, Irina, Arabella, Arina, Antonia, Ecaterina.

Put on paper all the options that attract you and say them out loud. There is no golden rule to follow, but if you feel that it does not flow or that it sounds strange, give up that option!

The most common surnames in our country are Pop, Popa, Niță, Popescu, Ionescu, Stănescu, Dumitrescu, Ioniță, Gheorghiu, Marin, Tudor, Dobre, Ene, Dinu, Barbu, Ababei, Afloarei, each grouping by areas of influences: Moldovan, Transylvanian, Oltenian, Wallachian.

You would have the tendency, wouldn't you, to add only the names of girls with Romanian influence, such as Maria, Ana, Ileana, Smaranda, Ioana, to the family name with a strong Romanian flavor. But we advise you to make choices, more than inspired, from the names now fashionable among girls.

Here is a short list of first names and surnames that sound good: Amelia Gheorghiu, Ava Pop, Varvara Dumitrescu, Nora Popa, Ela Marin, Matilda Ene, Venera Ababei, Mila Dobre, Luna Barbu, Ema Ioniță, Nicolina Dinu and the list goes on. Well, what do you say sounds good, right?

Get inspired by nature!

The Latin names of the flowers, for example, or the names of the stars, of the months of the year, or those that speak of properties transmitted from the Latin language, are wonderful.

Here is a short list of them, so you can choose what inspires you: Dalia, Camelia, Augusta, April, Bella, Alba, Alma, Amedeia, Angelina, Celestina, Celia, Codruța, Daiana, Fulvia, Gloria, Ina, Iustina, Flora, Lina, Lorena, Luna, Lisa, Milena, Nona, Norica, Silva.

Choosing a theme for the girls' names

Some parents decide to baptize their children according to a certain theme, for example the religious one. Usually, the girl will be baptized Eve, and the brother who will be born will be Adam. Others choose according to the names of the godfathers, the patron saint of the church where they are to baptize their children, or the names of saints, thus hoping that the saint will extend his protection to the one who bears and glorifies his name, as God teaches us.

Others choose to give their children two names, and in this case one of the first names is a saint's name.

Here is a short list of girl's first names inspired by the names of the saints: Maria, Ana, Magdalena, Anastacia, Ioana, Sofia, Irina, Alexandra, Ecaterina.

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