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Chicken legs in a Roman bowl on a bed of vegetables

Chicken legs in a Roman bowl on a bed of vegetables

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Preparation: wash, clean and cut the vegetables and place in the Romanian bowl.

Place the chicken legs over them. Season everything with salt and pepper (I have a mixture of three kinds of pepper with salt granules and some greens and I used that one), add a tablespoon of oil and a cup of water and then sprinkle over the chicken legs a few dried thyme and paprika. I always like to change the aroma of steaks, now I wanted a subtle aroma of dried thyme.

Put the dish in the oven (the Romanian dish is kept in water to absorb water and always put in the oven not preheated) and leave it for 30 minutes with a lid and then another 15 wonders without a lid to brown the meat. In the meantime, I took care of the gasket. This time I opted for some steamed potato slices. I cleaned 3 potatoes and cut the slices with the corrugated plate, I placed them in the steam sieve bought from Ikea, a wonderful invention, it goes to any dish and does not take up much space. I poured a cup of water under the sieve and seasoned the potatoes with a mixture of salt, pepper and dried greens.

Cover the pot with a lid and let it boil over medium heat, since it starts to boil in about 12-14 minutes, the potatoes are ready, the best method is to test when they are ready. I served the steak accompanied by a few slices of potatoes over which I poured some vegetables from the steak, they also gave a good taste to the potatoes and a pleasant appearance. I wish you good appetite!


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