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Honey cake

Honey cake

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sheets-in a bowl mix the egg with the sugar, add the honey and butter, add the baking soda dissolved in the lemon juice and the rest of the ingredients, knead until an elastic dough results. Cover in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Divide the crust into 4 pieces that we will spread in a thin sheet and bake them for about 10 minutes (enough to brown a little at the corners) on the back of the tray greased with oil and lined with flour. Let it cool very well.

In the meantime we are preparing cream

Mix the milk with the sugar and put it on the fire, when it starts to boil add the flour mixed with a little milk, mix continuously until it thickens and acquires the consistency of a pudding.

Take the pan off the heat, add the butter and lemon juice, mix well and let it cool,

Aassembly-in a tray place the first sheet, add 1/2 vanilla cream, add 2 sheets, grease with plum jam, 3 sheets, the rest of the cream and the last sheet,

Let the tray cool for a few hours, then dust it with sugar and cut it,

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