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Pizza with mushrooms and ham

Pizza with mushrooms and ham

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I put all the ingredients for the dough in the bread machine, in the kneading + leavening program. It was ready after 1 hour and a half.

In the meantime, I prepared the tomato sauce.

I boiled the tomato juice with the crushed garlic, the sugar and the rest of the spices. I left it to cool.

I spread the dough in the pan, greased it with tomato sauce, then in order ... diced ham, mushrooms, corn kernels and mozzarella.

I baked it for about half an hour.

Ingredients for pizza recipe with ham and mushrooms

500 gr flour
10 gr yeast
a knife tip salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
200 ml of warm water
400 gr mushrooms
150 gr raw and smoked ham

How to prepare pizza recipe with ham and mushrooms?

Mix the ingredients and knead until you get a suitable soft dough. I know, it's a common expression but it doesn't say anything if you don't work with dough. The dough must come off the bowl, be elastic, I recommend you use exactly the quantities indicated.

Spread the dough with your fingers from the middle to the edge and put the tops greased with a little oil and lined with flour.

Let it cover to grow. Separately cut the mushrooms into slices and heat them.

Season with salt and pepper. Let it cool and put a little tomato sauce and oregano spice on the pizza top.

We put the mushrooms and ham.

Sprinkle the cheese and for those who love spicy things we put a sliced ​​green pepper.

I make a parenthesis to recommend the pizza tray holder which is super practical. You can bake 4 pizzas at the same time. I also put a picture to clarify what it looks like.

Returning to the recipe, bake the pizza on the right heat for 15 minutes in the preheated oven.

The dough is thin, fluffy on top and crispy at the base.

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Countertop preparation:
From flour, yeast, water, salt, sugar and oil to prepare a dough, which is left to rise for 30 minutes.
Make the dough into a large loaf or four smaller ones. Make a cross-shaped cut on them and sprinkle with a little flour. Let it rise for another 20-30 minutes. (I left it in the closed oven protected from drafts).
Heat the oven. Knead well, then spread it in the pan on the stove, taking care to raise the edges a little up.
Grease with tomato juice or sweet ketchup.
Put the kaizer, sausages, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, peppers and finally the grated cheese.
Bake for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how well the oven bakes.
Serve hot.

Try this video recipe too

Pizza with chicken and mushrooms - video recipe


For the countertop:

  • ▢ 650 ml of warm water
  • ▢ 15 g of yeast
  • ▢ 4 tablespoons oil
  • ▢ 1 kg of flour
  • ▢ 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ▢ 1 teaspoon salt

For the sauce:

  • ▢ 2-3 tablespoons olive oil
  • ▢ 3 cloves of garlic
  • ▢ 1 can of tomato pulp (400 g)
  • ▢ Fresh basil
  • ▢ a little salt

For topping:

  • ▢ 2-3 mushrooms cut into thin slices
  • ▢ 2-3 tablespoons oil
  • ▢ 1/2 diced chicken breast
  • ▢ shallow mozzarella
  • ▢ spices for chicken
  • ▢ hot peppers
  • ▢ salt

Method of preparation

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Recipe of pizza with chicken and mushrooms it is a wonderful option for the most carnivorous, but who do not want to use sausages. The truth is that I am the ham pizza village that we can order from anywhere. The ham is of poor quality, and the taste is just right. For this reason, I prefer to make pizza at home. I can put anything I want in it and I am always sure of the quality of the products used. Like at pizza Margherita, you need to consider several things for a perfect pizza.

First, bake pizza with chicken and mushrooms in the preheated oven at 240 degrees for up to 15 minutes. Don't overload the pizza by putting a lot of ingredients on it. Limit yourself to 4 that you spread evenly over pizza countertop. It is important to have good quality ingredients. Mozzarella will always be better than cheese and will give the dish a special taste. You can use cow mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella. It can be fresh or slightly matured.

The dough in the recipe is enough for at least 6 pizza with chicken and mushrooms. If you want to make less, you can reduce the quantities to make only half a portion. However, the dough lasts for several days in the refrigerator, at least 3-4. You can replace the topping ingredients with your favorites. You can put any kind of meat or sausage and any kind of vegetables. It is important to be of good quality and not in large quantities. The more we crowd the pizza, the harder it will bake and it will remain slightly raw in the middle.

Be sure to set the oven to high heat. If you do not have an electric oven, set the gas one to the highest gear. Let it heat well for at least 20 minutes. If you have a pizza oven on wood, it's even better. It reaches high temperatures, and the aroma of the wood is wonderful for pizza with chicken and mushrooms. Cut and serve the pizza necessarily hot. Do not use ketchup, but eventually put from tomato sauce which you used for pizza. It will be much tastier and more flavorful, and the pizza will be delicious, even better than at the pizzeria.

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Pizza With Mushrooms And Ham

Searching for Pizza With Mushrooms And Ham information? You are in the right place. At you can find everything you want to know about Pizza Cu Ciuperci Si Sunca. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! So find info and order pizza online!

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    Dec 03, 2009 · When it has risen (ie after 4.5 minutes), incorporate it into the flour and add the milk and oil. Knead well and leave to rise for about 30 minutes. Until the dough rises, cut the ham and diced mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers into slices. Mix the tomato broth with a little water, basil, thyme and perish to taste.4.4 / 5 (204)

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How to prepare pizza with salami, mushrooms and olives recipe for pizza salami and mushrooms

Pizza dough with salami

I dissolved the yeast in warm water. In a bowl I placed the flour and salt and poured the water with the yeast over them. I kneaded a pizza dough as I have shown here in detail. I weighed it and divided it into 4. I left it to rise for 2 hours.

Tomato sauce for pizza with salami

The Italians do not make pizza sauce but put the canned tomatoes directly over the dough. It is not wrong even if we make this simple sauce with basil and garlic.

I chopped the garlic and hardened it in olive oil. I added the basil leaves and canned tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 20 minutes, as I have shown here in detail. I got a great pizza sauce!

Video: Πορτομπέλο Πίτσα. Άκης Πετρετζίκης (July 2022).


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