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Panerai Unveils $75,000 Rose Gold Pocket Watch at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie

Panerai Unveils $75,000 Rose Gold Pocket Watch at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie

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Pocket watches are in line to be the next big thing in men's style. At the recent Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) watchfest in Basel, Switzerland, Panerai put in a vote of confidence on the return of the pocket watch. The Swiss-made, Italian-born brand unveiled the second pocket watch design they've ever created: a strapless version of their famed Radiomir model, available in two finishes. Limited to just 50 examples each, the Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Rosso (PAM00447) and the Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco (PAM00529) hark back to Radiomir prototypes first made in the late '30s. Available in red gold and white gold, they feature 50 mm polished cases with a single gold bow surrounding the winding crown at 12 o’clock.


The new pocket watches reproduce the construction of Panerai dials dating to the '30s as well—two superimposed discs enclose a layer of ecru Super-LumiNova, which shines with exceptional brightness through the apertures in the upper disc corresponding to the hour markers. The large round cover at the back concealing the movement can easily be opened in order to admire the finish of the in-house P.3001/10 caliber. Water resistant to about 50 meters, the watches come with 40 cm long chains with a nautical flair, as well as a special stand which can be used to turn the watches into a table clock. The watches are price at $71,800 for the Oro Rosso (red gold) and $75,700 for the Oro Bianco (white gold).

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