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Where Celebrities Eat in Los Angeles

Where Celebrities Eat in Los Angeles

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Check out these spots where you can eat like a celebrity in LA

Lindsay Lohan and Kendall and Kylie Jenner are some celebs who frequent Malibu Kitchen.

To Angeleno locals and visitors alike, Los Angeles can truly be described as a playground for celebrities. Accordingly, it’s home to a combination of sexy and fabulous dining experiences that are frequented by the top names in the entertainment industry.

Click here to see the Where Celebs Eat in LA Slideshow!

When visiting the City of Angels, the cliché thing to do is to visit Hollywood, but not all the celebrity-filled hot spots are there — stars frequent spots in the city from Malibu to Beverly Hills. It’s not unusual to see paparazzi lined up outside some of the hottest restaurants around town in hopes of snapping a picture of an A-lister leaving a dinner date.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top restaurants in LA where the rich and famous go to see and be seen. To compile this list, we consulted the most popular reality TV shows set in LA, as well as entertainment magazines like Us Weekly and Star. Finally, we contacted the restaurant publicists and owners to confirm that these top celebrities frequent their establishements.

From the European-inspired indoor piazza at The Bazaar to the acclaimed Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, not only will you likely be in the presence of a movie or reality star when visiting any of these spots, but you will also be blown away by the tasty food these places have to offer.

It’s no wonder these spots attract the stars! Check out the slideshow to see for yourself.

Where to see celebrities in Los Angeles

A trip to Los Angeles wouldn&rsquot be complete without a little celebrity spotting. Stars in L.A. are practically everywhere, all the time, and for the most part, they&rsquore used to being gawked at. But if you want to avoid looking like a tourist (we&rsquore talking to you, Star Tours bus riders!), we suggest you eat, shop, drink and play among the stars in their natural habitats&mdasha mix of attractions and restaurants and bars (make your reservations now). We give you: L.A.&rsquos top celebrity hangouts. Now. just act natural.

1. Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

The Scene: Housed in the former United Artists building, the hotel pays homage to L.A.&rsquos essence&mdasha seamless harmony of California minimalism and downtown L.A. &rsquo s signature art deco style. Inside, the hotel has exposed concrete galore with sleek fixtures and furniture, plus a bar that's destination enough for locals.

The Celebrities: Anna Kendrick, Aloe Blacc, Lykke Li, Jennifer Lawrence, Sky Ferreira, Matt Damon

Insider Tip: Head to the hotel &rsquo s rooftop bar for a swanky scene of hipsters, musicians, models and designers. The best time to go is following a musical performance at the Theatre at Ace Hotel.

2. Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows

The Scene: The famous pink stucco façade, the manicured grounds and the sumptuous rooms of the Beverly Hills Hotel look as fresh and fanciful as they did on opening day 100 years ago. It oozes exclusivity: every screen legend from Valentino to Arnie has slept in this fabled hideaway or held court in its still-popular Polo Lounge. The biggest draw are the bungalows, where Liz Taylor spent six of her honey-moons: No.5 has its own pool No.7 is decorated to Marilyn&rsquos taste.

The Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Michael Douglas, Nicole Kidman, Warren Beatty

Insider Tip: If lunch at the iconic Polo Lounge is too expensive, walk the grounds of the hotel (check out the poolside restaurant), or just sit in the lobby&mdashyou're bound to spot a few stars on their way in or out of the hotel.

3. Brentwood Country Mart

The Scene: This barn-themed retail village features luxe shopping (Jenni Kayne, James Perse, Sugar Paper) sipping (Caffe Luxxe) and dining (Farmshop and Sweet Rose Creamery) amid such quirky touches as old-fashion kids&rsquo mechanical rides, picnic benches in two separate enclosed patios, pony rides on Sundays and al fresco summer movies.

The Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Alessandra Ambrosio

Insider Tip: Brentwood is a family-oriented L.A. nabe, so head to the Westside hot spot during the day. From grabbing a morning coffee at Caffe Luxxe to afterschool lunch at Farmshop with kids in tow or shopping at celebrity-loved brands such as Christian Louboutin and Broken English, you will definitely see stars at this old-fashioned country mart.

4. Chateau Marmont

The Scene: One of the many beautiful things about this Hollywood Hills fixture is that it&rsquos barely changed over the decades. The hotel still attracts the brazen and the beautiful (everyone from Led Zeppelin to Lindsay Lohan has stayed here John Belushi OD-ed in bungalow 3) it still offers a quintessentially glamorous L.A. experience and it still promises its guests absolute discretion.

The Celebrities: Emily Ratajkowski, Lady Gaga, Kit Harington, Lana Del Rey, Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan

Insider Tip: Expect to spot a crowd of paperazzi at this L.A. institution. If heading here during the day, dine on the patio at the hotel&rsquos main restaurant and keep your eyes open. Just remember the hotel&rsquos &ldquono photography&rdquo policy.

5. Disneyland Resort

The Scene: Disneyland isn&rsquot so much a park as its own separate world there are even three Disney-operated hotels in the resort, so you need not have the illusion shattered at the end of the day. It&rsquos worth noting, though, that ticket prices drop if you visit for multiple days, recommended if you want to get a real feel for the place and enjoy all the rides.

The Celebrities: John Stamos, Jamie Foxx, Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Clarkson

Insider Tip: Keep an eye out for personal Disneyland tour guides (wearing plaid) usually accompanying celebs and their families.

6. Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

The Scene: From the fragrant, flower-filled lobby to the immaculate rooms, which come with chinoiserie headboards and Frette linens, every detail is calculated to spoil visitors. The revamped pool area features a state-of-the-art gym and the lovely shaded Cabana café. Other major draws include the superb spa and Culina, the ground-floor modern Italian restaurant and crudo bar.

The Celebrities: Jessica Chastain, Zoe Saldana, Lea Michele, Orlando Bloom, Morgan Freeman, Jason Statham, Katy Perry, Lauryn Hill

Insider Tip: Make a reservation at Culina for lunch or dinner. You&rsquore bound to see an A-lister every time you visit the hotel&rsquos swanky restaurant.

7. Franklin Village

The Scene: This quaint Hollywood neighborhood features some of the best places to spot celebs. Head to the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre (UCB) for an improv show&mdashmany of our most beloved comedy stars got their start here. Then head to dinner at La Poubelle and later, stop by Birds for a nightcap. Both spots, especially the former, a romantic French bistro, are swarming with celebrities.

The Celebrities: Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Justin Long, Amanda Seyfried, Robert Pattinson

Insider Tip: If you recognize someone famous in the audience at UCB, chances are they will be at Birds or La Poubelle afterwards.

8. Hotel Bel Air

The Scene: This elite and quietly decadent Mission-style &lsquo20s hotel, a deamy getaway on 12 fairytale acres of lush landscaping, reopened in 2011 after a major two-year overhaul. The additions&mdashwhich include new lofts and hillside suites, a La Prairie spa and fitness center, plus upgraded room features&mdashare impressive, but thankfully the overall vibe hasn't changed much: Guests still enjoy spending long afternoons by the pool, meandering through the gardens or subtly trying to spot which Hollywood player is sitting at the next table in the Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

The Celebrities: Beyonce, Jay Z, a few Real Housewives and of course, Wolfgang Puck

Insider Tip: A must-try spot to see celebrities dining is at Wolfgang Puck restaurant at Hotel Bel Air. The alcoves along the back wall are hidden from the rest of the tables, so be sure to walk by ever so discretely.

9. Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens

The Scene: The bequest of entrepreneur Henry E Huntington is now one of the most enjoyable attractions in the Los Angeles region. It&rsquos also not a destination that you should attempt to explore in full during a single day: between the art, the library holdings and the spreadeagled outdoor spaces, there&rsquos plenty to see, and most of it is best enjoyed at lingering leisure rather than as part of a mad day-long dash.

The Celebrities: Ron Howard, Gwen Stefani, Vanessa Hudgens

Insider Tip: The property is massive so be prepared to walk on your hunt to see celebrities. You will mainly find stars roaming the beautiful gardens.

10. Malibu Country Mart

The Scene: As Malibu&rsquos main hub, this casual outdoor shopping and dining center attracts a mix of both locals grabbing lunch in wetsuits, celebrities pretending they don&rsquot want to be seen and tourists who stroll through after a day at the beach. Make sure to also check out the adjacent Malibu Lumber Yard, a virtual extension of the Country Mart, with additional shopping and dining options.

The Celebrities: Justin Beiber, Kate Beckinsale, Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford, Pink, Simon Cowell, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Pamela Anderson, the Kardashians and the Jenners

Insider Tip: Celebrity loved spots include dining at Cafe Habana and watching their youngsters at the mart&rsquos playground.

Spago & Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air

No story about celebrity hotspots would be complete without mentioning Wolfgang Puck, one of the most famous restauranters in Los Angeles. In 2012, he was instrumental in two revamps that generated serious wattage. At Spago (176 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills 90210), the action still centers on the airy courtyard. Puck’s longtime culinary lieutenant Lee Hefter works with Chef de Cuisine Tetsu Yahagi to change the menu with the seasons and could include precious vegetables from Del Mar’s Chino Farm steamed Casco Bay cod “Hong Kong” style or Snake River Farm’s American “Wagyu” ribeye with pee wee potatoes and morel mushrooms. Sommelier Christopher Miller has 30,000 wine bottles at his disposal. This evolution is helping to ensure Puck keeps footing with high profile diners.

The swans never left their secluded Hotel Bel-Air sanctuary (701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles 90077), but the dining room went dark until Wolfgang Puck and crew had the chance to revamp the legendary restaurant. The gambit paid off, as Puck and market-driven chef de cuisine Hugo Bolanos have drawn celebrities back to Stone Canyon by the score. What’s the draw? According to Hotel Bel-Air Food and Beverage Director Stephane Lacroix, "The exclusivity and tranquility of Hotel Bel-Air has always appealed to the likes of celebrities, and we have been known as a true hideaway for well-known personalities for the past 67 years. This is still the case today, and the addition of Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air offers another reason for celebrities to want to dine with us. We appreciate their need for discretion and privacy, and we deliver product and service excellence on a consistent basis."

Photo by Rob Stark Photography, courtesy of Tavern

But what the heck is this "res..

Whenever someone comes to me and says “You know, I visited Los Angeles but I hated it”, I reply by saying that the city of angels is not for tourists, it has to be lived.

While living in Westwood, Los Angeles, I had a great time exploring what the city has to offer including the best of LA by night. My first impression, though, was that of a dirty, chaotic, snob city…at the end of the year I didn’t want to leave anymore.

The city is a pandemonium of different cultures and traditions, and I bet you can have food from every corner of the world here. Night or day, you’ll find some of the best cuisine in Los Angeles, add that was truly fascinating to me, since I come from a middle-size city where past a certain time the only thing you can find open is…well, McDonald’s!

So, where to eat in Los Angeles with such a vast choice? I obviously haven’t tried every restaurant in town, but here it’s a personal list of my favorite places (not in a particular order).

01 | Umami Burger

Did anyone say fancy hamburgers?
Like, did you even know that the two things can go together?

They can at Umami, where your hamburger gets served on nice porcelain plates. The hamburgers are smaller than most places, but who cares when they’re so savory! The options are plenty, and for sides, choose between truffle fries and sweet potato fries, equally yummy. Expect to spend more than at a fast-food, but hey, these are gourmet burgers!

I went to the 1520 Cahuenga Blvd. (Los Angeles) location, but there are others in Los Angeles you can try as well. For all informations, check out Umami Burger website.

02 | Baby Blues BBQ

Meat lovers, this is the place for you. People on Tripadvisor say Baby Blues BBQ (444 Lincoln Blvd, Venice) makes the best ribs in town, and in a city such as LA that’s not saying nothing!

Don’t expect fanciness, but succulence? Heck yeah!
We got ribs with corn and cornbread, and took it to Venice beach for a picnic.
BBQ+the beach= a great combo.

03 | Mr. Chow

Mr. Chow is a stylish, Asian-fusion restaurant where Chinese cuisine and innovation are blended: think like a mix of european and asian but with a gourmet, luxury touch.
I was in the Beverly Hills restaurant ( 344 N Camden Dr, Beverly Hills) for a special night out, although there are six locations around the world.

A celebrities hotspot (you might be able to see some!), Mr. Chow is definitely not on the cheap side , but if you want to feel like a Hollywood star for a special night, this is the place to go to.

04 | In-N-Out Burger

Image: Jeremy Keith, Flickr

How not to love In-N-Out?
It’s just the best for those stressful I-need-carbs-and-fast-food times. If you add that this place is really cheap, you’ve got the recipe for an always packed hotspot. I used to go to the Westwood location (922 Gayley, Los Angeles), but there are many others: check out their website.
The quality of the ingredients is not comparable to the other fast food chain restaurants we all know, and the kitchen is open so you can actually watch while they make your burger.
TIP! There’s a secret menu that doesn’t appear anywhere: ask for the fries animal style for fries with melted cheese, the special sauce and bacon, and for the animal style hamburger.

05 | Din Tai Fung Dumpling House

The name says it: you want to have dumplings? Just head straight to Din Tai Fung ( 1088 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia) , this is dumplings’ heaven.

Image: Leon Brocard, Flickr

You can have crab, pork, fish, vegetarian, shrimp, chicken…just say one ingredient and they’ll probably have some dumpling with it. Reasonably priced, I’ve been told that dumplings so good exist only in Taipei.
Can’t get better than this. Oh, arrive early because the place is always packed!

06 | Paul Martin’s American Grill Restaurant

In this list of ethnic food from all over the world I needed an all american place: Paul Martin’s American Grill ( 2361 Rosecrans Ave, El Segundo) is the perfect one to include.

Image: Paul Martin’s American Grill website

I came here for a birthday and I really liked it. It’s not dirty cheap, but I tried the fish tacos, the tomato soup and the grilled salmon and all the dishes were tasty, the ingredients local and sustainable (you know I love that word!).
I love the ambience and the elegant design of the restaurant….and the bar?
A great selection of cocktails and wine: next time, I’ll come for happy hour (wink wink) or for Sunday brunch.

07 | Hae Jang Chon Korean Bbq Restaurant

Whenever I read somewhere All you can eat I get excited. And I don’t have breakfast so I can have as much food as I can for real.

Hae Jang Chon ( 3821 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles) is the best Korean Bbq I’ve tried, and for $18.99 you can have 20 items from the menu (beef, pork, squid, tongue, octopus…) to grill yourself…do you think it’s gonna be enough for you? Pay attention not to order too much though, or you’ll have to pay for leftovers.

08 | El Taurino

Image: The Living Document, Flickr

El Taurino ( 1104 S Hoover St, Los Angeles) is an obvious choice if you feel like REAL mexican food and you are around downtown.
Especially if you come from a sweaty clubbing night…this place is open at night time.
Their pastor tacos and tortas are gooood, and their carne asada is bomb just get ready for a long wait (it took over 20 minutes to get my food).

09 | 800 Degrees

Pizza pizza pizza.
While I was studying at UCLA, pizza was something that I really missed from home, so I went to quite a bit places to find a good, savoury pizza.
800 degrees in Westwood ( 10889 Lindbrook Drive Los Angeles there’s also another location in Santa Monica) is the best place I found for pizza in town. It’s a make your own pizza but with staff that does it for you.

Image: Drew Hubbard, Ben Waters, Flickr

It’s not usual for an American pizzeria to have a wood-burning oven, and the quality of the ingredient is very good: when I learnt that the mozzarella here is real buffalo milk mozzarella, this place just conquered me.

10 | Ramen Yamadaya

This was my first time ever trying Tonkotsu Ramen and I found it interesting. I mean, I’m more of a sushi kind of girl, but I liked it. At Ramen Yamadaya ( 1248 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles) you can decide how spicy you want your ramen,and you can try and win the spicy challenge. Me? NO THANKS!

This is a casual dining place, and honestly the service could be improved, but the food is good and that’s what’s most important to me. Get the green tea Japanese ice cream at the end.

TIP! UCLA students get free extra noodles, so if you are a student don’t forget to show your Bruincard!

Want to read more of LA? Don’t forget to check out my Public Transportation Guide to LA !

5 Budget Friendly Spots Where Celebrities Eat In Los Angeles

Celebrities are just like us, they eat too! A lot of guides on how to dine like a celebrity in Los Angeles or other cities often focus on high-end restaurants. Of course, celebrities do eat at places like that. They also love places that are budget-friendly. It is possible that you can see a celebrity at one of the places on this list but that’s not what this is about. Here are 5 budget-friendly spots where celebrities eat in Los Angeles.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

Alfred’s Coffee

Located on Melrose in Hollywood, Alfred’s is a cute coffee shop that celebrities like to visit. Recently Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson shared a picture from here on her Instagram account. Shawn isn’t the only celebrity who has visited Alfred’s. The drinks are delicious and the coffee shop is a fun place to hang out. A coffee should cost under $5.

Aroma Coffee and Tea

This has become my favorite place to eat in Los Angeles. You’ll find Aroma in Studio City and it is a hot spot for locals and occasionally celebrities. When I took my parents here we saw Oscar winner JK Simmons. My friend saw an actor from A Cinderella Story one time when she was here. Plus, the food is fabulous.

Bob’s Big Boy

This diner-style restaurant has been serving celebrities for years from James Dean and Debbie Reynolds to Taylor Swift. Bob’s Big Boy is located in Burbank near the Warner Bros. Studio. In addition to being a popular spot for celebrities, the restaurant has also been in a few movies and tv shows. Some of my favorite items on the menu are a chocolate milkshake, a veggie quesadilla, or the original big boy combo. Costs vary depending on what you order but it should be around $10-$15 per person to eat here.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is not exclusive to California but it is arguably the most popular fast-food chain in the golden state. It is often a must-do for those visiting California and the locals love it. Celebrities from Beyoncé to Adele eat here. The food is fresh and tasty! Plus, it is inexpensive. The menu is simple with three burger choices, fries, drinks, and milkshakes.

The not so secret menu includes ordering your burger protein style or animal style. Protein style replaces the buns with lettuce. The animal style adds mustard and grilled onions. A burger, fries and a drink will cost less than $10. If you get a milkshake your total will be closer to $10 possibly a bit more depending on what you order.


Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba are among the celebrities who are big fans of Sprinkles cupcakes. I am a big fan of Sprinkles too. The cupcakes are delicious and Instagram worthy. My favorite flavor is chocolate peppermint which is only available during the holiday season. You can get a cupcake from here for under $5.

You can read more about How to Meet Celebrities in LA here.

3. Ysabel – West Hollywood

Walking up to this restaurant on a weekend night, you will see a line up of flashy cars. You enter through a tunnel on the side of the restaurant and walk into an open, light and airy space. The main dining area is in a courtyard and makes you feel as if you’re eating somewhere in Greece or Turkey. Ysabel is known for having celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West come through I personally had a run in with Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians there.

Address: 945 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

What to Eat in Los Angeles

This place is not overhyped - it is very much worth it. I got two sliders with a side of mac-n-cheese. The “sliders” were larger than expected. If you have a long list of spots to eat at while in LA, Dave’s Hot Chicken’s slider is perfect for a “snack” haha.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this is probably one of the best bakeries I’ve been to in my life. The shops themselves are not glamorous and the outdoor seating doesn’t feel like you are at a cute French patisserie, HOWEVER, everything I put into my mouth was freaking delicious. We went here twice because it was THAT good. My favorites were the cheese rolls, empanadas (chicken, spinach feta, and pineapple), potato balls (all flavors) and their Duce De Leche and Chocolate Hazelnut Besto Cookies. Classics like their chocolate chip cookies and chocolate croissants were also super delicious. I’m also not a fan of smoothies, but my husband ordered the mango passion fruit smoothie with coconut milk and it was probably the best smoothie i've ever had in my life. I need to go back and try their sandwiches someday, because I heard they are incredible. They also apparently ship nationwide, so I may have to try that.

I’m boring when it comes to ice cream flavors, so I wasn’t that excited about the Middle Eastern flavored ice creams in this shop. The one flavor I was excited to try (dates) was not available. My husband ended up ordering the orange blossom, saffron pistachio, and rose cranberry. He absolutely loved them and thought it was refreshing (thus why I am listing this on the blog), but if you are like me and would rather keep rose water in your classic Middle Eastern desserts like baklava and kunafa, then this spot is not for you.

I saw an episode of Chef on Netflix featuring Pizzana and immediately added it to my list. I knew there was a risk that this spot may be overhyped, but decided to go there anyway. Dine-in was closed because of covid, so we got a takeout order and ate it on the trunk of our car rental. THIS PLACE IS DELICIOUS! We got the short rib and neo-margarita pizzas - both were incredible. I was also craving a salad, so I got the leafy salad with pistachios and apple and loved it too. I’d come here again for the dine-in experience.

Teddy’s Tacos are famous for a reason - they are delicious! We got the sampler which had one of each of their tacos. My favorites were the tostada and quesadilla taco with cheese.

Everything we had at Bestia was absolutely delicious. My husband has never been a big fan of gnocchi, but Bestia converted him, so make sure you order that! We also really enjoyed the Thai crab pasta and the unique bone marrow served over fresh pasta. We had 9:30pm reservations so unfortunately the slow roasted lamb neck (which we were really looking forward to) was sold out. We ended up getting the whole fish instead which was delicious. Definitely make early reservations.

We ordered one of each taco that didn't have pork. They were all delicious in those warm flour tacos. But the real show stopper for me was the queso and warm chips. We even dipped the tacos into the queso - best fresh queso i've ever had and the closest to the jarred Tostitos stuff that is probably loaded with chemicals and preservatives - haha. We took the leftover queso home - it was just as delicious after being microwaved.

We really wanted to try Pasta Sisters after watching the Worth It episode on pastas. The owners opened a new dine-in location in Culver City which has really nice outdoor seating. The pastas are all made fresh and they definitely cook it the classic Italian way- el dente, so they all have a bite to them. My absolute favorite was the tagliatelle pasta with the creamy mushroom sauce. If you don’t eat pork, you are in luck! Their meat sauce is all beef and absolutely delicious. We also absolutely loved the butter lettuce salad with toasted almonds.

This food truck’s name is spot on. We had the chicken and steak quesadilla. It was absolutely amazing and was not greasy. I can’t wait to recreate this at home. Make sure you check their instagram account to see where the truck will be parked each day.

Although I’m not vegan, I knew I wanted to try a vegan spot since California has some of the best vegan restaurants in the country. I’m glad we went with Gracias Madre because everything was absolutely amazing. My favorite were the nachos which had soy chorizo. The chorizo was so good, I would have never known it wasn't meat if no one told me. The fried potato rolls and avocado toast were also absolutely delicious.

Blu Jam Cafe has multiple locations and is very popular, so don’t be surprised to find long lines outside. The menu had so many good options to choose from, but we went with the loaded chicken nachos and their famous crispy french toast with vanilla icing. Both were delicious, but I must admit the crispy french toast at Norma’s in New York City stills beats it.

Republique is probably my favorite breakfast spot in LA so far. Their bakery sweet and savory options are absolutely incredible. I keep coming back for a slice of one of my favorite cakes ever - their tres leches cake with fruit and dulce de leche and pistachios - IT IS AMAZING. I also love their mushroom tartine, chicken and waffles, and spicy kimchi rice with melt-in-your mouth short ribs. The pastries are also amazing. I tried about a dozen and I loved them all. This place is popular, so try going early and get in line - it is worth it.

Grand Central Food Market $

Grand Central Food Market in downtown LA is a great spot to try a bunch of food. My favorites are the fried chicken sandwiches from Lucky Bird Chicken, the chicken curry with rice from Thai Sticky Rice, and the famous Eggslut.

Not only does this place have incredible soft serve, but their ice cream pies are INCREDIBLE. We ended up picking a vegan option that had a lotus cookie crust and a coffee whipped and it was one of the best ice cream treats we've had - and I would have NEVER guessed it is vegan.

There were SO many places I had saved on my LA Yelp List to try but there was just not enough capacity in my stomach. Comment below if you've tried any of the ones I have not tried.

Where To Eat In Los Angeles: 10 Legendary Restaurants

Here are some old and some new restaurants that show the range of Los Angeles’s restaurants where you’ll feel like a star.


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It took a while for Los Angeles to develop its current reputation as being one of America’s great restaurant towns. In Hollywood’s heyday of the 1940 and 1950s, restaurants were far more famous for their bizarre look—The Brown Derby leaps to mind—and their glittering clientele than for their food. Glamour endured as an attraction in the 1980s when the city went through a copycat French nouvelle cuisine phase, when the term California chic referred as much to what people wore to restaurants as they did to movie openings.

/>Guests enjoying a Spring fashion preview at Musso & Frank in Hollywood, California DONATO SARDELLA/GETTY IMAGES FOR COACH)

Most of the city’s fine dining places have disappeared—L’Ermitage, Le Dôme, L’Orangerie, Rex Il Ristorante, Valentino, to name a few—replaced by more modern casual places like Spago and Michael’s, which were in the vanguard of the so-called New California Cuisine movement.

Still, Los Angeles has always had pockets of ethnic neighborhoods that manifested its extraordinary immigrant cultures, not least Mexican, amplified by a new generation from China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Here are some old and some new restaurants that show the range of Los Angeles’s restaurants where you’ll feel like a star.

If you’re staying at the The Hollywood Roosevelt …

/>A view of the bar at Musso & Frank in Hollywood, California GETTY

Musso & Frank

6667 Hollywood Boulevard|323-467-7788

If the essence of Los Angeles is out with the old and make way for the new, Musso & Frank, opened in 1919 by Frank Toulet and Joseph Musso, never got the memo. Since then changes in ownership and location have been minimal, and the huge dining rooms, done up in Hollywood memorabilia, worn leather booths, forest murals and hanging lamps, are steeped in legends, from the time when Charlie Chaplin challenged Douglas Fairbanks to a horse race down Hollywood Boulevard, with the winner picking up the check, and Raymond Chandler wrote chapters of his novel The Big Sleep while sitting at the bar. Located across from the Screen Writers Guild, M&F’s was a place where, as the Los Angeles Times once put it, if you stood in the restaurant’s exclusive Back Room long enough, “you would have seen every living writer you had ever heard of, and some you would not know until later.”

The menu hasn’t changed much over the decades, with old-fashioned dishes like shrimp Louie and sauerbraten with potato pancakes to daily specials like corned beef and cabbage on Tuesdays and bouillabaisse on Fridays. Little of the food would now rank with the best in town, but it’s solid, it’s consistent and M&F’s legion of fans wouldn’t change a thing about any of it.

If you’re staying at Hotel Normandie …

/>El Cholo has half a dozen locations across Los Angeles with its original location on Western Ave. EL CHOLO

El Cholo Spanish Cafe

1121 S Western Ave | 323-734-2773

Four years after Musso & Frank debuted, Alejandro and Rosa Boquez opened a little café they would eventually name El Cholo (a Mexican farmhand). By 1927 the place still had just eight stools, three booths and a stovetop tamales cost 25 cents for two. But by the 1930s, when a former dishwasher turned cook named Joe Reina added many Mexican dishes to the menu, El Cholo came to typify the Mexican-American restaurant in Los Angeles.

Now with six locations, the fourth and fifth generations of the family run El Cholo with the same warm hospitality and piled-high dishes they always have. With its original neon sign, folkloric murals, wrought iron filigree, Mexican tiles and chandeliers, El Cholo is extremely comfortable, great for families, LAPD cops and always a good place to spot Hollywood stars Jack Nicholson and Michael Douglas are regulars.

Everybody orders the nachos—a waitress brought the idea here via San Antonio—guacamole and the margaritas. You can even trace the history of El Cholo in its dishes, whose dates of introduction are on the menu: Sonora-style enchiladas and corn tamales, 1923 chicken chimichangas, 1967 and fish tacos, 2001.

If you’re staying at the Montage Beverly Hills …

/>Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in Beverly Hills, California.(PHOTO BY MICHAEL TRAN/FILMMAGIC)


176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills| 310-385-9889

With the financial backing of a dentist, a young Austrian chef in a baseball cap named Wolfgang Puck, who had gained a reputation at the highly exclusive Ma Maison, and his wife, Barbara Lazaroff, opened Spago in 1982 in a barn-like building on a dreary corner of Sunset Boulevard. Their intention was to serve upscale fast foods like pasta and pizza, including his invention of the “Jewish pizza,” lavished with smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar.

Overnight, Spago became the new darling of the hippest Hollywood crowd along with the Old Hollywood crowd, and Puck became the leader of a pack of young chefs who flipped the idea of great food in a grand setting upside down. He went on to open restaurants around the world—including L.A.’s best steakhouse CUT—was considered the first celebrity chef and become one of the richest chefs in the world. Yet most of the time, he can still be seen in his chef’s whites at Spago, which now sits in a far more glamorous space in Beverly Hills, where it still reigns among the entertainment industry’s prime venues.

If you’re staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel …

/>Champagne Armand de Brignac being served at Trois Mec in Los Angeles, California. (PHOTO BY EMMA MCINTYRE/GETTY IMAGES FOR CHAMPAGNE ARMAND DE BRIGNAC)

Trois Mec

716 Highland Avenue | 323-484-8588

What Wolfgang Puck did with the original Spago in the 1980s, Ludo Lefebvre did on a much smaller scale and with a different approach to French food as of 2013 at Trois Mec (Three Guys). The setting, in a gritty part of L.A. where Philip Marlowe might have had his private eye office, was an old pizza parlor in a small strip mall. Immediately it became the toughest ticket in town—how could it not with just seven stools at the kitchen counter and a few tables?

Lefebrve had a following, and he priced his food right (these days it’s $110 for five courses) and did scintillating turns on classic French dishes, even omelets, to Asian ideas based on the bounty of Pacific seafood, like pan-seared sablefish, green olives, anchovy and capers.

To show how his 21st-century approach succeeded, in 2015, he became a “knight” of France’s Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, usually given only for the temples of haute French cuisine. Last year he earned his first Michelin star. If you’re staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel it’s worth taking the 10-minute drive across Santa Monica Boulevard to enjoy this dining experience.

If you’re staying at the Kimpton Everly Hotel …

/>At Providence, Cimarusti won’t serve anything not at its peak of flavor.PROVIDENCE


5955 Melrose Avenue | 323-460-4170

What’s left of traditional fine dining in Los Angeles, albeit without the pretensions, is found at its best at Providence, which for 14 years has drawn a serious gourmet crowd to its minimalist dining rooms, where you are greeted by owner Donato Poto and chef-partner Michael Cimarusti. With accolades such as two Michelin stars and Los Angeles Magazine’s ranking it as number one on a list of 101 restaurants, Providence goes its own way, which is rigorously seasonal. Cimarusti won’t serve anything not at its peak of flavor.

Poto, born on the Amalfi Coast, has been manager of many of L.A.’s top restaurants, and his clientele knows him as well as he knows their idiosyncrasies. David Osenbach, certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, stocks a superb wine cellar, and he pairs bottles with the tasting menus, which run $135, $185 and $240. After a delightful meal at Providence, head over back to your hotel room at Kimpton Everly Hotel, which boasts a rooftop with an outdoor pool. The views of the hills and the Hollywood sign are priceless.

If you’re staying at The Mondrian …

/>Sashimi Chips with spicy miso sauce is a masterpiece at MatsuhisaMATSUHISA

Matsuhisa Beverly Hills

129 North La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills |310-659-9639

The combination of a new style of cuisine together with a celebrity crowd desperate to snag a table is always catnip to Los Angeles foodies, so that ever since Nobu Matsuhisa opened his eponymous Japanese restaurant in 1987, there’s never been an empty seat.

Matsuhisa’s principal contribution to the L.A. sushi scene was to introduce dishes and flavors that reflected the years he spent cooking in Peru. Pairing chile peppers with sushi and sashimi and coming up with signature dishes like black cod in miso drew actors perpetually on a diet as well as sushi lovers like Robert DeNiro, who with other celebrity investors, helped Matsuhisa open what is now an empire of 40 Nobu restaurants and hotels around the world.

The original Matsuhisa still retains bragging rights as the first and most representative of his style, which is low-key, while the rest are mostly extravaganzas in size and design. The menu is enormous, from soup and noodles to teriyaki and steaks, and at dinner there is an omakase menu that begins at $100 and goes up from there. If you’ve booked one of the chic and stylish rooms at The Mondrian, it is worth making reservations at Matsuhisa.

If you’re staying at SLS Hotel …

/>The dining room at The Bazaar, where the dazzling menu lights up the restaurant.THE BAZAAR

The Bazaar by Jose Andrès

465 La Cienega Boulevard |310-246-5555

For his groundbreaking Spanish food and his truly heroic philanthropic efforts that included feeding all of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria obliterated the island, Jose Andrès is one of the most famous chefs in the world—even said to be proposed for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Andrès began serving trapeze-wire daring tapas at his restaurant in Washington, D.C., but he really brought to the fore everything he knew and wanted to do when he opened the Bazaar in Beverly Hills in 2008. Tapas were served in profusion, but the rest of the menu dazzled with its color, modernist experiments and sheer theatricality throughout the dining areas, designed by Philpppe Starck.

Even back in 2008 Andrès spoke of his desire to make changes in the way the America eats, saying, “Restaurants like mine feed only 2-3% of all the people in the country. In all my restaurants I maybe feed 5,000 people a day. That is a very small influence. We cooks have to be more active with our politicians and health officials about how we eat. I truly believe that food can change America.” Little did he know he might end up changing the world. If you’re staying at the SLS Hotel, reservations at The Bazaar is a must.

If you’re staying at Hotel Sofitel Los Angeles …

/>Canter’s is considered the best deli on the West Coast.CANTER’S

Canter’s Deli

419 North Fairfax Avenue |323-651-2030

Canter’s doesn’t mind bragging: On its website it has a whole page of photos of its celebrity diners—from Mick Jagger to James Corden—and the place was featured in Mad Men. Nicolas Cage proposed to Patricia Arquette at Canter’s, and Arthur Miller introduced Marilyn Monroe to deli food here.

It opened in 1931, after the Canter brothers left their New Jersey deli when the stock market crashed and moved to L.A.. Later they moved up the street, so its décor is more 1950s Southern Cal, with snug booths and straight-backed chairs, Googie-style lighting, a glass case of baked goods and a fine long counter.

None of which would matter except that Canter’s is considered the best deli on the West Coast, and even New York City feinschmeckers grudgingly agree that the pastrami is close to perfect. If you’re staying at the modern and spacious Sofitel, stop by Canter’s for some comfort dishes.

If you’re staying at The Standard …

/>Lucques offers a Sunday Supper at $52, and at dinner vegetables take center stage as appetizers.ROB STARK FOR LUCQUES


8474 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood |323-655-6277

It hardly seems possible that Lucques is more than 20 years old, in a city where a 1950s car wash can be considered for landmark status. But Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne, in their own cordial, unassuming way, have kept their charming restaurant carved from a vine-covered carriage house once owned by Harold Lloyd, in the first rank of laid-back Southern California cuisine. The fact that they were among the first women to open their own restaurant was significant, but they proved that a consistent vision that focused on the best seasonal provender and careful, simple cooking techniques would coast right through all the culinary fads and trends that have come and gone.

Intended as a homey space, Lucques offers a Sunday Supper at $52, and at dinner vegetables take center stage as appetizers, followed by Pacific seafood and meat dishes like merluza grilled in a fig leaf with rosemary, buttery black lentils and blistered tomato, and za’atar-spiced lamb chops with charred eggplant, purslane and preserved lemon.

No one skips desserts—like stone fruit buckle with toasted almond ice cream and peach sorbet, or hot chocolate with marshmallows and almonds. Head to the outdoor lounge at The Standard and cozy up by the firepit or enjoy a game of foosball, with cocktail in hand.

If you’re staying at The Arts District Firehouse Hotel …

/>Bestia is a multiregional rustic Italian restaurant that prioritizes its workplace cultures and employees.BESTIA


2121 E. 7th Place |213-514-5724

True, Bestia (meaning beast) is not for everyone. The restaurant is very loud, decorated with unfinished surfaces, steel, marble and wood and wall coverings in “a pattern of bar-fight weapons” and a staff in T-shirts and bandanas—the kind of hipster hot spot that looks destined to flare out. But after seven years Bestia has become a totem for the kind of Los Angeles cutting-edge style of the second decade of the 21st century, while owners Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis (both born is the area) work diligently to produce menus that change just enough to entice regulars back and to surprise newcomers.

The food is Italian and Mediterranean, rife with chilies and Middle Eastern spices. The starters, pizzas and pastas are where the real excitement is, in dishes like house-cured charcuterie, cavatelli ricotta dumplings with pork sausage and black truffles, spaghetti with lobster, tomato and Calabrian chilies, and pizza topped with red hot ’nduja condiments, mozzarella and Tuscan kale.

What is there to do in LA on a Sunday?

Best Things To Do On A Sunday in Los Angeles, CA

  • Museum of Dream Space. 3.3 mi. 545 reviews.
  • Walt Disney’s Barn. 6.6 mi. 41 reviews.
  • Rooftop Cinema Club, Hollywood. 2.5 mi. 153 reviews.
  • World of Illusions. 2.9 mi. 642 reviews.
  • The Broad. 4.1 mi. 2377 reviews.
  • Unique LA. 4.1 mi. 184 reviews.
  • Museum of Dream Space Hollywood. 2.9 mi.
  • Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens. 11.5 mi.

The Best Restaurant Hangouts in Television History

Whether it’s crowding around a diner table at Monk’s or catching a show at the Peach Pit, our favorite television characters have always been regulars at one eatery or another. Here is a list of the coolest spots to frequent if you happen to find yourself lost in a Los Angeles soundstage.

Related To:

Mel's Diner — Alice

Where would society be without having hung out with Alice and the gals at Mel’s for nearly 10 years? Well, the phrase "kiss my grits" would never have entered the vernacular, for one.

Arnold’s Drive-in — Happy Days

The Fonz’s favorite hangout was actually based on the real-life Milky Way Drive-In in Glendale, Wis. But it is highly improbable that Weezer played there.

Monk's Café — Seinfeld

New York City’s best and fakest purveyor of big salads and tuna melts was a constant companion for Jerry and the gang for nine seasons. The exterior shots of Monk’s were actually of a real NYC staple, Tom’s Restaurant, at 112th and Broadway.

Los Pollos Hermanos — Breaking Bad

OK, people don’t hang out so much as they organize gigantic meth deals here. Still, this fictional chicken joint has entered the cultural lexicon in a big way.

The Max — Saved by the Bell

To people of a certain age, there was no place cooler than The Max. This burger and shake joint went well beyond the standard issue diner by standing in as a venue for parties, romantic dinners and even prom.

Central Perk — Friends

Central Perk was more of a beverage spot than a restaurant, but, hey, coffee shops have pastries, wraps and stuff. In other news, there is an actual coffee shop near Prospect Park in Brooklyn called Prospect Perk.

The Double R — Twin Peaks

Who killed Laura Palmer? Who cares! Just stop in the Double R and get yourself a damn fine piece of pie and a cup of coffee.

The Peach Pit — Beverly Hills, 90210

The Peach Pit may have started as a humble mom and pop diner that was inexplicably located in Beverly Hills, but it eventually became a happening nightclub where bands like the Flaming Lips would play. In the immortal words of David Silver, “I don’t normally like alternative music, but these guys rock!”

Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand — Arrested Development

An imprisoned man once said, "There’s always money in the banana stand.” This Bluth-owned haunt had only one menu item: frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. It also, however, tended to attract drug users due to its likeness to a marijuana cigarette.

Luke’s Diner — Gilmore Girls

It’s interesting how many of these are diners. What do fictional characters have against a good lobster bisque or a taco?

Nuovo Vesuvio — Sopranos

The bald and occasionally hapless Artie Bucco had been Tony Soprano’s friend since high school. His upscale Italian restaurant, Nuovo Vesuvio, was a constant hangout for Tony and the gang mob. To this day, nobody knows if Tony ever paid his enormous tab.


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