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Easter with chocolate

Easter with chocolate


Rub the butter with the sugar + vanilla sugar until it becomes foam, add cocoa, egg, (whole) milk and flour mixed with baking powder. Mix the composition well, line the removable tray with flour. Pour half of the top composition into the tray and then put the cream cheese.


Mix the cheese with the sugar + the vanilla sugar + the 2 yolks, add the flour, the raisins and finally the beaten egg whites. Put the cream cheese in the tray over the countertop composition, level it carefully and put the other half of the remaining countertop composition on top. Bake at the right heat. It is ready when it comes off the edge of the tray. After it cools, we dress it in chocolate with the help of a silicone brush. Optional coconut.

Video: ΙΟΝ ΠΑΣΧΑ 2014 (October 2021).