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Upstate New York Building Owner Will Rent Her Café for Free to the Right Chef

Upstate New York Building Owner Will Rent Her Café for Free to the Right Chef

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Heads up, chefs and restaurateurs: a space will be rent-free for one year if you’ve got what it takes.

A building owner in Catskill, NY will let a chef rent a café for free.

If you are an “ace chef,” the town of Catskill, New York wants you!

The “CatskillActionTeam” on YouTube are looking for a chef or restaurateur to rent a café on the town’s Main Street for a year, and rent is free. They posted a video on June 26, but it has not circulated around until recently.

Catskill is a village in the Hudson Valley, two hours north of New York City on the Hudson River.

The video lists the requirements to be considered for this space: solid experience, a great concept, and ability to make capital improvements to the space.

The Catskill resident willing to rent the café out for free is the owner of the Main Street building. According to the video, she is so determined”= to find this next big Catskill chef that she’s even willing to go as far as to rent it out for free, which could potentially drew a big name away from New York.

According to the Associated Press, the hope for this initiative is to attract city dwellers to visit and possibly settle in Catskill.

To apply, e-mail [email protected].

Upstate New York Building Owner Will Rent Her Café for Free to the Right Chef - Recipes

When you pull up, you ask yourself, is this the place? When you go inside, it’s packed. The food is good and be careful, it’s a lot of food. Service was good. If I lived here, I would go every week.

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Things To Do in Albany NY

START: Discover Albany Visitors Center at Quackenbush Square. Listen to the “clip-clop” of a horse and carriage as you enter the “Welcome to Albany Exhibit” at the Visitor’s Center. With its abundance of beavers whose pelts were in demand in Europe for beaver-skin coats, this Hudson River town became an important New World trading port.

In 1754, Benjamin Franklin met with representatives of seven northern colonies to develop the “Albany Plan of Union” in defiance of the French during the French and Indian Wars. In 1825, the Erie Canal linked Albany to Buffalo and the Great Lakes, and in 1881, the city was wealthy enough to hire “starchitect” HH Richardson to design the Romanesque City Hall.

By the end of the 19 th century, the grand neo-classical New York State House, costing more than the U.S. Capitol Building, was completed.

The NY Capitol now anchors one end of the uber-modern Wallace Harrison designed Empire State Plaza that again put Albany on the architectural map in the 1960’s and 70’s. Pick up brochures and advice from Visitors Center staff, and head out to explore.

TOUR: Schuyler Mansion State Historic Park. On December 14, 1780, Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler at her home in Albany, New York. Eliza was one of fifteen children born to Philip and Catherine Schuyler, a prominent family who often hosted the crème de la crème in their mansion, a city landmark on a hill overlooking the Hudson River.

Thus began a long and fascinating relationship between one of America’s founding fathers and the City of Albany.

It’s no surprise that visitation to the Schuyler home has increased by up to 600% since the musical, Hamilton, became a Broadway hit. Elizabeth married the famous Founding Father right in the front parlor – now undergoing restoration to its original colors.

A second parlor, fully decorated in a profusion of golden yellow, would make a cage full of canaries jealous.

There’s been much written about the home and its elements – wallpaper, paint colors, period furniture. It was, for the time, the height of luxury. The hand-painted Panini “Ruins of Rome” wallpaper in the entry foyer was meant to wow visitors. While the flock wallpaper from France, seen in several rooms, cost as much as one tenant farmer would pay in rent over the course of 13 years.

But what’s really exciting about this tour is hearing both the whitewashed version of Philip Schuyler (“major player in the military during the Revolutionary War”) and, shall we say, the “off-color” version (to grab land, he destroyed Iroquois villages, leading to the death of 5,000 – 15,000 Native Americans he abused laudanum, an opioid solution, to assuage pain from gout he drank gallons of Madera Wine and he was a fan of erotic books, the porn of the day. “15 kids – understandable,” quipped the guide).

Katherine, a Van Rensselaer and the “10 th wealthiest American in history,” was but a teen when Philip courted her. She and Philip were married just five months before their first child, Angelica, was born. Only eight of their 15 kids survived beyond childhood, and only six outlived Katherine.

The hour-long tour covers slavery (the Schuyler’s owned 8 – 15 enslaved humans), Schuyler personalities, and the room in which Alexander Hamilton wrote three of his Federalist Papers. Open Mid-May – October, Wed-Sun 11-5 (in July and August opens at 10am), $5 adults, 12 and under free.

TOUR: New York State Capitol. The neo-classical New York State House, designed by Isaac Perry and completed in 1899 at a cost of $25 million, is worth stopping into if only to see the Great Western Staircase. Better known as the “Million Dollar Staircase,” four flights of sandstone steps are festooned with ornate carvings and 77 stone faces of celebrities of the day, including Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Lincoln, it’s said by some, still haunts the place.

Capped by a skylight that was covered over during WWII, and restored to its original stained glass beauty in 2002, this magnificent stairway needs no other art or embellishment.

On the 4 th floor you’ll find the State Assembly Visitor’s Gallery, with a bird’s eye view of the proceedings in a magnificent room. In the fall, sign up for chilling Capital Hauntings tour. One hour tours are free, Mon-Fri. 10, 12, 2, 3, Sat. 10am, 1pm. In the fall, sign up for the chilling Capital Hauntings tour. Or take this self-guided audio tour during working hours 7am-7pm.

WALK: Empire State Plaza Concourse from the Capitol building to New York State Museum. Take the escalator from the lobby of the NY State Capitol Building to the lower level Concourse, a quarter mile hall that extends beneath the entire Empire State Plaza and is lined with vendors, the Empire State Plaza Visitor’s Center, and a unique collection of Mid-Century Modern Art (including a Robert Motherwell carpet, of all things).

Visitors can stroll at their leisure to explore the labyrinthian underground city that leads to the New York State Museum. Plaza Visitor’s Center open Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30, Tours of Empire State Plaza Art Collecton every Monday at 1pm (except government holidays), free.

VISIT: New York State Museum. Climb into an old NYC Subway car. Go into the Adirondack wilderness without leaving Albany. Meet the loggers who wrestled with nature and the rugged individuals and native animals that make this mountain range their home.

Tuck into an Iroquois longhouse or come face-to-face with a woolly mammoth. Don’t miss a free ride on the Historic Carousel on the 4 th floor that runs every 15 minutes.

The New York State Museum presents endless corridors devoted to the flora and fauna of the Empire State, as well as exhibits about NY’s human story – from the joys of Sesame Street to the tragedy of the World Trade Center’s Rescue, Recovery, and Response. Free, donations are accepted, Monday – Saturday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Last ride on Carousel at 4:30.

EXPERIENCE: Empire State Plaza & Corning Tower. If you got to the Museum through the underground Concourse, you’ll want to get above ground to the Plaza heading back. The best overview of the whole shebang is from the entrance of the NY State Museum – the vista is of a reflecting pool and ten graceful modern buildings that surround it.

“The Egg” – a six-story performance hall that looks more like a flying saucer – is the most iconic.

But tourists flock to the Corning Tower for the swift elevator ride to the 42 nd Floor Observation deck and its unsurpassed views of the Hudson River, Albany, the Catskills and Adirondacks (NY), Green Mountains (VT), Berkshires (MA), and beyond. Corning Tower open Mon-Fri. 10-4, free.

In winter, ice skating on the plaza is one of the most romantic things to do in the Capital Region. While in summer, the Capital Concert Series, which includes a spectacular fireworks display on the 4th of July, draws huge crowds.

VISIT: The Albany Institute of History & Art (AIHA). Though small, this art and history institution, first opened in 1907, has a first rate collection of Hudson River School paintings a school of art that seems to be coming back into vogue. Yes, there are well-curated galleries containing artifacts from Ancient Egypt and another depicting the Character and Culture of Albany and Upper Hudson River (heavy on pelt trading, Dutch settlers, and West Indies influence).

The cornerstone of AIHA, however, is its 3 rd floor gallery, showcasing a large collection of paintings – 83 in all – from the Hudson River School of Art. You’ll find the full spectrum – from the flaming sunsets of Frederick Church, to works by the “Father of the Hudson River School,” Thomas Cole, and even a rare landscape by Sarah Cole, Thomas’s sister, that she painted in the mid-1830’s.

Works from William Hart and Homer Dodge Martin figure prominently. This ongoing exhibit is thrilling for all who appreciate mountain and river landscapes suffused with the poetic romanticism of the mid 1800’s. Open Wed-Sat 10-5 (until 8pm Thurs), Sun 12-5, $10 adults, $6 kids.

GO: The First Church. Albany NY is the oldest chartered city in the United States, dating back to 1686, although evidence of European settlement can be seen in architecture dating back even further back.

The Schuyler family belonged to the First Church (designed by Philip Hooker in 1798), which is home to the Reformed Church in America. Established in 1642, this is the second oldest congregation in the United States.

TOUR: USS Slater (Destroyer Escort Vessel). Those who appreciate naval ships from WWII won’t want to miss a tour on the USS Slater. Launched in Tampa Florida in 1944, it was named for 22-year-old Frank Slater, killed in action off Guadacanal in 1942. Open April – Nov, Wed-Sun 10-4, $9, must take guided tour.

TOUR: Dutch Apple Cruise. Modeled on the Hudson River dayliners of an earlier era that ferried passengers between Albany and New York City, Dutch Apple Cruises offers sightseeing tours of the Hudson River. Couples love the sunset tours special events such as the Father’s Day BBQ or Golden Oldies tour sell out quickly. Open April – Nov, see calendar for tour schedule.

TOUR: Shaker Heritage Society. Only two Shakers remain–at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in New Glouster, ME–of the visionary religious group that shaped American culture. But the very first Shaker Settlement–established in Albany, New York in 1776– persists as a living history museum, with educational workshops and a popular crafts fair. (Barn weddings here are especially beautiful.) Open March – Nov, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm Nov-Dec, Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm.

Interested in Shaker culture and history? Consider a visit to the Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire, an active site until recently.

EXPLORE: Washington Park. If you can, time your visit to historic Washington Park during the annual Tulip Festival. It’s quite a sight to see over 100,000 bulbs in bloom. But, any time of year, the Olmsted-inspired green space is one of Albany’s loveliest attractions.

WALK/NATURE: Albany Pine Bush, One of the largest Pine Barrens in the world, Albany Pine Bush’s sandy soils host fields of wild lupines that feed the endangered Blue Karner Blue Butterfly. And that’s just one of many uniquely beautiful attractions at this preserve that makes it a great place to get fit while battling NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder).

Recreational pursuits at the Albany Pine Bush, designated a National Natural Landmark in 2014, change with the season. This is Albany, after all, and we know how to revel in snow. Winter brings plenty of the white stuff for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Come the warmer months, and choices expand to include hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing – fly fishing is a cardio sport, right? Free, The Preserve trails are open year round, 24/7, Discovery Center open Mon-Fri. 9-4, Sat & Sun 10-4.

HIKE: Thatcher State Park. Passing under Minelot Falls and along the fossil rich ledges of the Helderberg Escarpment, the 1-mile Indian Ladder trail is a relatively easy and scenic hike. Other attractions include the Emma Treadwell Thacher Nature Center and the new Wild Play Adventure Course. The park is open year round, 7am until sunset, but the Adventure Course and hiking trails are subject to seasonal closures.

EXPLORE: Upper Madison. This ever-evolving neighborhood encompasses the popular Madison Café (see Where to Eat), a seemingly under-renovation Theater, a tidy coffee shop (Skyline Coffee) notable for it wall murals and cold-brew tower, and an assortment of restaurants including the new and growing in popularity Madison Pour House.

WANDER: Lark Street. Bohemian artists, brownstone buildings, and trees line what Metroland, the Capital Region’s alternative newsweekly, describes as the “warm pulse within Albany’s black heart, the flower busting up through the concrete edifice of the Empire State.” Purple prose perhaps, but Lark Street (between Madison and Washington Avenues, inspires passion from visitors and residents alike. Art on Lark is the second largest street festival in upstate New York, second only to LarkFEST, the largest one day street festival in New York.

GO: Palace Theater. Once the third largest movie theater in the world, Albany’s Palace Theater was built as an RKO movie palace in 1931. And it’s still a grand place to take in classic movies like “Rebel Without a Cause” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

A number of touring musicals, comedy performances, and famous artists pass through each year. But as the home of the Albany Symphony Orchestra, it is the adventurous programs spearheaded by the Capital Region’s beloved Grammy Award-winning conductor, David Alan Miller, that capture the hearts of young audiences.

SEE: NIPPER. Look up to the roof to spot the world’s largest Nipper statue. Best known as the RCA Records mascot, the terrier mix adds a dash of whimsy to the Albany skyline. 7 Tivoli Street, Albany, NY

New York Pizzerias, Pizza Restaurants for Sale

BizQuest has more New York Pizzeria, Pizza Restaurant for sale listings than any other source. Whether you are looking to buy a New York Pizzeria, Pizza Restaurant for sale or sell your New York Pizzeria, Pizza Restaurant, BizQuest is the Internet's leading New York Pizzeria, Pizza Restaurant for sale marketplace. Refine your search by location, industry or asking price using the filters below.

LISTING ID # 32309Gorgeous Pizzeria with 38-40 seats. Recently renovated. Situated in densely populated area of Nassau County south shore. Location was built with all high end finishes and brand new equipment. There are many businesses in the area including theater, library, schools and major shopping all with hungry clients within a 1.5 mile radius of this business. Business has great POS system, cameras and full basement. Open six days - Active with the school PTA.- call Nathan Goldstein 877-735-5224Attention Business Owners: We are always in search of quality businesses to list, so if you are thinking of selling your business or would like More info

DINER $199,900 ONLY BREAKFAST & LUNCH!!CENTRAL HUDSON VALLEY Busy diner in shopping plaza location. Brand new build out with booths, tables and counter. Seats 95. Separate party room for catered events. Fully equipped kitchen with prep kitchen, walk-in box. Great flow for maximum efficiency. Currently only offering breakfast and lunch! Excellent parking in extremely high-traffic area. Long-term lease in place with low rent. Would make excellent pub or pizzeria. ID201DINERCENTRALDUTCHESS Call or text 845-224-8005, More info

Pizzeria for Sale Centrally Located in East Meadow, with Local Population of 500,000 and Amazingly Low Rent of Rent with Taxes is only $2900 This is the perfect place for your very first pizzeria or adding additional locations to your restaurant empire. This 1000 square foot location provides everything you need. This location is centralized to schools, the hospital, and Nassau correctional facility. With this being the case, catering, delivery and take out are the staples of this Pizzeria for Sale. &ldquoWe Sell Restaurants&rdquo wants to be the first to show you the amazing Pizzeria for Sale. Take this already successful business and growth it beyond your expectations. There is More info

LISTING ID # 34101Neighborhood pizzeria now available. Located in the center of the downtown neighborhood, this is a truly prime location. Plenty of parking in a high traffic area- this is the only pizza place around. Seller motivated- make an offer! Call Joe Giordanella today.Attention Business Owners: We are always in search of quality businesses to list, so if you are thinking of selling your business or would like to acquire another business, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-877-735-5224 to discover the difference that is Vested Business Brokers. For more information on this listing- copy and paste this link More info

This 53 year established restaurant exceeded its profits thru the Covid pandemic. The business is run by the same owner. The restaurant is 4,800 sq. ft. and is located on a very busy street. It has easy ingress and egress. Parking on the property can easily handle 50 cars. The daily traffic count is 28,702. With stable neighborhood clientele, the restaurant seats +/- 110 patrons. Many upgrades were put in place including on-line ordering with computerized accountability. This is one of the top restaurants in the area. The menu features appetizers, make-to-order pizza, salads, premium sandwiches, and chicken wings. This is a destination More info

Established pizzeria for sale in Croton on Hudson - Northern Westchester. Great location. One owner for 29 years. Owner looking to retire and is motivated to sell. Great opportunity for someone to come in and make money on day one! 20 seats. Long term lease with options. Recently renovated. More info

This is an established high cash flow opportunity for a potential owner operator to make their initial down payment back in less than a year and a half.Business Highlights:- 1,800 SQ FT | 23 years remaining on lease- Lease only increases 2.5% every two years- 17 employees- Many buildings surrounding the pizzeria with many new apartments being built nearby, this pizzeria will be even more of a goldmine in the next 5 years- Has full kitchen, walk-in box, small updated bar, indoor seating and outdoor seating (over 70 people) and full basement for prep- Over 400k spent on the build out of the store- Also located on a prime corner location with thousands of people walking by everyday- One of the More info

Mrs. Fields Cookies are well known for warm, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven. A legacy brand loved by customers for over 40 years. More info

Well, know Long Island Neighborhood Italian Pizzeria Restaurant for sale. Established in 1988 and still going strong. The Restaurant is open 7 days a week for Lunch and dinner, take-out, and delivery, catering as well. Never closed during covid-19. Full-service kitchen, storage, 2 double-deck pizza ovens, and inside dining as well. Old school Italian dishes, pasta, and classic Pizza Pies. Family owned and operated. Close to schools and plenty of Faithful long-time Neighborhood families. Serious inquires only, please Owner retiring. No Notes, good lease in place. More info

This pizzeria with property is located in a very DENSE Nassau County area on a Main Road. It has 20 seats in the pizza area, with Sales of $19,000 per week and so much room for growth. NO RESTAURANT, just a pizzeria doing pick-up and delivery. The owners are no longer interested being in the business and want to move on to the next chapter of their life. DO NOT PAY RENT ANYMORE AND OWN YOUR PROPERTY. THIS IS SELLING BASICALLY FOR WHAT THE PROPERTY IS VALUED! Fully updated and 2,100 square feet. The taxes on the property are only $25,000 per year. THE GOLD- This Pizzeria is built for the future of this new world: take-out and delivery type place with no restaurant. With Low Overhead, Room More info

This busy pizzeria is located right in the heart of Nassau County, close to where all the action is. They have a AAA location right next to a MAJOR HOSPITAL surrounded by tons of commercial businesses, schools, office buildings and medical buildings, plus a very vibrant residential community. The business is doing close to the same sales as it was pre-COVID19, due in part to a great balance in sales from commercial and residential customers. There is plenty of potential to improve an already successful model with a little TLC. The 1,800 square foot space also has a full basement and LOW RENT of only $5,000 per month. The owner has been operating the business absentee but has decided to sell. More info

This Pizzeria is located on a busy road in a LARGE supermarket anchored shopping center in prime-time Suffolk County. 1,500 square feet with a large kitchen and 34 seats in the pizza area. Sales are between $18,000-$20,000 weekly and the numbers have been very consistent for years. This has been an established Pizza spot for 20 years and is the go-to spot in the area. An Owner Operator can easily Earn $175,000 yearly. Please refer to listing number 13896 when inquiring about this opportunity. More info

The seller has just announced the sale of his GOLD MINE. This business is strong, highly profitable and always trending up after 10 years in business. It would be hard to believe that a pizzeria only grossing $20,000 weekly (IN 2021) can make so much profit but the NICHE it has, allows for huge profits unlike the regular pizzerias. COVID YEAR OF 2020-STILL MANAGED TO GROSS $ 850,000. Location is in PRIME AAA Long Island. Close to 3,000 square feet with full basement. Outside seating is amazing and plenty of it and the inside sits 100 persons. The LEASE is amazing with 10 years and only 7% of the gross revenue. RENT includes the Real Estate Taxes and CAM. This NICHE business has REAL More info

TCBY offers a variety of health-smart frozen treats made with real dairy yogurt that keep customers coming back again and again. More info

Profitable Pizzeria & Restaurant For Sale Long Island CityThis busy, family owned Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant has been thriving due to a robust takeout and delivery business. The owner takes pride in his daily preparation of a wide variety gourmet pizzas and homemade Italian specialties. The highest ingredients are used in all dishes and pizza! The Menu is extensive including, soups, salads, sandwiches, calzones, paninis, wraps, burgers, and more. Facilities have an ATM machine, Freezer for ice cream, refrigerated soda case. The inside dining area can accommodate 12-15 people and the back patio can set 20+. This pizzeria is located in Long Island City in a friendly high traffic More info

Pizzeria with 2 Additional Rooms for Parties or anything else. Owner wants to serve Wine & cheese in additional rooms, 2000 sq. ft. More info


Established pizzeria for sale in Richmond County. Located on a busy street with a lot of traffic. The pizzeria has been here for over 7+ years and has a very established cliental. Pre pandemic it was cash flowing $150k+ and grossing just under $700k. This is an amazing opportunity for the right buyer and can defiantly grow this place. We are also located next to the biggest hospital on Staten Island and just became a certified vendor with them which has huge potential. This business is Semi-absentee. This is priced to sell ! More info

6 Day a week Pizzeria..Take Out/ Delivery Name of the Game..This Long Established Pizza Restaurant has what you need.. Located on Main Rd In Nassau County with Great Parking. Currently grossing 37k a week with very cheap rent and real estate taxes of $7100/month. There is 2400 square ft with seating of 70. Cuurent owner been there for 10 years and ready to retire. Seller financing available with 500k down. Terms negotiable. Will Not Last. Call Today More info

Our food is addictive and our concept is fresh! More info

We have been in business for over 40 years. Our Restaurant is located in an upper-middle class area in Suffolk County. Recently renovated, the pizzeria is located up front with it's own seating area,and our dining area in the rear holds separate seating, which can accomodate all types of occasions. Our restaurant seats up to 50 people, which is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, communions, christenings, confirmations, and small weddings. We also offer off-premise catering.We have been delivering in our community for over 25 years. Very low rent includes Cam Charges. More info

This well-established pizza restaurant is located in an upscale mid Suffolk County south shore community. This restaurant has two well appointed dining rooms-one is used as the week day restaurant while the other side is for catering and weekend dinner. It has a comfortable outside patio as well. This business for sale comes fully staffed with well-trained employees. They have owned the pizzeria for 8 years and are ready to retire. They are willing to finance some of the sale with the right offer and person. Please CONTACT Pete Sheehan at 516-639-2465 or [email protected] Transworld Business Advisors for details. More info

A taste of authentic Italian cuisine. Get into this beautiful newly renovated, well-established Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant for Sale. Doing over $550,000 in sales and net profits for the owner of $100,000 for sale in Long Island. AT $149,000, this opportunity will not last long. This location offered by We Sell Restaurants is located on Long Island in a hamlet that offers a population of over 7,000 residence. Locals in the surrounding residential neighborhood love visiting the great food and staff in place. Rating this location with 4 stars! The residents are not the only one visiting this Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant for Sale. Just minutes away from a popular Long Island More info

Highly Profitable Italian Restaurant for Sale in Southampton, NY - Owner Benefit 250,000K with Annual Sales exceeding $2,000,000. Open and operating for 47 years.Buy this Highly Profitable Italian Restaurant for Sale in Southampton, New York and enjoy annual Owner Earnings of over $250,000 or $25,000 per month. This Highly Profitable Italian Restaurant for Sale is known for serving up a tasty selection of traditional Italian with large portions at great prices. The 4.5 Star Rating with great online reviews is a testament to the loyal customer base that has developed in the years since the business opened. In addition to tasty food, they also have a full bar.The Restaurant Brokers are More info

Fantastic curb appeal. Pizzera grossing $28k+weekly in NYC midtown East 3rd Ave. Great opportunity for an owner operator to take this to another level. 70% pizza 30% food. Rent is very reasonable for this 1300 sq ft space. Landlord will give a new 10 yr lease for any qualified buyer. More info

Replace your income, or earn EXTRA INCOME and keep your job. Earn money 24/7 with HEALTHY VENDING. More info

New Asking Price of $450,000. Seller Financing Avail to Experienced Buyers. New Rent of ONLY $4500 Month for 6 months and maybe MORE! Iconic East Village Pizzeria for sale for the first time ever! Surrounded by residential buildings, Hospitals, Colleges, Parks, and major Corporations flocking to this pizzeria on a daily basis. Recently renovated! New Owner does not need to spend a dime! The Lease alone is worth the Money because you cannot replicate this corner location anywhere! Mainly a slices and soda business with reasonable hours open 10am-9pm. With an unheard of 15 YEAR STRAIGHT LEASE, a new owner can make Money for years to come! Seller is retiring after 30 years in the More info

Absentee Pizzeria in the Heart of the Downtown Financial District doing a solid $30k a week in sales. With a 10 year in place, this 40 seat, 2000 sqft space is in great condition ready for an owner operator to take it to the next level. The seller is permanently moving out of state so thats the reason for the sale. Store hours are 11am-10pm M-F, and has a very loyal clientel for over 20 years in the same location. There are many many new condos and residential buildings being built in and round the Downtown area giving this location a solid lunch and dinner business, as well as a steady weekend business too. Dont pass this up! Please have proof of funds available.If any other info call More info

Corner Location. Great Pizzeria on the Eastside Corner Cap HUGE POTENTIAL $25k weekly! Rent is $17k monthly and includes taxes and water bills!! Upgraded and beautifully appointed 1600 sqft store with a great track record!! HUGE POTENTIAL for an Owner/Operator. Don't miss out!! If registered, contact your broker, if not, please visit our website for a FREE registration! More info

These financials are Pre Pandemic. Pandemic sales are about $6k weekly with an owner Net of about $1500k week. Seller will entertain ALL OFFERS..5 Day easy to operate Industrial & Commercial area Pizzeria. Hours of operation M-F 11am to 7pm. The current owner does open on Saturdays and Sundays, but the kitchen is closed & they only make pizza for local business and corporate parties in the area. Plenty of room to grow this newly renovated, very clean turn key pizzeria. Opening the kitchen on a Saturday, extending hrs, social media, advertising, building up the huge delivery service that this area has to offer are just some easy ways to increase sales and profit. Front & rear parking, great More info

Pizzeria , Restaurant located in a prime shopping center with high ticket tenants. Surrounded by a huge residential , Industrial & commercial area brings a great mix of walk in & delivery service for this area. Current owner has a full liquor license which he does not utilize. He is serving beer and wine but you can easily increase sales by taking advantage of the full license. This pizzeria has the surrounded area locked up in sales because of the Great food & Great service. Recently current owner invested $500k in renovations & updated equipment. This turn key operation is well ran by a fully trained & well groomed staff. With a long lease and a low rent you will make your investment back More info

Are you passionate about owning your own business? Are you interested in giving people the choice to eat healthy? If the answer is yes, then you have found the right partner to build you a successful healthy vending business. At Healthier4U Vending we share your passion and want you to join us to give the choice to eat healthy to everyone. Come see how together we can change your life. More info

Well Established ( 35 years ) pizzeria with dining room in Nassau County. Currently the store is gross sales 34-35,000 a week situated right next to a major High School right on East - West Main Road In Nassau with 15000 cars an hour driving by. 39k week pre-covid. Rent 10,400. 4% 9 years left. 34-36k weekly rising thru this summer to precovid numbers. 2900 sq Ft dining Room 55 seats Pizzeria 20 seats. full liq. 35 seats under tent outside. More info

This 3400 sqft Pizzeria in a huge Shopping Center in Nassau County in major shopping center on Old Country Road. This pizzeria should and could be grossing over 50k a week with ONLY an experienced operator. The Landlord will only assign with experience due to the location and shopping center.This Pizzeria was grossing approximately $25,000 a week pre covid, the owner as suffered some health issues and is extremely motivated to retire. currently the rent has been reduced and will remain at $9,000.Directly next door to a 60,000 square foot Supermarket with 24 other tenants in the mall great foot traffic great visibility it has the potential to do between 40 to $60,000 a week with the right More info

Fantastic opportunity for a pizza man or cook to own your own neighborhood Pizzeria in the Levittown area. This Pizzeria has been in existence for 60 years the current owner has owned it for 38 years and now is preparing for retirement. Extremely loyal customer base, mostly pizza and soda with a low rent makes this a real moneymaker. The current owner works 6 days a week and there is a main pizza guy on staff with 8 other extremely reliable staff and counter people that will stay on board after closing. This is an ideal situation for a pizza man as he will net 150,000 minimum from day one. The current owner is willing to hold a small note for somebody with experience ONLY. Very strong More info

MUST SEE this unbelievable operation. Located on Montauk Hwy in the Hamptons sits this $1M buildout that has everything. Wood Burning Pizzeria , Italian / American Restaurant & a full service Bar. Dine In , take out , outdoor seating , lunch , dinner , cocktails. What a unique concept that the current owner spent from top to bottom in the front of the house to the back end , over $1M in the most gorgeous build out you will ever see!! Currently doing $38k Weekly , this location in the height of the season can easily do $80k a week. The only thing this location needs is an experienced operator to come in and make big money. With an owner operator you can increase this net drastically. Very More info

2000 Sqft. Pizzeria in the middle of a very busy Plaza. Current owners were inexperienced and is looking for someone with experience to rebrand and turn it around. Prior to current ownership, pizzeria did close to 60k a week. 500k was spent into the buildout with top of the line equipment. Perfect for an owner operator. More info

Home of the Original Buffalo Wing and part of food history. Expanding nationally with plenty of territory available for franchisees to grow. Learn more about joining our team now. More info

Established pizza shop with the same owner for over 5 years, who has turned this store into a cash cow. The store is 2300 square feet, with a brand new added walk-in fridge to help keep up with the business it's doing. Has consistent business over the last 3 years, and has become a household name in its town. Dominating the area, this pizzeria does these numbers with strictly take out and delivery options, Throughout and after the pandemic. Perfect opportunity for an owner operator. More info

Excellent opportunity for an experienced pizza man. Great numbers and vendor relations. Well anchored plaza next to the only movie theater in town, still thriving during COVID-19 pushing over 200 deliveries a week. More info

You Asked For a Pizzeria With Property? Well Here it Is! Week Ending Monday 4-26-2021 Sales 49k for the week. This truly is a unique opportunity with a caveat of purchasing the property. Newly renovated stunning Italian pizzeria restaurant seat 125 in the main dining room and 60 in the party room currently 45-50k thousand a week and it's perfect for a chef or a restaurantauer in the business. Property Listed at 1.8mm and Business offered at 995k entertaining all offers. This advertising does not tell the whole picture. If you have the capital you must see this opportunity contact Henry Galasso for more details 516-779-8900. More info

Amazing 4000sqft buildout. Over $1.2M invested in this underperforming Suffolk County pizzeria. Imagine that? $45k-$50K per week and it is still underperforming. Owner claims should be grossing 90k weekly Yes. Full liquor. Approximately 102 seats. State of the art decor. If store is ran right it could potentially be $80k per week. Base Rent 13k PLUS RE CAM =15k. This location would need to be re-branded as it is part of a multi-store group whom is selling off some assets.If you are interested in listing your business with East Coast Stores, obtaining a free valuation OR if you would like to earn a referral fee and know someone who would like to sell, contact us at More info

This is Truely a golden goose for anyone wanting to be in the Pizzeria Business or Perhaps add this to your porfolio of successful hospitality units. 4500 plus a 1500 sq party room usable for fri-sat overflow 6000 sq ft total with a 10+10 yr lease term Full Liquor in the HOTTEST TOWN for restaurant operators. Established 23 years EXTREMELY loyal customer base. If you are interested in listing your business with East Coast Stores, obtaining a free valuation OR if you would like to earn a referral fee and know someone who would like to sell, contact us at [email protected] We accept quality listings! More info

This is your chance to tap into the growing popularity of craft beers, with a truly unique concept and appealing environment! More info

Absolutely a once in lifetime opportunity to own an absentee pizzeria in a high traffic Airport Food Court! Pizzeria Restaurant is part of a food court surrounded by all national Franchises doing sales in the millions. The owner for this pizzeria only works there 1 day a week, and an owner operator can increase sales tremondously. The reason for the sale is a dispute between the owners since only one of them is hands on with the shop. Current sales are close to $900k a year, and rent including CAM is $78k a year way below the normal ratio. There is absolutely NO delivery or online delivery websites at all. The space is 800 sqft with lots of sitting as being part of the busy food More info

MUST SEE this unbelievable operation. Located on Montauk Hwy in the Hamptons sits this $1M buildout that has everything. Wood Burning Pizzeria , Italian / American Restaurant & a full service Bar. Dine In , take out , outdoor seating , lunch , dinner , cocktails. What a unique concept that the current owner spent from top to bottom in the front of the house to the back end , over $1M in the most gorgeous build out you will ever see!! Currently doing $38k Weekly , this location in the height of the season can easily do $80k a week. The only thing this location needs is an experienced operator to come in and make big money. With an owner operator you can increase this net drastically. Very More info

Great opportunity for a pizza man or a Chef to come in to a $15,000 week store with a fantastic upside! Very favorable lease in Southwest Nassau right on Hempstead Turnpike-semi absentee rent under $5,500 including a real estate taxes and cam. NO DINING ROOM SERVICE! 1800 Sq Feet and Semi-Absentee with manager in place that would stay. Contact Henry Galasso or your agent 631-271-1731 More info

Great New Hyde Park Pizzeria 27k Weekly sales situated on a corner cap on a main road excellent opportunity for husband and wife team or a chef, or a pizza ma.n 78 seats wine and beer lisc at this location has been around established over 25 years. Current Owner will stay on for an ample transition very loyal customer base for many many years and years to come. Youngblood can take this to another level. favorable lease Inquire within. 516-779-89010 More info

Great New Hyde Park Pizzeria 27k Weekly sales situated on a corner cap on a main road excellent opportunity for husband and wife team or a chef, or a pizza ma.n 78 seats wine and beer lisc at this location has been around established over 25 years. Current Owner will stay on for an ample transition very loyal customer base for many many years and years to come. Youngblood can take this to another level. favorable lease Inquire within. 516-779-89010 More info

One of the most extensive training programs in the franchising industry backed by over 60 years of experience! More info

LISTING ID # 33757Pizzeria & Restaurant w/ Beer and Wine. Price Negotiable. Located in a densely populated area of Queens, this is a great hub near car dealerships, schools, churches and mass transit. They offer a full-kitchen with a hood and grill as well as pizza ovens. Seating is not currently offered due to Covid, but the space can set 40 patrons inside and they offer a bar in back with a beer and wine license. A full liquor license can be obtained, if desired. In the past year the business has grossed approx. $187,200.00. These figures are down from 2019 due to Covid. We are seeking a serious and financially qualified buyer with at least $165K in liquid funds to cover the asking price. More info

Pizzeria in West Islip in a AAA shopping center with a major supermarket as anchor and 13 other tenants some nationally branded . This truly is a pizzeria restaurant that I will certify as a platinum opportunity for anybody who is seriously interested and has the money. Solid Pizzeria with a $900,000 build-out established since 1994. that is currently grossing about 29 to $31,000 TODAY in January-Feb. Normally week pre covid was pushing $40,000 a week and the owner is anticipating that to go back to normal by March when the weather warms up as Vaccines roll out quicker. The base rent at this Gem of a listing is only 5700 + real estate taxes and cam. 3000 square feet plus storage and an More info

Very well Known Pizzeria - Restaurant. Very well established. Current owner will entertain serious qualified buyers with serious offers. This Business & location is THE REAL DEAL!! Must need Experience & proof of funds to set up an appointment. Please call or text Joseph Mesi @ 631 236 8598 More info

This is a pizza man's dream, if you're looking to be an absentee owner please do not respond to this ad, this is for a pizza man or a cook. This place has a brand spanking new build-out, you will not put a dime into this place for a minimum of 20 years.Rent is only 3,500 and I can make a deal with the landlord for slightly less on a 10 or 15 year lease. Currently the store is being ran 100% absentee and there's no representation for cash flow but an owner operator, pizza guy or cook can definitely make 150 to $200,000 a year. Small building less than a thousand feet and it's strictly Pizza soda and some small pasta dishes. There's no restaurant no table service mostly deliveries.. This More info

This is a fantastic opportunity to take an 18-20,000 a week pizzeria - cafe less than 2 times multiple. Only owner-operators need respond to this advertisement, this is a terrific opportunity to net over $140,000 in a very simple operation to run only five staff members and one owner. Adding breakfast to this operation you can increase sales by 30%. Rent is only $3,000 a month with 7 years remaining on the lease Only experienced operators will get an extension thereof. Call Henry 516-779-8900 More info

Lean Kitchen delivers meaningful and profitable outcomes for our franchise partners by improving the quality of life for their communities, their customers, and their families every day. More info

Recently renovated with no expense spared, this Downtown Financial District Pizzeria does a solid $25,000 a week in sales and is run totally absentee. The seller would like to cash out and focus on other business interest he has. An owner operator should have this store doing $35k just by being there, and save $1300 a week which the manager receives. Easy hours 11am-9pm. An owner operator can take home over $250,000 a year. Seller financing is available More info

Pizzeria established in 1962 and serving a full menu that is delicious with repeat customers. Great opportunity to own this pizzeria on one of the busiest roads in Long Island. Current owners do minimal advertising so there is tremendous upside for an aggressive owner operator. This is an excellent opportunity to own a business with unlimited upside for a minimal investment. Pizzeria also has a spacious dining room with seating for 30 people, 2 Pizza ovens and an outside walk-in box with freezer and refrigerator. Owner wants to relocate out of state quickly and must give up this gem and will entertain all offers. More info

Turn key Pizza Bar & Restaurant located in the heart of LIC. Over $800k in renovations and upgrades at this well oiled operation with a fully trained staff in place. Current owner who's family already relocated out of state & he will be following them after fully transitioning a new buyer took this place over from an inexperienced operator and brought the sales and profit up drastically. With an experienced operator , this location still has more room for growth. Full service dining area , outdoor backyard seating and a full kitchen and prep area in the basement this place does not need anything else but for someone to come in and make some real money. Beer & wine Lic , Pizza , Salads , More info

‘I wanted to do what I wanted to do’

At just five years old, Ahier would stand on a milk crate to help her mom at the Texas truck stop where she worked as a cook. But it wasn’t until she was in her late 20s and cooking on a luxury yacht that she realized she was good at it. Even then, it took her dying father to really drive it home. “You need to go to cooking school because this is your calling,” he told her. To which she replied, “Dad, how do I go to cooking school at 34?”

Turns out, you just do. “There was no way we could afford CIA, it was like Harvard. But we just did it,” she says, referring to her then-husband Artie. “It’s a rough school. It’s a lot of hours. I was 37 when I graduated, and I landed an awesome job at a great property. And that job set me up for everything else.”

After graduating with high honours, Ahier apprenticed with Melissa Kelly at the Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Inn in upstate New York, where she developed her passion for organic food and local sourcing. She then moved back to Texas to become executive chef at Cibolo Creek Ranch. “My first customer was Mick Jagger,” Ahier recalls. “I landed in the right place at the right time.”

From there, the journey took them to Vancouver Island. She opened the SoBo (“sort of bohemian”) food truck in April 2003 and, a few months later, it landed at #9 on enRoute’s list of best new restaurants in Canada. She opened the brick-and-mortar location in 2007 and is now getting into food retail, even pitching her famous salmon chowder on Dragon’s Den.

“I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and I wanted to do it on my dime,” she says. “My school helped me to be a better businesswoman.”

Ultimately, what having the CIA experience has really meant for these chefs is the ability to carve out their own careers. And if that’s not worth the cost of tuition, what is?

Uncommon Grounds, a coffee shop that opened on Church Street in May 1994, will close by the end of the year, owner Brenda Nadeau told Seven Days.

Nadeau, 56, said she plans to retire and shut the business that was founded by her parents, Skip and Beverly Blakely. Over its 25 years on the Marketplace, during which numerous cafés have opened in Burlington, Uncommon Grounds established itself as a downtown hangout. Along with Speeder & Earl's and Muddy Waters, Uncommon Grounds is among the oldest coffee shops in Burlington.

“I always assumed that when I left, it would continue without me,” Nadeau said. “It doesn’t need me. It’s a good model, it works. I’ve just been the steward of it for a period of time.”

Nadeau purchased the café from her parents 11 years ago, after a career as a high school band director and a decade spent raising her three children. None of her grown children are interested in taking over the business, Nadeau said, and she's ready to retire.

Uncommon Grounds, which roasts its own beans, is equipped with a coffee roaster by its storefront window, indoor seating for about 40 people, and outdoor tables that fill up in warm weather. The coffee shop boasts a simple design: a set of tables on the north side and a service counter for coffee, espresso drinks and tea along the opposite wall. It's not uncommon, at Uncommon Grounds, for the beverage line to reach the door.

Uncommon Grounds pours its to-go orders into green paper cups adorned with a steaming cup of coffee. It serves pastries and baked goods from a number of local bakeries, including Red House Sweets in St. Albans, and Barrio Bakery and Jones the Boy in Burlington.

Church Street has been a great location for her café, Nadeau said, but she added that “the hole in the ground and Macy’s leaving has definitely been challenging.” In particular, she said, the demolition of the downtown mall has affected foot traffic.

The coffee shop employs 14 people, said Nadeau, noting that it was important to her to give her staff several months notice of the closing. “It gives them a chance to have options, as opposed to being forced to take the first thing,” she said.

In her retirement, Nadeau plans to spend time with her husband, read good books and take walks in the woods. "I plan to not do anything with computers," she said. "That's my No. 1 goal in life."

Though Nadeau owns the Burlington shop, she does not own its name. The moniker Uncommon Grounds is owned by her sister and brother-in-law, Marsha and Dan Murphy, who own three cafés by that name in upstate New York, Nadeau said.

In coincidental timing, a new café is coming to the Church Street Marketplace in early 2020. Renovation is underway at 2 Church Street, where Kru Coffee will open early next year, said co-owner Kyle Brock. He'll own the business with his wife, Kristi Brock, and brother-in-law Ryan Miller.

A 'Jewel' to Walk

On the weekend before the Fourth of July, I decided to join the 20,000 or so people that hike through club property every year. The 3.5-mile Lake Road behind the club extends to 27 miles of trails that wind off into the wilderness. Many of them lead to some of the state's 46 mountains more than 4,000 feet tall that hikers tackle to become so-called "46ers."

Best of all, the trails are open to the public: Under an easement agreement made with New York State, much of the club's acreage is accessible to everyone. The Lake Road ends at the fjord-like Ausable Lakes, which are private club property best viewed from the surrounding mountaintops.

I grew up visiting this section of the Adirondacks and have fond childhood memories of clambering down the Lake Road in search of adventure. And, full disclosure, family members past and present have belonged to the Ausable Club.

When I broached the topic of a story with the club's general manager, John R. Schuler, and, eventually, president Bill Paternotte, they politely declined. Club members are private types, they said. So I decided instead to meet nonmembers: hikers and others who use club property because, well, they can.

One couple I met, Steve and Tina Plugge, had not previously visited the Ausable Club or the trails behind it. The rustic setting reminded Tina of summer camp Steve pictured scenes from Dirty Dancing.

"I kept thinking, Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Steve said of the movie's iconic line. (The 1987 flick was filmed in Virginia, though it's ostensibly set in New York's Catskill Mountains.)

The Plugges told me they'd turned around after encountering a black bear and her two cubs. They weren't kidding: About a mile up the road, a mama bear snuffled in the grass as two tiny cubs played, running around and pawing at the air. The preserve, as envisioned by its founding members, was doing its job.

As a thunderstorm rumbled in, I decided to call it a day. I turned back toward the club and greeted a group of weary walkers finishing a hike on Sawteeth mountain, named for its distinctive profile.

I joined up with the group of siblings and one spouse. They all live in the Northeast, they told me, and try to meet up for occasional day hikes, frequently in the Adirondacks. A solo hiker fell in with us on the walk back from his climb up Indian Head, a well-traveled trail because of its short length and sweet views of the Ausable Lakes. The crew was happy to hike for free, especially compared to out west, where private land can cost an admission fee, said Sarah Downes, a hiker visiting from Enosburg.

"They don't have to allow public access," she said of the club. "They have a jewel that anybody can use."

The next day, I was back at the club for a different spectacle: fireworks. The club's busiest time of year is always the Fourth of July weekend, when hundreds of members arrive to golf, fish, play tennis, enjoy the weather and dine at the clubhouse. It climaxed on Saturday with an epic pyrotechnic display, rattling and booming across the mountain valley. It's also the one time of year that nonmembers can come to the club to a part of the property usually considered off limits.

Members, dressed to the nines for the evening, gazed out from the clubhouse porch after dinner while locals and other visitors on the golf course sat on camp chairs and huddled under blankets to ward off the cool mountain air.

"That they allow all these people on their golf course — it's very civic-minded of them," noted Gita Grady, a nonmember from Keene Valley who has visited each summer for decades. Children ran by giggling and playing as they waited for dusk to fall. "We made a big effort to get up from New Jersey tonight so we could get here for the fireworks," Grady added. "It's the icing on the cake."

Our History

Almost 60 years ago, the Villa Roma was owned by a man named Ernesto Vindigni. The resort was no larger than a quaint boarding house with 46 hotel rooms, 10 cottages, a pool and two bocce courts. Days began with home-cooked meals and were spent relaxing. However, that was before Marty Passante came along. While bow hunting in October of 1969, Mr. Martin Passante came across the Villa Roma and noticed the “for sale” sign. After much consideration, Marty convinced his two friends, Albert Aprea, and Danny Vaccaro, to partner with him on the purchase of the resort property. They sold everything they owned on Long Island, NY and moved upstate to the small country town of Callicoon, NY. The sale became final in December of 1969, and after a couple of years, Marty became the sole owner and the Villa Roma has never been the same since!

By 1973 Marty’s dream was becoming a reality they began constructing the Lobby and the Futura wing, keeping the hotel seasonal until 1977. Construction of more rooms began along with the Club Forum, which would accommodate 800 guests. While all of this was going on, Marty was busy coordinating marketing strategies that would bring guests to the resort all year long. Villa Roma kept growing. Before long, there was racquetball courts, the Ernesto (named after the original owner), and the Indoor Sports Complex in 1982. In 1983, Villa Roma built the ski area, followed by our 18-hole PGA golf course and timeshare units. The timeshares allowed for returning guests to purchase a unit for one or multiple weeks a year, for a lease term of 99 years—this idea was brilliant! It raised money for new construction and put Villa Roma onto the map.

Today the Villa Roma is strongly positioned as one of the leading businesses in our community. It provides employment for over 400 full-time employees and serves over 200,000 guests a year. We now have 24 timeshare buildings, 139 hotel rooms, 18 Hole PGA Championship golf course, Indoor and/or outdoor tennis, racquetball, volleyball, bocce, shuffleboard, basketball, Indoor & outdoor heated pools, Fun Park, Fishing pond, Go-Carts, Bumper Boats, Arcade room, Bowling alley, Fitness center, Nightly entertainment, 3 year-round dining outlets, and so much more! The Villa Roma stays committed to providing the best possible hospitality experience by always putting the needs of our guests first through impeccable service, outstanding facilities, and amenities, clean modern accommodations in conjunction with our tradition of warm hospitality.

Upstate New York Building Owner Will Rent Her Café for Free to the Right Chef - Recipes

Looking for the best breakfast in Salt Lake City, Utah? My most accounts, it's served at Penny Ann's Cafe. Located at 1810 South Main Street, it opened in 2011 as a culinary experiment by the Willey family. Penny Ann and sister Cindy often seat patrons or serve tables or just chat with the restaurant's regular customers. Brother Wally is executive chef and brother Paul works behind the scenes helping with day-to-day operations. Their parents, Wayne and Jane, oversee them all. Nieces and nephews help cook, prep, serve and bus tables. From upstate New York, the Willeys pride themselves on creating an East Coast diner with a family atmosphere. To date, they have been very successful. For two years in a row, Penny Ann's Cafe has won the Best of State award for Best Breakfast. And business has been so good that they opened another restaurant in Draper in 2014 and are looking ahead to further expansion. Forgive me, but I chose to pass up Penny Ann's heavenly hot cakes, single, short or full stack of home-made sour cream pancakes served with butter and syrup. Instead, I had a bowl of old-fashioned oats with brown sugar, milk, raisins and bananas and a plate of corned beef hash, East Coast style, with finely chopped corned beef blended with potatoes and served with two scrambled eggs and toast. But I must admit that I reluctantly passed on the PAC Benedict, Penny Ann's version of traditional Eggs Benedict, with two poached eggs, bacon, ham and grilled tomato nestled on top of a croissant, topped with hollandaise sauce and served with home fried potatoes and toast. My wife opted for the two-egg breakfast, two scrambled eggs and home fried potatoes served with sausage and fresh strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. We finished with fresh baked scones topped with honey butter and dusted with powdered sugar. Does breakfast ever get any better than that?

Thank you so much for the amazing review! Our family is happy to hear that you had a great experience. We appreciate your business and hope to see you again!

Upstate New York Building Owner Will Rent Her Café for Free to the Right Chef - Recipes

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