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Salad 4mix cherry tomatoes Four seasons

Salad 4mix cherry tomatoes Four seasons

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In a frying pan we put butter and oil, in this we will lower the shrimps, when they have caught color they will be removed on the absorbent napkins to remove the excess fat. We wash the vegetables and we will proceed in the following way: the tomatoes will be cut in four, the onion, being chives, the outer sheets will be removed and put whole (if you don't have chives you can put ½ of red or white onion cut into fish). Peel and grind the garlic cloves, peel the cucumber and cut it into cubes of the right size. The peppers will also be cut into cubes. Over these we add shrimp and finely chopped tarragon. Add a little pomegranate reduction, salt and pepper. Stir, add the broken goat cheese in pieces and taste once more.

We prepare the vinaigrette from olive oil and lemon juice. Add the dressing 5-10 minutes before serving.

You can also add pine buds or almond flakes, previously drawn to the pan (without oil).

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