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Andaz Hotel’s Candlelight Evenings Bring Romance to East London

Andaz Hotel’s Candlelight Evenings Bring Romance to East London

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1901 Restaurant hosts spectacular monthly dinner featuring 350 candles

The Andaz Hotel decks out their former grand ballroom with over 350 large candles.

Diners seeking sense of occasion in London need not flock exclusively to the West End, as Andaz Hotel Liverpool Street’s Candlelight Evenings bring glamour and sophisticated eats to the East. The five-star boutique hotel – a welcome respite from Liverpool Street’s lively bustle – hosts the monthly affair in its 1901 Restaurant, decked in dramatic display with over 350 large candles placed throughout the former grand ballroom.

Candlelight Evenings changes its line-up of classical live music, as well as its generous a la carte contemporary British menu, every last Wednesday of each month. Its most recent, all United Kingdom-sourced menu included starters such as a parsnip dish with velouté, duck fritter, and chestnut panna cotta; and pigeon with confit leg, breast, pancetta, rhubarb, chicory, and prune purée. Beautifully presented mains included Cornwall pan-fried halibut with crab and brown shrimp risotto, watercress, and artichoke puree; Welsh rack of lamb with onion rosti, pickled Sharon fruit, confit tomato, and sweet potato puree; and cured poached salmon with beetroot, pepper sponge, and beurre blanc.

While it is certainly suitable for special evenings with friends or business colleagues, Candlelight Evenings is a definitive choice for couples looking for a wondrously romantic experience. No matter, however, if you’re not in love just yet- 1901 Restaurant’s sumptuous, occasion-ready dining experience is certain to light up your evening.

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