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Tochitură from liver and heart of pork & Polenta with butter

Tochitură from liver and heart of pork & Polenta with butter

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Wash the pork liver, cut it into cubes (I keep it in the water so that all the blood comes out of it).

The heart, too. Clean well (remove veins and blood clots).

Stir in the onion.

Add diced liver + heart.

Add the spices (hot paprika, thyme, bay leaves, nutmeg, salt, pepper) and broth.

Extinguish everything with red wine.

Boil until the sauce drops.

At the end add the garlic.

Serve with polenta and cream.


Bring water to a boil, add salt, possibly a tablespoon of sunflower oil.

After the water has boiled, add the cornmeal in the rain, stirring vigorously with the whisk to prevent the formation of "lumps", I feel like calling them agglomerations :)).

Keep the polenta on the fire until it comes off the pan.

Finally add the butter, mix and pour over a plate.

Good appetite!

Dobrogea tochitura, a food with a unique taste

Dobrogea cuisine is strongly influenced by the climate and fauna of the area, in addition to those of the peoples who settled here. In an area full of hills, with plains but also with access to rivers and the sea, fish, game or sheep dishes are very common. On the other hand, over time, it has also been influenced by the cuisines of the peoples who have passed through the area, especially the Turkish and Greek cuisine. All this entitles us to claim, without making too many mistakes, to claim that Dobrogea can be called the land of baclavales, ciulamales and other goodies of oriental origin such as rice dishes, very sweet desserts with nuts soaked in concentrated syrups, full cakes. with raisins and shit, as sweet as they cannot be described in words and, at the same time, so light and full of flavor.

Dobrogean dishes are filling and tasty, but with a simple preparation. They are mainly based on mutton, game, fish. Specific to the area is the Dobrogea pie prepared with sheep cheese and served with yogurt.

Among the dishes specific to the Dobrogean cuisine we mention: fish soups, belly soup, fish marinades, carp brine, grilled fish, stuffed carp, Dobrogean tochitura, Dobrogean salads, sheep sausages, lamb on the grill, chebab, , musacaua.

In fact, we will deal with tochitura, especially in the following lines. Tochitura is a traditional dish of Romanian cuisine, prepared from meat (pork, veal, beef, poultry), organs (liver, kidneys, heart, spleen), sausages (fresh or smoked), ribs (fresh or smoked), fried in a frying pan or in a cauldron and served with a garnish of polenta with eggs and bellows cheese or grated telemea on top, in combination with pickles and garlic sauce. It can be considered one of our traditional dishes because tochitura is a Romanian dish, prepared differently in different areas of the country. Undoubtedly, tochitura is one of the most beloved Romanian dishes and in the menus of restaurants with traditional specialties it stands out. With pork, lamb, beef, chicken and more, tochitura can be prepared in dozens of ways, but is usually served with polenta. If Moldovan tochitura is perhaps the best known, Here are some recipes for Dobrogean tochitura, known for the sauce that accompanies it.

Dobrogea tochitura with beef

Ingredients for 10 servings:

  • beef antricot: 0.700 kg
  • boneless pork chop: 0.700 kg
  • thyme: 1g
  • tomato paste: 100 g
  • wine from the region: 100 ml
  • garlic sauce: 150 g
  • ground pepper: 2 g
  • canned mushrooms: 250 g
  • oil: 200 ml
  • salt: 40 mg
  • polenta: 2kg
  • eggs 10 pieces
  • telemea oi: 200 g

Method of preparation:

First, some preparations are made for a successful tochitura. Thus, the meat is washed, the squares are cut. Drain the mushrooms, pass through a stream of cold water and cut into thin slices. The eggs are washed, then passed through a stream of cold water.

The preparation technique is simple. Saute the meat in oil with the addition of mushroom juice. When it is almost suppressed, add, by mixing: tomato paste, mushrooms, thyme, pepper and salt, and towards the end of the heat treatment add the garlic sauce and wine. The eggs are prepared in mesh. In the end, it sits in a certain way on the plate. Specifically, put the polenta in the middle, above an eye egg and all around, put the tochitura. Telemeau is grated on the egg and eaten with pleasure, but with care, not to fall too hard.

Dobrogean tochitura with organs

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 200 g of boneless pork breast
  • 150 g spleen of pork
  • 150 g pork liver
  • 150 g pork kidney
  • 100 g low-fat peasant ribs
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 100 ml of white wine
  • 60 g of tomato paste
  • 50 ml of oil
  • 5 g dried thyme
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 150 g of corn
  • 20 g of butter
  • a spoonful of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

For starters, prepare a softer polenta. Finely chop the garlic, cut the meat into cubes, peel the ribs and cut it into cubes. Heat oil in a pan and harden the ribs enough to leave that unmistakable flavor and taste, then add the meat. Season the meat with pepper from the beginning, so that it acquires flavor and taste. We continue to add the organs in the pan, one by one, depending on the required cooking time. Therefore, add the diced kidneys (after you have previously kept them in water with vinegar, so as not to have that unwanted taste), let them harden a bit, then add the diced spleen. Cut into cubes and liver and add it to the pan, then place over the meat and garlic. In a bowl, mix the tomato paste well with the wine, thyme and half a tablespoon of salt, then mix well. Pour the sauce obtained in this way in the pan, mix and let it boil for 6-7 minutes, so that it boils well and does not taste like uncooked tomatoes. Finely chop the parsley. Add it over the tochitura when you take the pan off the heat. Arrange the dish as desired and serve hot.

Dobrogean lamb tochitura


  • 300 g honey meat
  • 250 g sheep sausages
  • 250 g sheep pastrami
  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g curd
  • 1 teaspoon spices (depending on preferences)
  • 600 g of polenta
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • salt
  • pepper.


Cut the lamb meat and mutton pastrami into small pieces, and cut the sausages into segments of 2-3 cm. In a large frying pan, fry the lamb, pastrami and sausages until they are well penetrated and have acquired a beautiful color, being nicely browned. Add the cleaned, washed and finely chopped onion. After 2 & # 8211 3 minutes, or after the onion has softened well, add the tomato paste. Here you need some attention, because if the tomato paste is added too early, the onion hardens and about & # 8230 grits in the teeth. Saute everything over low heat for another 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally, then put a cup of boiled water in the pan. Then add the spices, salt and pepper, mixing well, so that the ingredients taste good. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, fry the 4 egg yolks and put the curd on the large grater. Serve the hot tochitura with polenta, one egg in one serving and a good portion of curd sprinkled on top.

Dobrogea tochitura, modern version


  • pork leg - 500 grams
  • sausages (peasant or smoked) - 300 grams
  • kaiser - 300 grams
  • 4 eggs
  • Parmesan
  • tomato sauce, chili, tarragon, oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, etc
  • cornmeal for polenta

Method of preparation:

Cut the pork into small pieces and put on the fire in a pan with a little oil. After about 10 minutes, add the garlic, sausages and kaiser to the pan. After another 10 minutes, add the spices, to taste, and then the tomato sauce. Meanwhile, make the polenta

and everything is ready. Put the tochitura and polenta on the plate, add an egg-eye, and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top.

Dobrogean tochitura with chicken breast

For lovers of tochitura, but who for health reasons, religion or other reasons cannot eat pork (without which tochitura can no longer be called tochitura), we also offer a variant that contains chicken.


  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 2 tablespoons broth
  • 1 glass of red wine
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • thyme
  • one egg per person
  • telemea of ​​grated sheep
  • polenta

Method of preparation:

Cut the meat into cubes and the onion and pepper as small as possible. Heat the oil, add the onion and pepper and, after they have softened, add the meat. After it has changed color, add about 400 ml of water and let it boil until it has reduced nicely and the meat is cooked.

Add the wine and the broth dissolved in water and let it boil for two more minutes. Fry the egg, make the polenta and bring to the table the tochitra sprinkled with grated cheese.

Maybe until now you didn't know much about Dobrogea tochitura. But now you have learned a lot about this preparation and you can choose the one that you find easier to make, or the one that your health allows. Whatever you choose, however, you will definitely have a delicious dish that goes great with a good glass of wine. In fact, red wine will amplify in an unexpected way the good taste of Dobrogean tochitura, so that the whole family, or guests, will be satisfied with the choice you have made.

Dobrogea tochitura is just one of the dishes that this land offers to tourists. For those who want to eat a traditional one, made "like at home", we invite them to leave home and stop here. They will not regret choosing this land surrounded by the fresh and calm waters of the Danube and caressed by the salty and frothy waves of the Black Sea. Dobrogea is a land of contrasts, a humid region, but at the same time dry, a place with a history of over two thousand years, and also the youngest in Europe and a territory populated by people belonging to several ethnic groups.

He is recommended by the experience of Art Director and Publisher of the magazines Căminul, Bucătăria pentru toti, Bebelu, Industry Insights, and the supplement of the newspaper România liberă.

1. Cut kidneys in half lengthwise. With a knife, remove the ribs and the white part inside.

We cut the kidneys into 2-3 cm pieces. We wash them well in several cold waters and cover them with cold milk for 1.5 & # 8211 2 hours to remove the pungent smell.

We take them out of the milk and scald them for 2 minutes until they leave their foam.

2. Brown the kidneys in 2 tablespoons of oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. After they have browned, we put the kidneys in a bowl and take care of the sauce.

3. Peel and finely chop the onion. In a large saucepan, cauldron or pan, in 10o grams of hot butter put 1 tablespoon of flour and mix. It runs away a lot from flour put in food, but cooked well, flour is no worse than other foods. When the flour has browned for 1 minute, add the chopped onion. Stir for 1 minute to fry the onion a little and quench with soup or lukewarm water.

4. Add the diced tomatoes or tomato juice and bring to a boil.

5. Put the fried kidneys in the sauce and simmer for 30 minutes. Let the sauce decrease, as we want, thicker or thinner. Eventually add more soup. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat and add the finely chopped garlic cloves. We cover the pan.

6. We spin a more soft polenta. I wrote about this in the article on polenta preparation. We put polenta in the middle of the plate and pork kidneys with sauce around the polenta. Flavor with fresh greens.

From the heart to the liver

Every beginning is based on a dream, so I share with you my dream: Michelin restaurant in Romania. The dream restaurant succeeds despite the absence of highways, despite the popular perception that demands quantity rather than quality and despite the fact that most dishes that are traditionally eaten are only acclimatized and not created in Romania.

It is not clear to me if I have an apron or a suit, but I am there and I am proud to represent this restaurant in the kitchen or as a front of house manager.

I wake up there and I still have simple things to explore. Today I cook the meat that some people throw away, seeing it in the notorious area of ​​gastronomy: chicken heart and liver.

I fried the hearts and the liver one by one, in a pan greased with a teaspoon of lard, for 6-7 minutes each.

I hardened half a large onion, adding a tablespoon of Teriyaki sauce. That's because I'm a fan of Japanese tuning. In French it would be a reduction of wine with honey.

I chopped the hearts by hand, and I chopped the liver with the onion in the robot with a few tablespoons of sweet cream, a tablespoon of lard, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a yolk and a half. I wanted a paste that also had whole pieces of liver, so I didn't brutalize the robot's engine, I added hearts and adjusted the seasoning.

I filled some puff pastry packets with the liver paste that I cut, greased them with the remaining half of the yolk and baked them for 20 minutes in the gas oven that I set to 180 & # 8211 190 degrees (I didn't use the thermometer, just flair).

I enjoyed them with cream mixed with olive oil, spices and chopped leeks.

With the remaining egg whites I will try Lea's recipe.

No, the title of the article is not a tired word game, the liver is my favorite meat and I intend to explore all the culinary possibilities it can offer me.

Gutted pillows:

Make a paste from the liver, hearts, caramelized onions and the rest of the wet ingredients. Fill the puff pastry and bake until golden brown.

Chicken tochitura with pipote and heart: grandma's recipe

This is an extraordinarily tasty recipe, prepared exactly according to Grandma's recipe. Here's how to do it easily:


  • 1kg of pipettes and chicken hearts
  • 1 onion
  • 2-3 large bell peppers
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 head & acircna of crushed garlic
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 100 ml of white wine

Method of preparation:

  1. Heat the oil in a pan, then add the washed, cleaned and well drained pipettes and hearts. Stir, add salt and sauté for about 2 minutes until tender.
  2. Add the wine and let it boil to remove the alcohol.
  3. Add hot water and simmer for 30-40 minutes, then add the peppers, sliced ​​julienned onion, bay leaves and pepper. After that, it takes another 10-15 minutes to cook.
  4. Then add the tomato paste and cook for another 10 minutes, then add the garlic and leave it for another 5 minutes to thicken the sauce enough.
  5. Turn off the heat, add freshly chopped parsley and serve the tochitura with your favorite garnish (mashed potatoes or polenta).

Even polenta, in large doses, can cause side effects. Consumption over a long period of time can give pellagra. That is why polenta should be eaten with animal or dairy products to compensate.

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic illnesses or follow drug treatments, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

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Temperature baking frozen pies

Preparation: Remove the pies from the freezer and remove the packaging. Preheat the oven to 180º C & # 8211 200º C. The product does not bake in the microwave. Find out what ingredients you can use directly from the freezer in the oven tray or in the pot on the stove. Pies, pies, tarts, puff pastry. No need to [& hellip]

Saw or saw

Definitions, synonyms, conjugations, declensions, saw paradigms in dictionaries: DEX & # 82160 DEX & # 82169 DLRLC, DOOM Spelling,. Definitions, conjugations, declensions, saw paradigms from dictionaries: DEX & # 82160 DEX & # 82169 DLRLC, DOOM Scriban, Argou. What is the correct shape saw or bow saw. According to the Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language, the saw or saw is a. SAW & # 8211 Consultation [& hellip]

25 cheap recipes that you can make in the sandwich machine

The utility of any investment is given by how and how much we use it to be worth the money. Thus, if you make pancakes once a year, it is not worth investing in a special pancake plate, not even in a special pan for them. Ideally, for a purchase to be worth making, it is to use it as much and as intelligently as possible. Even in the case of a common sandwich maker. Because such a device you can make a multitude of recipes for one or two people. Let's see some of them in this single-student material.

Note: The recipes are for a double sandwich maker (like the one in the picture). The cooking time depends on the appliance. You will learn on the go.

1. Obviously, sandwiches

Its first and main utility is, as its name suggests, to make sandwiches. A little butter, a slice of cheese and a slice of ham and the sandwich is ready. Two slices of bread, two slices of ham and a little sweet mustard between them. Two slices of bread, some mayonnaise and canned tuna. And so on.

2. Toast

You don't have a toaster. No problem. Put the slices of bread in the sandwich maker and he will take care of them. You can even thaw your slices of frozen bread while toasting them.

3. Skewers (egg bread)

Beat two eggs with a little milk, a pinch of salt and a drop of pepper, pass the slices of bread through the mixture, let them absorb for a second and fry them in a sandwich maker. Serve them as such or with other dishes, put jam on top, honey or whatever else comes to mind.

Using a fork, beat 3 eggs with a little salt and 6 tablespoons of milk. Pour the mixture into the sandwich maker, close it and turn it on. Depending on the intensity, the omelet will be ready in a few minutes.

5. German eyes (egg eyes)

Break four eggs, one for each triangle. Add a little salt and pepper. Put the device to work.

6.Mushrooms & # 8220on the hob & # 8221

Put the mushroom hat with a little salt in the sandwich maker. It will leave some water that will evaporate. After the water has evaporated, add a little oil, close it and let it fry a little more. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

7. Pumpkin or eggplant with garlic

Cut zucchini or eggplant into slices half an inch long. Sprinkle with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Turn off the appliance and refrigerate. At the end, sprinkle them with a little crushed garlic and 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey.

8. Omelette or tortilla

If you've seen how to make vegetables and eggs at a sandwich maker then I think it's time to put them together. Fry in the open appliance, together with a little oil, diced vegetables (onions and peppers, diced potatoes, diced eggplant and peppers, etc.). At the end add two beaten eggs with two tablespoons of milk. Turn off and let the machine shake its head. See how to make frittata or tortilla.

9. Zucchini meatballs

Grate a zucchini. Squeeze the juice well into your fist. Mix it with a little salt, an egg yolk, a pinch of crushed garlic, a little flour and chopped greens (parsley and / or dill). Fry meatball triangles in the oiled pan. Or try a more complex recipe.

10. Breaded cheese

Pass the 5-7 millimeter thick slices of cheese through the white flour, then through a beaten egg with a little salt and at the end through the breadcrumbs. Fry them immediately in the sadwich maker.

11. Chicken liver with onion

Peel a squash, grate it and chop finely. Fry it in a little oil in the appliance. Add diced chicken livers. Fry for a few minutes. At the end add a crushed garlic, a tablespoon of dry white wine and a little chopped parsley.

12. Steaks and meatballs

Once you have oiled the appliance, you can shake your head. Thin strips of pork (neck, boneless chop) or chicken (breast), seasoned to taste (eg salt, pepper, crushed garlic or curry powder with a little oil and lemon juice), slices of liver to keep in milk for half an hour, fine schnitzels. Fish passed through a mixture of beer and flour and a drop of oil. Pieces of salmon sprinkled with oil and lemon juice. Almost anything can be fried if it is cut thin enough so that it does not burn on the outside and remains raw on the outside. Including meatballs! Or burgers!

Put a cleaned potato through the large grater. Mix it with a small onion given on the small grater, a little salt and pepper. Fry it in the oiled appliance.

14.Bulz (polenta with cheese)

Make a small polenta. From a cup of cornstarch poured into 2.5 cups of boiling water mixed with 3 tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt. Allow the polenta to cool and make polenta dumplings in which you put a teaspoon of cheese (bellows, grated cheese, etc.). Put the dumplings in the machine and fry them. It will melt in your mouth.

Fry the whole sausages or cut the slices in the appliance. Add them, to taste, tomato sauce, made by you or from a jar.

16. Bacon or bacon

Fry slices of bacon or bacon. Drain the fat on the slices of bread (possibly toasted before in the sandwich maker). Serve the slices of bread with those of bacon or bacon. Optionally, you can fry in the left lard, a medium diced onion that you serve with them. Clean Transylvanian! Bonus: have you defatted a piece of meat? Cut the fat into cubes and fry it in the appliance. Including chicken skin!

17. Heat canned food

If you still fry sausages and bacon, you can serve them with a canned dish. Heat the beans or pea dish in the sandwich maker.

18. Macaroni and cheese

Mix the cooked pasta with grated cheese or bellows cheese and a little butter. Fry them in a sandwich maker.

19. Sweet toast (fasting)

Dilute jam (preferably red fruit) with a few tablespoons of water. Pass the slices of old bread through the & # 8220syrup & # 8221 obtained and fry them in the sandwich maker.

20. American pancakes

Make a mixture of American pancakes according to the recipe here. Fry them in the appliance.

Mix well 1 cup (200 ml) of milk with a quarter cup of sunflower oil, 1 egg, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt. At the end, mix everything well with a cup of flour. Fry them in a thin layer in the appliance.

22. Bread pudding

Cut four slices of old bread into cubes. Beat 1 egg with 4-5 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons sugar and a sachet of vanilla sugar. Pour the mixture over the bread and let it absorb all the liquid. Put everything in the machine. Serve with jam.

23.Mere & # 8220coapte & # 8221

Cut 2 apple cubes and mix them with sugar to taste and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Put the apples in the machine and you'll have a surprise.

24.Cake & # 8220cup & # 8221 or muffins

Try to make a quick cake. Or even muffins! You can find the recipes in the link.

25. Gray semolina or rice with caramelized milk

Do you have any leftover semolina with milk or rice with milk? Good luck! Powder the bottom of the sandwich maker with a little sugar, pour the mixture of semolina or rice with milk and sprinkle caster sugar on it (also at the bottom). Close the sandwich maker and let it caramelize. Serve with jam or & # 8220 ripe apples & # 8221.

You don't feel like making a baking tray. Just make a few servings of the sandwich maker. Cut the sheets to the size of the machine. Lay layers of pie sheets, where with butter and sprinkled with nuts, almonds, pistachios. After baking, take out the hot pieces and pour the aromatic sugar syrup over them. You have the ingredients here.

You can also make pies in the machine. It also forms triangle dough (tailored to the machine) filled with cheese. Bake them nicely in the appliance.

Pizza and foccacia

Do you have any bread dough left? Nothing. Make a foccacia in the machine. Put the dough in the appliance, bake it and at the end sprinkle it while it is still hot with olive oil and chopped rosemary. Or even make a pizza! On the pateur model, you can make pizza calzone (closed). Use dough, tomato sauce, cheese, ham and a little dried oregano.

And we stop here, even though we still have recipes. Because it's already ridiculous to have other appliances in the kitchen. We're running to get another sandwich maker. Bye!


We use pork organs and pulp as much as we want and which we prefer. How to prepare pork heart stew.

Cooked Pork Heart Recipes How Much Pork Heart Is Cooked

This onion and meat stew is one of the favorite things my grandmother used to make in my childhood.

Pictures with a pig's heart. Bring to a boil over low heat for 8230 minutes. Pork heart rice. It is then boiled preferably in kukta together with the condiments.

Pork heart salad general cooking principles. Staniel Cay not De Porc. List of the best 750 recipes including Tochitură From Liver and Pork Heart.

Polenta with Butter Hearts and Pork Kidneys in Tomato and Garlic Sauce Mashed Potatoes with Pork Heart My Funny Valentine Pork Heart and Rice with Red Beans Heart and Small Pork with Gnochi di Patate. Jan 24 2019 Food with pork hearts Season with optional mosaic and turmeric pepper but I use it in almost any food because it is very healthy and does not influence its taste in any way and mix for 2-3 minutes to combine all then add the juice strained as much as we want the food to come out thin. Last time I took the pork heart from a supermarket if I'm not mistaken Carrefour but I'm convinced that it can be found in other supermarkets.

An hour in cold water for all the blood to come out. A few peppercorns salt 1 bay leaf 2-3 enibahar berries 2-3 cloves. An hour in cold water for all the blood to come out.

The smell of meat goodies will surely stick his nose to the kitchen door. Wash the heart well and cut into small cubes. Add the spices paprika thyme bay leaves nutmeg salt pepper and broth.

Then transfer it to a pot of boiling water and cook for. The pig's heart is cleaned of skins and kept for approx. Then leave it in the water for a few hours just to wash it well with blood.

Saute the finely chopped onion in the pan with oil. The heart is cut in half and any blood clots are removed. But no matter how much your heart breaks when you see him salivating for his own good, don't let him eat, the doctor advises.

Let it fry, stirring occasionally. In a pan with a few tablespoons of oil or lard we put finely chopped onion and then the meat and organs. A few peppercorns salt 1 bay leaf 2-3 enibahar berries 2-3 cloves.

It's hard to cook sausage steaks and caltabos and then sit quietly at the Christmas table when you have a lustful puppy in the house. Free for commercial use No assignment required. Usually I like to take the meat from the old halls from Obor because it is always fresh I have a very big and varied offer and the prices are.

Add the heart and fry a little too. Apr 14 2012 Wash the pork liver, cut it into cubes and keep it in the water so that all the blood comes out of it. Aug 12 2010 The pig's heart is cleaned of skins and kept approx.

Just look in the organ shelf. Pork or lamb should be eaten in moderation because it is rich in bad fats that are deposited on the arteries slowing down heart function. It is a staple food for many people, it can be cooked in countless forms and it delights our taste buds whenever the plate visits us.

Pour the green onion well. Therefore the heart of pork is the exact opposite of fatty pork and can and should be eaten with a style of. Ingredients needed for pork heart stew.

Then clean and cut into medium-sized cubes. Add the diced heart liver. Eat without salt because the excess sodium retains water in the body.

Because I bought pork hearts I thought to. Clean well, remove veins and blood clots. Although the rice is made up of small grains, it shows that where there are many, the power increases.

A pig's heart. Caltabosi-Majos Hurka has been prepared in our family for decades. We have the recipe from my grandmother and my mother improved it by adding a special ingredient used by an aunt from Hungary that gives this dish a special taste. Caltabosi-Majos Hurka. The pork is washed, poured with ice water and left for 1 hour.

2-3 cloves of garlic. So the paprika is not only the chicken see here the recipe but it can also be made with beef or even with venison see here a deer or rabbit wild boar etc. Download free amazing images about Pigs.

To prepare a pork heart salad, take the eggs and boil them. Pntecos De Porc Porc. When it is cooked, cut it into pieces.

Sprinkle with flour, mix well and cover with warm water. Salt and pepper to taste. Pork heart is a by-product that consists entirely of muscle.

It is then boiled preferably in kukta together with the condiments. After we have washed and let the organs drain well and we will chop the pork into small cubes.

Razvan Anton Pork Heart With Soy Sauce Razvan Anton

Retete Simple Mancare Delicioasa Friptura Din Inima De Porc Cu Cascaval Akkadia Oregano Si Curry

Gulas Din Inimă De Porc Reţetă Culinară

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Tocanita De Inima De Porc

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Tochitura de organe

Tochitura de organe recipes: how to cook tochitura de organe si cele mai gustoase retete de tochitura cu organe, tochitura de porc, tort de mere intregi cu crema de zahar ars, sos de fructe de padure congelate pentru friptura, salata de piept de pui cu ceapa marinata, pulpe de pui la cuptor in folie de aluminiu, sarmale in foi de varza murata in oala de lut, budinca de malai cu branza de vaci, friptura de pulpe de pui la cuptor, sos de fructe de padure pentru rata.

Tochitura din organe, cu sos

Mancaruri cu carne conform zicalei - tuica se mai face si din prune - tot asa tochitura se mai face si din organe. rinichi de vita rinichi de porc inima de porc limba de porc piept de porc impanat ceapa usturoi taiat marunt sare piper boia de ardei iute bulion

Pork tochitura

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne, Craciun organe, piept de porc, carnati proaspeti (de porc), malai si un excelent vin de tohani pe care vi-l recomand.

Rulada din organe de pasare

1 kg amestec organe de pui (pipote inimi ficat) 3 cepe 1 legatura patrunjel proaspat 1 legatura marar proaspat 5 oua 1 lingura pesmet alb sare si piper dupa gust

Friptura de pui cu sos de vin

Mancaruri cu carne, Retete de Craciun as putea spune ca este o tochitura dar avand in vedere ca tochitura prin definitie este o mancare gatita doar cu carne de porc organe de porc si carnati m-am gandit ca este mai nimerit sa-i spun friptura de pui cu sos de vin. -bucatele de pui.

Drob din organe de porc

Aperitive, Aperitive cu carne, Craciun organe de purcel (splina, ficatul, rinichii, inima, bojog) 300 gr pulpa de porc 5-7 fire de ceapa verde 5 oua 1 legatura de patrunjel 1 legatura marar 1 prapure sau pesmet sare si piper

Lamb tripe

Preparate de Paste, Aperitive organe de miel ceapa verdeata oua prapurul de la miel


Mancaruri cu carne -1,300 kg ceafa de porc -200 g bulion -500 g suc de rosii -3 foi de dafin -sare -piper

Tochitura Moldoveneasca.

Mancaruri cu carne cartofi cubulete 500 g pulpa porc 500 g carnati afumati 3-4 linguri untura (ulei) 4 cepe 10 catei usturoi sare si piper dupa gust

Pork tochitura

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu cartofi, Craciun 1.5kg carne, 0.5 kg ceapa, 100g vin alb, 200g bulion de ardei si rosii, sare dupa gust

Tochitura ardeleneasca

Mancaruri cu carne 600 g pulpa porc 250 g sunculita afumata 150 g carnati 2 caciulii usturoi 100 ml vin alb 2 linguri pasta de gogosari 2 linguri ulei sare piper

Tochitura ca la Focsani

Mancaruri cu carne 300 g pulpa porc 3 felii sunca 200 ficat porc 2 cepe 5-6 ciuperci 4 catei usturoi sare pier cimbru si 150 ml suc rosii.

Lamb tripe

1500gr organe de miel 2 leg ceapa verde 2 leg usturoi verde 1 leg mare patrunjel 1 leg mare marar 7 oua sare piper


Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne 1/2 kg carne porc, 3 carnaciori afumati, 1 borcan ciuperci, 1 cutie mica rosii in bulion, 2 linguri bulion, patrunjelul si celelalte ingrediente-dupa gust

Rinichi - organe: ficat rinichi inima limba splina -5 legaturi de ceapa verde - 5 legaturi de usturoi verde - 8 cepe albe uscate - 4 legaturi de patrunjel - 5 legaturi de marar - condimente pentru drob - sare - piper - 17 oua

Rinichi ingrediente: - organe: ficat rinichi inima limba splina -5 legaturi de ceapa verde - 5 legaturi de usturoi verde - 8 cepe albe uscate - 4 legaturi de patrunjel - 5 legaturi de marar - condimente pentru drob - sare - piper - 17 oua

Lamb tripe

Kidney lamb organs: lungs heart liver kidney spleen pieces of meat belly powder 3 bundles of green onions 2 dried onions 1 bunch of fresh dill 2 bundles of fresh parsley 4 hard boiled 4 raw eggs salt pepper.

Lamb fillet with eggs

Meals, Meat dishes lamb organs (lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and spleen), a bunch of green onions, a bunch of parsley, 6 eggs, 1 bunch dill, pepper salt

Tochitura mocaneasca

Mancaruri cu carne 600 g carne macra de porc 200 g carnati afumati 150 g ficatei 350 ml vin 2 linguri untura 1 lingura pasta de gogosari 6 catei usturoi 2 fire cimbru sare piper macinat boia iute


Mancaruri cu carne 250 gr. carne de porc 250 gr. carne de vita 1 morcov 2 ardei 2 cepe mari ulei sare piper

Tochitura olteneasca (Super apetisant)

Mancaruri cu carne -1 kg fleica de porc -200g costita afumata -2-3 cepe -9-10 ciuperci -1 ardei gras(de preferat rosu) -2-3 rosii -50ml ulei -boia -100 ml vin alb -o foaie dafin -piper -sare -usturoi -busuioc

Lamb tripe

Rinichi organe de la miel (inima rinichi splina ficat) 5-7 fire de ceapa verde, 4 fire de usturoi verde, 3-4 oua, o patrunjel, o marar, 1 prapure sau pesmet, sare piper, 2-3 oua fierte tari

Lamb tripe

Oua fierte, Miel pentru un drob avem nevoie de : 1.5 kg organe prapur de miel 2 legaturi ceapa verde 1 legatura marar 1 legatura patrunjel 3 oua crude oua de prepelita fierte 3 oua fierte 100 ml ulei sare piper


Mancaruri cu carne 1/4 kg carne porc 1/4 carne vitel 1/4 kg carnati 300 gr malai 150 gr de branza telemea 1 pahar de vin rosu 4 catei de usturoi cimbru 1ou

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Cimbru 500gr. carne proaspata de porc taiata bucatele mici, 4 carnati afumati, 150 ml. vin alb, 3-4 catei de usturoi zdrobiti, 150gr. branza sarata de oaie, 3 oua, ulei, cimbru, sare piper mamaliga : malai apa sare.

Goat organs

Kidneys organs from 1ied: liver lungs heart kidney 500g goat meat 6 bundles green onion 2 bundles green garlic 10 eggs 4 bundles parsley 4 binds dill 2 tablespoons white breadcrumbs 1 tart or pie dough salt and pepper to taste 1/2.

Tochitura moldoveneasca, facuta in . Bihor

Vin, Malai carne de porc ( cata te lasa inima) o caciulie de usturoi o ceapa o ceasca vin 150 g carnati de casa afumat sare piper ulei faina de malai 4 oua branza telemea ( cas de oaie)

Tochitura taraneasca

Mancaruri cu carne 1 piept de pui 100 g carnat afumat 300 g ficatei de pui 300 g pulpa de porc 300 g galbiori(sau alt fel de ciuperci) 5-6 catei usturoi 1 cutie rosii in bulion 1 ceapa patrunjel verde 300 g malai sare piper ardei iute

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Mancaruri cu carne -500 g carne de porc -2 carnati( de preferat afumati) -ulei -1 pahar cu vin -3-4 catei de usturoi -sare piper macinat -2 oua -200 g branza (oaie vaca capra. dupa preferinte) pentru mamaliga: - malai -apa -sare -putin ulei


Mancaruri cu carne 800 g pulpa de porc 300 g carnati afumati de casa 300 g carne afumata 2 cepe 50-75 ml ulei 1 frunza de dafin sare si piper 250 ml. vin alb 2 linguri bulion 3 catei de usturoi telemea pentru ras deasupra (optional)

Tochitura Cirio

Mancaruri cu legume si zarzavaturi 1 piept de pui 100 g carnati afumat 300 g ficatei de pui 300 g pulpa de porc 300 g galbiori( ciuperci) 300 g faina malai 5-6 catei usturoi 1 cutie rosii in bulion cirio pelati 1 ceapa patrunjel verde sare piper ardei iute

Tochitura -pe placul meu

Mancaruri cu carne 1 piept de pui mai mare 350g carne de porc mai slaba(eu am folosit muschi 250-300g carnat proaspat 2-3 catei de usturoi 1 ceapa in cazul meu rosie 1-2 pahare de vin alb 1 cutie suc de rosii sare si piper, de dafin

Tochitura dobrogeana

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne 1 kg carne de porc 50 ml ulei 2 foi de dafin 10 – 15 boabe de piper 2 cani cu apa 1 pahar cu vin rosu 3 linguri pasta de rosii 1 capatana usturoi sare boia de ardei piper macinat

Tochitură de porc simplă și delicioasă

Carne de porc, Mancaruri cu carne, Mancaruri 400 g carne de porc (pulpă) 100 g ficat 300 g cârnați afumați sare piper 2 căței de usturoi foi de dafin 1/2 linguriță paprika 2 linguri de untură un pahar de vin 4 linguri bulion

Tochitura a la Trusii

Mancaruri cu carne 1 kg de carne porc 2-3 bucati de ficat 2 bucati de rinichi 2 carnati o bucatica de inima de porc o jumatate de kg de carne de manzat 2 cepe potrivite 3 catei usturoi 2 foi dafin sare si piper dupa gust 1 ceasca sos de rosii

Tochitura cu carne de porc si pui

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne, Craciun ceafa de porc piept de pui carnati proaspeti carnati afumati sunca afumata 2 pahare de vin 1 pahar de suc de rosii sare piper cimbru usturoi mamaliguta

Usturoi, Usturoi verde, Marar organe de miel sau de porc sare piper usturoi verde ceapa verde marar verde 4 oua sau 2 oua mai mari 3 oua fierte (sau mai multe).

Game tochitura

Dishes with offal meat from 3-4 rabbits (liver kidneys heart lungs -optional), oil, 1 glass wine 2-3 suitable onions, 1-2 carrots 1 parsnip celery salt or delicate peppercorns paprika or hot pepper juice tomatoes or broth 4-5 cloves of garlic.

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Mancaruri cu carne 500 gr ficat porc 500 gr rinichi porc 500 gr inima porc 500 gr carne porc macra 500 gr carnaciori de porc 1 capatana de usturoi 300 ml ulei

Tochitura de neuitat

Mancaruri cu carne 2 piepti de pasare 300 g muschiulet de porc 2 crenvrusti 2 carnaciori oltenesti 300 g ficatei de pasare 1 pahar de vin alb dulce vegeta ,usturoi,cimbru,boia de ardei iute,ketchup 300 g branza de burduf sau telemea 100 g ulei malai ptr.mamaliguta.

Tochitura Moldoveneasca

Mancaruri cu carne 150-200 gr. carnati 200 gr pulpe de pui dezosate (sau 1 bucata piept de pui) 300-350 gr carne de porc (ceafa cotlet. ) pasta de tomate sare piper cimbru boia de ardei dulce 100-150 ml vin rosu ulei branza oua mamaliga

Drobusoare "Cuib De Prepelita"

Cherry tomatoes, Kidneys, Lamb 1 kg lamb organs - liver lungs heart kidney spleen 2 dried onions 3 bundles green onions 100 goose oil or lard 1 bunch green parsley 1 bunch green dill 2-3 large eggs salt pepper powder lamb 50- 60 gr butter nest 150 gr parmesan.

Tochitură de porc cu cârnați afumați

Mancare gatita, Carne de porc, Mancaruri 500 g carne macră de porc 300 g cârnați afumați 2 căței de usturoi 1 lingură cimbru uscat 2 foi de dafin 2 linguri ulei 1 pahar vin roșu 200 g suc de roșii 1/2 linguriță paprika sare piper pentru servit: mămăligă 1 ou ochi brânză telemea

Tochitura de porc cu sos de rosii si cartofi natur

Mancaruri cu carne 5-600 gr carne de porc 2 cepe mari 2 rosii mari 1 ardei iute 1 kg cartofi 5 lg pasta de tomate condimente: cury piper macinat,piper boabe cimbrisor condimente pentru cartofi natur sare

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Mancaruri cu carne carne de porc cam 300-400 gr vreo 4-5 felii de slaninuta 3 catei de usturoi un pahar de vin rosu  frunze dafin, boabe de pier negru vegeta de casa niste branza de burduf (luata din comert) gogonele si conopida murate mamaliga (adica apa cu.

Tochitura de berbecut si carnati de oaie

Vin rosu, Vin (6 portii) 700 g pastrama de berbecut marinata 700 g pastrama de oaie afumata 1 buc. (cca 30-40 cm) carnati proaspeti de oaie 250 ml suc de rosii 6-7 catei usturoi  2 linguri ulei 80 ml vin rosu piper alb dupa gust

Tochitura macelareasca cu cus-cus

Branza, Boia iute, Vin alb 1 kg pulpa porc 200 g carnati picanti 100 g  kaizer 150 g ficatei 150 ml vin alb 1 capatana usturoi 1 lingura pasta de gogosari boia iute 1 lingura untura 150 ml supa carne 4 oua 200 g branza 250 g cus-cus hutton 2 linguri ulei sare piper.

Tochitura moldoveneasca-masa festiva de sarbatori.

Foi de dafin, Dafin 1,2 kilogram carne de porc fara os (sau combinata cu carne de pui) 300 grame c^arnati afumati 6 catei de usturoi 2 cani de vin alb sec 4 linguri de untura de porc 2 linguri rase boia de ardei dulce 3 foi de dafin 1 lingura cimbru sare piper negru.

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Dafin carne de porc cam 300-400 gr vreo 4-5 felii de slaninuta (de la monya) 3 catei de usturoi un pahar de vin rosu delikat frunze dafin 3 boabe de pier negru niste br^anza de burduf (luata din comert) gogonele si conopida murate (ca la noi la.

Tochitura moldoveneasca cu vin

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne carne de porc cam 300-400 gr vreo 4-5 felii de slăninuţă (de la monya) 3 căţei de usturoi un pahar de vin roşu delikat, frunze dafin, 3 boabe de pier negru nişte brânză de burduf (luată din comerţ) gogonele şi conopidă murate (ca la noi, la.

Piept de curcan umplut cu orez curcubeu

Marar, Rosii cherry, Orez 1/2 piept de curcan cateva organe( ficat pipota inima) 3 felii de paine 100 g ciuperci taiate sun food 4 oua 1 ceapa 3-4 catei usturoi 1/2 ardei gras rosu marar verde patrunjel verde 150 ml vin alb sare piper boia afumata 1 lingura pasta de.

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