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Mu Ramen in Long Island City is Looking for Talented Cooks

Mu Ramen in Long Island City is Looking for Talented Cooks

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The new and improved Mu Ramen is looking to build the right team

Mu Ramen is looking for talented cooking staff who will also serve the customers directly.

Mu Ramen, Joshua and Heidy Smookler’s eagerly anticipated ramen restaurant that returned to Long Island City in a larger space after nearly a year, is hiring.

A post on Mu Ramen’s Facebook page reads:

“We are always looking for talented cooks. If you are interested, please inbox me your résumé with a cover letter to: [email protected] Our cooks are our servers so the pay is well above industry pay.”

If you’re looking for a cool and inevitably busy place to show off your cooking skills (besides the Meow Parlour, which is also hiring right now), send your résumé to the Smooklers, who truly love the work they do.

Over the weekend, the couple added this note of celebration to Mu Ramen’s Facebook page:

“Dear amazing friends,

After two weeks of constant broth-making with new equipment, purveyors, team members, teaching everyone, organizing and no sleep, we are finally figuring out the broth that came so easy for me during my pop-up days when it was just me making the broth. Thank you all for the amazing support. I/we (Joshua and Heidy), take GREAT care in what we do. We want EVERYONE to feel special when you come into our home (Mu Ramen).

We really care.


Joshua and Heidy”

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