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Pearl & Ash Co-Founders Open New French Restaurant Rebelle in New York

Pearl & Ash Co-Founders Open New French Restaurant Rebelle in New York

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From the minds that brought you Pearl & Ash, the trendy restaurant and extensive wine bar in Nolita, comes a new restaurant for Downtown Manhattan: Rebelle, a modern French restaurant on the Bowery featuring a French menu with New York twists from chef Daniel Eddy (of Spring in Paris). Branden McRill, Patrick Cappiello, and Alessandro Zampedri, along with chef Eddy, opened Rebelle this week.

The à la carte menu is divided into four sections: hot and cold appetizers, entrées, dessert, and a bar menu. Some of the menu highlights include lamb tartare with olives, fava beans, and Espelette; scallops with sea urchin, ginger crème, cabbage, and mint; and pork with headcheese, violet mustard, and mustard greens. Pastry chef Jessica Yang (of Guy Savoy and Per Se), serves creative French desserts like grape clafoutis (a large fruit-stuffed French tart) to share served with lime zest-flecked Chantilly. The extensive wine program will feature 1,500 wines from France and the United States, and the cocktails, continuing on the bi-national theme, feature remixes of familiar French and American cocktails.

“The restaurant comes from our love of French food and wine, and the menu references a lot of my time in Paris,” chef Eddy told The Daily Meal. “For example, leeks vinaigrette is such a classic French dish that I personally love, and I wanted to offer my own take on it, which we do with leeks, soft-boiled egg, and leek ash. We also offer a bar menu, so if you’re in the neighborhood, you can stop by for a glass of wine or cocktail, some oysters, saucisson, and maybe even a steak bordelaise."

New York Bistros

Chef Daniel Humm on the four fundamentals of a great dish:

What I value in a dish has evolved as well. I’m no longer looking for what I can add to a dish, but instead how I can find ways to remove something from the plate—the less-is-more approach. All of our dishes must now contain our four fundamentals, a language we developed to help guide our cuisine, which are: beautiful, creative, intentional, and delicious.

Every dish must contain the four fundamental elements I mentioned earlier, and that applies to the plating as well as the flavor. Sketching has definitely been a big part of my creative process. I’ve been doing it for decades now and have dozens of notebooks from early on in my career through today with sketches of dishes.

THE SEA BY THE OLD MAN 已於上環心臟地帶正式開業

The Old Man創辦人 Agung PrabowoJames Tamang Roman Ghale開創了 The Old Man The Sea的全新一頁

《香港,2019 4 25 日》隨著The Old Man 的成功(世界50最佳酒吧第10 位、亞洲50最佳酒吧第5 位以及DMBA 2018年度亞洲酒吧和年度調酒師獎),酒吧的創辦人 Agung Prabowo、James Tamang 和 Roman Ghale 再下一城開設了他們的第二個合作計劃 — THE SEA。

The Old Man 的姐妹店 The Sea by the Old Man 繼續以經典作家歐內斯特海明威1952年的熱門小說為主題。The Sea by The Old Man 坐落於上環寧靜的小街道普仁街上,以海明威非凡的風格為主題,是一所供應世界一流雞尾酒的街坊式休閒酒吧。這裡的雞尾酒能展現現代調酒藝術中最創新的技術,當中包括多種烹飪技術如發酵、真空烹調和旋轉蒸發等。儘管創作每款飲品所需的技術和過程都異常復雜,但雞尾酒的造型均以最簡約樸素的風格呈現出來。

鄉村風格的室內佈置靈感來自海明威最喜歡、 身長38 呎的帆船 Pilar,他曾經跟這首船一起渡過了三次婚姻、一次諾貝爾獎和他的終極自我毀滅。海明威的大部分作品,包括榮獲普立茲獎的作品《老人與海》,都反映了 Pilar 對他的重要性。 室內的桃木酒吧散發著一種置身船內的舒適感,同時亦能突顯一種親密的品酒氛圍。

The Sea 礦物風味招牌雞尾酒

The Sea 的 10 大招牌雞尾酒落墨於源自岩石、海洋、泥煤和土壤等自然元素的簡約礦物風味。注重健康的客人若發現低酒精含量的雞尾酒內完全不含添加糖,且不影響他們營養價值、抗氧化水平和熱量密度,相信他們都會非常高興。每款雞尾酒的定價為HK $ 90 + 10%,全部均以數字而非名稱來識別。雞尾酒#1捕捉了海洋的靈魂,由海藻杜松子酒和乳酸發酵的菠蘿皮蘇打水製成,這款是首席調酒師 Agung Prabowo 的最愛;雞尾酒#2是一種令人興奮的雞尾酒,混合了自家的製蜂蜜汁伏特加和精製芒果糯米,就是一種由泰國甜點製成的烈酒;雞尾酒#4由奇異果黑麥威士忌和酸味雪利酒溶液製成;而雞尾酒5則是以花生牛奶朗姆酒、菠蘿紅茶菌和香蕉酒調混出來的迷人平衡口味。

對於希望好好輕鬆享受一個晚上的客人,The Sea 已經精心設計了三種不含酒精的雞尾酒。Summer in Bimini是一杯以海明威經常乘 Pilar到訪的巴哈馬群島熱帶島嶼而命名的雞尾酒,是一種清新的碳酸混合物,澄清的粉紅西柚汁混合了加了鹽的無酒精杜松子酒 Seedlip Garden 108。African Safari是一款抗氧化飲品,它混合了迷迭香、Seedlip Spice、自製薑黃羅望子濃汁和柑橘。最後一款是 Cucumber Lemon Shrub ,混合了Seedlip Garden 108,青瓜、檸檬、食用醋和檸檬水。每款不含酒精雞尾酒的定價為HK$85+10%。

「我們想將 The Old Man 與 The Sea 的最終章呈獻給大家,此兩者的概念截然不同,我們希望給喜歡海明威的讀者一個嶄新又幾乎是身歷其境的體驗。」創辦人 Agung Prabowo、James Tamang 及 Roman Ghale 同時表示,「期待一個更加簡樸和踏實的氛圍,就好像讓人回到家裡一一樣舒服。」

The Sea酒吧資料
地址:香港上環普仁街 2 號地下
電話:852 – 2307 0030
營業時間:星期日至星期六 – 下午5時至凌晨

關於 The Sea

The Sea 由亞洲50最佳酒吧排名第5 位 的The Old Man 創辦人 Agung Prabowo、James Tamang 和 Roman Ghale 開設,成為他們的第二個合作計劃。 The Sea 更深層次地演繹了海明威1952年的熱門小說《老人與海》,靈感亦是來自老魚夫簡單又樸實的生活方式。


毫無疑問,豪飲是海明威的生命意義,對於他自己的虛構小說角色來說,亦是如此。他同時是一位精明的飲酒者、當地的雞尾酒鑑賞家,他從巴黎到潘普洛納尋找最好的酒吧。The Old Man 提供 12 種新的實驗式雞尾酒,向海明威致敬。且使用了獨特的烹飪設備和成分,將飲酒者與小說、歷史和民間傳說聯繫起來。招牌雞尾酒餐單有如對海明威的頌歌,包括Yesteryear Cocktails 昔日雞尾酒。

200 years, 200 influential Hoosiers

(Jan. 2, 2016) - You probably are aware of Holiday World, the popular tourist attraction in Spencer County that evolved from a theme park in the 1940s called Santa Claus Land.

Did you know, though, the Breathalyzer was invented by a Hoosier?

Or that a teacher from Clinton County became known as the "Mother of the Dick and Jane books" used to teach Baby Boomers to read?

The influential people involved with these innovations are among the 200 deceased Hoosiers profiled in a new book published in connection with the state's 200th birthday during this new year.

Indiana's 200: The People Who Shaped the Hoosier State (Indiana Historical Society Press) includes household names like Kurt Vonnegut, Madam Walker, James Whitcomb Riley and John Dillinger.

The book's co-editors - Linda Gugin and James St. Clair, emeritus professors at Indiana University Southeast - join Nelson in studio to kick off Hoosier History Live's eighth year on the air. Our focus primarily is on significant men and women who aren't typically discussed. Among those whose lives and impact are explored:

  • The Koch family, founders and developers of Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, which, according to Indiana's 200, are patronized by more than 1.2 million visitors annually. Since patriarch Louis Koch (1882-1979) founded Santa Claus Land in 1946, three generations of the family have overseen its evolution. Louis' grandson married Pat Koch, the daughter of the park's long-time Santa Claus she has served as "the public face of the park," as our guest Linda Gugin puts it in the profile of family members. They also have been influential in the development of the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, located near Holiday World.
  • Fort Wayne native Robert Borkenstein (1912-2002), a scientist whose inventions include the Breathalyzer. Hired by the Indiana State Police to establish a lab in Indianapolis, Borkenstein developed the Breathalyzer in the basement workshop of his home in 1954.
  • Mother Theodore Guerin, a pioneer nun who traveled from France to the Indiana wilderness in the 1840s. She established schools and helped the poor. In 2006, about 150 years after her death, she was named Indiana's first Catholic saint.
  • African-American composer and musician Noble Sissle, an Indy native who became famous in the 1920s for his collaboration with Eubie Blake. Their hit musical Shuffle Along, which premiered in 1921, will be revived on Broadway in February. Sissle's music was performed by stars such as Lena Horne and Sophie Tucker.
  • Little Turtle, the great Miami Indian leader who grew up in northeastern Indiana. Although he fearlessly lead Native American forces in war, Little Turtle also worked to achieve peace with white settlers before his death in 1812.
  • Clinton County teacher Zerna Sharp (1889-1981), who created the Dick and Jane series of texts used to teach reading for nearly 40 years. Although she was not the author of the series, she was the educator who originated and designed both the format and the content of the stories.

To put together Indiana's 200, our guests Linda Gugin and Jim St. Clair oversaw a massive project years in the making. The profiles of the 200 notables were written by dozens of authors, including Nelson, our host.

Linda and Jim have been co-editors of other anthology book projects for the IHS Press, including Governors of Indiana in April 2013, they were guests on our radio show to share insights about an assortment of the Hoosier state's chief executives.

This time around, we focus on notables from an array of walks of life. In addition to the Koch family, Little Turtle and the others previously mentioned, we explore:

  • Sherman Minton of New Albany, who became the first U.S. Supreme Court justice when President Harry Truman appointed him in 1949 to the nation's highest court.
  • Vivian Carter of Gary (1921-1989), the founder of Vee-Jay Records, which Indiana's 200 calls "the first successful black-owned record label in America." She even entered into a licensing agreement with the Beatles, selling about 2.6 million of the Fab Four's records in early 1964 before losing them to Capitol Records as a result of contract loopholes.
  • And Rachel Peden, who lived on a farm near Bloomington and wrote a popular, nationally syndicated column, The Hoosier Farm Wife Says, from the 1940s through the '70s. Peden described the challenges of family farms as they began to, in her words, "erode away into large farms, like unprotected topsoil into the rivers."
  • One-on-one with the editors of Indiana's 200 - Indiana Historical Society.
  • Governors of Indiana show with guests Linda Gugin and Jim St. Clair - Hoosier History Live enewsletter.

History Mystery

Hoosiers featured in the new book Indiana's 200 include an African-American athlete credited with breaking the color barrier in Big Ten college basketball.

A star on Shelbyville High School's team that won the state tournament in 1947, he was named "Mr. Indiana Basketball" that year. Initially, though, no coach from a white college team even attempted to recruit him. Herman B Wells, then president of Indiana University, eventually pushed for the Shelbyville player to be recruited.

After becoming a fan favorite at IU, where he was named the Most Valuable Player, he played briefly for the Harlem Globetrotters. Then he became the coach at Attucks High School in Indianapolis, which won the state tournament in 1959. He died in 1974.

Question: Who was the history-making basketball player from Shelbyville?

The prize pack includes a gift certificate to Rick's Cafe Boatyard Restaurant and two tickets to the Indiana Experience at the Indiana History Center, all courtesy of Visit Indy.

Roadtrip - Red Skelton Museum in Vincennes

Guest Roadtripper Ken Marshall suggests a Roadtrip to Vincennes in western Indiana not only for its early territorial heritage, but for its fabulous Red Skelton Museum. Comedian Red Skelton, who starred in both radio and television, is yet another celebrated Hoosier and was a native of Vincennes.

The 3,500-square-foot interactive museum looks at the comedy much as Red would see it. It opened in 2013 and focuses on Red's life and the many characters, such as Freddie the Freeloader and Clem Kadiddlehopper, he brought to life through his radio and television shows.

The Red Skelton Museum Gift Shop includes "Red" DVDs, signed and numbered acrylic reproductions of Red Skelton's paintings and more.

The Museum is attached to the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center, featuring a European opera-style theater that seats more than 800. "The Red" is located on the campus of Vincennes University, just one block from Red Skelton's birthplace.

Watch the video: We Take The Mystery Out Of Cooking Duck And Pair It With Wine (June 2022).