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Balinese skewers - Lilit villages

Balinese skewers - Lilit villages

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Peel an onion and cut it into 4. Chop the chicken with the onion. Put in a bowl.

Add coconut, turmeric, curry, pepper, soy sauce, coriander powder, lime juice and sugar.

Mix everything well.

If you grill them: mount them as a "nut" of the meat mixture around the bamboo stick and put them on the grill or grill pan well heated.

I made them in the pan in the shape of elongated beads and I put the stick after them.

So I fried them in a little oil in the pan.

Let them fry for 5-8 minutes on each side. Too much fried chicken breast gets dry - I think boneless chicken legs would be tastier. I stuck the sticks after frying.

The sauce is prepared as follows: mix the hazelnuts, add the mixed lime juice and then gradually add the water.

Serve with sauce (we preferred a spicy sauce).

I found them served cold, the 2nd day they were even better :)

Good appetite !

Indonesia: Bali (Piata)

Vivid colors, strong smell of scented sticks lit in honor of the gods and images of pictorial beauty! This is what the market in Bali looks like, which impressed me a lot when I visited it. Here you can find spices, fish, meat, clothes, vegetables and fruits, which are tastier. Balinese cuisine is very popular, and the inhabitants of the Island of the Gods do not cook anyway, but have a special philosophy of culinary art. I use a lot of aromatic seeds and spices - black and white pepper, coriander, nutmeg, sesame or garlic, but also roots, such as carrots, ginger, salad or turmeric. Fish paste, palm sugar and coconut are also highly regarded in their cuisine. And let's not forget the hot peppers! You have to be careful what you eat, because some dishes can be so quick that they leave you speechless and breathless. In the markets there are also places where they cook, and people stand in line to get their rice wrapped in banana leaves. I can't say that their markets are the cleanest places in the world, but the strong colors of fruits and vegetables, the women wearing their shopping baskets on their heads and the noisy merchants, who don't know what else to do to attract your attention, are the main attraction. In Bali it is also cooked on the street and I want to tell you that everything looks delicious, so you have no hesitation in buying. I make fish or chicken skewers - the traditional Bali Lilit villages. The pieces of meat are rolled in Bumbu Bali sauce and only then fried. They are great if you like to eat spicy. I also have a surprise for you! I learned some of the secrets of their cuisine from the Balinese and I can't wait to give you some very special recipes and to tell you how I felt about cooking with them. Soon! :)

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