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No, Bruno Mars Did Not Invent a $75,000 Cocktail for a D.C. Area Hotel

No, Bruno Mars Did Not Invent a $75,000 Cocktail for a D.C. Area Hotel

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The Grammy-Award-winning artist is innocent of this particular extravagance

For the record: This story was originally published on February 2, 2018, with the headline “Bruno Mars Launches a 24-Karat Cocktail for $75,000.” When it was brought to our attention on February 4 that Mars was not involved with the launch or promotion of this drink, we updated the story to include all the latest information.

The press release caught our attention right away: Following his late-December appearance at the Theater at MGM National Harbor in National Harbor, Maryland, Grammy Award-winning artist Bruno Mars "launched" a special cocktail for the hotel complex's Felt Bar & Lounge and Blossom Cocktail Lounge — a cocktail with a $75,000 price tag (!).

Said to have been inspired by his hit song "24K Magic," the 24 Karat Cable Car was made with SelvaRey Rum, a brand that Mars co-owns, along with Marie Brizard Orange Curaçao, and fresh lemon sour mix. It was served in a gold-flake-rimmed martini glass wrapped in a 30-inch, 18-karat gold Cuban link chain covered in 36 carats of high-quality diamonds, and garnished with an orange peel. The luxe menu item came with a bottle of SelvaRey (which was said to have been signed by Mars) and a tableside bartender for the evening.

We're fans of Bruno Mars and also, at least from a distance, of extravagantly priced cocktails, so we ran the story as soon as we heard about it from the hotel's public relations team.

The trouble is that Mars had nothing to do with the cocktail. He didn't create the recipe — it was apparently devised by the hotel lounges in honor of his performance at National Harbor — and had no knowledge of it. He certainly didn't set the price, nor did he make any money from sales of the drink.

Representatives of both Mars' record company and his management group reached out the The Daily Meal as soon as our article appeared to correct our misapprehension — and the hotel lounges have since pulled the cocktail from their menu. Oh well. It was over-the-top while it lasted.

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