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Fish in cloak

Fish in cloak

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Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. pepper and add thyme. Beds are made on which fish fillets are added. On top of this we will place the pineapple slices and the anchovy fillets, we will add the green onion and the paprika (hot or sweet according to the preference.

Salt but be careful because anchovies are already salty. Cut an apple into thin slices and put it in the pan, cut a lemon in half and add it to the pan, squeezing a little juice over the fish. Put in the oven for 10 minutes, then remove the fish and add the white wine to each fillet, continuing for another 15 minutes to let it cook properly.

Good appetite

Recommended recipes

Fish dishes

Fish dishes, among all other dishes, require finesse, inventiveness and mastery in composition and execution. Including their assembly, the way they are presented and served, are elements that can make a difference.

Not every type of fish can be intended for its own preparation and serving for a larger number of guests, so the selection must be carefully made and the recipe harmonized with the rest of the chosen menu.

Main dish

The main course is the last served from the series of selected dishes, it is the one that must exceptionally end a special event. It is meant to emphasize the concern for guests to enjoy a special and well-executed dish.

Chicken, pork, turkey, beef, duck will be seasoned with spices and various shades of vegetables in enticing recipes and unexpected combinations made available by the variety of products available to anyone, but "suitable" so that the result is a unique one.

8 small tortillas
4 salmon fillets (& icircn total about 350-400 g)
100 ml sm & acircnt & acircnă
1 mango
1 red bell pepper
1 cucumber
1 red onion, small
1 m & acircna of fresh coriander
1 lettuce created
salt and pepper
Preparation time : 25-30 minutes

Step 1: Cut the fish into pieces, making sure there are no bones at all
Step 2: You will clean the mango and cut the cubes
Step 3: The cucumber will be peeled and diced
Step 4: The bell peppers will be removed and you will finely chop them
Step 5: The red onion will be chopped
Step 6: You will wash and chop the coriander
Step 7: Add salt and pepper and grill the salmon, leave it to cook until it turns pale pink.
Step 8: You will remove the skin of the fish and cut the pieces
Step 9: You will put together the mango, bell pepper, red onion, cucumber, coriander, along with salt and pepper
Step 10: You will wash the salad and peel off the leaves
Step 11: You will heat the tortilla leaves for about 30 seconds. You will take a sheet of salad and place them on the bottom of each tortilla. You will then place the fish and vegetables

3rd fish soup recipe

  • 1 carp of 3 kilograms
  • sea ​​salt
  • 1/2 liter of tomato juice
  • 1/2 liter of borscht
  • 3 tablespoons white rice
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 medium onions
  • 1 celery root
  • 1 bunch of fresh green parsley
  • 1 large bell pepper

The fish is cleaned of scales, eviscerated, washed well and its tail and head are cut off. Do not throw them away, because you will use them in the recipe. Do not forget to remove the gills of the fish, so that the soup does not give a bitter taste.

Boil a large pot of water. Carrots, onions and celery are cleaned and washed well under a stream of cold water. Finely chop all and add to the pot of water. The pepper is washed, peeled and all the seeds and cut into small pieces. Add it to the pot.

Put the tail and head of the fish in the pot and let the composition boil, with a lid on top. When the fish's eyes come out, remove the carp parts and set aside.

Add the rice, let it cook for about 15-20 minutes, after which you can add the tomato juice and borscht. Make sure all the pieces of fish are well cooked. Let it return to the boiling point, after which you can add the fish head and tail. You can also prepare this carp soup with the rest of the fish, not just the tail and head.

Before putting the soup in bowls to serve, wash the green parsley and finely chop it, then sprinkle each portion. Guests will be impressed! We wish you good luck!

Mayonnaise sauce, tartar sauce or remoulade sauce for stuffed eggs

Simple mayonnaise (the recipe here) is too thick and greasy to be served next to stuffed eggs so I prefer to thin it 50/50 with sour cream or Greek yogurt.

As I did with the marinated onion meatball salad (see here).

They fit just as well with stuffed eggs and remoulade sauce or tartar sauce. In our house, they are usually made at festive meals. These two sauces are based on mayonnaise but also have other components: sour cucumbers, capers, mustard, pepper, certain herbs, etc.

Ioan Cornea recipe: Deer muscle in a mantle of greens and raspberry sauce

Season the muscle, dress in the chicken breast made of pasta, wrap in foil, bake for 30 minutes. Make a reduction of wine, sugar, raspberries.

Make a tart dough, fry the mushrooms and ribs with a little diced onion, pour over the tart dough, grate cheese over the tart and bake for 20 minutes at 120 degrees. Boil a potato, separate the peas, make a puree from both products.

Blend the greens together with the white breadcrumbs, dress the muscle in the mantle of greens and breadcrumbs. Assemble the plate using the venison in a green mantle, the mashed potatoes with germs, the pea puree, the raspberry sauce and the tart with mushrooms and ribs.

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Marinated strawberries

Since I was totally intoxicated by the story of & # 8222 strawberries / strawberries & # 8221 in the new dictionaries, I preferred to adopt an attitude like & # 8222the hell with it & # 8221 and tell them exactly as I told them before we became so smart: strawberries. One strawberry, two strawberries, how come. Or more, because I really like it.

When I was a child, things went like this: I would go to the garden in the morning, pick the strawberry, shake off the dew, blow on the insects and eat it. I repeated to the hives. Today is a little different. I'm not saying it's better, I'm not saying it's worse, I'm used to not crying after the past but trying to create my future as colorful and tasty as possible. And I try to do my best with what the world has to offer. What I wish you too. Last night, for example, overwhelmed with hunger and appetite, we set about turning some strawberries into a snack. They had an aroma, they had an appearance, not much sweetness (ours haven't appeared yet and the import variants are sometimes, I hit good, I hit less good).

I washed them and cut them into quarters or halves. I dissolved a teaspoon of brown and fragrant molasses in two tablespoons of honey, along with a few flakes of sea salt and a teaspoon of lemon juice. I poured the mixture over the strawberries, mixed lightly and put some more basil leaves in this story. Half an hour cold, snack ready. They fit well in some salads or next to steaks (I know, some people think they don't mix fruits and meat or salads, and yet they eat tomatoes, which are still fruits, give them another convention in what they look). Stay healthy.

What tenants are looking for the most

Tenants are looking for security amid the Covid pandemic. To lower the cost of rent, they change their home for a smaller one or reach a long-term agreement with the owners, renegotiating the price.

In the not-too-distant future, the rental market could become more professional, so it is possible for whole blocks of flats to be rented.

Most of the respondents to the survey, ie almost 50%, claim that, beyond the rental price, the proximity to a supermarket, but also to a pharmacy, matters the most.

The research was conducted between September and October on approximately 300 people living in rented accommodation in Bucharest, with above average incomes, most with higher education and aged between 25 and 45 years.

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"Crişan is represented as the sources represent him, with a very high hat and a very rich feather. He is said to have had a smile that never left his face, not even when he committed the most cruel atrocities. He has very large mustaches, a mustache specific to the Apuseni Mountains, his hair over his left ear. He is generally the most armed of the rebel leaders. He has a whole arsenal: a dagger, a pistol, a sword, a rifle and an ax, and also a cloak, a peasant shirt, specifically a heirloom, some trousers that might be urban, and a strange element, those standing sandals that look like the Roman ones ", declared Tudor Roşu.

The figure of the leader of the uprising is specific to a 50-year-old man, with a robust body, a determined look, but also slightly melancholic, an aquiline nose, and his eyes are a little oversized.

Crişan is accompanied by a large and strong Bullenbeiser dog, extinct nowadays, from which the German boxer came.

Below the image is written, in German, "Crişan Gheorghe, leader of the Wallachian rebels, who was captured on February 10, 1785".

Crişan is known to have been 52 years old at the time of the uprising and was a fierce and severe peasant. In the anonymous chronicle of Sibiu, he is described as the most fierce of the leaders of the uprising.

Crişan was caught and hanged in prison, and Horea and Cloşca were subjected, on February 28, 1785, to the heaviest punishment provided at that time, breaking the wheel. First, Cloşca was executed, who received 20 blows, while Horea assisted standing.

The uprising of Horea, Cloşca and Crişan in 1784 was an important action of the serf peasantry in Transylvania against the feudal constraints to which it was subject, and as a result the people gained more rights.

The National Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia presents, every month, an exhibit.


The representatives of the Olt Health Insurance House (CAS), at the request of Gazeta Oltului, compiled a list of prescribers in the county who issued, in 2020, most prescriptions. The total value of medical prescriptions issued by both family doctors and specialists exceeds RON 129 million.

Thus, last year, family doctors and specialists from the county issued prescriptions in a compensated and free regime with a total value of over RON 129 million. "The total value of medical prescriptions issued by family doctors and specialists was 129.153.530 RON ", Said the general director of CAS Olt, Sorina Daniela Oancea. Out of the over 129 million RON, 63,428,554.53 RON represent the value of the medical prescriptions prescribed by the family doctors and 65,726,976.18 RON the amount of the value of the medical prescriptions prescribed by the specialized doctors.

On the first place in the top of the spending family doctors is a doctor who issued 6,786 compensated and free prescriptions in 2020 in the amount of RON 627,581.40. The second place is occupied by a family doctor who prescribed 7,322 prescriptions worth RON 588,588.05.

In third place is a doctor who prescribed drugs (7,951 prescriptions) worth RON 547,265.97. Next in order is the doctor on the fourth position with 7,524 prescriptions worth RON 542,085.64. On the fifth place in the ranking is a family doctor who prescribed drugs (7,545 prescriptions) in the amount of RON 541,232.67. The sixth position is held by a family doctor who issued 8,013 prescriptions worth RON 535,679.65. The seventh place is occupied by a family doctor from Olt who prescribed 6,975 prescriptions in a total amount of RON 521,887.58. The eighth position in the top ten is occupied by a family doctor who prescribed 8,168 prescriptions worth RON 514,543.65. The penultimate position in the ranking is occupied by a family doctor who issued 6,295 prescriptions worth RON 502,737.37. The last place in the top 10 is occupied by a family doctor who prescribed 5,207 prescriptions worth RON 494,502.79. A simple calculation shows that the 10 family doctors prescribed a total of 71,786 prescriptions worth RON 5,416,105, ie over ROL 54 billion.

Ten specialist doctors have prescribed prescriptions worth over ROL 300 billion

Regarding the specialist doctors, they issued prescriptions in 2020 of over RON 65 million. And in this chapter, on the first place in the top is a specialist who issued 9,995 free and compensated prescriptions worth RON 6,843,546.72, ie over ROL 68 billion. Next is a doctor who issued 4,445 prescriptions in the amount of RON 5,503,717.96, and in third place a specialist who gave 5,573 prescriptions worth RON 2,601,850.80. On the fourth position is ranked a doctor who prescribed 4,633 prescriptions worth RON 2,370,571.49.

On five is a specialist doctor who prescribed 2,362 prescriptions in the amount of RON 2,301,261.90 while the sixth position is occupied by a specialist who issued 4,641 prescriptions in the amount of RON 2,251,150.76. The seventh place is held by a specialist doctor who prescribed 4,568 prescriptions worth RON 2,165,344.32, and on the eighth position is a specialist from Olt who issued 2,143 prescriptions with a value of 2,036,559.68 RON. The penultimate place in the top ten is occupied by a specialist who issued 2,105 recipes with a value of RON 2,024,615.37 while on the tenth position is a specialist who issued 2,069 prescriptions worth RON 1,947,086.73 .

In other words, the ten specialists prescribed drugs worth RON 30,045,706, ie over ROL 300 billion.


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