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Chinese Restaurants Caught Serving Protected Monkeys

Chinese Restaurants Caught Serving Protected Monkeys

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Rhesus monkeys may have been eaten at official banquets

Wikimedia / Nancy Collins

Several restaurants and hotels in southeast China were shut down this week after they were caught serving rhesus monkeys, which are a state-protected species. Some of the monkeys may even have wound up on the menus at government banquets.

According to Shanghaiist, Laolu Lobster in downtown Zixi serves a variety of “exotic animals,” and the owner says he buys dozens of monkeys a year. He told reporters that monkey meat can sell for 560 yuan (US$88) dollars per kilogram, and monkey brains can go as high as 1,600 yuan (US$257) per kilogram.

Zhenwei, another Zixi restaurant specializing in wild animals, has rhesus monkeys on the menu alongside other protected species, like hog badgers and bamboo rats. It’s also a government-designated service provider of official banquets for the Fuzhou City government, according to Shanghai Daily.

The monkeys are killed by poachers in nearby mountains and sold at local farmers’ markets, where they’re picked up by restaurants and hotels and sold as high-end, exotic delicacies, Xinhua reports.

Jiangxi provincial forestry bureau head Yan Gangjun said a “severe crackdown” on poaching had been launched, and that all local farmers’ markets, hotels, and restaurants would be inspected to prevent the trade in illegal wild animals.

Two poachers have since been arrested and four forestry officials were fired as part of the crackdown. Illegally catching or killing endangered species carries a 10-year minimum sentence in China.

Chinese Restaurants Caught Serving Protected Monkeys - Recipes

The Yunnan snub-nosed monkey is one of the most beloved animals in all of China. Yet few people will ever lay their eyes on one. That’s because these enigmatic creatures tend to live in remote areas – and only in one part of the world. What's more, their numbers have been declining for decades due to hunting and habitat loss.

However, environmental conservationists and local volunteers in Yunnan Province are working hard to care for the animals, in hopes of bringing their numbers back up. Here are some interesting facts about Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys:

They are a first-class state-protected species.

There are many endangered species in China, but few are as well-known as the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey. In 2005, the estimated population of these monkeys was fewer than 2,000, living in an area centered on the mountains in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province. Now, however, due to the remarkable success of conservation efforts, their numbers grew to 3,000 by 2018.

Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys are immediately recognizable for their distinctive facial features. /CGTN

They live at high altitudes.

With a natural habitat at over 3,000 meters above sea level, Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys embrace a climate in which the ground is frozen for much of the year and where temperatures are consistently below freezing during the winter months. These monkeys are able to survive at such altitudes due to a mutation in their DNA that makes them more resistant to oxygen deprivation.

A Yunnan snub-nosed monkey enjoys some leisure time. /CGTN

They live in large family groups.

Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys stay in large family groups, in which their social relations are highly complex. They are polygamous, with the females collectively taking care of the infants. When male monkeys reach maturity, they are expelled from the family. The monkeys use the majority of their time either feeding or resting, spending about 11 hours every day asleep.

They live in polygamous family groups. /CGTN

Climate change, poaching, and habitat fragmentation have contributed to their decline.

Just like the giant panda, Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys are considered as a Chinese national treasure. However, their habitat was once devastated by commercial logging and deforestation in Yunnan. They are also at risk of being caught in snares set for other animals or poisoned by pesticides. Now, though, conservation efforts that began in the early 2000s are showing promise of reversing their population decline.

Many rely on local humans for survival.

Many Yunnan snub-nosed monkey families develop a friendly bond with the humans caring for them. These monkeys rely predominantly on lichen found on fir and other alpine trees for sustenance, but habitat loss has deprived many of them from a reliable food source. Rangers are often the ones who find them food.

A volunteer ranger brings the monkeys food. /CGTN

(For more fascinating tales from China, follow @cgtntravelogue on Facebook and Instagram.)

Golden Needle Mushroom Salad (凉拌金针菇)

The holiday is coming to an end and the new year has just started. If you’re planning to start a healthy diet and give your stomach a break, you’ve come to the right place!

Chinese cold dishes, or appetizers, are a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. You might have never seen a big collection of appetizers or salad dishes at overseas Chinese restaurants. But if you ever come to China, you might be surprised at the endlessly long list of cold dishes. It’s common practice for an average restaurant to serve more than 30 types of appetizer. Even a small bistro that only serves a standard set menu (which costs less than 3 dollars for a whole meal) will still have 10 appetizers on their small paper menu.

Cold dishes in China are like meze in Turkey they come in a wide variety and consist of simple and delicious items. Although there are various meat dishes among Chinese appetizers, including chashu and sausage, most cold dishes are vegetarian or vegan dishes. In Chinese style salads, the veggies are usually drizzled with a simple soy sauce or vinegar-based sauce, and are mixed with fresh herbs such as garlic, ginger, and green onion.

This golden needle mushroom (also called enoki mushroom) dish falls into the same genre. The mushrooms are slightly blanched to get a crunchy yet soft texture. Some cucumber and pepper are added, to lend some color and a crispy and moist texture. The sauce is light but flavorful. The soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and garlic work well together to create a slightly sweet and savory taste that goes great with the mushrooms and veggies.

Golden needle mushroom salad is a super healthy and refreshing cold dish that can be whipped up in under 15 minutes. If you look at the nutrition facts below, you’ll see it’s rated as grade A. It has a super long list of health benefits, including being low in fat, cholesterol-free, high in dietary fiber, iron, potassium, and various vitamins.

The beauty of the cold dish is that it takes almost no time to prepare and contains a good amount of veggies. It’s one of the best ways to add vitamins and fiber to your daily meal without adding many calories. The most important point, they are super delicious, too!

Next week, I’m teaming up with a few bloggers to publish a healthy recipe roundup. Don’t forget to come back then for more delicious and healthy recipes!

Cannibal restaurant 'with roasted human heads on the menu' shut down by police

Police arrested 11 people and closed a restaurant after two human heads wrapped in cellophane were discovered at a hotel restaurant that had been serving human flesh.

A tip-off led police to the macabre discovery in Anambra, Nigeria, with 11 people being arrested and AK-47 guns and other weapons being seized.

Human flesh was apparently being sold as an expensive treat at the restaurant, with authorities saying that roasted human head was even on the menu.

"I went to the hotel early this year, after eating, I was told that a lump of meat was being sold at N700, I was surprised," a pastor who had visited the eatery said.

"So I did not know it was human meat that I ate at such expensive price.

"What is this country turning into? Can you imagine people selling human flesh as meat," he added. "Seriously I’m beginning to fear people in this part of the world. "

Another local added to the Osun Defender newspaper: "I always noticed funny movements in and out of the hotel dirty people with dirty characters always come into the hotel.

"So, I was not surprised when the police made this discovery in the early hours of yesterday."

The tabloid reported that two army caps, 40 rounds of live ammunition and 'so many cell phones' were also discovered by authorities.

Raw Monkey Brains

Marmoset Baby Monkey in a Tree.

This is disgusting primarily because of the very high risk of contracting fatal transmissible spongiform encephalopathies such as Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other similar brain diseases. In parts of China, the monkey’s brain is eaten raw. While it is most likely an urban legend, some people claim that monkeys’ brains are, or were, eaten from the head of a live monkey.

Monkey Brains.

The monkey’s head was supported by its neck in a bracket, two pieces of wood with a semicircular hole on each side such that when you put them together, they form a complete circle around the animal’s neck, allowing the head to be exposed above the plank. The hair around the head is shaven with a shaving razor. A small chisel and a hammer is used to quickly chisel a circle around the crown, and the top part of the skull is removed. A teaspoon is used to scoop up the brain, which is immediately eaten. This has to be done before the monkey dies.

Monkey with exposed brain taking his last selfie on his cell phone.

24 Comments on “Raw Monkey Brains”

Holy cow, it’s like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

The urban legend (if it is such) is likely spawned from a “Faces of Death” video, which is the same as the description here. It’s been about 15 years since I watched it, but it looked pretty realistic to me at the time.

For real?! I think no matter how nutritious it may be, still not worth the gore and the disgust of eating such thing. It’s not like we become superhuman if we eat, right? I don’t see the point of eating!!

crazy. like for real. monkey brain can have several deadly diseses. DO NOT EAT.

I recently saw a YouTube video with images of live monkeys in the above mentioned contraption. There were at least 4 different monkeys and 3 had their brains exposed but definitely appeared go still be alive. According to the video most people who order this dish don’t even eat it after all the torture they put the poor things through!

This is not an urban legend. I knew someone who ate in a restaurant there and actually partook of the “delicacy.”

this is cool, i respect what they do as i do with everyone else. Its cool to try different foods and this is one worth trying! haha.

It is horrible to think of the torture these heartless humans. do to these poor harmless animals .its evil and i guess thats between those sick people and God .

It is a delicacy in Viet Nam.

They. Should. Get. Shoot. For. That

Its fucking shameful that the people of countries China, Taiwan, Japan that once were Buddist countries to indulge in such CRUEL practice. Anyone who wants to try that need to think once how it feels if man-eating people of Africa also try to cut them alive to eat their body parts.

My dad travelled in China and Japan on business a lot in the 70s and 80s. He claims to have seen this monkey brain dish being served and eaten in an exclusive restaurant in China. I’m unsure when the rumor of this was started, but I was told about this in the early 1980s.

Any demi-human who partakes in this vile and despicable practice reaps the just rewards of pestillance and disease.

May damnation follow them. I rejoice in the pain and destruction that befalls them, even to the tenth generation.

Trying out this as a “cultural experience” will never be worth it in expense of this cruelty. Why can’t people at least be respectful of the animals that die to satisfy us. As a half Korean I am completely disgusted with the overconsumption of exotic animals in Asia. And also with the coronavirus going around right now, it angers me to know that it originated from live animal markets. What a complete waste of humanity.

Sai- Why do you think people in Africa are man eating? That is racist, stereotypical, and dumb. You don’t know anything you’re talking about- Buddhism says that to purify yourself for Nirvana, you must be good. Is it good to enforce stereotypes?

As a suporter of animal rights this is insane these people are one of the worst. You might as well eat there own flesh they eat everything else.

China and Southeast Asia eats monkey brains. Not Asia. Not India. Indiana Jones should’ve been sued for that disgusting depiction that this occurred in India. It never occurred there. The history is in China and East Asia strictly. Not South Asia.

People in Japan don’t eat monkey brains. Chinese people do.
And most Chinese people don’t.

I don’t eat monkeys, but I like to torture and then kill them because there’s too many of these disgusting disease carrying monkeys in the world today. They are a pest and they destroy farms and peoples home!

Why in the world is this allowed? This has to be painful for the monkey. People are ignorant! I pray they die the same way, and realize the pain they caused.

Monkey meat is very nice.
I hate foreigners who always have an opinion.
We eat monkey like they do chicken.
They are not protected animals.
In my village there are foreigners for animal nco.
They don’t know our laws and stay here for a holiday and send pictures home that they are protecting wildlife.
They just drink all our alcohol…

@Sai Often, monkey and dog is consumed not out of some “revenge” but rather out of the fact that such consumption of those organism are required in order to maintain proper survival.

In other words, do you want to die or do you want to survive? If it is the latter choice, that is how you end up with monkey or dog consumption.

While I do find this bizarre, and certainly not something I would ever partake in, its not all that different from what other cultures do. (I dont think the animals should be treated this way but pls hear me out)

In America and a few other places, people eat lobster but in order for them to cook properly they must still be alive! This is very similar to what goes on with the monkeys and it seems rude to judge this sort of thing when other cultures do technically the same thing.

Lots of ignorance and racism here. This depictions all started from the 1978 film “Faces of Death” which is complete FICTION. The director has acknowledged they used a fake monkey made of gelatin, and cauliflower to simulate the brains. There is absolutely no evidence that people anywhere eat a monkey’s brain while the monkey is still alive. The only real source is that in the 1600s, there are accounts of Manchu royalty eating (cooked) monkey brains. Today, eating monkey brain is illegal in China anyway (not because it was commonly practiced, but to stop ignorant Westerners from making ridiculous accusations). Nonetheless the myth has remained popular in western imagination, even though no one talks about the very real inhumane food practices that are or have recently been practiced in the West (for example, the ortolan bunting, which in France was historically drowned in Armagnac and then eaten whole). Stop perpetuating racist myths about Asian people to make yourself feel better. If you care about animal welfare at all, I hope you are vegan because the way farm animals are treated in the US and the “developed world” is disgustingly cruel.

Markets evade crackdown

The second link in this illegal trade takes place when the various products arrive in Guangzhou and are sold at markets.

Hu Shijia, an expert with the South China Wildlife Species Testing Centre, has been studying such markets since 2006. He says that tougher law enforcement has forced the traders underground, and that outsiders are unlikely to be aware of them.

According to Hu, the biggest market in the region is the Xingfu Wholesale Market, outside the city of Conghua, about 46 miles from Guangzhou city centre. This agricultural market sells all types of poultry and livestock. And on an undercover visit, many merchants were also found to be hawking civet meat. One stallholder said he had the meat in stock, at 110 yuan a jin.

In the snake section, live snakes writhe in cages and nets. When asked if they had pangolin, king cobras or the Chinese cobra, all some stallholders wanted to know was “how much do you want?”

A source with Guangzhou’s forestry police said the market is busiest between the early hours of the morning and 6am. Activity peaks at about 4am. Animals are brought in on trucks from other provinces, and taken to Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta in vans and cars.

There used to be two major wild game markets nearer to Guangzhou. The one on Zengcha Road in the Baiyun district was once the largest in China, but is now in decline. The other was Qingfeng Food Market in nearby Foshan.

Xingfu Wholesale Market has now taken their place. But for years, new markets have been springing up following crackdowns elsewhere, and the actual trade continues unabated.

Top 10 Most Cruel Foods in China

Today, people in most regions of China are eating “normal” food. However, lots of of “cruel” dishes can still be found in some regions and all these dishes involve the torture of animals. The level of its cruelty may shock you greatly and these 10 astonishing live animal dishes are as follows:

No. 1 Monkey Brain

Monkey Brain is a precious traditional Chinese food ingredient, one of Eight Rare Ingredients.

Monkey brain is usually eaten raw. First prepare a dining table with a hole in its middle and the size of the hole can just allows the monkey head to get through. When the monkey pokes its head out of the desktop, the diners will break its skull, pour hot oil, and then use a silver spoon to dig out it brains for eating. At this time the monkey has not yet died, and still keeps on screaming.

No. 2 Feng Gan Ji

Feng Gan Ji, whose literal meaning is “wind dried chicken,” is a traditional Tibetan dish.

To make this dish, the person must be sophisticated enough to deal with the chicken. The master will pluck its feathers, take out entrails, insert seasonings, sew it up and then hang in wind to make it dry, all these have to be done at tremendous speed. At this time the chicken is still alive, and cooing in the wind.

No. 3 Long Xu Feng Zhao

Long Xu Feng Zhao is a very exquisite dish, “Long Xu” meas barbels of live carp fish, and “Feng Zhao” means a piece of lean meat in the middle of the palm of a live chicken. It is said that one dish needs hundreds of carps and dozens of chickens. The detailed cooking method is unknown.

No.4 Roasted Duck Claws

First a slightly heated iron plate will be prepared with some seasonings on it. Then a live duck will be placed on it with a fire below to heat the plate. The duck will keep walking and then jumping as the temperature gets high. Finally when the claws are done they will be cut off for eating.

No.5 Hot Soup Turtle

Put a live turtle into seasoned soup and heat slowly. As the temperature gets high, the turtle would drink the soup to cool itself down. When the soup gets hotter, the turtle struggles and creates enjoyment for the dinners. Finally the turtle is slowly boiled to death, when it is done it will be eaten together with the soup.

No. 6 Huo Jiao Lu (Fresh Donkey)

Huo Jia Lu literally means “Live Braying Donkey”. The donkey has its legs tied up and its body placed down, then the chef cuts its raw meat and cook it very fast and then serve at once. When diners eat it quietly the animal is still braying painfully.

No. 7 San Zhi Er (Three Screams)

This is a live food meal. First, prepare a plate of newborn mice and a plate of sauce (Salt and pepper, hoisin sauce or other seasonings you like). When diners use chopsticks to seize the baby mouse it would give out a scream first. when put it into the seasonings, the second scream, and when put into mouth, the last scream.

The recipe is very simple, but only those diners with great courage can enjoy this dish.

No. 8 Zui Xia (Shrimps in Alcohol)

Put fresh-water shrimp into a strong liquor to make it drunken, these drunken shrimp are often eaten alive. Eaters can not only taste the delicious shrimp, but also enjoy the wine aroma at the same time.

No. 9 Crispy Goose Gut

Choose a tender-fleshed goose, use a knife to draw a circle along its anus, insert index finger into the anus, then rotate and pull out, you will get the freshest gut for cooking.

No. 10 Grilled Little Lamb

Put a parturient sheep on charcoal fire, when the sheep is done, take the little lamb out of its belly, it is said the lamb mutton is very tender and crispy.

49 Responses

Lmao this comment section is filled with people retarded enough to believe these lies. Quite a few of them are incredibly racist retards at that! While a few of these dishes such as the drunk shrimp actually exist, you can tell that most of the info here is clearly false with a bit of common sense and research.

if i see people doing these monstrous dishes, pray for mercy for i will be granted death penalty for punishing the perpetrator the same way it did it to a innocent animal of God. shame on yous.

Do you eat meat? Are you aware, even dimly, of the conditions pigs, chickens, and cows must live in on factory farms? If the answer is yes, you have no right to judge.

Shut up Tom, you’re wrong. Animals raised in Western farms do NOT receive as brutal a treatment as this. These people are totally screwed in the head.

Yes you are right we should be totally ashamed the way we treat animals in this country, but the Chinese are at another level of cruelty, the way they treat all animals.

Yes I can judge its slightly different if your sat there enjoying seeing the pain of the animal suffering, are you telling me you could sit there and take the brains of a live monkey, you Muppet

The drunken shrimp is most certainly real – my barbaric and pig-headed Chinese friend once forced me to eat it. He ordered it just to watch me squirm as the shrimp bit onto my lip on its way in – I had no idea they were alive until it was in my mouth!

These are some crazy cruel recipes but they aren’t eaten by most Chinese people. They actually have a list of the Nine Cruel Foods. Just because it’s something that exists in their culture doesn’t make every person living there into a monster.

Just listing them off seems to have brought out a bunch of racists and hatemongers though. I hope you all get on a watch list. Yikes.

U r garbage, racist worthless waste of space

This shows that the Chinese are a sub species.

I agree, emotionally defunct, robots, us in the west shouldn’t be buying from them

As a vegan, I find the comments on this page both racist and hypocritical.

Lobster boiled alive is a prized dish in many western countries.
And what about the French appetite for the livers of force-fed geese, not to mention horsemeat?
Every day millions of animals are tortured and killed in western slaughterhouses.
Here in Britain people fawn over dogs and cats but eat pigs, chickens, cows and fish.

I am also a vegan and became one after 20 years as a vegetarian. I am absolutely disgusted by the Chinese’s disregard for animal welfare. There are no welfare laws whatsoever in China so they can treat animals as they wish with no chance of being punished. I kind of understand what you mean, it was my disgust at modern day farming methods which made me firstly become vegetarian, plus I was running a rescue for battery hens here in the U.K. and felt devastated at their treatment. I find it odd that people will eat certain animals and not those they see as pets. In my book, if they’re going to eat meat, why not eat all meat? As far as I’m concerned, those people with small holdings who raise animals as they should be raised, in a field, with shelter, being grass fed and ending their life whilst out at pasture in a super quick instant bolt gun is the ONLY way an animal should be culled for its meat. I disagree with an animal being trucked across the country to an abattoir, I absolutely am against halal. Whilst there are many poultry farms and slaughterhouses caught on camera by various charities treating animals badly, we have probably the best animal welfare laws in the world. People rightly do get angry at the Chinese as their cruelty knows no bounds. They are a very savage nation and whilst I detest the Japanese for whaling and other Asian countries for their bad practice towards sentient beings The Chinese are the absolute worst of the lot. There is no racism involved, just an educated mind which has read and studied worldwide animal welfare issues for many years. I agree that people should consider veganism or at the very least, Vegetarianism but with also cutting dairy from their diet. They should read about the victims of the dairy industry.

Boiling lobsters is illegal in many countries and animals are stunned before slaughter here. It is a disgrace that vegan groups do not complain about halal being legal in western countries, as they fear being called racist, rather than stand up for animals.

Totally idiotic comment. Did you read the article, this is entertainment for the Chinese, to watch an animal scream and die slowly in agony! Nobody else does this for pure entertainment or regards this as sophisticated dining, even ritual slaughter has some kind of respect for the animal, they at least pray for the animal and do it quickly. Totally ironic that here in the west, we are preserving turtles and cannot go onto beaches and disturb them while the Chinese are boiling them alive. I also do not eat meat but vegans are a disgrace who care more about not being called racist than actual animal welfare. You cannot stop the world from eating meat but you can try and make welfare better.

Your right it’s about the pain they suffer, and the Chinese are fucking worse than anything I can describe, totally sub human, not even sub human

Our local news showed a chef in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco prying the shell off of a LIVE turtle. Sick monster.

Filthy despicable people that would torture animals like this. May you rot in hell for eternity.

They would eat anything. Just a pity they won’t eat human scum like themselves. The cat and dog meat trade is absolutely disgusting. China is earning itself the most hated country on the planet. Why are they so cruel to animals? Just ignorant, uneducated, deranged morons.

It is true I myself saw turtles that are alive being kept in plastic tiny boxes and being sold for eating they can’t even move it’s horrible I saw it in carrefour in China

Yes so why did you go, shame on anyone who goes to China, and walk around in a total bubble, when all around you is cruelty to the worst order, its Muppets like you going there that carries this on, if no westerner ever went for these reasons things would change

China is the worst country on Earth. And the sad thing is, most of their ppl there know this is how we feel about them. Nothing good has ever come out of China except cheap, crappy products and animal cruelty. I watched a video once where a pregnant mother there was struck by a car while she was walking down a crowded street, doing her shopping. The driver was drunk and just plodded into her. She was of course killed instantly and her unborn baby was forced out of her belly, out onto the open street. No one around even blinked. It was a horrible accident, a huge mess. The police showed up, scooped of the baby, tossed it into the back of a mini truck-seriously, then they did the same to the mother. No ambulance, no wheeled gurney, no yellow blanket over them, no investigation, no respect what so ever. Just threw them into the back of an old mini truck. And this was in a big, modern city mind you, not a small village. If China does that to their own citizens of course they are going to be extra, extra cruel towards animals. I have had several chances to visit China but each time I have totally refused to go. The poor dogs, angora bunnies, all fur animals they torture there, it would never be tolerated here in America. Some Americans can be cruel towards animals but at least our animals have some protection laws, and we have a lot of animal right’s groups keeping watch. And most of the humans here in America who abuse animals are hired workers from Mexico and employed by a lot of our companies for cheap labor. I feel Mexico is the second most cruelest country on Earth towards animals and their citizens. Lack of education maybe? I don’t know but I do know the world is changing. A lot of ppl, younger people, are becoming Vegan for animals but also for their health. Pray that God finally helps our world’s animals. No one should ever suffer for Man’s sick greed. It’s proven that a human can live healthy and happy on a plant based diet. Meat isn’t needed anymore because we have such delicious fruits and veggies, rice, pasta, to keep us all full and and health. It is Man’s greed of profit that keeps animal suffering alive, nothing more. Meat is cancer causing, it’s full or worms and bacteria. I for one prefer a sweet naval orange or rip banana to a dead piece of tortured animal flesh.

Very well put, exactly why would any Westerner go to these horrific places of legalised cruelty

Asians in general but especially Chinese are the cruellest and most disturbing races on the planet!
They need extermination. Trying to teach them compassion would take too long and millions of acts of cruelty would happen in the meantime. We need a meteorite strike to wipe them all out, once and for all

Fuck China. Anything which is non human is tortured to death by them. They don’t even leave their own humans alone, they torture the workers who are factory workers to work for 15 hours a day and no holidays at all. They commit suicide. This was reported to Human rights organisation. They are one of the cruelest civilization on this planet.

A few of these might not be true. Idk. But remember it says certain regions alone do this. So this page does not apply to the whole country of China. Some of these are true and very cruel though. (I know the turtle one is…)

Sources and Photos:

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CHINA-UNDERGROUND. Ciao! My name is Dominique. I’m Italian and I’m proud to be a mix. My father was an Italian chemical engineer and high school teacher, with Greek and Polish heritage. My mother is Haitian, she was high school language teacher, with Dominican, Spanish, French, Portuguese, African and Native American heritage. Being a mix makes me appreciate to want to understand different cultures and lifestyles. I grew up in Italy, lived few years in Haiti, travel around main European capitals, lived seven years in China, six in Spain and UK. Traveling makes me feel that we can learn something from every situation in every part of the world.

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59 thoughts on &ldquo8 Animals Eaten Alive in China – Graphic Content&rdquo

Somehow eating live animals is worse than nuking millions of people. Mental Gymastics. But congratulations still, you’ve fallen victim to a targeted campaign for dehumanising an entire culture.

well,I think what defines humans are their behavior .I don’t see a humane behavior here.This barbaric not cultural.

Even worse than this IMO is the killing and eating of dogs. Many of these creatures have more decency and warmth in their hearts than the calloused, ignorant human beings devouring their flesh. Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing! This cruel practice should be outlawed! Come Lord Jesus come.

I am not bigoted by any means, but it seems the Chinese take much pleasure in causing extreme suffering for animals. There is no purpose, no benefit, to consume a live animal. It only causes needless suffering to the creature. Just ponder if the roles were reversed and it was the human diner being eaten bit by bit alive.

I guess the benefit of consuming a live animal is that it takes less time to prepare and is also more fresh. Maybe they don’t really enjoy the pain it causes to the animal but simply do it because it’s more convenient. We have to take quite some time to prepare a dish, but they just eat everything raw because they don’t care about animals so I guess it makes sense to them in a weird way.

There is no need. Dismembering a live donkey is asinine. In most cultures it is slaughtered on demand. Why would you keep it alive? You have to stitch up wounds deal with infections, now it can’t walk. Totally pointless. Live monkey brain is just a show of machismo, like many of these hedonistic rituals, it’s Hannibal Lecter status. Most of these creatures have parasites, they need to be cooked. This is soulless cruelty. I’m glad that even their soulless government even sees the barbarity of this. Eat what you want (except people!), just humanely slaughter it.

Sick, sick, evil people. They apparently have no humanity or empathy for life at all.

The Chinese are Sub Human

Way to generalize an entire population by what a few bad eggs do. Did you even read the article? It says these practices are banned in China. Which means they are done illegally.

They say we dehumanise a culture by telling them they’re cruel and disgusting.. but they’ve dehumanised themselves. They’re a waste of oxygen. Thankfully there are a large number of buddhists in china that know that it is wrong

Pleeeease stop them! What the hell are they doing? I can’t believe that no one has stoped them yet! Omg I’m crying

Ew… Chinese people are f*****g disgusting.

Hurry up, space aliens, so we can show you where the Mini-Chinese Biped Eggrolls are.

There is tears in my eyes just reading this..Aren’t all living creatures created equally on Earth then how can these human beings can be so inhumane? Are they not human beings ?? Where is humanity here ?? What is this culture that promotes unbearable unspeakable pain, suffering to the fellow living beings ?? This is barbaric and demonic !!

We expect humans to treat other humans well after doing this to other living creatures?
Compassion starts with respecting ALL life.
Only then will humans evolve.

Everywhere in the world, it is acceptable to be cruel to animals for the sake of eating.
We need to become a vegetarian world. The world will be a better place then.

F*****g barbaric inhuman monsters

That is true they did not kill enough.

If it happened here they would be arrested

I’ll bet none of the people making racist comments on this page have ever been to China it shows in their ignorance

I am Chinese and I am totally horrified by these monstrousity. Eating an egg raw will simply make me throw out.

Yes there are many kind compassionate Chinese who are trying to stop the dog and cat meat trade I know your whole race is not like this There are some though who are very cruel and barbaric and enjoy seeing animals suffer as they torture them But of course we don’t believe the whole country is like that Maybe one day all your country will be kind and caring towards other living beings and stop all this cruelty Not only in China but all over Asia

These people are sick mentally they need help

F*ck us for doing nothing. F*ck us for just leaving comments to be read by others. There have been precedence in history that will make us think that we are all capable of doing nothing, something & everything. The people who were capable of sending millions to the gas chamber and other methods of killing are far worse than words could describe them. Eating animals live and killing millions of people live should be in our minds always. The acts are entirely different and the same. Figure them out.

Yes animal suffering sucks… yes it’s more humane to kill the animal first. Yes I am grossed out by many of these dishes… but the racist comments are disgusting too. China has a huge population to feed and are eating what needs to be eaten to sustain it. I strongly disagree with any animal differing for food consumption purposes period.

But for the Americans running their mouths, your government spent a trillion dollars in Iraq resulting in a million dead humans on a pack of lies. It’s rich you can get all cranky over this website but not shed a tear for the million dead Vietnamese or any other country you’ve destroyed. How China eats isn’t a ‘worldly problem’. US setting fire to the world for the benefit of the elite is Get a grip guys.

The US went to war with Iraq because of a dictator they thought had weapons of mass destruction. A dictator who gased his own people. The US only fault has been to guard the world of such evil.
China steals the US technology labels it as their own and sells it. Slaughter precious endangered exotic animals for the good of their own belly. You have played with fire and the worlds people have are dying from your careless heartless
Lust for cruelty of those who give you nourishment with their bodies that weren’t meant for you. Killing any animal for food should be done in the most humane way and honor it for its giving you life better yet eat vegetables much healthier and no transfer of animal to man disease.
This is a alarm to the world thousand of animals kept together for mass slaughter in horrible conditions People living on top of each other is a disaster waiting to happen again. Know where your food comes from. Why do they need masks to go into chicken houses because the conditions . The gestation crates pig live in and nurse. It’s disgusting !

What kind of subhumans engage in these atrocities? My God – they’ve lost their souls over their appetites.

And they are crying about the virus that’s going around…

There is a ‘ virus’ going around the world at the moment , somebody knows the truth , it will be revealed , watch what you eat . AND WHERE .

and this is how an epidemic started…disgusting and cruel idiots

Bruh, to everyone b******g about this two things:
I agree with you that this s**t is disgusting and inhumane.
I also thing you are really just retarded. China has a population of 1.4 billion+ if you think there are monkey brain and babymice farms everywhere in the country to support this you are also retarded. Most Chinese people eat chicken pork and beef like the rest of the world. The live food and stuff is more seen as a luxury/delicacy not really a common dish.
China has an amazing and incredibly diverse culture with a huge population. The three squeaks mouse thing is from Canton or Guandong in South China.
Get your ignorant head out of your a** and realize that China’s government doesn’t support this and nor do the majority of the people. Northerners look down on southerners because of this.

I agree with you totally I know there are many many many Chinese who are kind and compassionate and who have animals and would never hurt any living being It’s just these few cruel and barbaric practices people do in certain parts of China that leave us also horrified But yes we cannot base a whole nation on a few horrible people who should be eradicated from this earth

Let’s not forget about the viruses that get started from eating and preparing food this way. Need to quarantine the whole country permanently until they change their ways. Too many lives have been lost on their screwed up practices and lack of regulations. Absolutely barbaric and disgusting!

The Truth about MSG

MSG is a naturally occurring food substance, with a distinctive savory taste known by Japanese as umami. “It’s a chemical the same way water is a chemical,” said LeMesurier, who is herself of Korean descent, raised by white parents. “If you have ever eaten aged cheese or heirloom tomatoes, you’ve eaten MSG.” Its powdered form was created in 1908 by a chemist in Japan, and it made its way with Chinese immigrants to the United States, where it was commonly added to dishes in Chinese restaurants.

Despite the fact that MSG appears in everything from flavored potato chips to Parmesan cheese, the letter writers universally described experiencing symptoms after eating foods such as “egg foo yung” or “duck sauce.” One writer described what he called his “Chinese headache.” Another detailed aching in the arms after eating egg rolls. A definitive note from the NEJM editor even targeted one specific Boston restaurant, Yee Hong Guey, for its adverse effects and coined the mock-scientific term post-cibal-sinal (roughly “after eating Chinese”) syndrome as an official name for the ailment.

Although LeMesurier doesn’t think the writers were being overtly racist, she believes they were picking up on larger stereotypes in the culture of Asian Americans as exotic and strange. “They had a supposed subject, the Chinese-Restaurant syndrome, but the focus was really on Chinese identity and getting in digs about these stereotypically Chinese foods,” she said. “They used Kwok and MSG as figureheads for everything that was silly and frivolous and dangerous about Chinese identity.”

In that, they joined a long tradition of exoticism and mistrust of Chinese food, LeMesurier found. Since Chinese immigrants first appeared in America en masse in the mid-1800s, media has been ridiculing their food. A 19th-century cartoon depicts Chinese people eating rats, and many writers of the period similarly describe Chinese food as dirty or unclean — including Mark Twain, who refers to a Chinese grocer selling a “mess of birds’-nests” and sausages each containing “the corpse of a mouse.” The NEJM letter writers picked up on these tropes, with one writer choosing the exotic bird’s-nest soup as a stand-in for all Chinese food and another referencing Chinese foods in a doggerel poem as a “vile miasma.”

Although LeMesurier doesn’t think the writers were being overtly racist, she believes they were picking up on larger stereotypes in the culture of Asian Americans as exotic and strange.

Ironically, while LeMesurier was researching her paper, she came across a reference to a real Dr. Robert Ho Man Kwok, who died in 2014, and she logically assumed he was the original letter writer. Many of the NEJM letter writers at the time, however, made the same joke as Steel, playing on the word Kwok with “crock” — though it’s unclear whether they suspected the name was real or a pseudonym. The one letter that got closest to Steel’s ruse commented: “For certainly he is Dr. Human Crock, and his ‘Chinese-restaurant syndrome’ is totally illusory and nonexistent.”

However self-aware the letter writers were, the joke was totally lost on the mainstream media, which picked up the story almost immediately. A New York Times article from May 19, 1968 — six weeks after Steel’s letter — took Chinese-restaurant syndrome at face value, noting that it had been first identified by “a Cantonese doctor named Robert Ho Man Kwok,” who had come to the United States “eight years ago.” How the Times had gotten specific information about this doctor who didn’t exist is anyone’s guess. Like the NEJM letter writers, the paper ignored MSG’s larger prevalence in food to focus squarely on Chinese cooking as the culprit for MSG’s ill effects, even interviewing Chinese restaurant owners around New York to defend their cuisine.

Chinese Chili Oil

Learn how to make Chinese chili oil (Chinese chili sauce), the essential seasoning for lots of Chinese cuisine, especially Szechuan style dishes. And Elaine gets the secrets of making the perfect Chinese chili oil with strong enough flavor and bright red color.

Chinese chili oil is also called red oil in China. It is a combined seasoning using red pepper, Sichuan peppercorn, mixed spices, ginger and toasted sesame seeds. High temperature oil is usually used to stimulate the strong aroma of red pepper powder. But meanwhile, it brings dark red color instead of bright red color. We will add red pepper powder by two batches, poured over by oil of different temperatures. High temperature oil can simulate the strong aroma while lower temperature oil brings us the bright red color.

Traditionally people in Sichuan first toast red peppers and then break them by hand using a stone grinder. But now we directly buy red pepper powders from the supermarket and this homemade Chinese chili oil can be finished within 10 minutes.

About the spices

In Sichuan cuisine, spices play important roles. If you visit a Sichuan style restaurant selling Chongqing noodles, they use lots of spices in the hot oil. It is ok to skip some of the spices but at least you need to prepare ginger, bay leaves, scallion white, star anise, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan peppercorn, and cloves.

Place around 5 tablespoons of red pepper powder in a bowl.

Heat the spices in oil over the slowest fire for around 5 minutes until the scallion white becomes slightly brown and you can smell the strong aroma. Filter all the spices out and leave the oil in the pot.

Re-heat the oil in the pot until slightly smoky and then pour half of the hot oil over the red pepper powder.

There will be large bubbles this time.

Add another 2 tablespoons of red pepper powder, 1 tablespoon of toasted sesame seed and 1/4 teaspoon Sichuan peppercorn in the bowl. Rest the left oil for around 3 minutes and pour the left half oil again.

The red oil will turn bright red after 24 hours.

Keep the chili oil in air-tight container and this can be kept up to one month in room temperature.

Watch the video: ΤΡΩΩ ΚΙΝΕΖΙΚΟ ΦΑΓΗΤΟ (July 2022).


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